10 AR Slings You Should Consider

AR-15 with Slings

A good sling can make or break your experience when it comes to using your AR-15.

Especially if you’re planning on an all-day carry like for hunting, combat or a straight-up survival situation.

This is why I’ve got you covered with this list of my 10 favorite AR slings that will make carrying your rifle comfortable for any distance, in any circumstance.

Let’s check it out…

1. Tac-Shield Tactical 2-Point Quick Detach Sling

Constructed with durable nylon webbing and quick-detach sling mounts, this two-point sling gives you a ton of bang for your buck.

I liked the added stability from the ergonomic strap design that allowed me to move freely through timber without worrying about snags and catches.

The best part about this affordable AR sling option is the fully-adjustable strap that will fit just about any gunslinger in just about any situation.

2. Viking Tactics Wide Quick-Adjust Sling

This durable sling is made from top-quality components like an all-metal slider, features elastic stow bands for fast, easy mounting, and has a comfortable, thick shoulder pad made from closed-cell foam that will guarantee lighter weight, less water retention, and a sigh of relief from your tired shoulder.

Another feature I love about this VTAC sling is the texturized rubber pull tab that makes adjustments quick and easy. I can be hiking over rough terrain and adjust without hardly thinking to maximize my comfort.

The only thing keeping me from giving this sling a perfect 10/10 is the fact that the extra width (which does distribute weight nicely to take the pressure off one point of your shoulder or back) can snag on brush a little easier than other slings I’ve used.

3. Blue Force Gear Padded Vickers Combat Sling

Made to withstand the extreme conditions of combat carry, the Vickers two-point sling is as durable as they come.

How? The woven nylon front section, closed-cell foam rear section, and molded Acetal plastic adjuster are made from the highest-quality components to make this sling stronger and more secure than other slings out there.

Why does the Vickers make the top 10? For me, it was one of the fastest transitioning slings I used. I went from carry position to ready position flawlessly in only a few seconds because of the unique pull-strap design.

Some of my compatriots on the shorter side did say the length of this sling felt a little awkward. But, keep in mind that the Vickers was designed for combat, so that extra length is perfect if you’re wearing armor of any kind or if you’re just a bigger guy in general.

4. Magpul Slings Two-Point Quick-Adjust Sling

One complaint about many slings is the low-quality stitching that tends to unravel after just a few uses. This is not the case for our favorite!

On top of superior stitching that will hold up as long as you need, this Magpul sling has double-layered, wide webbing that comfortably distributes weight across your back and shoulder.

The lightweight and snag-resistant material makes it perfect for just about any longer carry, plus it’s got a one-handed adjustment system that will hold as long as you need it.

It’s fitted for use with QD swivels, but those will cost extra, so be prepared to shell out a little more if you’re wanting QD’s.

5. Specter Gear Universal QD Swivel CST Three-Point Tactical Sling

This is by far my top choice for a three-point sling because of its QD capability along with a lightning-fast Transition Release Buckle that makes left/right switching faster, easier and quieter than ever.

As with all Specter slings, this three-point is made to last with its industrial stitching and Mil-Spec threading.

The best part? It’s got a comfortable 1.25” width, is totally modular and is ambidextrous for both left and right-shoulder carries.

AR-15 with Sling

6. STI Two-Point Sling with Fast-Loop Adjuster Sling

This two-point sling from STI is one of the best rated for a number of reasons, but my favorite feature is the thumb-loop adjuster that allows me to make small, quick tweaks when I’m out in the field.

Made of heavy-duty tubular nylon webbing, this sling isn’t susceptible to chafing and snags like many out there. Plus, the extra-strength material has been tested for stress weights of over 4000 pounds.

The only complaint I have with this STI model is that it only extends to about 50 inches, making it difficult to slide into when you’re donning your puffiest winter-weather gear.

7. Paracord Survival Two-Point Sling

Made from authentic commercial 550-pound paracord, this versatile USA-made sling is the perfect tool to have in your bug-out-bag.

Its medical-grade tri-glides and loop added to the weather-resistant canvas webbing make this survival sling stand up even in the toughest conditions.

It comes in two size options, but I like the length on my 44” version. Adjustments are slightly more complex for this sling, but I’ll trade convenience for durability any day.

8. Magpul MS4 Sling

The MS4’s my choice if I want to go with a single-point sling because of its comfort level.

This sling is a nice, wide 1.25-incher made from sturdy nylon that also comes with a quick-disconnect feature for added convenience.

What I like best about this Magpul is the fact that I can convert between single-point and two-point carry pretty easily, so depending on what I’m needing that day I virtually have two slings in one slick design.

9. Quake ‘The Claw’ Padded Rifle Sling

If you’re looking for a sling that will withstand the harshest conditions (think extended use in temps down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit), then look no further than the UV-stabilized, odor-resistant piece of exceptional engineering from Quake: “The Claw.”

I love that there are grips molded into the webbing to guarantee you won’t have annoying slippage. This design also gives you about ½” of stretch, which makes a world of difference after you’ve been carrying your AR for more than half an hour.

Plus, this sling comes with Hush Stalker II swing swivels, which are stronger, lighter and eliminate practically all noise.

AR-15 with Sling

10. Troy Industries Two-Point Battle Sling

Last on my list of best AR slings is this affordable battle sling from Troy Industries.

Made in the USA with molded polymer components and a small rubberized tongue, this sling is both dependable and ergonomic.

One of my favorite features is the connector made from bungee cord that does an incredible job at absorbing shock as you move and eases the impact on your shoulder.

Conclusion: AR Slings

When you’re looking to carry your AR for any length of time, you’ll be glad you invested in any one of these ten shoulder-saving products that are sure to improve your comfort and performance on the go.

What is your favorite AR sling? Why? Let us know in the comments down below!

About the Author:

Richard Douglas

Richard Douglas is a firearms expert and educator. His work has appeared on large publications like The National Interest, Daily Caller, American Shooting Journal, and more. In his free time, he reviews optics on his Scopes Field blog.
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Comments (5)

  1. I was surprised that there were none of the Condor slings on the list. The Condor Cobra single point, double bungee, quick release sling works great, is very comfortable and it is made in the USA.

  2. For my light AR’s I use Vickers and they work great. For my heavey AR 10’s and tactical 338 mags, etc. I use the Blackhawk BLA “Kudu” stretch sling and it works great, especially spreading the weight. I remove the regular sling swivels and put on “QD” connectors, it makes hauling the extra weight easier. Got the idea from humping an m-60 in the jungle.

  3. And you somehow forgot to add the best sling made…
    the Armageddon Gear Precision Rifle Sling.
    It’s an extremely high quality American made sling constructed of 1.5″ wide nylon with flat bungee webbing (for stretch and better comfort), quick tension or loosening of the sling plus their proprietary “Sling in” feature which allows the shooter to quickly setup into a supported sling-in position. This works incredibly well! As easily and quickly as it is to “sling in” you can unsling from the supported position.
    As with many other slings it’s offered in a number of different colors as well as attachment types (QD swivels, hooks and plain webbing tails). I’ve used mostly the QD and a few plain webbing tails with my rifles.

  4. I have a Honey Badger pistol. It has a QD hole around the trigger area. Initially, I thought that it would be easy to find a male 2 point push button QD sling that can be used in the Honey Badger’s female QD holes. All I saw everywhere were slings that had all kinds of attachments, but no push button style QD’s.

    After a prolonged search. I finally did find one place that sold what I needed. However, I’ve forgotten the name of the vendor. And I believe that I had purchased the last sling of that style still in stock.

    Why has the release push button type gone out of style? I don’t know! At least now, I got mine!

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