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AR-15 handguard with rail mount light


Mount a Light to Your AR-15 in Four Steps for Just $5.65

With it becoming increasingly commonplace to choose the AR-15 for home defense, it is important to set-up your rifle for that particular purpose. One essential accessory is the tactical light. This blog post shows you how to mount a light using high-quality Magpul parts for less than $10!


SHOT 2015—Top 10

So much to look at—so little time! Our time at SHOT is over and we have a lot to cover in the next few months. For four days, we did our best to bring the latest news and products from SHOT Show 2015. Here are our top 10 favorite guns and accessories so far. Check this space for more news and reviews of the latest guns.

16.5-inch loose round magazine loader for AR-15 style magazines


Load 30-Round AR Mags in a Single Stroke: The Maglula Range Benchloader

For shooting competitors, armories, ranges or just a regular shooter, makers of one of our favorite accessories releases the 30-round AR-15 magazine loader the Range Benchloader. The Range Benchloader allows you to load hundreds of .223/5.56 30-round magazines quickly with a single-stroke. Compatible with all AR-15-platform magazines, including PMAGs, SCAR 16, H&K 416 and Beretta AR 70, the Maglula Range Benchloader loads 30 loose rounds of ammo in 25 seconds. Click here to learn how it works.