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BREAKING: House Passes Background Check Bills for Firearms

House of Representatives Gun Control

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The House passed two bills related to gun control on Thursday, both in the area of background checks.

It is the first step of many that the Democrats and Biden administration are expected to take in their efforts to overhaul the nation’s gun control laws.

What Bills Were Passed?

The first bill, which won with a vote of 227 to 203, “prohibits a firearm transfer between private parties unless a licensed gun dealer, manufacturer, or importer first takes possession of the firearm to conduct a background check.”

The second bill, which won with a vote of 219 to 210, “increases the amount of time, from 3 business days to a minimum of 10 business days, that a federal firearms licensee must wait to receive a completed background check prior to transferring a firearm to an unlicensed person.”

What Happens Next?

The bills will now move to the Senate, where they’re expected to face heavy opposition from Republicans. They are unlikely to gain the 60-vote minimum required to pass it.

What Does This Mean for Gun Owners?

These bills (and related firearm news) should be monitored by gun owners. If passed, they represent major changes in the firearm industry and pave the way for future gun control legislation.

If they don’t pass, they give the public a clearer view of the real opinions of Senate members. They also serve as a good indication of the direction the new administration will be taking moving forward.

The NRA issued the following statement:

“These bills are a transparent attempt by gun control advocates in Congress to restrict the rights of law-abiding Americans under the guise of addressing the violent criminal culture in America. The truth, however, is that neither of these bills will do anything to solve that problem. By giving full power to unelected government bureaucrats to indefinitely delay and prevent lawful firearm transfers, H.R. 1446 could ultimately destroy the Second Amendment rights guaranteed to every law-abiding American by turning it into a privilege enjoyed by a select few. H.R. 8, so called “universal” background checks, cannot be enforced without a federal gun registry, will not prevent crime, and will turn otherwise law-abiding citizens into criminals for simply loaning a firearm to friends or family members.​ If Congress is serious about the safety of law-abiding citizens, it should have passed concealed carry reciprocity so that Americans can safeguard themselves and their families across state lines and throughout our country during these dangerous times.”​​​​

What are your thoughts on these firearm bills passed by the House? Let us know in the comments below.

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Comments (52)

  1. In 1967 I took a very solemn oath to “Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution from all enemy’s, both foreign and domestic.” At 70 years old, this ain’t gonna change. Semper Fi!!

  2. We have a responsibility to our neighbors in Mexico to see that American guns don’t end up in the hands of criminals there. If Americans are making strawman purchases in order to sell those arms to Mexico, then some legal restriction must be put in place.
    The other aspect is to regulate drugs in a functional way. Because California and Colorado are producing marijuana, the cartels no longer find it profitable and have focused on fentanyl and other hard drugs.

  3. The 1st bill doesn’t change anything that much in Colorado, as one already has to go through an FLL dealer for the sale and transfer of firearms including a background check each time, except for cases of family firearm Transfers.

    The 2nd bill however does change a lot and I believe could be used at as a means to circumvent one’s rights to purchase firearms. 10 days is a long time. Other this past year with Covid, BG checks took 10-20mins. In 2020 they took 72hrs+ as some people were buying guns in the state. But, 10 days is utterly absurd.

  4. No matter how many letters we write, we can not control how government votes. But, on the other
    hand, if by a stroke of a pen, millions of people become criminals, those same people must realize
    that those millions will now side with the rest of the criminals against the government. We need not
    obey any laws for they do not pertain to us. If that is what the government wants, they must be ready to accept the outcome.

  5. I don’t like guns in the hands of criminals or mentally unfit people, like politicians. That has the potential to make us less safe and make gun owners look bad. So, I am generally for a universal background check with some narrow exceptions like close family members. But I am AGAINST this bill for a variety of reasons. First reason: if you are going to require a background check, there should not be any transfer to a middle man. You should as a buyer be able to go somewhere, perhaps a gun shop or a police station, and the buyer should be able to have a check run on themselves and have the seller securely notified that the sale can proceed. Otherwise the seller should just keep the gun. There should not be expensive fees and delays that engaging dealers add. These checks have always been instantaneous for me, although I have heard that some may have delays due to their security clearances. Second reason: I have an 03 FFL. I submitted paperwork, had a background check run, notified the CLEO and had to wait quite some time to get the license. This proposed law appears to make that license absolutely worthless. They are making this such that a collector would have to have a retail FFL to effectively buy collectables anymore. If you want to up the background check for an 03 FFL to include fingerprints, I would be fine with that as well. I have to do that for my work. But, I’ve already had a check run to enable me to buy for 3 years. I also don’t know of any C&R criminals. Third reason: There are places in the country where this would be very difficult to implement and I’m sure gun shops are going to jump at the chance to increase their liability and paperwork for very little gain.

  6. Registration = confiscation! Criminals dont care about 2nd amendment they have not purchased by legal means anyway. Dems want you to believe that a criminal would stop by cabelas and pick up a hand gun or more and somehow pass a 3day background check. The FBI would have no incentive to get background checks in a timely manner if its 10days. These ignorant restrictions as well as the endless burden Dems want on legal firearms owners arent in anyway stopping criminals.

  7. Gun confiscation is the first step that tyrants take in imposing a dictatorship. And….. here we are!

  8. It’s a disappointing day, but we all knew that it was coming. Will the Senate vote it down?…maybe.

    What ever happened to the laws in various, American states and cities that would prosecute someone for carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm during commitment of a crime? Ten years mandatory, as I recall. That would put a huge dent in the senseless misuse of firearms in our major cities that leads to so many deaths of innocent people. These two bills do nothing to address the real problem at its source. Politics as usual. Politicians as usual.

  9. In Italy 1787 the founding fathers met In Philadelphia and through compromise and debate produced The Constitution. Thomas Jefferson was unable to attend the convention but his philosophy and writings weigh heavily arguing “… the words in the Constitution are “fixed” and there can be no deviation from its “strict” interpretation. 230+ years later Jefferson’s argument rings out loud as some members of Congress disagree. Those congressional members argue that the words in the Constitution are only “implied” or a “guideline” that may be changed to meet current challenges. Will we pick apart this sacrosanct document in the name of progress—I hope not. The right to bear arms is a right for all law abiding individuals and while the Constitution is not perfect it has perfectly with stood the test of time.
    Leave it alone.

  10. Actually, back ground checks for all guns sales is one of the few things we can do to help keep fire arms out of the hands of criminals. In the state that I live in, people can sell guns to criminals second hand and there’s nothing that can be done to the seller. People that appose this aren’t legal gun owners and/or have no common sense.

  11. If these politicians treat the people this poorly when they are armed to the teeth, just imagine what they’ll be willing to do once they’ve taken away all your guns. Let that sink in for a minute.

  12. Dear Democratic members of Congress,

    You swore an oath upon taking office to support the Constitution. Like it or not, the 2nd Amendment is part of that Constitution. Betraying your oath of office can be charged as treason. Are you traitors?

    “Shall not be infringed” is plain, simple, and understandable enough that even a liberal should be able to get it. NO laws made to restrict or revoke the ability of the people to keep and bear arms are Constitutional. Period. Until & unless you can get enough support in both the House & the Senate to pass, and then in 38 States to ratify, an Amendment to the Constitution altering or abolishing the 2nd Amendment you have NO legal basis for your attempts at disarming the law-abiding citizens of this Nation.

    Please shift your focus from these unconstitutional and traitorous actions to things more appropriate and pressing. Please stop wasting all the time and tax dollars spent on pushing for these unconstitutional measures, implementing them when passed, defending them in courts, then, ultimately, undoing them once the Supreme Court overturns them. Please stop trying to turn law-abiding citizens into criminals by the stroke of a pen and remember that your job is to protect their rights even when you disagree with them.

  13. I would love to see a federal registry for concealed carry, so that it would be legal for anyone in that optional registry could carry concealed throughout the country. These two bills are merely testing the water to see what kind of regulations they can get away with before making even stronger anti-gun legislation. Making it illegal to own a firearm doesn’t slow or stop crime, it only makes it safer for the criminals to commit crime…

  14. @Billy M. Can you explain why you thing these bills are racist? Specifically, please point out the language you consider racist, from the quoted text or from the text of the entire bill. I’m not disputing your assertion, I just want to understand your position with respect to that statement.

    Second, I would like to answer the question you posed at the end of your post. “…how is it supposed to reduce criminal use of a firearm?”. The bill in question (HR 8) makes it illegal to transfer a firearm to someone until a background check has been conducted via the existing [required] system in place for transfers by FFL holders. Practically the same law has been in place in Colorado for several years and it has prevented many transfers to people who cannot pass a background check (otherwise known as “criminals”). For a specific example of how this bill would have played out with the Sandy Hook shooters case: Mom would [likely] have not given her son access to the safe if it were illegal to do so without a background check, unless she is was a criminal, and as you rightly imply, this bill (as is the case with all gun control efforts) can only be aimed at law-abiding citizens. Duh! criminals gonna do crimes and you should not contribute to their efforts by knowingly selling them a gun.

  15. The Democrats want to shred our Constitution but they can’t start that process until they destroy the 2nd Amendment. Once they so that then they can do what ever they want. They definitely don’t understand the part that says “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”
    Biden needs to watch his back, I think when he gets to the 2 year mark, barring a revolt by the citizenship, his party will declare him medically unfit and Harris will serve out his term and then which will then leave her free to try for 2 full terms of her own. It is time that this generation grew a set and take America back from the Power Grabbers while there is still an America to take back. Of course there is no one to blame but us because WE let this happen. We turned a blind eye as to what our Government was doing. I’m willing to stand and be counted on the side of the RED, WHITE, AND BLUE. How about you?

  16. Florida FDLE is already ignoring the 3 day waiting period of the ATF and FBI and are forcing FFL’s to hold firearms for months even a year in some cases. When they are threatened by a lawsuit they are magically released. This is Florida people!

  17. How has the government got so dirty , it’s a blatent slap in the face , until we start whooping some democrats asses it’s only gonna get worse .. it’s almost embarrassing to be an american now .. never thought I would say that ..

  18. What part of “Shall not be infringed” do these clowns not understand? Please Me fellow Americans… We must must must take a stand against this. Government does not give us rights and therefore have no authority to take them away… Do not fall for this and please stand up and do not back down!

    This is the true pecking order in America…

    1. GOD created man…

    2. Man (us) created the Constitution…

    3. Constitution created government…

    4. Government created corporations

    The base of power was too remain in WE THE PEOPLE! Don’t give that up!

  19. ladies and gentlemen. hitler part 2 is coming to america. disarm the public is to control the public. criminals and those who wish to do harm don’t need permission from the government to do so. those of us who are responsible are stripped of our constitutional rights by those who pay for armed protection. may the reaping and purge begin.

  20. It is hard for me to believe that the average American will allow these political people pass legislation like this under the empty guise of, “this legislation will protect the average American from criminal.” It will only make law abiding citizens who currently own a weapon, legally, or want buy one, again legally, a criminal.
    Every person who is interested in stopping this type of political idiocy should find out if their Congressional representative supports this type of laws and get them out of office and replace with political leaders that really support and defend the US Constitution.

  21. The Universal background check is long overdue and was originally part of the Brady Bill until it was at the last minute removed by the NRA.

    States with lax laws funnel guns into States with tough gun laws letting any criminal or nut case buy all the firepower they want with no paperwork. Its complete insanity and all civilized nations have vetted all gun sales for decades and have been far more successful at reducing gun homicides.

    The Chicago study proved that the average gun crime was not committed with stolen guns at all but with second hand guns that had passed through many hands. Also Police tracings proved the exact same thing in many other states.

  22. Smile, if the GOP is foolish enough to block this, it will be just another good reason for the Senate Democrats to toss the filibusterer, and get on with governing the way the MAJORITY of Americans elected them to.

  23. So as super Pro 2a law enforcement officer I’m going to give everyone the workaround for this law. If you owned the gun prior to the laws passage and you’re selling the gun to a family member, friend coworker, etc. that it wasn’t a violation of felon with a gun law. All you have to do is say you sold it to them one day before the Law passed Possession. So Sleepy Joe Biden and Kamala I just gave everyone the way to get around your stupid law.

  24. This will only cut the legal owners out of the books and leave the illegal crooks to have weapons and our 2a will be gone this stuff needs to be stopped

  25. Respectfully,

    The Second Amendment is perfectly clear that firearms are a natural right for self defense. I understand the obvious reason for congressmen wanting to keep firearms out of the hands of felons. The problem is that criminals are criminals and the law means nothing to such individuals. The hidden reason that congressmen want to violate the our natural right to own firearms is that they fear an armed population, especially in the given political atmosphere that they have created. In addition, the congressmen are succinctly aware that they cannot violate an armed population without serious impunity. If the American People were unarmed this country would have fallen to the Democrat and RINO communists long ago.

    The United States government did not guarantee the Right to Keep and bear Arms because the Founders stated that private ownership of weaponry is a “God Given Natural Right” for self defense against all foreign and/or all domestic threats. The Right to Keep and Bear arms is not a privilege given to the people by the government. This is very important. The Constitution merely recognizes that the people have the God given right of self defense and as the instruments of weaponry evolve the people have every right to such advancements. A woman once argued with me that the Second Amendment did not include modern weapons! You’ve got to wonder what she was smoking?

    As for me and my house, we shall not comply with laws that violate our natural rights of Freedom. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a serious noble warning to all tyrants.

    Good day,

    Silence Dogood, JTD

  26. Having lived in Komiefornia for 32 years, I thought I had put all of this behind me when we moved to Alabama. In Komiefornia I was forced by state legislature to comply with the 10 day waiting period, then pay a $25 ‘dros’ fee to the state to take possession of my gun – ANY GUN – shotgun, rifle, pistol. Surrounding states got wise, asked for a driver’s license, and wouldn’t sell to you if you were from Komiefornia. Point being, if they pass an inch, soon it becomes a mile. There is never satisfying a democratic law maker, and they come up with the craziest anti-gun stuff.

  27. Once again, folks, it’s not about guns, it’s about CONTROL!! Now that the Democrats have near hegemony of our government, we need to continue to press aggressively for an election overhaul.
    The media of all stripes continue to let the fraudulent Nov. 3rd election slide into oblivion. I continue to hear that election referred to as if it was legitimate and reflected the will of the people.
    It was and is a complete and total fraud! Over a million and half people appeared on January 6th at the Capitol to protest the certification of that fraudulent vote. Joe Biden is said to have garnered 80 million votes, more than Obama? Are your shitting me?? This guy couldn’t get a dozen people to show for a rally or press conference. He can barely read a teleprompter and doesn’t know who his Cabinet appointees are. We’re supposed to believe he got 80 million votes?? Pure BS.
    Our Constitutional rights will continue to eroded by these socialist clowns until and unless we take action…..armed if necessary….for that was why the Second Amendment was written. Continue to make noise, cause disruption and make it clear to your representatives that unless a complete review of our election processes are locked down to insure an accurate, fair and legitimate result, we who were disenfranchised in this last election will take extra-curricular means to assure that it is.

  28. The Biden administration is really going to be a problem for true gun owners that just want to hunt big and small game and keep ther firearms in ther family

  29. When are the rational conservatives of this country going to learn!?! Needless to say, those who prescribe this – these two laughable “crime control” bills – are the gun-denier, leftard/libtard Dim-O-craps that the ignorant leftard/libtard voters of this country, w/ the help of the 5th Column Press, have voted/cheated into office.

    These are **NOT** the way to have any impact on crime control! All these bills do is eventually make ‘criminals’ of a large percentage of the population; i.e., those of us who legitimately and legally own firearms and who wish to legitimately leave them to our currently free, law-abiding heirs/successors.

    Again, when are the rational conservatives of the country going to learn!? Failure to vote these leftard/libtards out of office will ultimately result in the demise/end of the free United States of America, the ‘shining light’ we were blessed to be born into.

    Wake up, conservatives! Heed the warnings coming out of ‘your’ Congress! Write your Senators, and Congressmen! In the clearest terms, express your outrage for and extreme disgust w/ these, and similar, attempts to do away w/ the Second Amendment!

  30. If the purpose of this law is to check on the legal status of a person to receive a firearm, why is it necessary to bring the firearm to the dealer? The person is being investigated not the firearm. Why should the dealer “take possession”- what does that mean? If the government wanted to make sure that the person was legal to receive a firearm they would make it so the seller could do the check without third party intervention.

  31. As a conservative and longtime advocate of the second amendment and a gun owner I don’t have a hard objection to the first bill regarding mandatory background checks for all firearm sales or gifts. But as Mr. Simkin noted above, the FBI does not take the background check process seriously with so many violations and so few prosecutions so, what’s the point. I had never seen this data before. So, this is factual proof that any new gun laws are useless until those responsible for enforcing those laws take them seriously. Until then, no new legislation should be passed. As for the second bill on the waiting period, I believe that bill violates my second amendment rights .. period.

  32. *Yawn*

    Lower courts will knock down almost any restrictive gun laws that senate Republicans and moderate Democrats let pass.

    Unless something terrible happens to at least 3 conservative SCOTUS justices, nearly no restrictive gun laws will stand in the courts over the next 20 years, simply because of the SCOTUS makeup.

    While I really do dislike the proposed additional wait time, I’m not bothered by universal background checks. Not that gun stores are hurting, but that measure would stimulate the retail gun store business by increasing the need for background-check services. (Go small, local business!)

    The nonsense about gun registries has 0 chance of happening any time in the near future, so that’s the NRA-right just posturing. There’s a handful of far left politicians that think it’s a good idea, but they also think lots of stupid sh*t that won’t happen is a good idea. Just because AOC & Co. yell loudly doesn’t mean they represent the majority of Democrats, liberals, or the Democratic party position, especially where it differs from the official party platform.

    And the only way that a federal conceal carry reciprocity law should occur is if it includes a federal set of standards for state CC permits to meet to qualify. This both infringes on states autonomy and does not serve public safety in any way. It’s a frickin’ minefield.

  33. Just like Joe’s speech the other night telling us what he will “let” us do if we get vaccinated? He cannot “tell” us what to do. This is America, a free people and we live under a Constitution and he is not a dictator. That’s not how we work here.
    As to the illegal gun control bill just passed by the House, if it “infringes” upon our God given rights, then it is unconstitutional. I will NOT obey ANY unconstitutional laws, that is also our rights as to citizen “nullification” of laws that are illegal. They are not allowed to place edicts upon us the people, if it is not constitutional.
    Powers not given to the Federal gov’t are reserved to the States and to the people. C’mon man! what are you and Nancy and Chuck…? Maduro/Venezuala wannabees?

  34. “I will unite this nation.” Nothing but more B.S. of the highest degree. Most Dems think you can get firearms delivered to your house like the things they buy from amazon. More ignorance. This entire gun control legislation is absolutely not American, and totally ignorant. The president would like to accomplish something (of note) for the first time in his almost 50 year political career so bad he doesn’t care how many good Americans rights will be violated in the process. Take a look at Chicago, some of the tightest gun laws in the country, and it’s been a hot mess as far as violent crime for years, as are most democratic run cities. More ignorance. Criminals love gun control. Leave the 2A alone “sleepy” and it’d be the first step to actually unite this country that you could make.

  35. The second amendment does not cover the buying and selling of guns.
    I am a gun guy. I have lots of guns. I don’t fear back-ground checks. No one is taking away your rights. They may save some lives. I don’t believe ghostguns parts being sold online is right without serial numbers. I think everyone should buy their guns from licensed people and give info for background checks. It does not hurt one bit.

  36. The 2nd Amendment protects both the other 9 Amendments in the Bill of RIGHTS and the rest of the Constitution. Without it the others will quickly be taken as well. The anti gun people arent doing this to protect people they want rid of the 2nd A so they can ultimately do away with our REPUBLIC and have a “do over” of our Constitution so it’s easier to control us. If you want proof it’s about control just look at the govt response to covid 19. Biden is threatening to “close it down” again if everyone doesnt get vaccinated.this is about CONTROL over you and me. An unarmed population is easier to control than an armed one. Virtually every gun law is aimed at restricting the rights of LAW ABIDING CITIZENS and doesnothing to reduce crime or remove criminals from society.

  37. I will never understand why politicians think overhauling gun control will prevent anything. This is restrictive to law abiding citizen only, bad people do not follow the law and will always be able to get their hands on illigal guns. Politicians are dumb and only want to project the optics that they care and are doing something.

  38. Mid term elections are coming up. Time to replace the Democrats with Republicans and those Republicans who have turned their backs on constituents with a replacement who will represent the people. Community service has been replaced with self-service in many cases and a failure by these politicians to remember they work for us, the people, and not the other way around. Contact your elected officials and let them know their political future is on the line.

  39. The bill that changes background check waiting from 3 to a “minimum” of 10 days is a total sham. It gives the feds the ability to hold up firearm sales indefinitely. A major step to “stop” all sales all together. I’m not saying the other bills should passed, they should not be passed. But this bill in my view is the worst. Write your representatives and tell them Not just No but “HELL NO”

  40. What astounds me is, the Dems/Libs who hate guns so much, should consider instead of passing more gun control laws, enforce gun laws already enacted…that, however, is NOT an option for them.

  41. A lot of these type of bills are put out to “test the waters”..If you want to talf to your Congressperson…right now…too late …your “target” should be the Senate (Your Senators….you have 2) …I noticed everyone was all up at arms with HR127. You need to do some homework on theses… 127 was put in place by Sheila Jackson Lee;. This is the same “BRAIN TRUST’ who wanted to take away VETERANS DAY as a holiday and replace it with ELECTION DAY. She intros this bill EVERY Congress but with a different number. Every time it is introed …it is sent to committee with NO Co-Sponsors and it dies there…We just need to keep an eye on it and not get yer panties in a bunch until you see different. Now…if YOUR Congress Person signed onto these Anti Gun bills…may be you should send a notice that they are put on YOUR notice as a gun owner…

    I use a good tool to keep up on any bills or resolutions and WHO is on them…

    This is the Library of Congress and you can find everything from addresses to legislation and committee members.. Great tool..

  42. We are left with only one obvious course of action. Fill incumbent seats with new, fresh blood that will listen and work for their constituents, not the other way around.
    People forget these sycophants work for us. If you’re not being properly represented use the power of your voice and your vote to get new representation in 2022.
    In the words of Donald J. Trump; “You’re fired”.
    God bless the USA, God bless you all!

  43. The gun violence is being perpetuated by a vast large percentage by one particular group in our Nation, until that is somehow addressed, NO amount of gun control is going to matter.

  44. AU is an example of gun control brought in by John Howard-LNP. Now some 17years on you have a Police State and ten% AU tech up with military surplus. Where a sling shot can get a $10.000 fine or jail. The greatest casualties are FIRST NATION Peoples @434 and claiming and the mentally ill. I can only describe this as Public Slaughter as many die in a hail of hollow points: most of which went in ever direction. Real Safe. Simple put poor training/or in simple terms Street Police can’t shoot for shite. Unlike the USA we have a Constitution without a Bill of Rights. Because of this It’s a case which major parties are the biggest criminals? We need like you Crime control and not Gun control. Respectfully Ib Perry

  45. Truck hijacking, rail yard theft, guns stolen from police cars and ” missing” military arms are far more than criminals need to commit all the murders, shootings and armed robberies.
    The goal is same as USSR & NAZI Germany. Make the people unable to resist gov’t.
    The Declaration of Independence say ” the people have a right and a duty”.” This is not limited to KING GEORGE.
    The Second Amendment was intended to keep Presidends, Congress and State aware that the people were able to retain freedom and oppose tyranny.
    Patrick Henry did more than say ” Give me liberty…” ( a long speech in 1775)
    Patrick Henry spoke for hors in 1789 ( see. ELLIOT’S DEBATES) about the dangers in the new Constitution. The result WSS the Bill of Rights that started with the importance of ” the people’s right to bear arms to secure freedom.
    What about self-defense? SD is a 10th AMENDMENT right that existed and was not controversial. 250 years ago self-defense didn’t need a specific enumerated statement.
    It they rewrite the Bill of Rights maybe it does?

  46. This is what you get for letting these idiots get a majority. Virginia should have been a big enough warning sign of what they would try to pull off. Hold your representatives accountable for their actions and let them know they will loose their jobs if they ignore the will of the people.

  47. I have already sent a letter to my representative voicing my strong opposition to these two attempts at preventing law abiding citizens from exercising their 2nd Amendment rights. These will not make our streets safer, are racist, and only impact law abiding citizens. If it only impacts law abiding citizens, how is it supposed to reduce criminal use of a firearm?

  48. Background checks are a consumer fraud: (a) few, who are denied, are prosecuted and (b) with some 423,000,000 firearm in the U.S., someone denied, who wants a firearm, will get one, just not from a dealer.

    Only 62 Federal prosecutions followed 76,142 denials (in 2010) of purchase applicants. For the data see, Regional Justice Information Service, “Enforcement of the Brady Act, 2010”, 2012, p. 7 .

    A Government Accountability Office (GAO) Report (No. 18-440, Sept., 2018) shows that of 112,090 denials by FBI screeners, only 12,710 were sent for “investigation”. Of that number only 12 resulted in prosecutions!!

    Plainly, far more than 12 denials were fully justified. It is a Federal felony for a “prohibited person” to possess or to try to acquire any firearm. Such a small number of prosecutions shows that Federal authorities care little about stopping those, who seek to abuse firearms.

    As at end-2018, there were some 423,000,000 firearms in the U.S., so it seems reasonable to assume a denied person – determined to get a firearm – will do so. For the number of firearms see: U.S. Department of Justice, “Firearms Commerce in the United States”, 2000 and 2019; these data exclude military firearms. The U.S. at end-2018 had about 328,000,000 residents.

    Were even half of those properly denied to be prosecuted by U.S. Attorneys, they would have little time to prosecute other Federal crimes, e.g., espionage, securities fraud, drug trafficking, etc. See: U.S. Department of Justice, “U.S. Attorneys’ Annual Statistical Report – Fiscal Year 2019”, p. 4. See: .

    In short, background checks do not stop bad guys from getting firearms. Only those, who can’t do simple math, believe that background checks are worthwhile.

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