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Black Springfield XDM, barrel to the right, with 3 silver magazines on a weathered board background


Steel and Polymer Shoot Out

Bob Campbell runs a 1911 and a polymer-frame .45 through their paces, and finds good points with each. The polymer-frame .45 definitely has its place. And this long-time 1911 man admits some features are compelling. Read on to see how the Springfield did on a point-to-point comparison.

Picture shows a Kahr Arms handgun finished in "Tiffany blue" laying in a box from Tiffany and Co.


Top 10 Handgun Posts, August 2014

Readers who visit The Shooter’s Log show a lot of interest in handguns of all types, sizes, budgets, and uses. Here are our top-ten most-read posts about sidearms and accessories this year.

Ergo F93 Pro Stock for AR-15


AR Replacement-Stock Options, Part 2

We examine five more replacement stocks that offer a variety of adjustment to make your AR-15 more comfortable, more adaptable, and perhaps more accurate to shoot: Bravo Company’s BCMGunfighter Stock, the Daniel Defense Collapsible Buttstock, Law Tactical’s Connector & Folded Stock, VLTOR’s IMOD (Improved Modular) Stocks, and Ergo’s F93 Pro Stock.

STG 44 scoped livefire


GSG Sturmgewehr 44 in .22LR: World War Classic Reborn as Fun Plinker

Grab this rifle and a surplus uniform, and you too can pretend to be a dashing Fatherland Security enforcer or an Eastern front Army hero. If playing a 1940s German is not to your taste, there’s always the option of playing the other side. Read this update on the prototype of STG-44 rifle in .22LR.

Gray-haired man with GLOCK 19 pistol in ready position.


Glock 19 Pros and Cons

The GLOCK 19 9mm is highly regarded by GLOCK fans and others. It is perfect? No, nothing this side of Paradise is perfect, but the GLOCK 19 just might be a little bit of heaven in some hands. Check out this post to see if it is the right fit for you.

Black HK MP5 barrel pointed up and to the left on a light gray background


Walther-Made HK MP5 A5 .22 Long Rifle

Finally, Bob Campbell has his dream gun—the MP5. Moreover, it is not expensive to buy or feed. This .22-caliber MP5 is quite a big deal and a great firearm for anyone. Read this post to see how it performed at the range.

A young brown haired child holds a magnifying glass up to his eye.

Safety and Training

Survival Drills for Kids: I Spy

Summertime means kids are out of school and families are taking road trips. Traveling with kids can be trying, so pack plenty of activities and snacks to keep them occupied and plan to play some games. Read this post to learn how playing a simple childhood game could keep your kids safe in a dangerous situation.

LaRue Tactical R.A.T. Stock


AR Replacement-Stock Options, Part 1

The AR’s original A2 fixed stock worked well, but there are times when other stocks are better. In Part I, we cover five models from Ace Ltd., Boyds’, FAB Defense, Hogue, and LaRue Tactical. In Parts II and III, we look at units from BCM, Daniel Defense, Law Tactical, Vltor, Ergo, Luth-AR, Magpul, TacStar, and Mission First Tactical.

CMMG Mk 4 V 2


Varmint Hunter’s Dream — CMMG Unleashes the Mk4 V Series

There is more to shooting than just knocking down steel plates and punching holes in paper. Long before 3-gun took the stage, shooters were letting the air out of coyotes and launching prairie dogs, but it takes the right gun to get the most out of an afternoon at the critter range.