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Throwback Thursday: Keep Your Stash Out of the Trash

Prepping for the future is not overly difficult especially if you have the right tools for the job. Regardless of whether you are wishing to freeze corn on the cob, protect your wild game harvest while still in the field, or even keep important documents safe from the elements, the uses for the FoodSaver are endless.

Stansport Cast Iron Cook Set

Camping & Survival

Quick Prepper Tip: Cast Iron Cookware Care Tips

Cast iron cookware is timeless and for many an essential piece of cooking gear. In fact, many preppers keep several sizes and a variety of pieces of ironware on hand to use in case of a power outage as this type of cookware is equally at home in a fancy oven as it is over an open fire or tucked into a bed hot charcoal briquettes.

Mule Deer taken with a Compound Bow


Archers, are You Making this Common Mistake?

Becoming a skilled bowhunter takes some time. Just ask any veteran bowhunter to recant some of the mistakes they made over their bowhunting career and chances are some of those mistakes will seem so simple you might find it difficult to believe they even happened. There is one common mistake often made by rookie bowhunters…are you guilty? Read on to find out.

Picture shows a shelf stocked full of long-term food cans

Camping & Survival

Tips for Stockpiling Non-Perishable Food for Novice Preppers, Part 2

Although this article focuses on tips to help you begin stockpiling non-perishable food items the same tips work in regards to perishable items as well as toiletries and other products such as cleaning supplies. The biggest difference between non-perishable and perishable items are the storage needs because most perishable items need refrigeration or freezing in order to properly store them. Read these tips for successful stockpiling.

Fuel storage in the back of a pickup truck

Camping & Survival

Three Ways for Storing Gasoline

Before, during and especially immediately after a natural disaster, there is always a fuel shortage in the areas affected. People will line up for hours following a hurricane, massive flood or tornado to fill up their cars. After Hurricane Sandy, New York rationed gas to the public. When emergencies happen, you need enough fuel to bug out, cook or power your generator. Here are three ways to safely store gasoline.


Women Afield—The Five C’s of Gun Buying, Part 1

Knowing why you want a gun, what you’re going to use it for and what you can handle are essentials for every female shooter… whether brand new or looking for a new gun to try out. Knowing what you need before you go to the store means you’ll get the RIGHT gun for you. Check out this 2-part series on the key things to consider before making a purchase.


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Loaded for Bear

We have probably all heard the phrase “loaded for bear” but what does that actually mean? It can mean many different things depending upon the situation you may find yourself in. However, if you are an outdoorsman or woman then this phrase probably means exactly what it indicates—and you are indeed “loaded for bear” with suitable gear to protect yourself in case you are suddenly forced into a face-off with a bear.