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AR Replacement-Stock Options, Part 3

In this installment, we examine four more replacement stocks that offer a variety of adjustment to make your AR-15 more comfortable, more adaptable, and perhaps more accurate to shoot: the Luth-AR MBA adjustable stock, Magpul ACS Carbine Stock, TacStar AMRS “Adjustable Match Rifle Stock,” and MFT Minimalist Stocks with Paracord.


The Best Gun for a New Shooter: Semiautomatics vs. Revolvers

Even though women have dispelled the myth of the “girl gun” for some time now, women are still directed to snub-nosed, .38 Special lightweight revolvers for self-defense. Though, easy to carry and conceal and generally more reliable than a semiautomatic, small, lightweight revolvers can really pack a punch. The author makes a good argument for the semiautomatic pistol for the new female shooter in the article, “The Best Gun for a New Shooter: Semiautomatics v. revolvers.” Which gun do you think will win?

Picture shows a black scoped bolt-action rifle with a synthetic stock


Guns, Guns and More Guns! Five New Guns You Must Try

The newest guns to hit Cheaper Than Dirt’s website includes the sought-after Beretta ARX-100—get your hands on one before they are gone—the North American Arms PUG revolver in .22 Magnum, an affordable pump-action shotgun and two bolt-action rifles to rival the Mossberg Model 700. In the article, Guns, Guns and More Guns, you will find every type of gun to fit any need—be it hunting, target shooting, serious work in the field or just plinking at tin cans—and to fit any budget. For the newest in firearms and firearm accessories, check out Cheaper Than Dirt and the Shooter’s Log for your firearm buying guide.

Modified SIG Fastback, barrel pointed to the left on a white background


SIG’s Racy Fastback

Racy, with exciting performance, the SIG Fastback is a first-class 1911 .45 with much to recommend. Accuracy is excellent, and it is a handgun that provides real protection. We share why it’s such a good option in this article.

Safety and Training

What I Carry When I Fly

When I fly, I try to stay protected, as always, but I’m obviously limited in what I can bring. The thing is, most people don’t realize there are still a lot of self-defense items you can legally carry onto a plane.

Citadel 9mm 1911 and two magazines


The 1911 Handgun in 9mm

If you want a 9mm, it does not have to be a GLOCK. If you want a 1911, it does not have to be a .45. A 1911 chambered for the 9mm cartridge can be a neat trick. In this article, discover why it is an option for many.

Black dual holster with 2 brown gripped pistols on a white background

Concealed Carry

Heavy Insurance: The 1911 for Concealed Carry

When it comes to efficiency, the 1911 stands alone. When you choose the 1911 as a concealed carry handgun, you must think ahead, purchase the best concealment leather gear and consider the whole picture. Read this article to learn the details of why the 1911 is great insurance.