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Remington Makes Several Military/LE Products Commercially Available

Certain Remington Defense products formerly reserved to military units and LE agencies are now available to civilian consumers. The initial Defense offerings are the Remington Gas Piston Carbine R4GP, the R4 Carbine, Modular Sniper Rifles Models PSR and MSR, and the M2010 Sniper Rifle, the U.S. Army’s replacement for the M24.

Author holding a black and wood gripped 1911 made by Magnum Research against a silhouette target.


Good Quality with a Fair Price: The Desert Eagle Commander 1911

There continues to be new introductions into the 1911 market. Without good quality, at an affordable price point, a new 1911 will fail to sell. One priced mid-range without cutting corners on quality is the Magnum Research Desert Eagle 1911 Commander. The 1911C is built to strict standards and nothing we can see contradicts that statement. Shooting a variety of cheap .45 ACP ammo to the best in self-defense jacketed hollow points, the Desert Eagle 1911 Commander is worthy of going into anyone’s arsenal.

Mossberg 500 Turkey shotgun mossy oak camo right side


6 Shotguns Under $500 to Tackle Tommy Three Toes

Turkeys have the best eyes in the woods bar none. In fact, if a turkey could smell I doubt we would ever be able to kill one. However, with the right gear and gun we can! Here’s our top picks to terrorize turkeys while protecting your wallet.

Century Arms C39v2 American AK right side profile view


AK-47 — Made in America? Century Arms C39v2

Many shooters have strong opinions about the AK-47. Love it or hate it, there is no denying it is, if not the most popular firearm in the world. When President Obama banned importation of Kalashnikov Concern rifles, the desire for an AK rose through the shooting community. Some companies jumped at the chance to start producing their own. Century International Arms did just that. Introduced at SHOT Show 2015, Century released its 100 percent made in American AK, the C39v2.

DPMS Sportical AR-15 Right profile


All Business, No Flash—DPMS Sportical AR-15

The DPMS Sportical carbine might just be the most simplistic, straight forward AR on the market. Lightweight barrel, adjustable stock, and a slick-sided low-profile upper make this rifle the perfect choice for the recreational shooter on a budget.


The New Ruger LCP Custom—A Better Shooting LC

Ruger’s LC series of handguns have been popular since their introduction. Every where, Ruger is improving on the popular design—first by eliminating the external safety on the LC9s now and now for 2015, upgrading the sights and trigger to the Ruger LCP. After shooting the Ruger LCP Custom at Media Day at the Range, everyone agrees, it feels like a completely new gun. Will the Ruger LCP Custom’s features convince you to buy this pocket pistol? Find out by reading “The New Ruger LCP Custom—A Better Shooting LC.”