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Background Checks for Ammunition Purchases? Californian’s, Stock Up Now!

Proposition 63 requires individuals who wish to purchase ammunition to first obtain a permit. The measure then mandates dealers to check this permit before selling ammunition, and will halt the mail-order sale of ammunition to California residents. What does this mean for California gun owners? Do you have a plan to stock up before Prop 63 goes into effect? [caption id="attachment_52457" align="alignright" width="516"]Six rounds of Liberty Ammunition Civil Defence ammunition of a wood surface. Liberty Ammunition is increasing production of its lead-free ammunition, and that’s good news for shooters.[/caption]

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Background Checks – What the Government Won’t Tell You

The President will get in front of a podium and make an impassioned speech about the need for expanded gun control laws, but what is he leaving out? Remember the President saying, “Even the NRA used to support expanded background checks.”? What is the truth behind the NRA and background checks? Watch the video to learn the truths the President does not want you to know.


GOA Executive Director Takes on Background Checks—A Must Read

During an interview with Breitbart News, the subject of background checks for gun purchases came up. Gun Owners of America’s Executive Director Larry Pratt was not shy in his answer: “During the last year of record, although the government has done millions upon millions of background checks, they [only] brought 14 prosecutions to court for trial–hardly a crime-fighting tool.” Read more of his interview here.

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Congress Weighs in on Linking Benefits to Gun Control—Act Now!

Let your elected officials know your opinion on the use of the VA and SSA as a wedge to force individuals to choose between benefits and the Second Amendment. Get the back-story and contact information on the latest in the fight to protect the Second Amendment in this story.


Shooter’s Log Weekly Wrap Up, August 9-15, 2015

There is never a lack of news affecting gun owners and 2A supporters. Be it if your shooting sport is hunting, target, competition or merely keeping a gun around for self-defense, there are always politicians and anti-gun groups pushing for more gun control and your right to own that firearm is constantly in threat, overtly and through backdoor measures. This past week, we saw a knee-jerk reaction from the some of the largest American airlines in response to the taking of “Cecil the lion,” the implementation of universal background checks in Oregon and New York suing Walmart and Amazon. Is there ever any good news? You will have to read and find out!

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How to Fix NICS

The NICS system run by the FBI was established 17 years ago with Congressional passage of the Brady Act. It needs to be updated. Click to see how:

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Obama Seeks to Link Gun Control to Government Benefits

Are you on Social Security? Does someone else help you handle your finances? You could be in danger of having your gun rights stripped from you. President Obama is seeking to expand background checks to include those who receive Social Security benefits. You must read this article to find out how to stop this.

Legal Issues

The Other Side Begins Calling for Action Against Gun Owners

The gun-rights debate is taking a nastier-than-usual turn, wherein members of the anti-gun-rights crowd are publicly calling for the federal government to move against gun-rights supporters — in particular, the NRA and its leadership — and arrest, jail, try, rendition, or otherwise attack outspoken gun-rights supporters.