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Picture shows a semiautomatic shotgun.


5 New Shotguns for Every Purpose and Budget

Many shotguns are configured for specific tasks—such as waterfowling or home defense. Others are just as versatile as an AR-15 going from hunting to home defense to clay target shooting with just a change of a choke or perhaps a different barrel. Shotguns are popular due to the reliability, ease of use and many times for the low price. Whether you need a shotgun for home defense, clays, competition, range toy or hunting, Cheaper Than Dirt has one to fit your needs and your budget.

8 different models of Ruger 10/22 rifles in current production.


The Ruger 10/22

Every year, Cheaper Than Dirt celebrates the Ruger 10/22 on October 22—10/22. This year the Shooter’s Log details a brief history of the Ruger 10/22 rifles, lists its current production models and explains why the Ruger 10/22 rimfire rifle is one of America’s most iconic rifles. Join us in celebrating the Ruger 10/22 .22 Long Rifle rimfire rifle.

Silencer Co Salvo12


Top 8 Most Read Shotgun Posts

Whether you are a seasoned vet, law enforcement or new to firearms, shotguns are worthy companion. It is hard to beat a shotgun for home defense, but shotguns are multi-purpose guns well suited to target shooting, and hunting both big and small game. Here are our top 8 most read posts about Shotguns and accessories this year.

Charter Arms 9mm Pit Bull in Galco SOB Holster


All-Time Top 10 Most Read Top 10s

Why waste time searching for the penultimate articles on Cheaper Than Dirt! when we have done the work for you! Check out the all-time top 10, top 10 lists. That’s 100 premium articles at your fingertips!

Remington 870 black pump-action shotgun laying on some wood logs


If You Could Have Only 3 Firearms…

What are the best three firearms and why? If the government allowed us to keep only three firearms in the house, which three would they be and why? Plenty of us would probably choose to lose them in a tragic boating accident, I know. But for the sake of argument, put some thought into it and tell us what you would do. From pistols that convert to proven battle and sniper rifles, here are some of the experts from Cheaper Than Dirt’s picks.

Blond woman in blue shirt shoots aluminum framed handgun


The Pros and Cons of Aluminum Framed Handguns

Oh my aching back! The aluminum frame handgun may be one answer to handgun weight. However, there are important considerations for you to review. Check out this article for the specific things to evaluate before you get your lightweight aluminum frame handgun.

Picture shows a silver Derringer with rosewood grips.


Throwback Thursday—Snake Guns

It is common to carry a gun in the field in case you run across a snake. Some chose a shotgun, while others carry their trusty .22 LR rifles. There are many new guns that are easily carried on the hip that are perfect snake slayers. Derringers made by Bond Arms and the Taurus Judge are two of those handguns. The author explores their reasons for believing the .45 Long Colt and .410 Bore are the perfect calibers for killing snakes.

Black Beretta ARX 100, barrel pointed left on a white background


ARX 100 — Beretta’s Best

Beretta’s newest rifle looks more like a space age space gun than an AR-15. The features, construction and performance are all cutting edge. Check out this article to get the details and see if this is the right firearm for you.