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woman with gun near thief at night in parking lot

Safety and Training

Throwback Thursday: Six Safety Tips for Women

Good news! Crime rates are lowering across the country. Despite that, the DOJ reports 99 percent of women will be a victim of crime in her lifetime. Carrying a gun doesn’t make you immune. A huge part of carrying a weapon is avoiding any situation in which you would be forced to use it. As an armed woman, situational awareness is your first line of defense. These six tips are some of the ways in how I go a step above basic situational to make sure I do not become a victim.

springfield hellcat

Concealed Carry

The 15 Best Concealed Carry Semi-Auto Handguns

The NICS reports nearly 900,000 people filled out a background check form to purchase a handgun in June 2015. As more people than ever are choosing to protect themselves, the more questions we receive on what gun is best for concealed carry. Many factors go in to choosing the right gun. This article compares the smallest of the smallest semiautomatic handguns.

Galco ankle holster with Ruger LCP inside.


Galco Ankle Lite Ankle Holster

Still trying to find the right gun holster? Guest blogger Lori Winstead has an answer. She’s found that the Galco Ankle Lite ankle holster is a great fit for her EDC Ruger LCP. Here is her assessment.

This model is the top seller for Charter Arms


Is it Time to Put Away the Pink?

Women make up half of gun owners in America. Does that mean that they only buy pink firearms? Not at all! It’s about time we stop marketing pink to women and level the playing field. Our own, Suzanne Wiley writes a plea to the firearms industry to stop trying to lure women into the shooting sports with pink pistols and revolvers.

SIG Sauer P238 .380 subcompact gun with Rosewood grip and engraved slide

Concealed Carry

SIG Sauer P238 Review

In our final installment of winners of the Blogger for a Day contest, Rachel McMurry reviews her new SIG Sauer P238 .380—a high quality and much-loved replacement to her Ruger LC380.

Stainless steel palm-sized mini revolver with wood grips


The One Gun I Loved, But Sold Anyway

Do you have that one gun that got away? One that you will regret selling forever? Shooter’s Log writer and editor, Suzanne Wiley does. After selling expensive, quality self-defense concealed carry guns, classic military rifles and various other firearms, you will be surprised at which one she regrets selling the most. banner featuring founder Regis Giles

Consumer Information

Girls Just Wanna Have Guns: The Movie

Regis Giles, founder of wants America to know the facts—the facts about gun ownership and female gun ownership in particular. As many as 200,000 women a year use a gun to defend themselves against sexual attack. How she wants to spread that word? Through a major motion picture documentary titled “Girls Just Wanna Have Guns: The Real War on Women,” but Regis needs your help. Read more about how you can stand in support of the 2.5 million gun owners in American and protect our right to defend ourselves.

Flashbang Bra Holster and S&W Bodyguard revolver

Concealed Carry

Women’s Concealed Carry: Five Holsters that Work

Finding the right holster for concealed carry can be a frustrating endeavor, especially if you are a woman who carries. Traditional holsters are generally designed by men for men and don’t fit the curves of a woman. As a woman who shoots, I find that asking others who carry what works for them helps me find the right concealed carry setup. There are a variety of safe ways to carry that work for women. In this article, I explore five different ways to carry that are comfortable, work with many different outfits and keep your firearms accessible. If you have been struggling to find the right holster and gun combination, read this article and find one that works for you.

Picture is a necklace of the Browning buckmark symbol made of clear rhinestones.


High Powered Headlines: August 13, 2014

Today’s headline news include a judge decides that banning certain guns in Maryland is indeed Constitutional claiming AR-15s and AK-47 are uncommon weapons. A website geared towards women recommends the Hi-Point 9mm and the recalled Remington R51 for concealed carry, the British might have a chance at owning an AR-15 style rifle and Michael Bloomberg supported candidate loses primary. A special edition today is geared for the women shooter or for women who love guns. The Shooter’s Log presents Women’s Wednesday with entertaining and informative articles for women who own guns.

DeSantis Cozy IWB Holster

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Carry Options for the GLOCK Model 42 .380

The Glock 42 provides the reliability and familiar ergonomics that make it a natural fit for shooters looking for a handgun that is easier to conceal when wearing minimal summer clothing. That is all fine and good for firearm selection, but you still have to determine a carry solution for your new pocket pistol. If you are in that category, fear not Cheaper Than Dirt! has the solutions you are seeking.