Magnum Research Introduces All-Stainless-Steel Desert Eagle

Magnum Research’s Desert Eagle .50 AE

For the first time, buyers may now purchase Magnum Research’s Desert Eagle .50 AE with an all-stainless-steel frame, slide, barrel, and frame rail. A second stainless model with an integral muzzle brake will also be available in 2015.

Frank Harris, VP of sales and marketing for the company, said, “The Desert Eagle has always been considered a bit of a beast, and now, with the stainless steel frame, slide and barrel, black appointments, and the new Picatinny bottom rail for accessories, it has an overpowering appearance at the gun counter and at the range.”

Harris noted that it would also be much easier to repair minor scratches on the stainless DE than on the company’s custom-finish models.

For 2015, the Desert Eagle all-stainless-steel model, made 100 percent in the United States, is available either with a standard 6-inch barrel or an integral muzzle brake. Integral muzzle brakes are also available on the DE50 (DE50IMB), DE44 (DE44IMB), and the DE357 (DE357IMB) 6-inch-barrel models in black.

MSRP on the new all-stainless-steel model DE50SR is $1793 and for the integral muzzle brake model (DE50SRMB) MSRP is $1931.

Desert Eagle .50 AE Stainless (DE50SR)
Caliber .50 A.E.
Action Single
Barrel Length 6.0 inches
Overall Length 10.75 inches with 6-inch barrel
Bore Diameter .495 inches
Height 6.25 inches
Slide Width 1.25 inches
Weight Unloaded 4 lbs. 8 oz.
Sights and Sight Radius Combat type, fixed; 8.5-inch radius
Bore Polygonal rifling with right-hand twist; 6 lands and grooves; 1 turn in 19″
Magazine Capacity 7 rounds
Finish Stainless steel
Construction High quality stainless steel barrel, frame with picatinny bottom rail and slide with full weaver-style accessory rail


The integral muzzle brake will replace the add-on brake, which Magnum Research has offered for several years. Besides giving the Desert Eagle a fresh streamlined appearance, the integral muzzle brake provides considerable recoil reduction and less muzzle rise. Because the overall length remains the same as the standard 6-inch-barrel model, the same holsters will fit the integral brake model.

MSRPs on the guns with black finishes and integral muzzle brakes run from $1710 to $1742.

Desert Eagle .50 AE Stainless with Integral Muzzle Brake (DE50SRMB)
Caliber .50 A.E.
Action Single
Barrel Length 6.0 inches
Overall Length 10.75 inches with 6-inch barrel
Bore Diameter .495 inches
Height 6.25 inches
Slide Width 1.25 inches
Weight Unloaded 4 lbs. 7 oz.
Sights and Sight Radius Combat type, fixed; 8.5-inch radius
Bore Polygonal rifling with right-hand twist; 6 lands and grooves; 1 turn in 19″
Magazine Capacity 7 rounds
Finish Stainless steel
Construction High quality stainless steel barrel, frame with picatinny bottom rail, slide with full weaver-style accessory rail, and integral muzzle brake

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Comments (43)

  1. No, it’s not ‘must have’ handgun, but it’s an incredible one! So far I’ve only been able to hold it and admired it, but some day I’ll add one to my beloved Baby Desert Eagle!

  2. Here’s my two cents. I think guns should be made out of metal, preferably steel. Even my kids cap guns were metal except for the grips. My wife likes hers made out of shiny stainless steel but I can be happy with my black Rock Island. You put a 230 grain projectile between a bad guy’s nuts or up to his neck and he’s through..

  3. Ok What are the marketing people thinking whith these pistols. I loved the original CLEAN design of this pistol. I had two of them and lost them after a bad divorce. Bad enough the pistol is railed now out the wazoo but whats with the goofy gangsta patterns. HELLO MARKETING PEOPLE! The gun is already heavy. Now we are going to mount all kinds of crap on it. If you want RAILS make it an option. Not the porting is a positive step. BUT PLEASE BRING BACK THE CLASSIC LOOKS.

    1. Love the way you guys added the typos to my criticism. Cute tactic.
      Lets try this again.
      1. Make the rails a option.
      2. Bring back the porting
      3. Simple clean design. Its a classic

    2. I stopped by Magnum Research’s both at the NRA this past weekend and I asked them about the bottom rail. They said that the stainless steel DE is the only one that gets lower rail. I’m definitely glad to hear that one myself. I have a DE .50 and I love the plain black version

  4. I don’t get it. What is the draw to these pistols? Lets put break-in period and accuracy aside. At least with the 50AE you get a large, heavy firearm. The max round capacity is 7 rounds. How much do 50AE rounds cost? Are people spending upwards of $1500 for a novelty item. Does anyone make a holster for this firearm?

    I don’t see this as being a practical firearm for carry or home defense. HK, Glock, S&W and the myriad of 1911 makers produce full size and compact 45acp firearms that are comparable in ballistics and much better for carry, plus they can be had for less money. Money that can be spent on ammo.

    If someone is in to novelty, fine, have at it. If you’re in to a practical defense firearm I suggest avoiding this tank.

    1. They are BIG and they are BADASS. Nobody has ever said it was a practical firearm. People that don’t have one or have never fired one always knock the Desert Eagle.

      You can get 20 rounds for as low as $25 – $30 depending on how much you look. What do you mean “do they make holsters for them?”… They have hip, shoulder, leg, carbon fiber, leather and even speed holsters out there for them. There are guys who have used their DE in IPSC competitions before as well.

      There isn’t any factory made ammo in which a .45 acp can even come close to a .50 ae round ballistically, what are you smoking. And you knock the DE magazine capacity of 7 rounds, the last time I checked the standard 1911 in .45 acp has a magazine capacity of just 8 rounds.

      Next time do your research before you spout out incorrect facts about a firearm you know nothing about. Leave it to those of us who have one and shoot one to do all the fact telling…

    2. @EdH

      If you mentioned break-in period, does that mean that at one time you inquired about one for yourself?

      If you practice with it and become proficient, and if you ignore all the hype about it being so big, then you have an extremely powerful quick-draw weapon in it’s HOLSTER right on your hip.

      I have a belt pack that holds 6 mags, and my holster has 1 mag holder too, so if I’m hiking in the forest or desert I have 56 rounds at my quick disposal.

      But since you compared it to the 45 acp, and since there’s approx 6 to 8 calibers more powerful than a 45 acp before you even get to the 50AE, why should I even try to convince you further?

    3. Much of the argument concerning practicality and suitability for home defense is subjective. What caliber would you find practical and suitable when there is a 400 pound bear opening your sliding glass door? Would you rather have a nice, practical .380? Wandering around the forest where these bears live, what is practical then? If you should run across a pack of wild boar and one or two of them charge you, what is practical for carry or self defense then? Some of us live in these environments and these are very real considerations. I’m glad they finally make them in stainless steel, I may be hard pressed to resist buying one.

    1. Take a Saturday and drive up to Mega Sports in Plainfield, IL, they will definitely have them. I bought my first DE .50 from them back in the late 90’s.

  5. According to what im reading , its coming in all 3 Cal.
    some one just replied to me that they are taking orders on them now, he ordered one supposedly, I’m gonna look into that .. but i want the one with the muzzle brake

  6. Good to know, was the originals made in Israel? would love to find one of them in stainless if it was made..
    Really liking the internal muzzle Brake thou

    1. They were originally designed in the US but manufactured in Israel. A stainless version was never available until now with this new update. I used to have one of the Mark VII .50 pistols that were made in Israel, the finish was just too rough to get a nice stainless finish like the one in the article. You could see tooling marks in certain areas of the firearm. The finish on my Mark XIX .50 is heads above the original.

  7. This is *NOT* the first all-stainless .50AE Desert Eagle. IMI/Magnum Research previously made a run of all-stainless .50AE Desert Eagles. I know this because I know a person who has one, and I tried to get him to sell it to me for quite a few years before I broke down and bought a chrome-plated one. They were only made for a short time, and it must have been over 10-15 years ago that they made them, but this new model is not the first all-stainless .50AE Desert Eagle!

    1. They made a short run of the Mark I pistols in stainless steel but the Mark I series was never available in a .50 version. Are you sure his isn’t a polished chrome or polished nickel version?

  8. HELL YEH !!!!.. I’m the proud owner of a DE .50 as well as 2 bay eagles in 9mm and 2 in 45ACP..
    I only wish i could pre order the stainless steel with the internal MB.
    I carry a 1911 , but for a double shoulder rig nothings better than my baby eagles.
    True fan and loyal customer of Magnum Research and can’t wait to get my hands on this.

  9. I have a 10mm longslide 1911 I use for hunting, very good gun, but when I head into the field for deer or larger game it is the DE in 50 A&E I reach for., with the 10″ barrel it is a very accurate gun with a drop it NOW in one shot 70+ yard range. Have had the 460 Rowland and they are very hard on frames. and the 500 S&W is very hard on your wrist ask anyone who has shot them a lot. I see the 1911 as the best all round handgun, and the 50 DE as the best all round heavy hunting handgun. the Heavier revolvers are great for a backup gun when hunting with a rifle in dangerous cridder country. but for holding up with several thousand rounds I will take the Desert Eagle any day.

  10. I am an entrenched fan of the 357 mag and have the Desert Eagle, Rossi carbine, and the S&W revolver all in 357 caliber. Not interested in changing calibers since I reload my own ammo and will be the first to purchase the SS Desert Eagle model when it is produced. Price is not the issue, performance is the sole measure.

  11. The DE is an amazing firearm, being specialized for the specialized shooter in ALL ways. I Own two .50’s and love them..not a gun you take plinking, but a gun you must admire.. As my collection grows I hope to add the all stainless compensated version to the group….my son will be very happy to get my collection after Im gone and will plan on the purchase….nice job guys, just think, in years to come NOBODY will be allowed to own any firearm, a sad day…Buy them and hide them…

  12. Long live the DESERT EAGLE!!! Haters gonna hate (it’s too big, it’s too expensive, it’s too impractical WAA WAA WAAAAAAA). It’s all of the above but the badass factor cancels them out!!! When the SHTF my .50AE will on my side!! Even if you run out of ammo it doubles as a nice club!!

  13. Just a suggestion for those who are looking to purchase a Semi-auto with comparable power to the DE. Take a look at both the 10mm auto & the .460 Rowland, these cartridges are roughly equivalent to the .357 magnum and .44 magnum respectively in ballistic performance. They also come with a host of side benefits such as increased magazine capacity and a close compatibility with their parent & child cases .40 S&W and the .45 ACP. The .460 in particular is nice in that it exists as a drop in conversion for most 1911s, Springfield XDs, and Glocks chambered in .45 ACP.

  14. Looks great in SS…but the 50 is no match for the 500 S&W…now THAT is a hand cannon…I have both…with a spare 44mag barrel for the DE. Just in case.

  15. I have the 44 mag Desert Eagle and simply love it and before i shot it i agree , i went with praticality etc.with the price of 50 A.E.ammo compared to 44 mag ,ease of getting the ammo (even wal-mart has 44 mag ),recoil and blast inluding noise levels the 44 mag was a much better buy for me and much much easier to shoot & control with more rounds in my clip 9 with 1 in the tube .Why i went with the 44 mag will kill anything i ever plan to hunt and just so much less cost and so much easier to purchase and aquire 44 mag ammo it and after firing the .50 at my local gun club unneeded power and just to costly.If they make the 44 in stainless which i am sure they will i may wish i had it but the mark xlx Blaco matte .44 mag i own is the most in all ways perfect handgun i ever owned and glad i chose it over the .50 for many reasons .But guy’s any Desert eagle is a great platform to own w/e caliber you choose . If you got the cash to spend you will never regret buying a Desert eagle handgun,i sure do not have any .JMHO.

  16. I’ve had my .50 DE for almost 20 years now and have been thinking about another one. The new one with the muzzle break should be great. Love the way these shoot, so having another one will be twice the fun.

  17. I own two one in 44 the other I have the 50 barrel on it. I am an extremely little guy 5 4 in boots small hands that make it hard to hold especially with the houge grip that I have on the 50. I love this gun. Yes it’s not one to carry its over kill in most situations. Who cares!!! Except the haters. I love this gun accurate fun to shot conversation piece. All my friends want and love to shoot it. It’s a beast. Expensive to shoot. But nothing compares to it. If you want it get it. If you don’t like it you probably never shot one. It’s a fun gun and thats what it’s all about having fun. After we go shooting especially with a new person who has never been around it. That’s the gun thats discussed the most….. Wow factor is second to none. Others at the range always come down to see what’s making the BigBoom!!!

  18. Good Lord! Let’s all act like adults here, OK guys! Everyone needs to stop all of the “hissy” commenting back and forth! Either you like the gun or not! If you do, like I do, then you will buy one even though you may only shoot it rarely! It is a drop-dead gorgeous, beautifully built firearm and I can only hope they will eventually offer it in 44 Magnum or, better yet, 454 Casull. Now that would be magnificent!!

  19. Plain and simple–the .50 is fun to shoot. Need? Well I understand it’s a great gun for grizzly guides needing more stopping power than a .44 ( friends brother is a hunting guide in Alaska). For me, I just love shooting my .50 except I don’t think I’ve ever shot more than 40 rounds at a range at one visit. The muzzle brake might change that.

  20. Richard’s post is ridiculous, but I do admire his sassiness and sarcasm, which is kinda like mine….LOL….Robocop huh!!?

    I own the black model, in 50 AE. I love the gun. I’m 5’9″ 205, very strong because I’m a gym rat. My hands are strong but medium sized at best. I can shoot it very well and rapidly standing up, but you have to shoot it like you own it, not like it’s “big”. It’s actually very manageable if you love guns and if you look at it like the masterpiece that it is.

    What I would NOT recommend is bench rest shooting. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the recoil in bench rest shooting. With the angles and leverages involved, it can be downright dangerous, like for an accidental 2nd shot (no it didn’t happen to me, I’m just trying to report what my analysis is).

    Anyway I’m pissed that they came out with the stainless model now. I couldn’t wrap myself around all the plated models when I bought the black one at a great price on CTD last summer, but I would have jumped all over the stainless one. Too bad, I guess I’ll have to keep mine all cleaned and oiled up. I own a Ruger Super Redhawk stainless 44 magnum, and it feels awesome to have a beautiful stainless gun.

    The other thing I want to say is that owning a Desert Eagle makes my Glock20, Gen4, 10mm feel like a 22LR, and it makes the 10mm just that much more fun to shoot.

  21. I am in total disagreement with Richard, I am 65 years old, a Marine Vietnam Veteran and I think this is an awesome piece. As for the hedge fund manager thing, I am afraid those dainty hands would not be at all comfortable wrapped around those big old grips. As for firing the weapon, I doubt that it would be much different than firing a 50 cal Colt. Overkill starts in the 357/44 magnum range but who cares life is all about choices and being an American means you can take or leave just about anything so If you don’t like the big gun don’t buy the big gun but you really don’t have the right to bad mouth someone else just because they happen to like this thing and want to own one. Minding ones own business should be a mandatory four year required study to graduate from High School. Don’t like the gun, say so, give your reasons and put the rest of that crap away because nobody cares……

  22. A ridiculously large, ridiculously heavy, egregiously expensive pistol, which requires equally large, heavy, and expensive ammo to feed it. I can’t really imagine what sort of customer Magnum Research has in mind for this weapon, unless it’s hedge fund managers with severe inadequacy issues or maybe Robocop.

    1. I got my DE .50 for $1300, there are a ton of firearms out there that cost way more than a DE does. And there are many handguns that weigh as much if not more than the DE.

      What about these:
      – Ruger .480 Super Redhawk
      – Freedon Arms .475 Linebaugh
      – S&W .500 Magnum
      – S&W .460 Magnum
      – Ruger Redhawk .500 Linebaugh
      – BFR .50 Alaskan

      And a few more I left off…

  23. I will say it looks like a really nice looking gun . But for the price and the weight plus firepower and knock down potential this is a gun for just having fun . It is overkill in so many ways . Now some my say I am 6’4 with enormous hands and can run 20 miles to work and back and lift 100 pounds with my pinky all day everyday . Good for you .

    1. Think again my friend. There are many people that hunt with their DE, it is quite accurate and it has one heck of a punch. I have a DE .50 but have yet to use it for hunting, I do bring it with me when I go camping deep in the woods for the chance encounter with bear.

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