Four Firearms for Your Favorite Female

Remington 870 black pump-action shotgun laying on some wood logs

Despite months of lead time and incessant reminders, many of us end up rushing around at the last minute—desperately seeking the perfect gift for those special people on our list.

For some reason, women seem to be hard to buy for, at least the average woman is in my experience. Regardless of her age, outdoor woman just seem to be easier to buy for, and the gift ideas are as endless as the horizon.

So husbands, fathers, brothers do not be discouraged because here are four guns any outdoor woman would enjoy receiving at any time of the year.

A Firearm for the Birdhunter or Skeet Shooter

Does she enjoy a competitive round of trap or skeet? Or perhaps her idea of the perfect day involves watching a well-trained dog on point during a brisk fall afternoon of pheasant or quail hunting? Either way she will want, and need, a well-balanced shotgun. Will it be a modern looking, fast shooting, semi-automatic shotgun with a sleek, synthetic stock she prefers? If so, take a look at the striking A300 Outlander 12 gauge from legendary gun maker Beretta. Perhaps she is a little more traditional and likes the feel of a perfectly polished walnut stock and nickel finished engraved receiver of an over/under in her hand. A gun of heirloom quality is the Browning Citori 725 12 gauge traditional shotgun with its rib vent barrel. The Citori is truly a work of art and would make a perfect gift for the classy lady on your list.

A Firearm for Her Protection

Self-protection is no laughing matter—especially for us ladies. Turn on your local news, or read the paper, and chances are you will hear of another new story involving home invasions, carjackings or attempted abductions. It is sad but true, and the reality we live in today. Consider wrapping up a gift that is practical and potentially lifesaving, a Glock 26—a subcompact 9mm to be more precise. This little beauty really packs a punch without the bulk. This subcompact is ideal for ladies because it can fit discreetly into a purse, glove compartment or nightstand and certainly on her person. Give the gift that tells her that you care about her safety; give her a Glock.

A Firearm for the Young Guns

Pink has never really appealed to me, but if it pink can encourage another female, especially a young girl, to take up shooting, then count me as a fan. The Remington 870 Express Compact with its distinctive pale pink and Mossy Oak camo design is simply so darn cute that I now want my own. Now the lassie on your list will become the talk of the shooting range when she shows up with this pink beauty in hand. Remington has thought of everything; from the appealing pink factor, to a stock designed to grow with a young shooter and even a super-effective recoil pad. So dads, there’s no excuse to leave the girls behind anymore. Even the most girlish of girls on your list will be thrilled to unwrap her very own pink-kissed Remington 870 Express Compact.

A gun, any gun, is pretty much a home run gift idea for the outdoor loving females on your list. And if you are needing ideas for stocking stuffers consider buying her ammo, shooting glasses, ear protection or holsters as every girl loves good accessories to complete her look.

Ladies, what firearm would you like to find under the tree this year? Tell us in the comment section.

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  1. Folks: you are so right. Let her pick it out because she’s the e who’s going to shoot it and those opportunities are hard to come by. Rahaagues at Corona, California had a sport shooting activity last June and my wife had a chance to fire a number of compact firearms suitable for CCW. After she fired them all she fell in love with a new Springfield Armory EMP 9mm semi-automatic. And she was deadly with it. It’s taken me six months for Santa to find one but it’ll be under the tree on Christmas morning. Sadly the element of surprise is spoiled by the BS paperwork she has to fill in to get it. But trust me, getting her what she wants and has talked about for the past six months will be worth it. Hank

  2. AR, your right on target! It’s the “Purfume” buying formula, don’t buy what YOU like get what SHE likes!

    Hey Lisa, I was wondering . . . . .shotgun, shotgun,… pistol …. shotgun. All of which are . . .good, what,?,?, no rifle suggestions? Inquiring minds an all. So little room, so little time! Liked your choices though!

  3. REMEMBER :—- the SECRET to buying a firearm for your lady is to LET HER PICK IT OUT ! ! ! she is supposed to be the one shooting it . If you want the surprise factor in play tell her “so and so wants to buy a _____________ [you fill in the blank] for his _______________ so i need a womans point of view so i can pass the information on . she picks it out because SHE likes it , you go back and buy it ! PRETTY EASY HUN ! ! !

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