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Quick Camping Tip: Compact Spice Containers

Picture shows a red straw burned at one end to close the hole.

Cheaper Than Dirt! Quick Camping TipInstead of packing bulky and awkward-shaped spice bottles that take up quite a bit of room in your boxes and bags, pre-make individual servings of spices using plastic drinking straws. Pouring all the different spices you will be using during your camping trip into straws and sealing them off creates an extremely compact and waterproof container for your seasonings.

Even though it takes some time to make these little spice holders, it will save space, help prevent moisture and humidity from ruining salt and other spices and cut clean-up time after meals. Getting the kids to help make these also creates a fun weekend activity. The time it takes in preparation will pay off.

What you need:

What do do

  1. First, cut the straws into small pieces, about 2 inches, leaving enough room at both ends to seal them.
  2. Using pliers, hold one end, leaving enough room to burn the edge. Use the lighter to melt the two sides of the opening together. Then, clamp the burned edges together using the pliers.
  3. Fill the straw with seasoning.
  4. Leave enough room at the other end of the straw before sealing it to create an air pocket to prevent crushing.
  5. Seal off the open end of the straw using the method in step 2.
  6. Label the straw with its contents.


Other uses

These straw containers are useful for so many other things, as well. You can fill straws with:

  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Anti-itch cream
  • Mouthwash
  • Matches
  • Cotton balls saturated with petroleum jelly or other fire-starting methods
  • Toothpaste
  • Emergency fishing kit (line, weights and hooks)
  • Medications
  • Instant drink powders (coffee, Kool-Aid, tea, and others)
  • Coffee creamer

Do you use these straw containers in your camping gear or bug-out bag? If so, what do you put in them? Share your ideas in the comments section.

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Comments (9)

  1. Consider getting or using magnesium powder. And filling plastic straws with them. You can get magnesium powder from 4D printer, support suppliers.

    1. Magnesium is very flammable and can not be put out with water! If you try to seal the straw with a flame it will burn you and everything around you!DO NOT USE THIS STRAW TRICK FOR YOUR FIRE STARTING SUPPLIES! Please think this through before trying it.

  2. Another use for the straw—Make a holster for the thin tube from your spray can of rem oil or WD40 so you don’t loose it AGAIN. Cut the straw a little shorter than the tube.Fold over the end of the straw to close it. Tape the folded end to the side of the can down low. Half way up the straw run another strip of tape all the way around the can compressing the straw. When you slip the tube in the straw the compression will keep the tube from falling out when you shake it. Run the tape all the way around the can so it will not fall off.

  3. Another brilliant idea! Just be careful. Mouthwash and most of the stuff from the fire starting blog are FLAMMABLE ! You might want to heat the pliers not put the flame to the straw. Think so you don’t flame out.

    1. Use a clear straw so you can see what is in them.A label or marker will rub off in your pack.

  4. There’s a product called BloodSTOP and QuickCLOT to stop minor and some moderate bleeding. You also try aerosol chewing gum remover, too also stop bleeding. It does this by freezing the blood and forming a blood-clot. And don’t laugh, but Sanitary Napkins work extremely well is stemming the flow blood until you can get to a doctor. Disposable Diapers fill with water, and wearing it under you hat will help by keeping you cool and preventing dehydration.

    Take Pure Peppermint Extract, 1-part extract to 4-parts water will help keep ants away. Ants for some reason hate peppermint!

    If you off-road, Ground Black Pepper put in your radiator can help stop minor leaking.

    That’s my two-cents worth of information giving.

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