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Magnum Research Big Frame Revolvers (BFR)


Magnum Research Upgrades Popular BFR Series

Magnum Research (MRI) has always counted the BFR (Big Frame Revolver) series among its many success stories. It all began in 1999, when independent gunsmith/designer Jim Tertin, was approached by MRI to manufacture the new large caliber revolver for MRI. Tertin mastered the base pin design, firing pin, barrels, frame and cylinder, and fine-tuned the timing of all BFR revolvers, and then put it into production for Magnum Research. In 2005, Tertin sold the BFR design to MRI and was hired as Director of Manufacturing.

Author holding a black and wood gripped 1911 made by Magnum Research against a silhouette target.


Good Quality with a Fair Price: The Desert Eagle Commander 1911

There continues to be new introductions into the 1911 market. Without good quality, at an affordable price point, a new 1911 will fail to sell. One priced mid-range without cutting corners on quality is the Magnum Research Desert Eagle 1911 Commander. The 1911C is built to strict standards and nothing we can see contradicts that statement. Shooting a variety of cheap .45 ACP ammo to the best in self-defense jacketed hollow points, the Desert Eagle 1911 Commander is worthy of going into anyone’s arsenal.

Magnum Research’s Desert Eagle .50 AE


Magnum Research Introduces All-Stainless-Steel Desert Eagle

An all-stainless-steel Desert Eagle .50 AE is now available — MSRP on the new DE50SR is $1793. A second stainless model with an integral muzzle brake (DE50SRMB) is also in production and has an MSRP of $1931. Check out this article for the details on what you can expect.