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.380 ACP semiautomatic pistol with black grip and frame and stainless barrel and slide


The .380 ACP Isn’t Slowing Down—New Gun Announcements

Once a caliber not many people found to be highly useful, the .380 ACP has gained an incredible amount of popularity in the last few years—especially with women. Its ease of use to rack the slide, minimal recoil and small package is desirable for the first time shooter, women shooter, elderly or those with injuries. Many are choosing the smaller .380 ACP pocket pistols for concealed carry. Though there are many sub-compact 9mm to choose from, the .380 ACP is still making its way to the top. These six new 2014 and 2015 firearms from major manufacturers such as Browning, Beretta and Magnum Research prove that the .380 as a preferred self-defense gun isn’t going away any time soon.

Kel-Tec CMR-30 with scope by Oleg Volk


Kel-Tec CMR-30 Field Report

Overall, CMR-30 is a lightweight, nearly recoilless carbine with a large magazine, excellent accuracy and good reliability. It was well liked by everyone who shot it and everyone who handled it plans to buy one or two. And Kel-Tec seems to be on track to producing enough of them to make a difference in the market.

Winchester Model 21 “Grand Royal” with extra barrels and case.


Another World Record at Nearly $19.2 Million for Julia’s

Julia’s once again raised the bar for the highest grossing firearms auction in history at an incredible $19.2 million.They have said many times that they do not sell the greatest number of guns in a given year, but they do sell the greatest number of high end expensive guns. Here’s just a few prime examples.



Top 10 AR-15 Posts 2014

If you want to know more about the AR-15 and its variants, read our top 10 list of articles published about the rifle in the past year.

Magnum Research Desert Eagle 1911U Undercover Semiautomatic Handgun with Wood Grips


Industry Firsts and True Innovation—New Rifles and Handguns

The newest firearms from Cheaper Than Dirt include the finest Winchester 1873 replica lever-action rifle you can buy, a popular competition 9mm pistol from Europe, the first ever available Bulgarian AK-74 and a true AR-15 platform chambered in .308 Winchester from DPMS. Hunters, collectors, competitive shooters and cowboy action shooters will find a firearm that fits their needs in one of these new guns.

Picture shows a Ruger American bolt-action rifle with a moss green synthetic stock.


Throwback Thursday—Entry Level Bolt Action Rifles

If you are a beginner hunter or even very experienced, no longer must you pay top dollar for an accurate and reliable bolt-action hunting rifle. There are many affordable bolt-action rifles selling for less than $500 to choose from. From the new Ruger American Rifle to old stand-bys like Marlin, The Shooter’s Log provides a list of the best-performing, best-valued entry-level bolt-action rifles that our experts have tested and approved.


At the Range with the Curious AR-57

What does the AR-57 have going for it? Quite a lot. With the top-mounted magazine, it ejects spent rounds down through the magwell allowing left- and right-handed shooters to shoot it comfortably. The muzzle rise and recoil are non-existent, the muzzle blast is mild and relatively small and light. You can use 5.7/.22 Mag-rated sound suppressors instead of the larger 5.56 cans. For firing prone or benched, the top-mounted magazine is also more comfortable than even the shortest box magazine protruding from below. Read to learn if this niche rifle is for you.