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High Powered Headlines: August 14, 2014

Attempt at gun control in Connecticut is not working! The top headline today in The Shooter’s Log High Powered Headlines—all the news gun owners need in one place—is “Connecticut Anti-Gun Governor Candidate Loses Bid in Primary Election.” The anti-gun governor candidate lost his bid for the GOP spot in the primary elections yesterday to Tom Foley. Foley is not a gun owner, but supports the right to bear arms. In other news, we have the ten best affordable shotguns and a review on an AK-47 pistol chambered for .223 Remington.

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High Powered Headlines: August 12, 2014

A New Hampshire Commissioner makes changes to CCW permit applications on the sly, while supporters rally around a Pennsylvania Sheriff protecting the names of licenses concealed carry holders. Smith & Wesson surprises us with the release of all the new M&P 22 compact pistol and for those new gun owners, may I suggest the American Eagle personal defense and training combo pack? All this and more in today’s gun and firearms industry news headlines.

Gun Control in the Third Reich


Lessons from Nazi Gun Control

In 1933, the ultimate extremist group, led by Adolf Hitler, seized power and immediately set about using gun-registration records to identify, disarm and attack “enemies of the state,” a euphemism for all political opponents. Would so-called “smart guns” make that task easier today?

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High Powered Headlines: August 7, 2014

Is the gun that the GLOCK Model 42 should have been on its way? Speaking of guns, we discuss nine new “smart” guns in development—some with such scary technology that the gun will sense when it is in a gun free zone and will cease to fire. Further, RWC Group plans to release a few Saiga rifles from Kalashnikov Concern that are still available in September. We have item numbers for you! Today’s High Powered Headlines featured in the Shooter’s Log, Cheaper Than Dirt!’s blog has the hottest news that gun owners want to read.

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High Powered Headlines August 1, 2014

Massachusetts just will not quit. It has been a bad news week for gun owners in Massachusetts—already one of the strictest gun control states in the nation. Now a runner for Attorney General wants to mandate smart guns. In other news, the DOJ is ordered to release all documents related to Fast and Furious, while the women on The View defend their right to own guns. Read August 1, 2014’s top headlines that affect you—the legal gun owner in Cheaper Than Dirt’s The Shooter’s Log.

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New Jersey to Repeal Smart Gun Law Only If NRA Will Strike a Deal

New Jersey is close to enacting its 2002 Childproof Handgun Bill requiring licensed firearms dealers to sell only smart guns. Gun control proponent State Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg says she will introduce a bill to repeal the ridiculous law only if the NRA backs down from its opposition to smart guns. Once the Armatix .22 LR smart gun goes for sale anywhere in the U.S., citizens of New Jersey only have three years until they cannot buy any gun but the smart gun.