Magnum Research Introduces Two New Animal Prints on Desert Eagles

Following the success of its Cheetah print for the Magnum Research Desert Eagle, the company has introduced two new unusual prints—the Kryptek Highlander and the Snakeskin, available in either .50 AE or .44 Magnum. MSRP for both patterns is $1793.

The limited edition Kryptek Highlander and Snakeskin print Desert Eagles are only available while supplies last.  Previous Shooter’s Log coverage of the Cheetah print DE is here. Our readers didn’t express a high interest in the previous print, but, obviously, other shooters did.

“Our Desert Eagle in the Cheetah print was a huge success” said Frank Harris, vice president of sales and marketing. “We introduced it to our dealers early in the year, and it sold out very quickly shortly thereafter. It just proves that gun enthusiasts have a growing interest in something a little different from the norm to show off at the gun range.” The new Kryptek Highlander and the Snakeskin patterns are put on the gun using a water-transfer method. The company says it has been extensively tested for durability and has proven to be very tough. Even cleaning solvents and acetone will not soften or damage the finish, according to a company release.

The Desert Eagle .50 AE is a gas-operated, semi-automatic pistol with a 7-round capacity in .50 AE and 8-round capacity in .44 Magnum. Both guns measure 10.75 inches in length with a 6-inch barrel. Slide width is 1.25 inches, height 6.25 inches, and the weight with an empty magazine is about 4.4 pounds in either chambering. It has a trigger reach of 2.75 inches and a sight radius of 8.5 inches with the 6-inch barrel.

Link to Baby Desert Eagle III Series introduction here.

Link to all-stainless Desert Eagle story here.

Link to Desert Eagle 1911G story here.

Magnum Research says additional animal patterns will be introduced later in the year. What would you like to see?


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  1. @Secundius:

    Don’t worry about the incorrect 460 Rowland advice. I’m going to stick with my Hi-Point 9mm Carbine anyways.

    What got you going on 45 ACP alternatives? Are you thinking of buying a Hi-Point?

    I’m replying on Animal Prints because I don’t want to go off topic on a cool forum like Bug Out Bags, because lots of people want to read that topic. Animal Prints is a place where we can go off topic, because everyone hates animal prints 🙂

  2. @ ss1.

    What about Korean Made Beta Mags 100-rounds in 5.56x45NATO or X-Products 50-round Drum Magazines in 5.56x45NATO…

  3. @ ss1.

    The highest capacity Civilian Magazine for the BAR II was 10-rounds, but BAR M1918 came in 20, 30 and 40-rounds. 40-round magazine are Rare and Hard to Find. You might have to get them specially made at a Sheet Metal Shop or a Company that specializes in Metal Magazines…

  4. @ ss1.

    CTD, had some ProMag 40-round magazines in 5.56×45. But Midway. com claim to have them in stock, for about $26.00 USD apiece…

  5. Secundius and Damian, please post a reply.

    I sent you a link to this forum inside the Hi-Point 45 ACP forum, but it’s awaiting moderation because of the website link.

    1. @ ss1.

      What’s Up, Slammin’?

      Just to Clarify, I wasn’t looking into Sam Snead’s Family History. It just Pop-Up as part of my Search on the Origin of Poll Taxes. A “Serendipitous” encounter, I get from Time-To-Time…

    2. @Secundius:

      Thanks for showing up here on Animal Prints. Last week when people were whining about hijacking the Hi-Point forum, I thought why not find a forum that no one cares about or posts to. So I found this.

      You were the person who originally got me excited about 50 Beowulf. Then last week Damian was saying he wasn’t all that excited about it, even though I still thought it was cool.

      So last night I went to Alexander Arms and was looking at their Beowulf AR’s, and then I also found their ballistics table for different types of bullets. Then I compared it to .308 ballistics, because I already own a DPMS AR-10 with 20 round mags.

      If you look at Google Images, the .308 is a taller cartridge than 50 Beowulf, just for starters. Then when you compare ballistics, the .308 beats Beowulf in speed across the board, and also in power depending on the distance and the Beowulf bullet used.

      Also, I think the biggest mag you can buy for Beowulf is 10 rounds.

      I got excited about Beowulf because who doesn’t want a 50 caliber, and that’s why I will always stand by my Desert Eagle 50AE choice. However, looking at this from another point of view, I believe the .308 can beat Beowulf in both damage/wound channel, and in penetration of “hard targets”, WITH THE PROPER AMMO SELECTION.

      Just 1 example is today I’ve been looking at Federal Premium® Vital Shok® Trophy Copper Rifle Ammunition, which has superior ballistic coefficient and penetration of other normal .308 bullets.

      In other words, I don’t think I should go chasing after the Beowulf when I already own a high performance weapon in my AR-10 that can do just about anything and everything with the proper ammo choices.

      What is your opinion?

    3. @ ss1.

      “Beowulf” was NEVER intended to be a Long-Range Projectile. Like the .458 SOCOM it was meant as a “Show-Stopper” with a Maximum Range of ONLY about 500-meters. The Closest thing I can compare it to is a 18-Century “Carronade”, Short-Ranges and HARD Hitting. “A Last Ditch Defensive Weapon”…

    4. And here’s a whole other topic that I just started thinking about this morning.

      I know about your liking of bull-pups because of your physical logistics. Then this morning I started thinking maybe I should explore the world of compact or bull-pup assault rifles, for reasons of speed in usage, maneuverability, and just having them more readily available (instead of extracting a bigger gun out of a case) when I really need them.

      Any comments or suggestions to get me started on this adventure would be welcome.

    5. @ ss1.

      I’m sure if this is the answer you’re looking for. But Beowulf was designed to operate from a Standard 5.56x45NATO Lower Receiver, so Standard 5.56x45NATO Magazines WILL Accommodate the .500/12.7x42mm Beowulf Cartridge. NOT A Well Know Fact, But A TRUE Fact. So Hi-Capacity 5.56x45NATO Mazagines, should be able to handle the Beowulf Cartridge.

      I DO NOT RECOMMEND, Using a .51/13x99BMG Upper Receiver to a Standard 5.56x45NATO Lower Receiver. Lower Receiver was NEVER designed to take the TORQUE Stresses of the Bore Pressure Produced by the “BMG” Round…

    6. @Secundius:

      * I believe in buying complete finished product rifles. There are 5 offerings at Alexander Arms. If you can go there, look for the .50 Beowulf® Overmatch Plus – Complete Rifle. That’s the one I have my eye on, the one with the carry handle. They sell 10 round mags on that website. Are you saying if I bought a ProMag AR-15 30 round mag, it can hold more than 10 .50 Beowulf’s and work properly?

      * Regarding your “short range and hard hitting” comment, do you agree that an AR-10 can provide the same effect with the right ammo?

      * Did you see my bull-pup email above? I forgot to put your name on it. I’m thinking about re-entering the AR-15 market by buying something compact. But it doesn’t have to be an AR-15 or a 5.56. You’re known for interesting ideas, so I thought you might throw some at me.

    7. @ ss1.

      The .50 Beowulf Upper Receiver will work with ANY AR-15 Lower Receiver, but unfortunately NOT the AR-10 Lower Receiver…

    8. @ ss1.

      As far as the “Bullpub” Question, there Are NO Bullpup’s that will accept an AR-15 Upper Receiver. But there is a Russian Izhmash TsKIB ASh-12 .50-caliber (12.7x55mm/R) Bullpup, It’s the ONLY Near “Beowulf” Caliber Match Bullpup I could find. Which is used a an Assassination Rifle by the Russian Federation FSB (ex-KGB, ex-NKVD).

      The only other Lightweight Bullpup I could find is the Canadian Tactical Imports Corporation GM6 Lynx, .50-Caliber 12.7x99mm/BMG. Which is approximately 44-inches long and can be Shoulder-Fired from the Standing Position and has a Reciprocating Rifle Barrel.

      There are quite a few .308Win and .30-06Sprnfld models in Bullpup. My favorite was the Waffen-Greger BAR II .30-06 (7.62×63.3) Springfield, About 31.5-inches long with a 22-inch barrel…

    9. @Secundius:

      Thanks for contributing info on bullpups. This is just a brand new side project I came up with today that I need to research. It is not related to the 50 Beowulf topic.

      I looked up the Waffen-Greger Bar II, and it looks like the kind of thing I would be excited about, with 1 reservation. Because of the design of the stock, it looks like the magazine size is restricted. You may be saying “well, of course”, but just realize I’m brand new on this topic.

      There’s a big gun show in Phoenix this weekend. I may try to go just to see what’s out there and hold some interesting guns in my hands.

    10. @ ss1.

      Standard magazine for the Bullpup 30-06 is 4-rounds, but Dutch FAL or Beretta BM-59 20-round magazines might fit…

    11. @ ss1.

      The Waffen-Greger, also comes in a Polymer Stock. So if any Later Modifications in to be made in the Magazine Area, Polymer would probably be better. Wood, I’m Not Sure of…

    12. @Secundius:

      * Thanks for the tip on the Waffen-Greger polymer stock. I may not be able to hit the big Phoenix Gun Show this weekend (because I’m behind in work), so my goal of checking out different Bullpups will have to be delayed to the Mesa AZ gun show next week, or one next month.

      * Regarding your 460 Rowland post on the Hi-Point forum, I wouldn’t want to play with a +P+ in a Hi-Point .45 ACP, if that’s what you were thinking. That’s just my opinion because they are cheap guns.

      I forgot, do you own any kind of Hi-Point? Do you want to own one?

    13. Bullpups definitely have a place and I personally think we will see more militaries going to them because of the logistics and space saving characteristics. I saw one group of private security operators using P90s in Iraq (which isn’t actually a bullpup but has similar advantages), and the rest of us thought they were interesting but didn’t really wish we had them.

      But, having said that, they do indeed have a place and most bullpups are well designed and reliable. Even though it is Wikipedia (and I hate Wikipedia), this site actually does give a fair beginner overview of the available bullpups.

      The main advantage of a bullpup is that it allows for a shorter weapon with less of a sacrifice in barrel length and subsequent muzzle velocity and accuracy. Personally, I’m not especially interested in them, but I freely admit they have advantages and an appeal to many people. Again, personally, I think Steyr is one of the best bullpups on the market, but you better be ready to pay a premium price for them.

    14. @Mikial and @Secundius:

      Thanks for all your recommendations!!

      As always, Wiki is such a good resource for just about everything. The Wiki link for Bullpups was written and organized very well, and all the photos together on 1 web page really help you to conceptualize what’s out there.

      I really like the compactness and maneuverability of Bullpups. I feel they can come in handy in home defense, and MAYBE in having one next to you in your car. In Arizona you can think a little more freely about guns in cars, although I have to be careful right now because they’re looking for a Freeway Shooter that is all over the Phoenix news, and people are looking in everyone’s vehicles as they drive down the freeway. So I’m keeping my Glock 20 covered with a towel in my center console.

  6. I have a black 50AE. The prints don’t attract me, but the satin chrome and the stainless does. But I’m enjoying my black one so much, getting better and better at shooting it, and it looks more rugged in black, so I’m good.

  7. seriously, when did IWI/Magnum/Kahr start taking their cues from 80’s Victoria’s Secret catalogs?

    1. @ gnarmageddon.

      I doubt it, I suspect it’s a Revival of the 1914 “Dazzle Camouflage” used in WWI, by Camofluer’s Abbot Handerson Thayer, American Artist and Norman Wilkinson,British Artist…

  8. Looks like something a gangsta rapper would buy not me .I will stick with my mattre black DE 44 i do not see any reason to make these pistols in these animal prints looks hideous .C-MON magnum research find a better cartridge then the .50 AE you are bored stop making rappers guns they look like some kid would buy it thinking it is a toy just hideous.

  9. I like the choice of design that someone is thinking outside of the box. More Gun companies should do the same. In fact if someone can start the choice of designs on any guns I would like to have them on all my 9 guns.

  10. Why not? Who cares?

    If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. We all want gun manufacturers to succeed, so why freak out over something you don’t like?

    Just let everyone enjoy what they like as individuals. Isn’t that what we all claim to support as Conservatives?

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