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Picture shows a young woman holding a pistol to a target.

Safety and Training

Keeping Your Eyes on the Target: The Importance of Setting Shooting Goals

Where would you be without goals? Every successful competition shooter sets goals while training and practicing, as well as any athlete. To be a better shooter, you must set yourself a specific goal and figure out the ways to reach it. Psychologists say that even the act of attempting to achieve a goal makes us happier people—not to mention a better shot! If you feel like you have stagnated, gotten bored and that shooting isn’t fun anymore, why not set a new goal for your shooting? In this article, I will guide you through the steps to setting a goal.

Black Remington 870 pump, barrel pointed to the right and 1 closed can of Fiocchi cartridges on the dirt.


Fiocchi Canned Heat

There is more than one way to store ammunition. Fiocchi’s Canned Heat takes much of the work and worry out of storing it. And that is not just considering an apocalyptic nightmare, it may be simply storing the shells in a truck or cabin. Read this post for the details on how to store your ammunition.

2 silver magazines and a black RIA Tactical compact, barrel pointed to the left, lying on a weathered board background


Rock Island Tactical Compact

This pugnacious little self-loader suits the author to a T. Accurate, reliable and powerful, as well as affordable, the Rock Island compact gets good guys and girls into an affordable 1911. Discover the details of this powerful compact in this post.

Picture shows a man holding an AR-15 rifle, leaning against a Corvette.


I Don’t Need an AR or a Corvette

There are many—even within the shooting community—who seem to turn up their noses at the black rifle. The author does not, and he is as traditional as they come. The AR-15 has done more to energize the shooting community with sales of ammunition, magazines and accessories than any other firearm. The fun quotient is high, and the bottom line is they are great rifles. Read this post to find out why the AR-15 is an essential piece of gear to fight for the right to buy and use.

Two brown toned .30 carbines on a dark gray cloth background


The .30 Carbine: The Original Personal Defense Weapon

There are millions of .30-caliber carbines. Sure, some are collectible, although none are too nice to shoot. They shoot well and are great recreational rifles. Read this post to find out why it is still a good choice today, and give the old gun a try.

Black AR-15 and Nikon Riflescope on a gray-to-white background


AR-15: Nikon M-223 Riflescope and More

Bob Campbell takes a hard look at the Nikon M-223 riflescope as well as other important features for the modern AR-15 rifle. Check out this post to discover why it is such a powerhouse for three-gun, varmint hunting and tactical use.

Two revolvers, the black barreled Super Blackhawk on the top and white-handled single action Ruger on the bottom on a white background


The Super Blackhawk .44 Magnum

The Ruger Super Blackhawk has become an American Icon. Dirt tough, affordable, powerful and the product of Yankee technology this is a great hunting handgun. Discover why it has been such a long lasting staple in gun cabinets everywhere.