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Classic, black metal-framed Beretta M9 9mm handgun


Art of the Gun: Beretta 92 Series M9

Often imitated, but never duplicated, this “Wonder 9” has been in production for nearly 40 years, and it doesn’t seem like the world is ready to give up the Beretta 92 any time soon.

Brown grip, black barreled Citadel 9mm, barrel pointed down on a white background


Range Report: Citadel 9mm 1911 Handgun

The Citadel 9mm 1911 is an excellent choice for personal defense and serious conflicts. It handles well, has low recoil, only weighs 32 ounces and the Novak sights are excellent. Read this post for details and how it performed at the range.

Holographic sight used by a cross-eye dominant shooter.


Top 10 Gun Posts

This is our top 10 articles—shotguns, rifles and pistols—in which we’ve reviewed a specific firearm model that you want to know more about.

Two men, one a young blond in grey t-shirt, the other gray haired in a green tshirt, use a Commander .45 to practice, practice, practice.


Choosing a Defensive Handgun

There are a lot of factors when choosing a handgun to protect you and your family. First and foremost is picking the right handgun for your size and needs, then training and practice. In this article you’ll discover perfect way to test out a potential fit before shelling out hundreds of dollars and recommendations on some of the best handguns for personal defense .

Picture shows Diamondback Firearms new DB FS Nine full-sized 9mm polymer pistol.


New Products: Upgrade Your Ruger 10/22 and a Full-Sized 9mm for Under $400

New products are added to Cheaper Than Dirt’s! website everyday. So much so, I know it’s hard to keep track. No longer on a waiting list, CMMG’s cool Mk3 T is finally here, as well as Diamondback’s brand new full-sized 9mm priced less than competing polymer framed guns. STI International has their semi-custom 9mm 1911 for a surprisingly low price and if you need some range gear the SureFire EP5 Sonic Defender earplugs will fit in the extra pockets of the GPS tactical AR-15 rifle case.

Man in yellow t-shirt points shoots a Smith and Wesson .357 Magum with trees in the background

Concealed Carry

Handgun Selection: Revolver or Self-Loader?

Choosing the right handgun for your skills and needs is essential. There are so many choices, options and factors to consider and the most important one is what works best for you. Read this post for factors to consider when picking a revolver or self-loader.

2 black Kel-Tec Sub-2000 guns, one on top of the other, barrels pointing to the right on a white background


Trunk Guns

There are many choices for a trunk gun, from carbines to bolt-action rifles. You want to choose one that is supremely reliable, durable, capable of operating in dirty and dusty environments, not particularly susceptible to rust and cost-effective. Read this post for the details to make the best choice for you.

The epitome of cool


Art of the Gun: The H&K USP

After watching the return of the TV show 24, I was reminded of how cool the H&K USP (and its compact version) is. Developed to be the paragon of a duty weapon, the USP features the best parts of many previous handguns and optimized for safety and accuracy. This ‘Art of the Gun’ reveals many of the features built into this business-ready handgun.

GLOCK 42, CORBON DPX Ammunition and ProChrono


Glock G42: A Remarkable Handgun

The GLOCK G42 is a slim, light and reliable .380 ACP pistol which is comfortable to fire and performs well. Made in America, the pistol features a six-round magazine and is supplied with two magazines to make continuous shooting much easier. Discover all the details about this powerful gun in this post.


You Got the New Rifle; Now What?

You were a very good boy or girl this Christmas. The one thing that you asked for was a new rifle. Your spouse, significant other, child or really good friend decided that they were going to be your hero and buy it for you. So now what?