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BREAKING: Biden Announces Several Firearm-Related Executive Actions

ghost gun executive order biden

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden announced several firearm-related executive actions on Thursday, the most significant of which is expanded background check requirements for “ghost guns” and pistol braces.

The executive actions—which President Biden called “just a start”—are the latest efforts by the Biden administration to increase gun control efforts. It’s important to note, however, that some of the proposed actions (like the pistol brace rule) should be expected within the next two months.

What The Actions Include

Here’s are some of the highlights of the major firearm-related executive actions announced by President Biden:

  • Ghost guns: Proposed rule “curbing the proliferation” of so-called “ghost guns” and requiring background checks. Ghost gun kits would be treated as firearms as well. (If you aren’t familiar with them, “ghost guns” are any firearms that lack serial numbers.)
  • Pistol braces: The government would consider any gun that utilizes a pistol brace to be a “short-barreled rifle” and would also require background checks. (This is a proposed rule that should be expected within the next 60 days.)
  • “Red flag” legislation: Family members and police officers can petition to remove a firearm from people who “may present a danger.”

What Happens Next?

We’ll continue to monitor new legislation that impacts your gun rights and keep you updated. Other gun-control measures in the news recently include bills that would ban “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines, as well as bills that require background checks for all firearms. There’s also a plan to expand the definition of a firearm “frame or receiver.”

What are your thoughts on recent gun control legislation initiated by this administration? Let us know (politely) in the comments below!

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Comments (34)

  1. all this talk about red flag laws, looks like their trying to bring back the salem whitch hunts didnt work then wont work now

  2. When dealing with the likes of D.C. operators trying to act like they run the several states, it is very important to remember, and to remind those who were given the privilege of representing [not leading] us:

    1) we have fifty SOVEREIGN states, each one with powers that exceed those of any federal agency;

    2) each of those states has its own constitution, and those constitutions, like the federal one, exist for good reason;

    3) each state is, in law, foreign to each other, and to the District of Columbia;

    4) the aforementioned are part of the separation of powers that work as a check and balance to limit the evil rogue agents can do;

    5) WE need to remind our agents:

    (a) they are not our leaders and free to do their want. They are, instead, mere representatives, from which they owe us a fiduciary duty, whereby they are to only perform acts consistent with our will, when they are not repugnant to our constitutions;

    (b) failure to perform the duties can be a crime (e.g., RCW 42.20.100 references laws making the failure to perform the duties of office a misdemeanor).

    (c) while it, often, is claimed judges have absolute immunity, police have qualified immunity and so on, such statements are misrepresentations of fact by omission of fact.

    For example, different courts have different subject matter jurisdictions. As well, courts acquire personam jurisdiction only after PROPER service is had. A judge acting in the absence of properly acquired jurisdiction has no immunity.

    As well, a judge acting ministerially (administratively) does not have the same immunity a judge in open court enjoys.

    So too it goes for our agents in the legislative and executive branches. Their accountability to We The People is not limited to the ballet box. They need to be reminded of that fact on a regular basis. In The State of Washington, reminding them of laws like those referenced in chapter 4.92 RCW (state agents) and chapter 4.96 RCW (local agents)

  3. I’m glad I didn’t open up to my mom and sister about my PTSD. They would turn on me, due to their anti-Second Amendment stance and “red flag” me for no reason.

  4. In the 1940…1950’s….. what were the primary problems in schools? Talking in class, running the halls and chewing gum etc. The problems is not guns…. it’s the changed values our culture has made by systematically removing accountability to God and personal responsibility and destruction the family unit. If guns kill people, then spoons make people fat and cars kill way more people than guns do.

  5. The red flag law scares me the most at the same time that we’re saying law enforcement officers are abusing their authority we want to allow them to claim that I am a threat and therefore they can seize my guns. No one should be punished for a crime that has not been committed

  6. That “red flag law” would be the first step killing the second amendment. It opens the door for more legislation that would to them taking guns away from everyone whether their a considered a threat or not.

  7. I wish these Politicians in Office will finally realize that they work for the American People and start putting their efforts towards getting the actual criminals off the street and not only keeping them off the streets for as long as the law allows but also rehabilitate them while they are incarcerated and STOP trying to make new gun laws that infringe against the Law Abiding Citizens that are protected under the 2Nd Amendment, one of many which this Country is Governed off of. Step up and go after the real problem in America (Criminals And People with Mental Problems/Disorders)

  8. Puppeteers have total control of biden, he thinks kamila harris is president, the disgusting liberal AGENDAS will cause serious asymmetric armed conflict, the planned panic demic is the beginning. Cashless society, unions unions and more unions amongst us, planned one word Government .

  9. California has some of the most restrictive laws on the books. If the courts would prosecute criminals and keep them incarcerated for the full term It would solve a lot of the problems. All the “New” proposed laws are already on the books in one form or another.
    I can see ticked off ex’s ( girlfriend/ wives) making the “He’s crazy and should have a gun” statement just for revenge.
    There a lot of restrictions and laws that are just like lipstick on a pig. It may look good in their mind but does nothing other than inflicting extra expenses and hardship on Legal gun owners, saying nothing of common sense.

  10. Ok let’s do a test run. Let’s take say a very high crime area like Washington DC and ban ALL guns. Use it as a test area to see if gun crime goes down.

  11. In relation to the BATF and SBRs comment in this piece: Looks to me that ever so many of the on line sellers routinely have gone about depicting AR pistols being shouldered while being fired. The BATF is somewhat dumb about what consists what, but the blatant displaying of using the pistol butt-stocks shouldered is very hard to miss, even for for short sighted political hacks.

  12. I don’t know who is in charge Joe signs whatever is put in front of him. This is old everyone keeps telling these people that more gun controls are needed. But they’re sniffing glue or something. Here’s the bottom line if they destroyed every gun in America like they have done in France where after that 140 + people shot by terrorists at a soccer game and 12 to 15 at a Jewish newspaper and several others . England took the guns didn’t stop the bad guys from getting them. Australia took the guns didn’t stop the bad guys from getting them.
    Here is my proposal all politicians security forces have to get rid of their guns and replace them with tasers. Politicians meaning all senators, congressmen,all governors,mayor’s, heads of state and other visiting dignitaries or anyone who thinks they are important enough for an armed escort including the president and vice president
    See what they think about that.

  13. I am very leery of all these “Executive Orders/ Actions” for the simple reason they circumvent the legal processes established by our Constitution! The most egregious of these are the “Red Flag Laws”! As a victim of a false accusation, Sexual Assault On A Minor, when there was, in fact none, just a nasty divorce, I see just how easy it is to falsely accuse someone, and how difficult it is for the accused to defend against these accusations! I was cleared because of the absolute absurdity of the charges, but that didn’t prevent a lot of anxious waiting and investigation, all of which was caused by a former daughter-in-Law and her mother influencing my grand daughter to accuse me and her father of “Inappropriate Touching”! The child has since recanted (during the CPS investigation), but has yet to apologize for the difficult position she put me and her father into! Don’t guess she ever will, but this just shows how easy it is to tell a story (lie) and destroy another life…

  14. As someone who owns a stabilizing brace equipped AR-9 pistol, I am okay with stabilizing braces being treated as stocks. I wouldn’t mind if I were limited to a foam wrap (or similar) on a plain tube for my <16" PCC uppers. Braces really are abused as way to get around the SBR law, in many cases.

    Merrick Garland's wording, regarding what will be interpreted as being SBRs, was , "[…] when certain stabilizing braces are added to high-powered pistols."

    That may not be all models or brace or pistol. There's plenty of models of stabilizing braces that do NOT have an ATF letter backing them up. SBA and other brace manufacturers, after they saw initial ATF letters of approval for individual braces, took the attitude of "ask for forgiveness later, not permission now", and stopped submitting all new models of brace for ATF consideration/classification. They also didn't submit any further setups with a brace on a differently configured gun, to ensure their compliance. They played it fast and loose to make money. I really don't feel like this is unrealistic, given that we're governed by the stupid NFA. Don't get me wrong, I don't think SBRs should require a tax stamp, but it's the law. And most brace equipped AR pistols either don't really need the stabilizing brace, OR the brace is being used as a stock.

    On what guns? "high-powered pistols" — are PCCs going to get a pass possibly? Or is this just rhetoric. I'm curious whether the December 2020 published (then later retracted) proposed rule clarification about braces was actually putting out feelers and getting initial feedback on what's happening now. If so, that means there was some truly shrewd play behind the scenes at the Trump DOJ/Biden transition team.

  15. Any change to the Bill of Rights must be ratified by 2/3rds of the States. Executive orders can be challenged in Court of Law!

  16. The Cities with the MOST Gun Related Violence are “run” by democrats! Think Chicago, Baltimore, St.Louis and many others!

    I grew up in the Chicago Area and know for a fact that the Bad Guys could get just about any weapons including things like fully automatic firearms, Hand Grenades and bomb making materials! I imagine these items are still available to people who have the money and contacts.

    I think we ALL know the real reasons the democrats want to take away Our Guns? All you have to do is look at what went on in NAZI Germany, Russia, Cuba, China and other Totalitarian Countries to see what happens to Unarmed Citizens.

    The Democrat Party and the Radical Malcontents that comprise it are the Enemy of America and prove it everyday!

    Lock and Load.

  17. The purpose of these mandates is to take away guns that can be used against a domestic and foreign adversaries, including a tyrannical government. They have nothing to do with crime.
    In fact, the CDC study clearly showed that guns deter way more violent crime per year than they are involved in.

  18. If guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. Old saying but so true. Bad guys will always find guns somewhere. You can kill someone with a screwdriver. Does that mean you should have a background check to own one?

  19. You want to stop mass shootings? Use the courts to provide express service, if and when they’re guilty you PUBLICLY execute mass murders by hanging and televise it. This should happen within 6 months of arrest. And these happenings will cease from among you.

  20. Take heart. All is not lost. The majority of County Sheriffs will follow the western Virginia Sheriff’s lead and declare Second Amendment Sanctuaries. Even if that does not deter the gun grabbers, just remember the previous times a government tried to seize the arm of Americans at Lexington and Concord, as well as Goliad and Bexar. Initial victories for the government, but in the end, tyranny was crushed. The American will is not diminished, just because some loud mouth malcontents say it is.

  21. What happens next? Biden has already hinted he would issue executive orders aimed at so-called
    “high capacity” magazines by requiring a $200 tax stamp for EACH magazine. The tax stamp number would have to be engraved onto the magazine. High capacity as defined by Biden is anything over ten. That would include not only magazines for AK and AR platforms, but also for pistols. The end-around the 2A that Biden is pursuing is to effectively make legal ownership of semi-automatic weapons unaffordable for law abiding citizens. Another avenue he has said to accomplish this is to require a federally issued $200 firearms license which would be necessary to purchase not only guns but also ammo. That license would have to be renewed for $200 on an annual basis. Stay tuned and stay informed. It is my humble opinion that another civil war is just around the corner and gun confiscation as stated by Beto O’Rourke (“Hell yes, we are going to take your AK47, your AR15.”) will be the catalyst.

  22. I can guarantee every one of you that if this administration wished to get anything passed that they have all the power in the world. Get your guns and supplies while you can. Try to buy privately so when they make them illegal they cannot come take it. You are all dumb as hell to think this president cannot take your guns. Me? I don’t “own” anything. Lol.

  23. From what I see, the present group of politicians are out to disarm the general law abiding citizens
    and claim they have made the world (USA) safe. As a legal immigrant, with dual nationality standing,
    (naturalized citizen, with USA passport and South American Country passport), I have seen what restrictive gun laws do to citizens. First registration then mandatory buybacks, then overall confiscation. DOESN’T WORK! all it does (IMHO), is add to the ease of felons to feel safer when committing criminal activities. Why don’t the lawmakers(?) make, and ENFORCE stiffer penalties to firearms violations? I sincerely hope that the thinking general public overrules any action to legislate (see confiscate) law abiding ownership of a firearm(s) of their choice! Fully automatic weapons EXCEPTED!

  24. America th free NOT under Biden . Our 2A rights slowly being taken from us! Wake up America! Stand and fight back for our rights . I will not obey those “gun control” laws, Bill’s, or executive orders. Time to impeach all of the biden administration and all the dems too!

  25. He said nothing about Executive Orders, just Executive Action. None of what he said means anything, it’s simply a wish list of what he is asking for. He’s over stepping his authority and knows it otherwise she would have signed “Orders”!

  26. The president LIED continuously throughout his speech. Criminals can buy a “ghost gun” kit. The second they complete it (i.e. it can accept fire control parts), if they are a convicted felon, they are in violation of federal law. They have committed a crime. He lied about crime going down during the ‘assault weapon’ ban. He lied about cops saying they’re ‘outgunned’. The cops have the same mag capacity we have. NONE of these rules will stop violent crime. They would not have prevented the shootings in Atlanta and Boulder (Boulder already has these lows in place). Finally, gun manufactures CAN BE SUED if they produce a firearm that is defective and someone gets hurt because of it. The law Biden is referring to does not allow lawsuits to be filed against manufactures and firearms dealers if a criminal uses a firearm, built or sold by them, to commit a crime.

  27. WAKE UP Amerika.

    FIRST: Dementia Joe does not have legislative authority.

    SECOND: Executive branch agencies or offices CANNOT add to or take from the law.

    THIRD; Enacting laws, no matter how called (e.g., executive orders) from the executive or judicial branches is, as Jefferson described it, tyranny. It is the combining of two or more branches and, improperly, does away with one of the checks and balances built into our system of laws.

    FOURTH: The feds cannot step into the several states and impose their wants and whims (laws). Their power is at the division between states. That is, their authority is limited to INTERstate commerce and they have NO AUTHORITY over INSTRAstate commerce.

    In the 1995 case of U.S. vs LOPEZ, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down federal gun free zones around schools nunc pro tunc (now for then), because they were never laws at all. As the Court stated, schools have nothing, whatsoever, to do with interstate commerce.

    FIFTH: Dementia Joe and his associates, all, took an oath to uphold and defend the laws and constitutions of the United States.

    Oaths have been determined to be so important that failing to take one has been declared, by the courts, to be an abandonment of the office.

    The courts, also, stated oaths cannot be taken after the office is assumed.

  28. I don’t see how any of this is going to keep criminals from getting guns. Red flag laws? So your spouse gets mad at you and yells: ‘(they) got guns!!!’ There goes your guns whether the statement is true or not….. slippery slope if you ask me….

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