Lessons from Nazi Gun Control

Gun Control in the Third Reich

A guest post by Stephen P. Halbrook, Ph.D., J.D. Attorney General Eric Holder told Congress in April about an idea he had directed the Department of Justice to investigate: a requirement that gun owners wear electronic bracelets that would enable only registered owners to activate their firearms. Some critics, focusing on abusive surveillance powers, have called it Orwellian.Gun Control in the Third Reich But one needn’t look to fiction to be wary: History offers numerous examples of well-intentioned policies to control crime that have had disastrous consequences. In my new book, Gun Control in the Third Reich, one particularly horrific case study begins in Germany during the tumultuous early 1930s.

In 1932, Alfred Flatow, the three-time gold medalist in gymnastics at the 1896 Olympics, complied with a gun-registration requirement that Weimar officials hoped would reduce the threat posed by extremist groups. The former athlete dutifully registered three handguns, but this didn’t spare him. The government warned that gun-ownership records must be stored securely so they wouldn’t fall into the wrong hands. It failed to consider that only law-abiding citizens would register, whereas political extremists and criminals would not.

In 1933, the ultimate extremist group, led by Adolf Hitler, seized power and immediately set about using gun-registration records to identify, disarm and attack “enemies of the state,” a euphemism for all political opponents. Police conducted search-and-seizure operations for guns and “subversive” literature in Jewish communities and working-class neighborhoods.

By fall 1938, the Nazis were ratcheting up measures to expropriate the assets of Jews. To ensure that they had no means of resistance, the Jews were ordered to surrender their firearms.

Flatow, who was Jewish, walked into a Berlin police station to comply and was arrested on the spot, as were other Jews standing in line. The arrest report confirmed that his pistols were duly registered, which was how the police knew he had them. While no law prohibited a Jew from owning guns, the report recited the Nazi mantra: “Jews in possession of weapons are a danger to the German people.” Despite his compliance, Flatow was turned over to the Gestapo.

This scenario took place all over Germany; firearms were confiscated from all Jews registered as gun owners. As this happened, an unrelated event provided just the rationale the Nazis needed to launch a violent attack on the Jewish community: A Polish teenager who was Jewish shot a German diplomat in Paris. The stage was set for Kristallnacht, the Night of the Broken Glass, a carefully orchestrated Nazi onslaught against the entire Jewish community in Germany.

Under the pretense of searching for weapons, Jewish homes were vandalized, businesses ransacked and synagogues burned. Jews were terrorized, beaten and killed. Orders were sent to shoot anyone who resisted. Under SS head Heinrich Himmler’s decree, an estimated 20,000 Jews were thrown into concentration camps for violating gun laws or just for being Jewish.

Kristallnacht has been called the day the Holocaust began. Flatow’s footsteps can be followed to see why. He would be required to wear the Star of David. In 1942, he was deported to the Theresienstadt concentration camp, where he was starved to death.

None of this is to claim that Eric Holder or today’s proponents of gun control are totalitarians in waiting. But this frightening saga is a reminder of good intentions gone horribly wrong. And unless we let the lessons sink in, we will dishonor honorable people such as Alfred Flatow — and millions more whose suffering we should never forget.


Stephen P. Halbrook
Stephen P. Halbrook is the author of Gun Control in the Third Reich. Photos courtesy of The Independent Institute.

Stephen P. Halbrook, Ph.D., J.D., is Research Fellow at The Independent Institute and author of the books Gun Control in the Third Reich: Disarming the Jews and Enemies of the State,The Founders’ Second Amendment, and Securing Civil Rights, the latter two of which were cited in the U.S. Supreme Court cases of District of Columbia v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago. His earlier Amici Curiae Brief in Heller on behalf of 55 members of the Senate, the Senate President, and 250 members of the House of Representatives was also cited. Dr. Halbrook is also the author of the book, That Every Man Be Armed: The Evolution of a Constitutional Right (Independent Institute).  This essay is reprinted with permission of The Independent Institute.

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  1. Thanks G-Man. Your post should be published for all to read.
    The saddest part of all of this is that the demise of the nation is not natural evolution of a country. It is deliberate, by design based on a warped values and lack of respect for the things that made America Great. I once wrote a posting for another site discussing the values I could take from our present administration to provide guidance to young people. It is sad to say that the examples provided by our president are only; lie to get ahead, lie to get elected, never take responsibility for anything, claim you didn’t know, we have a right to a free ride and success is bad. Are these the traits and principals Americans will carry into the future?
    Your last statement is so profound and anyone with an ounce of common sense and reason should be able to see now more than ever the true reason for the 2nd Amendment. I pray that people see the light before that need for that amendment is tested.

  2. @ Mc Ruger and Dr. Dave: I can see Mc Ruger and Dr Dave have a handle on the woes of this Nation, so what I have written below is in addition to their astute assessment.

    Mc Ruger previously wrote, “It is very sad and I fear getting it back will take more than getting people to vote.” While Dr. Dave also wrote, “No one cares about getting involved anymore that is why it has mutated like it has over 200+ years.”

    Truer words were never spoken by anyone.

    People no longer invest the time to truly comprehend the essence of each issue that impacts their daily lives before voting. And even those that think they do, aren’t nearly as prepared as they think they are; and so unbeknownst to themselves, they unwittingly fail to attain the necessary knowledge needed to vote appropriately for the issues at hand.

    Most regrettable is their lack of desire to fully commit to the sacrifices required in anticipation of the long-term ramifications required when voting on some of the more important issues.

    Instead, our society has morphed into a culture that prides itself upon immediate gratification. There are volumes that could be written to express what caused the downfall of our country leading up to this moment in time, but at its core, it simply comes down to the true loss of fundamental values.

    The loss of such values is an unfortunate side effect instilled into our youth by our liberal controlled and socialized education system and media machine that spreads the belief into accepting one’s self-induced right to intrinsic freedom without regard for any boundaries.

    The principal behind all civility and freedom requires we maintain some form of reasonable self-control and restraint within our system of freedom. In other words – certain natural boundaries of respect and dignity are required in order that we maintain success in this experiment we call “Liberty” and “Freedom”.

    No law can ever force a society to have such self-control; it can only punish a person after the loss of their self-control has already caused its damage. Instead, one must be encouraged to learn and achieve a personal desire towards the civility required to maintain the natural boundaries needed for “Freedom” to flourish. Obviously such education should occur at a very young age and well before the legal system ever gets involved.

    One very precious source that instilled in us the necessary decency, civility, and understanding needed for natural boundaries throughout the creation of our great Nation was accomplished through religion. But over-interpretation by liberals of the “Separation Clause of Church and State” has ensured the removal of every last vestige of God from all things public. This includes our socialized school systems where children spend one-third of their day for eighteen of the most impressionable years of their life, which are now completely void of any religion and God.

    No one wants to admit it, but even if God does not exist, the concept taught in religion makes for better people. And so without the moral respect and dignity once instilled by the goodness of religion, natural civil boundaries have decayed from a state of “Freedom”, and instead have been translated into a state of “Free-for-All” where anything goes. The result is a warped society that is confused into celebrating all things unnatural and perverted as they misinterpret their “Freedoms” for a “Free-for-All”.

    So while liberal society is hard at work fighting to give every single class of people their right to a selfish and perverted “Free-for-All” lifestyle, no one seems to understand that it is impossible to give every warped class of persons all these additional rights without imposing upon or completely removing the previous rights of another. It is simply an impossible feat. And thus the natural boundaries required for real “Freedom” no longer exist and our Nation has degraded into a state of dissention creating classes that are pitted against one another.

    So for those of us that managed to keep our dignity in check and God in our hearts, every successive day becomes a never ending battle of LOST rights as we are forced to fight the filth and corruption from spilling into our homes and our children’s lives while TV bombards us with the disgusting half-naked images of corrupted children like Miley Cyrus twerking against the crotch of a man twice her age during primetime award shows.

    Just as disgusting, we are forced to explain to our children why the president sanctions the non-productive homosexual marriages of gay people that physically have no ability to pro-create while at the same time is in strict defiance of the natural boundaries necessary for those that do pro-create.

    How is a parent expected to teach their children to always respect the letter of the law while our president looks the other way as millions of illegals flagrantly violate our border laws, and once here, spit on our Constitution and burn our flag that we teach our children to respect?

    How exactly does a parent explain to their teens the senseless death of a federal agent by a gun the president authorized into the hands of the Mexican Cartel while at the same time advocates disarming law abiding citizens? Worse is the inability to explain the lack of justice for his high crimes.

    But the epitome of all explanations – how does one explain to their children why this excuse for a man was elected twice, all while we attempt to teach our teens strong morals towards earning their way through hard work and integrity, yet the president uses welfare to appeal to a lower class of voter with free hand-outs paid for off the backs of hard working parents.

    It is absolute insanity and utter madness with no end in sight… when one finally realizes the totality of what has actually become of our society and where it is headed, they have no choice but to succumb to the simple realization that guns in the hands of the citizenry is the last line of defense which is holding it all together.

  3. If I’m not mistaking you are describing more of a true Democracy… one man one vote and eliminate the bureaucrats. Tough to move things that far but it would put ownership back in our hands, eliminate the pork and cronyism.

    About half way through your post you really summed up the problem in a nut shell:
    “No one cares about getting involved anymore that is why it has mutated like it has over 200+ years. People stopped showing up so elected officials made the decision for everyone and eventually they stopped even having town meetings since only the officials showed up. Lets get back our control”

    There is no quick fix and it will be an up hill and constant battle. Honestly things may have already gone to far to bring it back. I am 60 years old and this is not the country it was even 20 years ago. It is actually heartbreaking to witness what the left has done to America.
    Please excuse my soapbox but sometime my passion comes through.
    What people have lost is that America is not a place on a map and it is not a Red, White and Blue piece of cloth. America is a concept, an idea that came true, the first and one of a kind. The one place where people can live free. Now 238 years after our brilliant founder brought this concept to life the very idea of liberty is under attack. The sad thing is that the vast majority of the people supporting the demise of liberty have no idea what they are supporting and what they are giving away. It is very sad and I fear getting it back will take more than getting people to vote.

  4. Mc Ruger
    You are right the problem with looking for Constitutional Conservatives is they rarely come from the labor class. The labor class who BTW vote more often the administrative or investment class usually see the Constitution as being written to support the wealth and so they aren’t willing to say NO to elected officials with Santa sacks and candy canes dangling as a lost leader to the real agenda. REAL conservatives simply say no to anyone who is looking to modify the original documents or doctrines. For me I never look at what is in it for me I always look for the guy who is closely aligned with leaving as much control, power, enforcement, regulations, etc on the table. If an official comes out with anything new revolutionary or different that is usually a sign he or she is about to abandon the original purpose or reason we became these United States to begin with. I am not interested in all these social issues be they beneficial to me personally or not because the cost in overall freedom is too high. I like it just like it was originally designed. If it matters it should be decided at the local meeting where the town folks go to the meeting and raise their hands to vote. The stuff handled on the national level should be stuff way above my understanding level and so let them decide for me based on their philosophical ideals that they sold me on during the election. UNFORTUNATELY it has shifted so far from that I doubt it could ever get back there.
    We need good old town meetings where a set of local politicians keep order at the meeting but ultimate vote based on the energy in the room. If they vote opposite of the majority of the folks they hear about it right then and there no reason to have to worry about impeachment and or recall elections simply kick their asses right there and then and move on to the next meeting.
    No one cares about getting involved anymore that is why it has mutated like it has over 200+ years. People stopped showing up so elected officials made the decision for everyone and eventually they stopped even having town meetings since only the officials showed up. Lets get back our control!
    I am not saying with technology we have to GO to some wooden planked building but we sure could have a say in things and an actual vote line item by line item electronically rather then having some official doing it as our proxy.
    We GAVE them our proxy to vote on our behalf I am saying we just simply take it back and let us vote for ourselves again. The technology is here to allow it with minimal interruption to our work and leisure time so lets US vote.
    I think we are ALL smart enough to decide on things that affect us things like everything from how we pay to educate our kids to how much money goes to the police and fire departments to should we buy trash trucks or outsource the job to a company to haul garbage. I think that anything the current government listens to we can listen to then WE can vote and IF there is something we need an expert to better explain to us then they will have to or they don’t get the votes NO different then the Congress folks do now only they do it behind closed doors and we never find out the truth only what they want to leak to the press who then spin it so by the time we get the information it is so far from the facts it is day and night
    Gun control and Gun support are good examples. We get the information filtered to us thru the media. It should not have a filter on it. We get the poop straight on and then WE vote and it is line item by line item just like we get on the occasional election. We have a few line item issues on the upcoming Florida election. Why not get a weekly pack like that and by Sunday we all vote. If someone doesn’t care one way or another on an issue they leave it blank but each of us votes up or down for each issue.
    Dr Dave

  5. Well said Dr. Dave. We are in complete agreement. Now if we can just convince a few million more we’ll be in good shape. It’s not even a matter of changing the country it is a matter of returning to what our founders intended. It certainly will not be accomplished by the Left but I am sorry to say it won’t be done by the Right as it exists either. We need real Constitutional Conservatives in power to get back to where we belong.

  6. Yeah, I guess having a Department of Female Reproductive Right, does make the Federal Government, in whole Smaller.

  7. The were dumb enough to vote him into office, what he did when he got in to office. They probably didn’t bargin for. But, by that time it was to late to get him out of office without using deadly force. And Hitler, the SS and Gestapo weren’t going to let the German people do that.

  8. After reading some of comments. Now the congress gave themselves a Part-Timers working year. Do, they qualify, for Health Care Benefits.

  9. @KENNEDY: You wrote to Mc Ruger on page 1 the following quote:

    “Hitler didn’t seize power. The German people Freely Gave Him The Power. I don’t know from what history book your [sic] getting your information from. Hitler didn’t have too [sic] TAKE ANYTHING, WHEN THE GERMAN WILLINGLY GAVE IT TOO HIM !!!”

    I fail to see why you’ve addressed Mc Ruger with your comment when it was the author of this CTD article that made the statement about Hitler having seized power.

    Regardless, you should be ashamed of yourself for attempting to use such a cute anecdotal claim that the people of Germany willingly subscribed to Hitler’s demented path towards World domination. I’ve heard it used before and it is neither amusing nor factual.

    A person of sound mind possessing even the most basic of intellectual faculties knows that Hitler seized the power to do evil AFTER his election. The German people through their electoral process never intended to convey the authority for Hitler to do what he did merely as a result of the people’s vote.

    What actually happened was similar to Obama’s practices AFTER his election. Hitler installed likeminded people throughout his government and just as equivalent to Obama’s executive orders, Hitler unilaterally altered legislation using emergency decrees to effectively remove any opposition and put into place laws that cleared the way to carry out his dastardly plan.

    Most of the average German citizens had no idea what Hitler was up to because he masterfully kept them distracted with appeasing government unity and programs. Similar though is the manner in which some of Obama’s executive orders were written to more greatly benefit those dependent on welfare. The appeal of such bountiful benefits dangled before our impoverished citizens effectively blindsided them into keeping Obama in office, even after his documented failures as an ineffective leader.

    Case and point – consider how on earth, during modern times, with such vast technology and intelligent people, did Obama manage to get a healthcare law passed while not a single American could read what was inside it. Even Pelosi proclaimed, “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.” Yet millions of Americans are now outraged over the most disastrous piece of legislation in U.S. history.

    Even still Obama continues to abuse his executive authority, as Hitler did, to alter and patch dreadful aspects of this retched legislation in order to provide exemptions to his cronies while the people continue to suffer the effects of such an ill-fated piece of legislation. This is happening now, right before our very eyes… and we allow it because we are distracted.

    As well, consider Obama’s unilateral executive orders, one of which has literally changed the face of our Nation as he allows hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to flood our country all because they think they need to beat some arbitrary amnesty deadline that was created by one of Obama’s executive orders.

    Aside from the millions of illegal entrants, your tax dollars now coddles MS13 – the deadliest child gang organization in the world, which is now infiltrating all of these U.S. refugee camps and massively recruiting other children.

    This is no joke or a simple game of words. This is incredibly serious business. With everything from Obama’s IRS targeting political groups by limiting their ability to function, ineffective leadership that has killed an ambassador and staff in Benghazi, authorizing undercover gun-running ops (Fast & Furious) that provided the weapon used by the Mexican cartel to kill one of our own federal agents, standoffs with ranchers in Nevada, impotent policy that effectively plunged our Nation back into the Russian cold war days with Putin, and a completely defiant Middle-East policy that went against our general’s advice to not pull out of Iraq – which has now led to the massacre and displacement of thousands of Christians as the terrorist ISIS overruns Iraq. And now ISIS claims we are next in the U.S. – very credibly I might add given that even Obama now admits he underestimated them.

    But of the most damning executive orders by Hitler, er-uhm I mean Obama, are the multiple executive overrides he has instituted that unilaterally whittle away at our Second Amendment rights; those rights being the last vestige of innate liberty that holds our Nation together as a free Union against tyranny.

    I will never credit the likes of Obama as the mastermind that Hitler was behind such an intricate plan. Hitler’s plan was one towards the creation of greatness through domination whereas Obama’s is simply the destruction of our greatness.

    But whoever is truly pulling Obama’s puppet strings is using him to set the stage for someone far more capable of finishing us off as a Nation so they may usurp complete control.

    1. G-Man that was so well written an so dead on I read it twice. My hats off to you for this one.

  10. Remember the number one thing that drives a politician in today’s government is to make sure you do enough to keep your job. SO yes absolutely what has been considered one of the best presidents since Lincoln Ron Reagan actually started the first real anti-gun process thru the then congress called after his own press secretary Brady (who just passed this past week and who the cororoner has determined his death to be a murder so allowing Hinckley to be retried for murder rather then attempted murder and to be prevented from parole) Anyway it is NOT political purely but statistically those who identify with being Democrats are more likely then not to want more governmental control including gun control and those who are considered Republican identify with smaller government and less controls in general. That includes gun control.
    Democrats and Republicans are people first and party members second. “People” vote for each bill the way they believe is correct some scream loudly like Feinstein and Bloomberg for control of guns while either don’t scream or do so quietly against other “control” bills. The problem is that is NOT what they were hired to do. They were hired to do what WE expect them to do. If in the case of Cali the majority of people want gun control then Diane is doing her job right but the problem is mosr do not BUT they DO want her to scream for social equity programs. SO they allow her to rant and rave over guns as long as she is willing to give them what they want.
    The future US needs to be reconstructed so that politicians are polled by society on each bill and then vote in accord no compromise on this in order to get that.
    This land is one HUGE compromise it is not the best of the best it is the best of the worst or the worst of the best but nevertheless a full compromise.
    We should be the very best of the best having full support of all Constitutional rights and all Amendment add-ons NOT just the ones who get added onto to farm bills or to EPA solutions. Each bill should be voted on individually not in pieces like they are today. Today all bills are made up of junk that are mismatched to save time. Why save time make the Congress work like the President 355 days a year. They should be in function ALL year long not only 200 days.
    Gun Magazine control in Cali should be voted on by itself not as an add on to some agriculture bill with 200 other pieces of nonsense that are unrelated.
    Same for each and every issue of concern in our civilization. The existing system was based on having elected officials poled one at a time and having to stand to vote. Today they can simply push a button on an iPad from anywhere.
    If every vote was individual then we would know if our elected officials were in deed supporting the things we hired them to do. Often times they vote Yeah for a bill that contains both things we DO want and things we do NOT want so how can we score their effectiveness?
    This isn’t brain surgery or rocket science it is simply being true to the founding fathers while bringing elected office into the 21st Century.
    I see SO much anger against politicians when if you look at their overall votes they did what we asked them to. Unlike the President of late who takes one isolated issue and then unilaterally votes for it without asked the populace or putting into the system where it should have been to go thru the voting process.
    I don’t keep up with every action by every official BUT the one that sticks out the most and can’t be ignored is the fact that Obama unilaterally altered the Obamacare program using his “executive order” proclamation which is 100% illegal. Should we disrupt the entire country to remove him from office and truly show the weakness of the US system to the world? NO but we should correct the errors and hold him accountable and prevent future ability to do the same thing. I believe that everyone needs to be Mulligan but only one and with the consequences being paid for the infraction. Right now there has been NO correction and nothing done to stop it from happening again since he already did it again with the elimination of the AK, Saiga type weapons 3 weeks ago.
    Dr Dave

    1. Dr Dave,

      What has been lost is the fact that the power comes from the people not from the politicians . We elect them to honor their oath and uphold the Constitution.
      We the people need to stop being lazy. Stop relying on our Politicians to do the right thing. When they do wrong it is time to band together and let them know my call for their resignation or recall vote.

      The power is granted to US by the Declaration of Independence , The US Constitution and our Bill Of Rights!

      Read them and understand them.

    2. Nice Shootin Dr.Dave. I only have one disagreement. If I’m not mistaking Senators and Representatives were not intended to be full time jobs. If they were doing their jobs per the Constitution they would not need to be in Washington all the time. Instead we have this out of control huge government dealing with things that would best be handled by the states. My understanding is that legislators are supposed to spend most of their time in their states and with their constituents not in Washington passing legislation that no one reads.

      On the other hand if Obama is playing golf and congress is on vacation they can’t do anymore damage.

    3. You are ABSOLUTELY right but remember the Fed was designed to be MUCH smaller then it has grown into today. The Fed WAS supposed to deal with things like National Defense and the like NOT things that it has mutated into controlling like what we do in bed and how we have the boils on our asses lanced.
      With the Fed the size it is the Congress HAS to pile all their decisions in combined bills since if they voted on each thing independently they couldn’t get it done in 60 hour days working 7 days per week. THAT is one of the BIGGEST problems with the fed right now. I think “most” of the elected officials would make the right choices based on their individual districts if the individual choices were made available to them to vote on, BUT they have to play butt kiss since something they want might be buried inside a bill with 10 things they don’t want so they have to become favorites with others in order to get the things they want cleared. If the process changed to a smaller Fed with a larger state and still larger local then each area would get what it wants and needs while the overall culture of the country stays as it was designed by the forefathers.
      We have lost our culture because what should have been the overall philosophy supporter has become the micro-manager of details that it can’t possibly know or understand what individual constiuents want. It is easy for say Orange County FL’s mayor to know what Orlando citizens want and need but there is no way that President Obama can know or can care. Even if a Fed government agency is told about the desires of a person or area it has to weigh it against other areas. It now is micro-managing and it needs to be MACRO managing and let the closer geographical areas micro.
      There is NO reason why the Fed should control gas prices for example. Needs throughout the country are different based on temperatures so the prices should be different. BUT of course we all know that is not the case.
      THOUSANDS of other things are controlled by the Fed and should be controlled by the state or even the county.
      We and I say we meaning you and I have lost control is there any wonder so many kids don’t vote. They say why bother my vote is just one and it is meaningless. They are close to being right. If their vote was for local things then one vote in a mix of say 1/2 million is far different then one vote in 351 million. If I voted for things that my STATE was in control of my vote has value but now my vote is tallied on a national level since EVERYTHING is nationally controlled so it means less then nothing.
      Lets roll BACK the Fed lower Fed taxes raise state control and with it raise state taxes and move on. Then my taxes are used for MY state area not shipped 3000 miles away. Plus my area needs things that Cali doesn’t so let me control FL and keep my taxes in FL while Cali can choose what they want and keep their taxes there. Only let the Fed taxes control things that are of a national concern like for example supporting the 2A and other things that need to be universalized nationally
      Dr D

    1. Nothing wrong with executive orders they were designed for a purpose
      The one you suggested has not only been supported and upheld it has been expanded 3 or 4 times by 3 other since voted in Presidents. Using an EO against the absolute desire of the Congress and the wishes of the citizenship is the issue. Reagan used 12333 to get government agencies to cooperate with the CIA quickly rather then to go thru subcommittee and other challenges but as you can see it was supported and still is in place
      Dr Dave

  11. Gentlemen: Let’s try to keep it civil. It’s best not to track it into the house when you step in dog crap. Obama’s legacy will certainly go on record as being one of the worst presidents in history, either by incompetence or circumstances. In my estimation Bush was a close second. But whether Obama is impeached yet remains to be seen and a lot of politically savvy people say that would be us jumping out of the frying pan right into the fire.

    If my memory serves me correctly: Johnson, (Lincoln’s successor), Nixon and Clinton are the only ones who faced that penalty and none were removed from office. So if you’re keeping score it’s Democrats one and Republicans two. Am I in favor of removing him from office? Hell yes! Hopefully before he and his mindless minions screw up something else. We need to clean house though of all their sympathizers and replace them with representation that will protect and enforce our constitution. Unfortunately I think that’s going to take about two more years to do that.

    Look what happened in California when we got rid of Governor Gumby- we got Arnie who made good adventure movies but left my state in a shambles. In November if we work together I think we can make him a truly a lame duck president and minimize the potential damage he can do until his term is up. What do you think?

    1. Yes lest keep it civil and not drool like fools at a believe that Reagan or any given party is really on the side of gun rights. Its more of levels of control but both parties are only have so much enthusiasm for gun rights when it suits them.

      Before Reagan left office in January 1989, efforts were afoot in Congress to pass legislation creating a national background check and mandatory waiting period for handgun purchases. The Brady Bill, as the legislation was named, had the backing of Sarah Brady, the wife of former Reagan press secretary Jim Brady, who was wounded in a 1981 assassination attempt on the president.

      The Brady Bill initially struggled for support in Congress, but was gaining ground by the latter days of Reagan’s predecessor, President George H.W. Bush. In a 1991 op-ed for the New York Times, Reagan voiced his support for the Brady Bill, saying the 1981 assassination attempt might have never happened if the Brady Bill had been law.

      It only takes a little work to find out he was only so so for the rights of freedom and that even your poster child was not what he seem just want people want to dream he was.

  12. @KENNEDY: Does anyone do any research anymore before opening their traps? More guns have been seized during Obama’s reign than at any other time in recent history. New York, California and now Connecticut are the three most brazen offenders due to the unlawful gun registries they’ve compiled and used to confiscate guns from their lawful owners.

    Some examples that easily refute your claim as you hold your breath:

    New York City’s ban on rifles and shotguns that hold more than five rounds is now in full affect and being rigorously enforced since Obama took office. NYPD sends out letters to targeted gun owners telling them they must turn over their rifles and shotguns or face the consequences. If they fail to comply their homes are raided and guns confiscated. Thousands of people that were once law abiding citizens are now criminals. The only way law enforcement ever knew who to target was from unlawfully mandated gun registries.

    California has instituted the most stringent confiscation laws since Obama took office. These confiscation laws were designed to take legally registered weapons away from citizens who are supposedly no longer allowed to have them. California even has a 33 man state-wide task force whose full time job is gun confiscation. And we’re not just talking crazy felons with guns here, they confiscate from families that may have had a family member that opted to see a physiatrist for depression. That’s right, let’s say you own a gun for home defense and a visiting daughter sees a doctor, your home will be raided and the gun forcefully confiscated because she is staying in your home while receiving the care she needs.

    Connecticut’s recent post Obama election ban on the AR-15 and magazines with more than 10 rounds has now made felons out of literally thousands of residents who missed the registration dead line. That’s right; I wrote “registration” as in unlawful mandatory gun registry. All those citizens that did mail in their registration but were late – did not get grandfathered and their attempt to comply with this unjust law has now placed them on a confiscation list. They have been mailed letters to turn in their guns for confiscation or face prison.

    Let’s not view this as a gun, but instead a $1500 piece of personal property – say like a gold bar that once was legal to own. Yet now with the wave of a pen any gold bars that look a certain way are all of a sudden considered unlawful. You must turn the bars in to the government or face a home invasion and confiscation. Worse is you will be jailed as a felon. At a minimum the government will take your property without just compensation. Your hard earned $1500 dollar item is just gone, or more if you owned several of them.

    Obama’s key to successfully implementing effective gun confiscation is through a formula by first passing laws that forces gun registration – which seems to the people as responsible and yet harmless enough; but later they add restrictive laws that make once lawfully owned guns now illegal and then use their innocent registries to enforce confiscation. At no time in our history has this been more prevalent than during the Obama administration; and it is increasing with enormous alarm.

    If this alone is not enough to shock you back into reality, then you’re too far gone for any meaningful exchange of dialogue in this type of forum.

    1. And the halfrican and his cronies bring lawsuits against states that are enforcing federal immigration laws. It’s as if up is now down and left is rights.

      It makes no sense in the logical, legal world.

    I said I was out and apologized for calling names but you do not have the good sense to shut your mouth. I personally do not have the time to investigate all of Obamas questionable and illegal activity. Sorry.
    Regardless of whether I or anyone else can produce evidence, you know as well as the vast majority of the country that Obama is directly involved in IRS, Benghazi, fast and furious NSA. If he is not involved he qualifies as the biggest moron to serve as president.
    Guess what, I can’t prove God exists either but I know he does.
    Obama has openly violated the Constitution as well as his oath of office and there is no question about that. You also know if you have an ounce of common sense that he is not going to be impeached.
    If a Republican President conducted himself in the same way he would have been impeached long before now. We are not going to impeach Obama because the liberal media is in his pocket and because we are not going to impeach our first black president.
    Now I’m begging you to drop it. You are beginning to look like a fool and every time you post you show how uninformed and blind to reality you really are. Just continue in your delusional Obama worship and smile.

  14. To: Dr. Dave

    The President of the United States, can ask of submit a budget proposal. But it take Congress too approve and allocate the money for the budget proposal. It also does not have to approve the allocation of funds. It can also deny the allocation of funds, too the President if it wishes. Then the battle begins, or not.

    1. So what is this a civics lesson
      I think ALL of your issues has been to show you know Constitutional law better then the rest of us and honestly none or most of us simply don’t care enough to either learn things in more detail or prove you wrong thru examples. Your knowledge even disproves your made points that President Obama can and has used his power both against the wishes of his elected population or against the written rules of law that were set up and he agree to when he swore his oath to support the Constitution of the United States
      My point atleast is that the economy is frozen as a result of the well announced position of Obama as the head of the Democratic party that he will not sign or allow to be approved a budget submitted by the Republicans unless they include all of his social services and he has NO desire or need to operate under a balanced budget.
      ALL he wants is to support individuals who will vote for his party. Even if the Republican party has far more impact on the economy there are more Democrats that actually vote and he only cares to gain their support.
      Dr Dave

  15. Mr. Kennedy
    Do you know anything about the way our government works? It is a three tiered system. President at the top with the Congress right below made up of House and Senate and then right below that is the SCOTUS
    Bills can be generated in either the House or the Senate and once approved by BOTH they go to the President for approval or not. Hence the issue.

    Neither the Congress nor the President has been willing to agree to the others spending requests. The Republican controlled House has sent thru several bills that the Democratic controlled by only 5 seats Senate has outright refused to even vote on let alone pass. And even if they had passed them the President has already said he will not sign them.

    Now comes the BIG issue. In the original Magna Carta (the document that the Constitution was created from) there was a provision that during times of Congressional breaks if an emergency came up the President could use “Executive Orders” to get things approved without any need to have the Congress even see them let alone vote on them. It was for those rare times when an emergency came up and someone had to do something The problem is that President Obama has used that Executive Order process outside the original rules during times the Congress was NOT on break or times when there was NOT any emergency.

    That is how he eliminated the AK type rifles two weeks ago from being sold any more in the USA unless they were already here on US soil and paid for in full with US dollars prior to the moment he signed the order.

    He also “hired” a few judges without getting the Senates approval which is also against the rules etc..

    I think that supporting Obama simply “because” is making you look silly. He has even admitted he has done the Executive Orders illegally and has even warned he will continue to do it as he sees fit.

    The way to control the spending and reduce the debt is not rocket science. Eliminate social projects that as a nation right now we can’t afford and after we get out of debt and re-establish a sound financial platform add in ONLY those that are essential for survival of the nation not the individuals for future growth

    We have millions of multiple generation families who are on social funding. That has to stop. Workfare not welfare. Go get a freaking job! Dig ditches. Sort trash at the local recycling center so that the community can get paid more for plastic that is sorted then plastic that is mixed.

    Raising the minimum wage like he did this week for all Federal contractors with another “Executive Order” without Congress’ approval will only slow growth still more and prevent us from employing more people Sure the few people who will make more money will be happy but the companies who now need to find a way to pay those workers will have to cut back on the total workers hired rather then having more people off welfare they now have more ON but the few that aren’t are making more money. Not enough to make a difference to society but more enough to generate a few votes for more Democrats in the upcoming mid term elections (see a pattern there)

    I am no economics major but what I do know is the country lives off the efforts of the middle class not the lower class. Sorry to say it but the lower class will simply have to shift for themselves we need to bolster the middle class if we want to get out of debt and prosper. Its the restaurant owners and managers that will open more stores and generate more value and taxes not the waitresses or the burger flippers at McD’s Sure they need help as well but not at the expense of the middle class who can with one swoop of a pen open up a business that can employ 20 or 30 if they see the economy turning around.

    And trying to have the upper 1% fix the economy is shear crazy. There simply are not enough of them to matter. Take away ALL of the Walton’s the Gates and the Buffett’s wealth you haven’t even touched the added cost of Obamacare for 2 months.

    The biggest most costly in all respect plan since WWII is and will be the Obamacare program. It will take time to show that to everyone but it was a HUGE mistake and now there is no way to back it off and start all over again. Bigger then Social Security bigger then Medicare this plan is going to cripple the USA as we know it. Poorly thought out poorly implemented and surely unnecessary. But the Dems have been promising it since Hillary had Bill pushing it during his time in office and then again when she ran for President. I guess they got their wish but at what cost and WHY?

    The problem is we have put into place way way too many social benefit plans that we can’t afford.

    We need to deal with Education. We need to deal with the Economy. We should have dealt with the banking industry and the investment industry but instead we added universal (almost) healthcare and required that CO2 emissions drop by 30% by 2020 and 60% by 2050. We simply don’t have that kind of funds to accomplish that.

    Plus we have no real war to keep businesses open. For the past 200+ years when the US was in a war economically it does better because people work to build military “stuff” now we cut back the military by 25% by 2015.

    There are lots and lots more but I am guessing that all my explanations are falling on deaf ears simply because you support the existing administration at all cost regardless. That is your right to ignore the facts; my best friend loves the Boston Sox and he lives in NYC regardless it is OK but the cost is that in a debate the facts are blowing right by that might actually make a difference to seeing that solutions are possible but we all have to look for them not simply blindly accepting what we have.

    Might do well to read One Nation What We Can Do To Save America’s Future by Ben Carson MD Head of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins. He has some great insights and solutions if you are open to seeing how things CAN be fixed and what it will take
    Dr Dave

  16. To: Dr. Dave

    Why don’t you a the GOP controlled Congress how were going too pay-off the $16-TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT. CONGRESS control’s the PUSRSE-STRING’S, not Obama.

  17. To: Mc Ruger

    Produce one piece of evidence, JUST ONE PIECE. And submitted of VERIFICATION and PRESENT IT too Daryrl Issa, so he can go after the president for impeachment. Daryl Issa has tried, what? Two plus years, NOW and can’t find the SMOK’IN GUN to prosecute the president or any one else. PUT-UP, OR SHUT-UP.

    1. There is evidence for impeachment. The issue is the politicians in congress are ball-less eunichs with no political will to do the legal and right thing. They are concerned about their next election and donors writing checks for them to fill their bank accounts.

      If the politicians were representing the people instead of their own self interests, we would see impeachment proceedings seriously being pursued.

    2. JM
      They ARE doing what is best for the population. Just because a crime HAS been committed doesn’t say that it HAS to be tried and over punished.
      The politicians know that he is impeachable in the house but he is NOT likely impeachable in the Senate and in either case it serves NO ONE to impeach him and remove him since the country as a whole suffers.

      It is FAR better to proclaim him a bad person and sue him for financial and political currency then to toss the country into the mess of a trial and hearings and shift the focus away from the important things like the economy and the turmoil in the Middle East and the pending nightmare in healthcare

      Dr Dave

  18. The author makes a very important point here: By the time the leftists come for your guns, you will ALREADY be living in a police state.

  19. Carroll the Irishman

    I’m with you Carroll.
    “When they pry them from my Cold dead hands” is not just a saying with me.. and I’ll tell you finger pointers something else.. Its not the guns so much as the Right. They are not taking my rights regardless of which one. It’s no different than politically correct speech violating the 1stA. Go play your games in Washington and leave me alone.

  20. Newton’s second law. PLEASE….
    The difference is pretty clears to me. The NRA is defending my 2A rights and Bloomberg is trying to take them away based on misinformation, creating fear and a personal agenda. Dahhhhhhh.

    Remember, the elitists like Bloomberg, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Biden and Holder are never ever going to be without. Using 2A as an example; if they do get the guns or make it impossible for the masses to get them through restrictions or even price fixing, THEY will still be able to get guns or hire guards. We the people on the other hand will be defending ourselves with sticks and rocks against bad guys that will still get guns by any means.

    At first glance a lot of people might think that the “smart gun” is the answer to all the grabber concerns. Blanket a school or a shopping center with a signal that renders any smart gun unusable. Great Right? However what happens when government decides that only Safe Guns are legal and a local, state or federal government decides they can blanket any area they deem necessary. It’s kind of like giving the president authority to kill Americans he doesn’t like without due process. Still a good idea?

    I will admit I get a little passionate about defending liberty and I don’t tolerate socialist views or uninformed people very well so I apologize for calling names.

    You may want to consider if you want to preserve our rights or if you want to keep Hoping for that Change.
    Have a splendid day Kennedy. I’m out of this one.

    1. To: Mc Ruger

      President Ronald Wilson Reagan, did. And nobody impeached him.
      President George W. Bush, Jr., did, And nobody impeached him, either.

    2. Not even close Kennedy. Bush and Reagan aren’t even in the same league with this looser. The corruption of this administration far exceeds anything in our history. Now please stop, every time you post you look like a bigger fool. I’m here to discuss firearms with like minded conservatives not argue with a brainwashed socialist. I am happy to let it go so you can continue your love affair with the most corrupt administration in history.

  21. People such as Bloomberg, which is amazing because he’s Jewish, would do a Hitler in a heart beat. The Left is our 21st century Nazi’s. Some on the Right have been dumbed down and believe the lies as well. Get my guns? Ain’t NO way pal………

  22. Unfortunately, most of what Kennedy says is true, but things are changing at light speed. Maybe Obama hasn’t confiscated any guns, YET, but the a-holes in his extreme left wing administration have made the rest of us pretty miserable. What ever happened to governing for the benefit of all the people? Not just the ones on welfare who contribute nothing. We don’t need them in the gene pool.

    After what’s gone on in Washington and Sacramento, and countless other places in this country, plus some of the things from the Clinton years I honestly feel that unless we clean house from the ballot box our constitution and way of life as we know it and love it may be doomed.

    1. Hank Alvarez

      We need to sweep and get people in here that remember that the main purpose for the Federal Branch was to handle only the nationally impactful things like national defense and the like NOT making decisions about what we do in the bedroom and the playground. Let the rest up to the individual states for statehood issues and the local to the local government for the really local stuff (mayor etc.). Lower the footprint of the Gov. and with it the social programs and re-establish a solid economically, moral, sound, society that not only believes in right and wrong but knows the difference. The founding fathers were right on but no one even knows what they actually said any more we only assume it (or worse forget the details all together)

      You are RIGHT on Mr. Alvarez. And regardless of where your family originated you deserve the Mr. in front because that wisdom is EXACTLY how we fix this before it gets to be a run away ship/train/car/rocket that can’t be controlled.

      WE used to be the biggest most feared most powerful richest country on planet earth. When we simply mentioned to a foreign don’t start war they knew better now they dare us to get involved because they know we will get involved like a cat plays with a toy and in the process their enemy will deplete all his war power and the like so by the US is tired of fighting they win out of shear ability to be the “last comic standing” not the better decision for globe to have as a foreign nation.

      As far as richest goes we owe 16 TRILLION dollars. To show you how big that is say each number like one two three etc… until you get to 16 trillion and it will take 500 MILLION years that is how deep in debt we are. If we can’t count it how can we expect to pay it off?

      Dr Dave

  23. Same old shit KENNEDY. You can’t defend your king so you point fingers, yeah but, yeah but, yeah but. When was Reagan president? Who was defending anything action Reagan ever took? WHO’S PRESIDENT NOW? Why don’t you complete the pattern now and call me a racist and blame everything on Bush…. Moron.
    You are too far gone and way to brainwashed and delusional to bother with. My God people like you make me so grateful I don’t have grandkids. It’s not your stupidity so much as it is that you blindly accept anything and everything Obama, his disciples or MSNBC say. You are a true sheep Kennedy a real fool.
    Oh and please don’t respond ignorant people make my head hurt.

    1. McRuger
      Read Ben Carson’s newest book in the first 60 pages or so it explains how people like Kennedy have been trained thru the media to debate an argument and how anyone ELSE can/should debate an argument. There is no possible to debate with someone who deflects a debate. or starts with name calling or puts any of the magical “types” into a debate that never ever belong (race religion creed color etc..) If all they are going to do is either name call or bash then the only way to openly debate is to ground the conversation back down to the points under discussion but here since most people have never ever met it is unlikely it can happen. Bottom-line the situation of who runs the Gov and who breaks what laws and who overlooks what CAN be debated but it has to be agreed up front that once facts are brought up they remain on the table until either proven false or conceited. The bottom line there are loads of cases in NJ CT and NY cases of guns that were legal but NOW all of a sudden not and the legal system is taking over.

      The most recent is a nurse from PA who got a weapon and a CCW since she was mugged 3 times in one month. She did an illegal lane change on some street in NJ just going over there and immediately returning to PA. When she was picked up police she in error said to the officer that she “packing heat” and he went off on her. Now she is in deep fire because of NJ mandatory sentencing guidelines and is about to lose her two kids when both PA,NJ AND the Fed law allowing transportation of a firearm across state lines allows for her to possess for that purpose but NJ has a NO guns policy (outside the car) and she has already gone thru 3 appeals all failed against her. Christie can’t do anything until after she is sentenced and that hasn’t happened until she gives up her appeals process.

      BUT will he anyway who knows. I guess the point is who does anyone blame? SIMPLE! EVERYONE who voted for anyone who believes in any way shape or form to limit access to ownership and use of firearms. Is or should that be the President? Crap rolls downhill so since he is at the top it started there and ultimately ends up on the county prosecutor and everyone in between.

      People like you and me and everyone else reading anything gun related thru the media are “educated” by what the media allows them to read, hear, and see. That creates the education base they(us) make voting decisions with. If the media presented all the facts then people would have a far different set of principles to make election details from.

      The most liberal left winged news caster of our lives was Walter Cronkite but almost no one knew it because he believed his job was to announce the news not sway it or create it. To him altering the news wasn’t his job he said only what the facts were no more no less and no one has taken that role since. When he spoke everyone tuned in to heard it because it was factual and lacked as little bias as is reasonable from a human being doing a job that has inborn opposite sides that need to be described. he never swayed people by HIS decisions he simply gave all sides and let the listeners decide and that is the way it should be but media is now way too strong to give up that power and control.

      We can and should seek out facts not opinions from our news people so that we can make full exposed facts not partly announced biased information designed with purpose and intent to tell the facts in a manner that gets the caster or the bureau’s political choice to look better or to falsely educate us so as to vote towards a particular direction.

      The country is not run by a particular religion or race or creed color or similar it is run by US. WE vote these people in and it is OUR fault they have two sides. They talk one side and then a different side not normally tied to that party simply because we didn’t listen closely enough OR worse we elected to not care since we got what we wanted to begin with and are willing to accept the rest along with it.

      People can bang the Bloomberg drum all they want but NO ONE puts up $50M in PERSONAL money without having an agenda in mind OTHER then to be the altruist guy to stop or slow down gun crimes. He has another point but we are SO shallow all we WANT to hear is the loud part not the silent or whispered part that is the REAL reason for his public position on gun control. Do what he asks vote him in for President in 2020 and find out that there was ALWAYS another agenda. That is why I ALWAYS stay with the guy who’s position openly is in support of what our original founding fathers wanted the rest usually falls into place.

      This time around people willfully and with full forethought and intent wanted to change healthcare toward more of a universal system that was sold to the population that was going to be better. To get that we also voted for more social issues like an EPA that is going to bankrupt the country, the possible overturning of the 2A and the undermining of our basic core values that started this country. Now we COULD have voted in a different direction for healthcare but once again we wanted to get something for nothing or atleast at less expense forgetting the old story that there is NEVER EVER a free lunch. SO now we have to wait till 2016 to change that. For me I never vote for something that gives me something I didn’t earn make with my own fingers or create with my brain. Otherwise more likely then not it is good for one but BAD for another. If you want it go earn it. If you don’t earn it you shouldn’t have it. One party always tries to make it look like they can give you something for free but we all know that is a lie. It simply is mathematically impossible if someone gets it for less then someone else is paying more and the scales flip.

      Why has there not been impeachment proceedings started? That one is simple!

      First once again because we have chosen to elect people who rather stay in clicks or clans and get the money from deep pocketed party line groups (re-election money) to keep their jobs for another round of income as opposed to voting on things that the constituent’s are asking each elected official to vote on but will lose them party support and the BIG money that they give them to be re-elected again. They are ignoring the request under the “I know better” methodology. Actually with the country so technology oriented why can’t we all simply be educated on each topic via telecasted debates and reading and vote on each bill ourselves individually like we do for AGT and American Idol?

      Simple because eliminate the salaries of the hundreds of elected officials they won’t vote to accept it. Would you? Would the IRS vote to get rid on income taxes (we could get rid of them there are FAR better taxation methods but that means tens of thousands of unemployed accountants and IRS people and auditors etc…

      Lets get down to reality WE vote for people who in turn do bad or evil things and the only one’s to blame are us. The second reason we can’t/won’t start impeachment is; Biden would be worse then Obama and everyone knows it. Plus statistically incumbents win over non-incumbents so Hillary will lose in 2016 primary and most Democrats know that she might win almost all Republican possibilities but Biden won’t win against ANY. So they simply will not vote for impeachment in hope that Hillary will run unopposed and maybe have a chance against the strongest Republican. It surely isn’t because he doesn’t qualify for impeachment thru his actions. He does but let him be or sue him and hit him with sanctions and roll back some decisions he made but don’t let Biden take over.

      Sorry for the length but it pisses me off to not be able to debate on the issues and have to debate on emotional nonsense simply because that is the only way the opponent will or knows how to play.
      Dr Dave

  24. To: Mc Ruger.

    Hitler didn’t seize power. The German people Freely Gave Him The Power. I don’t know from what history book your getting your information from. Hitler didn’t have too TAKE ANYTHING, WHEN THE GERMAN WILLINGLY GAVE IT TOO HIM !!!


    The New York City Police Department is taking aim at owners of certain shotguns and rifles, telling them all long guns with a five-round or more capacity must be turned in, altered or taken out of town. An estimated 500 recipients of the notices, which were mailed on Nov. 18, were given the options to surrender their gun, permanently move the gun out of city jurisdiction or employ a licensed gunsmith to modify the weapon to get into compliance with the law. Rifles and shotguns with a capacity of five or more rounds are affected. An NYPD spokeswoman told the initiative has been in practice since 2010. But this year is the first time critics say the notices were so widely dispersed. The notice was first reported on the website New York State has the strictest gun laws in the country. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, co-founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, has made it a priority of his to pull illegal handguns off the streets and directly links these guns to violent crimes. But critics say the real problem is illegal handguns in the hands of criminals, not long guns owned by law-abiding citizens.


    1. To: Mc Ruger

      What the difference between what the NRA is doing and what Bloomberg is doing. NOTHING! Its Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion. An Action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction!! TIC FOR TAC!!! YING & YANG!!!! GOT IT.

  26. Kennedy

    It is precisely that kind of thinking and specifically people like you that go through life with blinders on that are the biggest threat to liberty. You indeed represent the typical Obama disciple. You’re correct I cannot give you one specific example of Obama going to some ones house and taking their guns.. I also have proof that Obama had anything to do with Fast and Furious, Benghazi or using the IRS against the Right. You win and I’m converting to your side. I’ll retract my posting about smart guns too.
    Good posting Dr. Dave

    1. To: Mc Ruger

      23 October 1983, President Ronald Wilson Reagan’s Benghazi !

      30-degrees, 49-minutes, 45-seconds North by 35-degrees, 29-minutes, 41-seconds East. Beirut International Airport, United States Marine Corps Barrack’s; Beirut, Lebanon

      241 American’s Killed (220 USMC-Marines, 18 US. Navy-Sailors and 3 US. Army-Soldiers)


      President Ronald Wilson Reagan’s response, NOTHING!!!
      He didn’t even try to find the people who blew up the barracks

      So, before you start pointing fingers at other people. Just look back in history and see what your God and Hero, did while in office!!!

      Were you born Stupid, or did STUPID come with AGE.

  27. First off kudos to Mr. Halbrook for an excellent article and description of the history of gun confiscation during and before Nazi Germany. As it is said to forget history is simple because by doing so one will surely relive it. (I believe it was Ben Franklin)

    As for Mr. Kennedy all one has to do is look at the public records in NY state since the beginning of 2014. There are atleast 10 cases right now in the legal system where people were approached by NY State police for possessing weapons that when registered were legal that now since the new expanded gun control laws have gone into affect are now illegal and notification was not made as to their destruction or sale to out of state entities. Expect lots more in more locales as well as anti-gun legislation passes due to elected officials being elected on social free programs only to be enjoined by their additional desires to limit gun ownership that they didn’t push as much during the election time or to more people who care about saving tax money and are willing to give up guns in exchange. As long as there are parties and not people elected that is what is going to happen. You vote for Mr. XYZ because you want more medical freebies or other social inadequacies and with it comes his/her position on gun control.

    If those who are passionate about keeping their weapons don’t speak up and stand up CALMLY, RATIONALLY and RESPECFULLY and with enough volume the rest of society who are afraid of guns or who don’t see them the same way we do will surely create laws over time to relieve us of our ownership.

    There was a time when anyone could buy a fully automatic weapon in the Sears and Roebuck store (Thomson Machine gun to be exact) now unless one has a special permit it is illegal to even own one let alone shoot it. Same goes for things like cannons and the like.

    There is absolutely NO guarantee that what is available today will remain available tomorrow unless we stand up and say that the importance of us having it is still important to us. If the protect the 2A establishment goes quiet or worse goes crazy yelling and screaming or acting less then “professional” surely the rest of society will simply amend the amendment and disallow or outlaw the possession and use of firearms and they will fall off into history along with any chance we have to create a physical uprising if the powers in control get out of control and start to do things against our elected desires.

    As far as Scotty goes I will debate anyone on gun control but I require that it be a calm non-name-calling non-bigoted communication with the purpose of education and information dissemination. Your post reminds me to much of the post war name calling hatred that I grew up with coming from a child of a WWII vet who used to tell all the stories about times in Germany during the war and shortly thereafter. Lose the name calling and hatred for selected populations and I am more then glad to discuss anything gun related with you.

    Bottom-line is; the “right” to have guns was given to us THROUGH a document but by GOD. Another document can easily take it’s function away. Although we will always have the right to have and use guns a new document can prevent that enforcement very easily and it won’t be implemented by people concerned about defense it will come from people who only see their side of the story and will be set on being “right” over being free.

    I defend all the amendments not because I am passionate about the individual requirements (I am not a very religious person but will fight to my death so you can have yours) but because the freedom they possess is critical to the US being the nation it is. Other places don’t cherish freedom as much and are quite happy living in their country.

    I prefer to be free living here then in any way controlled living any where else. There are lots of great places to live but none have the freedom we have. Many are actually nicer or richer or have better weather or the like but to me freedom is essential and I opt to give up other things in order to be free. I just wish more people would follow my lead and either fight for the freedom simply as the ABILITY to be free or leave to a place that is better suited to them but might not be as free.

    Dr Dave

  28. Does this article have direct correlation to the present ongoing attempt by the Judeo Bolshevik Communist elements that have co-opted our American government and are attempting to disarm citizens by eroding / eliminating Second Amendment rights ?

    Bloomberg, Schumer, Feinstein, Boxer, etc?? We know who the real enemy is here and the white elephant in the room just keeps growing bigger by the hour.

  29. To: Mr Ruger

    I would think that 6-years under the President Obama’s Administration. I can’t think of one incident, where someone has his/her’s gun confiscated.
    If you can site a case? Please be free too supply one. I hold my breath unit you do!

  30. Anyone that believes that the Administration has nothing but public safety and good intentions in mind with gun control and gun registration had better think again. Gun confiscation is exactly what Obama, Holder and their disciples are after. Call me paranoid, a conspiracy nut, whatever you like. Then let the Left continue on its quest and see where we are in 10 years. 2A is the one thing that keeps the tyrants in line.

    Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.
    Ronald Reagan

  31. I figure after a few assassination attempts on Hitler’s Life. That, applied to just about everybody in Nazi Germany.

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