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Legal Advice If You Have to Use Your Firearm

In four videos, Law Shield Firearms Program Attorneys Michele Byington, Edwin Walker, and Richard Carter explain what gun owners can expect to happen if they have used a gun in self-defense:

What Should I Do If I Have To Use My Firearm?

  • The first thing: Make sure you’re safe at the scene.
  • Next, call 911 and report you were the victim of a crime and you need assistance. Provide only the basics: State you were the victim of a crime, your name, where you are, and what service you need.
  • End the call to 911, and call your lawyer. Follow the lawyer’s directions on how to proceed.
  • Then secure your firearm off your body, unloaded and open, and where it can be seen by arriving law enforcement. Move away from it, but keep it in sight.
  • When police arrive, follow their directions calmly and deliberately. At the first opportunity, identify yourself as the 911 caller and the victim of a crime. Continue complying with LE’s directions.
  • You may be arrested. Good guys are arrested every day. Follow your attorney’s advice, invoke your 5th Amendment right to stay silent and ask for counsel, and stay calm.

What Do I Do If I Am Arrested?

  • Don’t argue.
  • Don’t create a scene.
  • Stop talking.

When Are Police Required To Read Me My Rights?

  • Police are not required to read you a Miranda warning unless you are in custody and being interrogated.
  • However, anything you say may be used against you.
  • Tip: You must clearly invoke your rights to counsel. No wishy-washy language, such as, “I think I want to speak to my lawyer.”

How Long Can the Police Hold Me Without Charges?

  • If you have been arrested following the use of your firearm for self defense, LE officials can keep you in custody for up to 48 hours before you are presented to a magistrate.

 What’s your plan for “after the bang” if you have to shoot in self defense? Tell us in the comments section below.

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  1. In that case…a well placed center mass shot will do the job, and then you can call the police…the EMT’s won’t be needed. Maybe Coit carpet cleaners will be next to be called.

  2. David, et al, if I’m the one wounded and bleeding, ‘damned straight’, I’m calling the EMTs first. If it’s the perp that just tried to rob me ,or kill me, I don’t plan on being in a hurry. Once healed, he’ll get out of jail and just try to rob or kill someone else. If he is even sent to jail. Call the cops, if he’s still alive when they get there, let them call the EMTs. You are not required to render aid. You are not a trained 1st responder and could very well endanger your own rights if the perp should die while you are attempting to treat him.

  3. It’s a sad state California is, we have let the illegal aliens from mexico and were ever. I have to go through a lot of political crap to purchase ammo or a firearm, I have to make my own ammo which will do the same job as store bought ammo, besides it keeps me busy in my spare time. In Vietnam I killed to protect my country, but it seems that my country is trying to do a number on me…by disarming me. As I said stay away from bad people…this I tell my son and grand sons and my great grandson, they are the most important people in my life. Good luck sir.

  4. Well said sir ,I have the will be no warning shot on my two doors enter at own risk ,and the very true or the 2- 120 lb pit bulls can eat you your choice .But If i am not at home i try to avoid any conflict ,road rage ,arguing over parking spots etc.But if they choose to play ok corral or wanna hurt me who is a disabled vet i may add then you made that choice i am covered and will defend myself at ANY AND ALL COSTS or anyone else needs it .Family ,active shooter , armed robbery etc.Property is insured my life and others are not for replacement and their lives matter over any thugs or nutcase or haji nutcase All can go meet allah if i could go back i would if troopers are there. i am a trooper for life and i am an american who will shoot back .. MOLON LABE

  5. To avoid perp incidence I have a sign on my mail box and my back door in readable letters “THERE IS NOTHING IN THIS HOUSE WORTH YOUR LIFE, DO NOT ENTER UNLESS INVITED” I make every effort possible to avoid people that I determine to be bad “Bad asses” or bad people or people that will cause adverse situations, my way of staying out of the cross hairs of both the police and bad people. I walk away, get into my car and drive off, if I’m allowed, I will do my best to protect myself and my family. If it comes down that the perp wants to “Dance” with me I suggest he bring his “A” game, because I have mine, I will shoot first and ask questions later.

  6. Sorry, but you have a lawyer, either doesn’t know the law, doesn’t care about the law, or is stupid. Suggestion: Get yourself another lawyer.

  7. First off even if he dies the family , wife etc.will and can still sue you civily ,2nd i am not killing anyone once they have stopped their advance i will have my handgun pointed at their head as i diall 911 but premediteely wait till he will so called bleed to dial for help out is plain out manslaughter or possible 2nd degree murder you my friend are the crazy 1, i am a RESPONSIBLE legal gun toting ,god fearing 100% conservative republican not a liberal but i know the law and i know right from wrong you are trying to justify letting a guy die i have insurance by the USCCA for any civil or legal battles i am not letting ANYONE die outright if i can help them scumbag or not that is what what is morally and legally right dude.when you are convicted and serving time for that very thing i will still be free and will deal with it in civil court why i have 1.0000.000. 00 in coverage by the USCCA platinum level membership for that very reason you are WRONG very wrong .

    1. It’s because we have a broken government and is getting worst…when they (politicians) lean more too the evil that is unfolding right before their eyes and refuse to acknowledge that fact by acting on issues that are lame and useless to society…like how many trees to cut down in bezerkly California…?? They waste more time, energy, and money doing nothing that is positive to society. This is also due to the fact that people who are attending college today are children of the “DOPE HEADS” OF THE ’60s

  8. THAT IS CRAZY ADVICE you are saying willing wait until he bleeds out to dial to even 911 or wait until he stops breathing? ARE YOU NUTS or just evil at heart .I DO NOT WISH TO KILL another human unless no other chance is given and even then i will regret it for life unless i am in a combat zone and i have guilts about the lifes i may have taken then i never checked to see at distance but the pink mist is a thing you see over n over again until death my man trust me on that 1 . And the jury will take into account how long it took you to call first responders .I DO NOTADVISE THAT MY BOTHERS at all what he just suggested is ludicrus and kinda evil especially in god’s eye’sand the eye’s of lady justice holding the scales.

    1. ALSO i may add if the lawenforcement can prove you waited until he was barely breathing purposely before calling first responders that my friend is a PREMEDITATION to think that way by law lets wait until i am sure he will beleed out then dial for help .CRAZY ADVICE JMHO

    2. Damien are you stupid or just a Liberal? If that criminal survives, he’s going to sue you and then what are the chances you’re going to get a Liberal Democrat Judge and Jury? It has already happened all to many times in the past.

    3. There is something else you need to consider about the Dirt Bag you just shot. If he’s hyped up on drugs, he could come at you again after feigning death or injury which may be why you need to watch him or keep him at bay until you’re sure he can’t turn on you. I wouldn’t even think about getting close to him to administer some kind of first aid, you might just turn out to be the victim.

    4. Michael, you are not required by law to render 1st Aid. You are required to call for medical aid, after you have called for the police, preferably during the same 911 call.

    5. If you ever have to call for medical assistance in an emergency….never call the police first…they are only good for “after the fact” assistance. CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT. the EMT’S will roll and get to you first too stop the bleeding, protect the wound and prevent shock, which cops know little off because their training is very limited in 99% of the time, their responsibility is “securing” the area…the fire department will roll the cops after they get your call.

  9. I have the name of my lawyer and 3 phone numbers where he can be reach 24 hours a day. FYI, I will go to extreme measures not to shoot anyone but I will. He advises me to not speak to law enforcement until he is present. He says I can claim I’m having chest pains, am sick to my stomach, can’t remember, need to be checked out at a hospital, etc. all this to keep from speaking until he arrives, but do not say anything about the shooting. He also said don’t talk to 911 other than name and location.

    He says before calling 911 I should check to see if the bad guy is dead. If not, wait until he is breathing only 4 breaths per minute and then call 911. He will bleed out before EMS can get there.

    1. If anyone ever got your attorney on audio or video saying that.. he would be disbarred.

  10. I appreciate all the helpful responses to my concerns. I watched the videos, and read the advice (so this is blogging!?) :).
    I especially appreciated learning about the uscca! $30 a month is a small investment for this insurance. I’d never heard about it before. Perhaps I need to read American Rifleman more carefully. I’m a proud NRA member and a new recruiter for the USCCA!

    1. You cannot beat the feeling of knowing after an event where lethal force was required and every time i strap my carry weapons on how reassurring it is to know the USCCA has my back and i am insured .This doesNOT make me any quicker or anxious to use my handgun or anything else dont get cocky over it .It does not give me self assurance i can just shoot worry free but it sure helps knowing that time ever does come which i pray never will i am covered and will have an attorney trained on self defense laws in my corner from the second the pistol comes out of the holster till the case is over .It is not a free pass to just go looking for trouble but is self assuring to know i have it .and will have representation and legal council.STILL FOLLOW ALL LOCAL LAWS its not a get out of jail free card it is to make sure you are not prosecuted wrongly in the case if you have to.

  11. After pulling the trigger I would do the following in this order;
    1. Make sure the perp is no longer a threat.
    2. Ready my weapon should further violence take place.
    3. Call 911 and do exactly as instructed in the videos.
    4. Identify myself to LEOs as the 911 caller and the victim.
    5. Raise my hands in the air and tell LEOs I am not armed and then direct their attention to my weapon on the ground.
    6. Provide ID and CCW when asked.
    7. I would tell LEO’s I will come down to the Police Station tomorrow and give a statement with my attorney present.
    8. I would then invoke my right to remain silent and request an attorney.
    9. Any further questions from LEO’s would be answered by repeating steps 7 & 8.
    10. As I do not have an attorney I would immediately call an attorney at the first opportunity..

  12. I would only draw my weapon if I thought there was no other way to resolve the particular situation. If it ever came to this point, I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by six! I’m in a wheelchair and carry EVERY WHERE I go that allows it! I pray that I’m never in this situation!!!

  13. What are your options, Bill? Read your state’s statutes on the use of deadly force for self defense. Then, if the time comes for the need to defend yourself with deadly force your actions will be within the bounds of the law. There will be no need for an attorney and you will get written up in the NRA magazine, American Rifleman” as an armed citizen who lawfully exercised his 2d Amendment rights.

    1. Richard word of caution, any one who defends him/her self with out council present also gives up a few of his own rights in the process. Attorneys when in court for them selves higher another attourney . The legal profession has a saying The person who defends him self in court has a fool for a client.. Just a heads up.

  14. I have been pro-active in insuring me and my familys safety. I practice regularly, took my concealed weapon class, have applied for my cwp license and have taken out insurance to cover my legal bills if I ever find myself in just such a situation. I know who to contact and know not to talk without my attorney. Hopefully all the above will insure that I am well protected.

    1. you should do senerio roles I do with my family I have two young boys that are ready to defend there mom if I go down

    2. That is a very good suggestion. Unfortunately, it is only my 89 year old dad and myself living here and he has moderate Alzheimers. He would not remember anything we would go over. That being said, the burden for protection falls on me the daughter of an ex- police officer and detective. so our roles in life are only role reversal. Since I am disabled, I can rely on physical strength and so I have learned to be proficient with what I can do. My 9mm is my strength. Only weakness there is the initial racking. but I bought a handi-rack which works very well. Thanks for your suggestion tho.

    1. Yeah. I saw it after I posted mine. I saw it the first time 4-5 years ago and have recommended it to family and friends. “Loose lips sink ships.” Not mine either, but you get the point.

  15. It is a sad commentary on where this country has gone when someone defending theirselves are put thru these types of conflicts.

  16. I live in Arizona. We are allowed to conceal carry without permit. I’m slowly degenerating due to arthritis and adult onset Muscular Dystrophy. If LE gets to the scene and orders me to drop to my knees, physically I CAN NOT! I’m 6’5″ and 250 lbs. At 52 yrs old, I would appear a potential threat to LE. Do I scream out I’m handicapped, waiting to get tazed, tackled or worse? Secondly, if I’m involved in a shooting, I have no attorney. I wouldn’t know who to call, and if I did, just don’t have the finances to retain one. The practice of saying “less is better” makes sense. However, without legal representation, what are my options?

    1. USCCA, $27.00 a month gets you financial assistance, and a list of attorneys’ in you area.

    2. Speaking as a retired law enforcement officer, unless the responding officer is an idiot, if you place your hands on top of your head with your fingers interlaced, and calmly explain that you are unable to kneel because of an infirmity and do not get confrontational you should be all right. The other option is to turn your back with your arms extended full out from your shoulders to show you pose no threat. If you are wearing a coat or jacket or shirt with the tail out, remove it if at all possible. Empty you weapon and place it in plain view away from your reach, and tell the officer where it is to draw attention to it. Despite what you see on T V or read in the news papers, any sane cop does not want the hassle of the investigation and paperwork involved in a “shots fired” incident.

    3. tell the dispatch that you have knee issues that’s what ive done stay calm that’s the best I can give you

  17. The deck is stacked against anyone who leaglly and justifiably defends themselves, their family and/or their property…the Left-wing Liberals will jump at any chance they can get to disredit those who choose to excercise their 2nd Amendment rights…the court of public opinion runs against law abiding citizens in any instance of controversy…the media will slam you, your friends will shun you and you can expect threats on your and your families life daily…remember, the criminal always has more rights than you do…

    1. There was a day when this was a wise course of action, but not today. Even if you shot the man who killed the pope and the president, they’ll do forensics and use enough manpower to hunt you down. Then you are the guy who destroyed evidence and fled. That means you’re really screwed.

    2. I understand, or at least hope you are joking, but for those who may consider this, remember that forensics will eventually identify you and you will be in even deeper ca-ca and meet new friends in prison. And cameras are everywhere.

  18. Most of Woody’s (and the videos’) advice is useful, with a couple of exceptions. At home or on the street, call 911 ASAP and stay on the line until LEO arrives. When police are in sight, put the phone down but leave it in such a way that further events/statements are still being recorded. On the street, re-holster your gun and make sure your EMPTY HANDS are clearly visible to LEO when they arrive. Leaving an unattended firearm on the ground is physically risky and can create new legal liabilities. The arriving officers will prone you out and you can tell them where on your person you are lawfully carrying the firearm. Let them disarm you and/or otherwise follow their orders precisely, calmly, and deliberately. (Remember, all this is still being recorded on the open 911 line.) Confine your initial statement to the bare minimums to show you were the victim (“that person attacked me and I was in fear for my life”–don’t go into details) and point out any witnesses or relevant physical evidence, such as a weapon the attacker may have thrown into the bushes.) At that point, say you are aware this is a serious situation and will make a full statement and answer questions after talking to your lawyer, then ask for permission to call your attorney. Do not express your feelings. You will feel a strong need to “cooperate” and present a case justifying your actions. This is not the time to do it. If you’re allowed to call your lawyer, ask him to come to the scene immediately. (Even if you are arrested, you will be held at the scene for awhile.) Just as important, previously select (and interview) an attorney with experience mounting an affirmative defense for defendants in firearms cases, and keep that attorney’s number with you whenever you carry your firearm. If you feel you may need medical attention (wound, heart problem, etc.) ask for it.

    Mas Ayoob and the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network have a recommended “template” statement that covers these minimal requirements and other instructional materials that cover what you may expect after a defensive shooting. Train for the aftermath as well as you train to save your life in a defensive situation and you will go a long way toward making “the worst day of your life” a little less horrible.

    1. Wagonmaster…Excellent comment. If you carry a gun, it is imperative to have a relationship with an attorney and the ACLDN is one of several organizations giving you access to an attorney in your area. Check them out. I did and went with the ACLDN. It is important to understand the value of having the phone number of a good 2A attorney in your wallet, just in case. Understanding LE protocol in self-defense situations and when the use of deadly force is justified in your particular state is critical information. Without that knowledge, you can get into serious trouble very quickly. Hopefully, none of us will ever have to use that phone number and deal with the consequences of even a “good shoot”.

  19. This is good advice…..on paper. However, remaining silent and waiting for a lawyer will only make your case appear suspicious to the DA. Having had to deal with this situation recently (my father used his), the court not only gave an unfair trial, but they used the fact that he remained silent to their advantage. Being quiet gives off the perception that you are guilty. You may have a legal right to carry, but once you use your weapon, you’d better hope that you have some money saved up for a good lawyer. Our justice system is flawed, and now my father is serving 15 years for Manslaughter in the 1st due to the court not allowing his plea of innocent based on self defense and defense of another.

  20. Another thing to watch for: lasers attached to the rails of your own semi-auto. If possible, use only your light, either hand-held or rail-mounted. If you use the laser to “red-dot” center of mass, the bad guy will try to convince the cops that your laser shined into his eyes, causing permanent damage. Odds are that he has friendly witnesses at the scene. You do not. Also, you cannot document his/her vision BEFORE the incident. Green lasers may pose even bigger risks for civil suit. Why? Airline and helicopter pilots are now saying that it is green lasers that have been directed at the cockpits, with severe damage to pilot vision when landing. Edwin

  21. When I was going through my CCW course, this was covered, in depth.
    Instructor, a former County Sheriff and retired State Bureau of Investigation officer instructed us to call 911, explain that a shooting had just occurred and the EMTs were needed, but not to go into details over the phone. You kept your weapon on your person but when the LEOs arrived you presented your CCW. Then if directed to do so, cleared your weapon and presented it to them. At no times were you to make any comments until you were represented by legal counsel, even if bullied and badgered to do so by the LEOs, and they will. Trust me, it happened to me. I did reply: Someone tried to kill me, I defended myself, which is my right”. LEOs were not happy.

  22. Great advice .Anything and everything can be used against you WILL BE USED cover all bases great point my brother.Include that when you dial 911 after the event has occured because first thing you are donig is dialing exactly that 911. Very useful and valid point i agree.

  23. Good point re: getting prompt help for the injured. I note that some of the most vocal complaints about the indicted Baltimore cops was they didn’t get medical attention soon enough for their arrestee. Express some remorse for the guy you just shot-even if he doesn’t deserve it. He has a momma and friends who will no doubt talk about what a good boy he was.

  24. One thing I haven’t seen mentioned would be to tell the 9-1-1 operator that someone has been hurt and an ambulance is needed. You don’t really need to go into the details, but if you don’t try to get assistance for a wounded person (whoever they are) I think that could be used against you as showing a callous disregard for human life.

    1. It is covered… “ambulance is needed” is no different than their response to state what “services needed”… an ambulance is a “service”.

  25. i used to work for an environmental lab, most of which business consisted of sampling municipal drinking water ( sampled from private residence out side faucet). i have lost track of how many times yahoos with cwp have threatened me with firearms. i carry too, but these buffoons are the type who give us a bad name (and ammo for the liberal do-gooders) my point is – our second amendment is under fire and YOUR actions are under a microscope. having a cwp DOES NOT make you a tough guy or a vigilante. lets hope cooler, more logical heads prevail before we give the politicians any more ammo (no pun intended)

  26. Good advice, do not “talk a lot”. State the facts , don’t “justify” again, just state the facts.

  27. Are you a single parent of juveniles, if you go downtown for a couple days will they be comfy in Child Protective Services?
    What of wife and kids who will be questioned if present at shooting in home or being present at scene .
    Child Services is not a gun loving group and a child can get tripped and their testimony and that of CPS people can screw you royally.
    In WA state some jurisdictions will empty your home of all guns and even though they were not used in a crime they are evidence at the scene of a crime.
    Do not be concerned when your gun collection and ammo is declared an arsenal in next days paper.
    Some states do not have to return guns found at crime scenes.
    In WA if no blood relatives neR by it will be hard to find “Legal” person to handle your guns without a fee by shop.
    What will family be like with a stiff making a bloody mess , all calm I bet; Stiff uber gunnersand all.
    So ok you protected your ass now that your gun is no longer sole protector available get with financial and legal people for other protections for family.

  28. I would love to get more on this plus how to join ,but I must say the one thing that really frightens me about carrying a fire arm is the fact I may actually have to use it an to kill another human is just a terable thing in its self.
    I personely hope to be able to live out the rest of my life never having to harm another humanbeen!

    1. “the one thing that really frightens me about carrying a fire arm is the fact I may actually have to use it”

      That’s the only reason why you have it; to use it when necessary. Yes, it’s terrible. But when the police show up who’s dead body do you want them to take a picture of, the bad guys or yours?

    2. If you’er queasy about killing another human being just think about this….what was that perp going to do too you…??? life has a lot of hard choices….if he intends to harm you or kill you…what choice do you have…???? It’s sad but, what choice would you have…???

  29. I open carry a Glock 27 daily in a Blackhawk Serpa II holster and have done so for several years without a single issue. I’ve never had to show a officer my permit.

    I have one major quibble with the advice given. I would never ever under any circumstance unload & lay my gun down before the police arrive.. I would holster it. Especially if I being white have had to shoot a black man in self defense. Have you not seen the recent news videos showing the way some bystanders turn into vicious animals when someone is shot and they falsely believe it is racially motivated. Someone or a crowd would immediately try to take your weapon if you laid it down and stepped away. Put it back in the holster [loaded] and keep your hand well away from it! When the police arrive.. put your hands high in the air, tell the officer where your weapon is… and then let the officer retrieve the weapon from the holster if he / she wants too.

    As for the legal advice about not talking to the police.. here is a link to a video of a law professor & a detective that is funny.. but is spot on about never talking to the police without a attorney being present.. and goes into detail. It would be worth your time to watch if you have never seen it before.

    1. One more word of advice… in responding to articles like this one above or to news articles on Face Book / news sights or in gun forums in general.. never ever say you would shoot to kill in order to protect yourself or your family. You always say you would shoot to stop the threat.. not to kill. It just so happens the best way being taught by most police agencies & in state required self defense courses to stop a threat is to fire 2 rounds to the chest & one to the head in rapid succession. Will that kill someone? It has a great possibility, but that wasn’t your intent when you fired your weapon. Your intent was to stop the threat as quickly as possible because you were afraid of that person causing you serious injury or death. You simply rely on the training [what was taught in your permit class].. especially if it is state sanctioned / approved.

      Heaven forbid, if you were to ever be prosecuted for using your weapon or are sued in a civil lawsuit… the prosecutor & bad guys attorney[s] can comb your smart phone & home computer history with a court order or under discovery and recover comments you may have made in the past about ‘killing’ someone if they attacked you. I cringe every time I see someone making those kinds of irresponsible comments.

    2. The movie clip and your comments are spot on Excellent information. Thanks for the posts

  30. Get the best civil lawyer you can. When you are sued for wrongful death and the decision is based on 50% plus one with an affirmative action jury, your hell on earth has just begun.

    You might be better off remaining the victim instead.

    1. Only if you decide to change into a ccw holding civilian and you cover your 6 o clock my brother .Always have the what do i do now figured out and let your attorney and the courts judge the evidence but say nothing but he is the perp i was defending myself here is my USCCA appointed attorney on this card and all i have to say is written on the back of said card until i speak to THAT attorney i invoke my 5th amendment right to remain silent without proper council here is my weapon officer what are your commands?. DONE until the attorney does the talking from that second on period in ALL AND ANY case pertaining to this subject.SAY NOTHING but yes sir or mam to officers and be polite always .Let the system work by using it right.

  31. The first thing any gun owner should do is to read your state’s laws on self defense, paying particular attention to the words used in the statutes. Many use words such as “reasonably believe” and” committing or attempting to commit” certain acts upon you or another person. After the shooting is over you, must have fully complied with the statute or face the consequences of acting without legal justification. Use your weapon only when nothing less than that will preserve your life and your belief that that circumstance exists is reasonable i.e. reasonable people would agree with you.My view is if all they are doing is stealing some items of property, let em go. It ain’t worth the trauma and expense of trying to get a jury to help you out of the mess you’re in.

  32. One small quibble. It is unlikely you will reach your attorney when you call immediately after using your firearm. Instead, you will reach an answering service or voice mail.

    I have my attorney’s number in my cell phone directory. If the situation ever arises, I plan to inform law enforcement I have called my attorney and am waiting to hear back. Until I hear back, I am not talking.

  33. How knife & swords hiding them ! Cane swords for self defence!! I old have strength in more ,I have right restored but guns !

  34. You have a right to remain silent and request a lawyer be presentTattoo that inside your cranium.Second make sure you have a truckload of insurance.Your shot just cost you $250000 in legal bills even if you are shooting in self-defense.If you are worth something monetarily get your assets covered by an umbrella policy.Remember the Police and lawyers are NOT your friend.Cover your ass and say goodbye to your beloved carry weapon.The authorities are just doing their job and all they see is you and a body.HEED THESE WORDS

    1. It is a major life change choice to going from an unarmed unknowing law abiding gun owner to a ccw holder gun carrying civillian on what all happens in the case of a even wounding shot ,stab ,hit with an object assault or you had no choice but to take that life to prevent loss of thy own or major bodily harm in self defense .Two things you cannot take back in this scenario ,the bullets from your gun .AND the words from your mouth after the event etc.Get trained ,learn the law to the full extent , get insured and legal council it is pure common sense especially in todays America and the present assault on the right to self defense carry at all or even gun ownership if you can get out without firing shot 1 ,DO JUST THAT once you do the life you knew will be changed 4 ever regardless of the outcome of after you just took another human life .That is something you will have to live with .And the legal and civil ramifications to come .Still rather be judged by 6 than carried by 6 all day long but you better be able to prove you had no other options .They are going to take you to trial.Carry smart my brothers and safety first always .

  35. Great advice. I think many CCW Holders, in particular, in “Stand Your Ground” or “Castle Doctrine” States believe themselves to be immune from prosecution (what about on vacation out of State…?). So yes, it can only help to heed to the articles advice to be sure.

  36. I myself carry everyday multiple handguns along with edged weapons .My best advice to anyone choosing to get a ccw and carry is get insured and legal counsel on call.May i suggest to all ccw holders or anyone else planning to use or carry a firearm in self defesne to join the USCCA . The 30.00 monthly fee for us cannot afford lifetime have a card we hand to law enforcement upon arrival at the scene with our attorneys who is a gun rights and gun law attorneys number and contact info .You get a monthly cocealed carry mag loaded with info and changes in laws state by state and you can carry knowing if i have to god forbid ever use this fireasrm i have legal council,instant bail with attorney and civil protection 24/7 Along with court pay for lost time and wages .Get trained get the proper permits and get insured and covered the UNITED STATES CONCEALED CARRY ASSOCIATION is your best way to go for ALL who carry .JMHO

    1. Agreed.

      Join USCCA and select one of the self defense insurance packages, and then talk to your local gun rights organization about gun friendly attorneys. Have one already picked out and enter into an agreement with them. Sometimes this is simply knowing who they are and how to contact them, in other cases you pay a retainer and as soon as you call, they come.

      Remember, the police are not really your friends. Some individuals may be, but the police in general and the prosecuting attorneys are always looking for someone to arrest and convict.

      Be calm and be quiet.

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