Proposed Senate Bill Would Ban ‘Assault Weapons,’ High-Capacity Mags & More

AR-15 build styles

A new bill was proposed last week by U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) that would ban the transfer, sale, manufacture and import of military-style “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines.

Known as the “Assault Weapons Ban,” the bill is the latest measure by the Biden administration to increase gun control across the country.

The bill—which you can read in its entirety here—would ban more than 200 firearms deemed “assault weapons” that have “military characteristics.” These would include:

  • All AR-style firearms
  • All AK-style firearms
  • Weapons that utilize magazines which don’t have fixed ammunition
  • Weapons with a pistol grip, a forward grip, a barrel shroud, a threaded barrel or a folding or telescoping stock
  • Bump stocks and similar devices that allow for semi-automatic and automatic firing

It would also ban magazines and feeding devices with more than 10 rounds of ammunition, and there are several other restrictions and requirements as well, including background checks required for all “assault weapons.”

While unlikely to pass in the Senate, this bill is worth monitoring for proponents of Second Amendment rights.

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Comments (58)

  1. Anyone with any knowledge of the Constitution would recognize that the Second Amendment was put there to protect the citizens of this great country from the tyranny of the government. Eric Metaxas catalogues the writings of the framers of the Constitution in the book ‘If You Can Keep It’. It should be required reading in schools as well as those who ascribe to represent us.

  2. A gun is a tool used by both hero and villain alike. Politicians attempts at “common sense” gun control helps ensure that when hero and villain meet, hero doesn’t survive the encounter.

  3. I would go so far as to say the none of these idiots who introduced this bill can identify 95 percent of the guns listed on this bill. That includes Biden & Harris and Pelosi, Shummer, and all the rest of the dead heads. Ignorance runs DEEP in Washington. I do not own any type of AR style weapon but because of this I am seriously considering purchasing one. And this may come as a shock to all the nut balls in Congress but there is NO SUCH THING AS AN “ASSAULT WEAPON”! Guns do NOT commit “assaults” people do. Therefore this entire “BILL” isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. The DUMBOCRATS love to show their ignorance. And this is another classic example of their stupidity. Biden is NOT my president. Trump is STILL my President.

  4. It is fair to say that a weapon is just a tool. The person using it is the responsible party. Hurt someone with a hammer or firearm it is not the tool, but the person using it.

  5. All these politicians trying to change the constitution can be removed from office by the people without too much trouble. All they are doing is wasting tax payers money. The people of the United States need to stand up together and let these idiots in office know that they are in those offices to serve the people and not to boss the people around any which way they feel. These politicians today seem like they just want to take us over and make us defenseless slaves to the government. All this b.s. just doesn’t sit well with me. We all have the right to bear arms and no government shall infringe on this period. This has been written in blood for the people by the patriots who gave their lives for our Freedoms in the past and currently. This great country of ours doesn’t need any of the current political officials trying to take our Freedoms away from us. There is just too much stagnant swamp in our government. It needs cleaned out from time to time. We need term limits set on Congress and all the other government jobs so more honest people can have a chance at those jobs and it will also keep all this horrible corruption down to a minimum. It’s the only way to go now. Too many people get in there and become lazy good for nothing swamp has :-).

  6. Threats and attempts from government to “control” and infringe on the rights of law abiding citizens always gets a rise from patriots, concerned citizens and those who respect the Constitution as it should. I agree with the stance and opinions that you all shared but have a problem with legitimizing the mention of “Assault Weapons” whether attached to a word like “Ban” or used for descriptive purposes. I come from the school that teaches that “Assault” is an act or a mission, not a weapon or firearm and am sure that many of you were also schooled on that type mission, with or without a firearm. Thank you for your service if you were. All 50 states as well as all US territories have laws that ban or prohibit “Assault” against fellow human beings. To make illegal changes to the Constitution that mainly affect those who would never commit those crimes and continue to undermine law enforcement in their efforts to enforce those crimes is the incompetence of the left that sets us all off and does nothing to curb crime as you all pointed out.

  7. Ask a Jew or a Native American what happened when government steps in for gun control. It never ends good. Most the laws and regs hurt the poor and the minorities. More laws and regs means it will cost more to defend yourself basically saying if your poor you are not allowed self defense. The rich and the criminals will not be effected like the rest of us

  8. Here’s what will happen if you try and ban “assault weapons”. Those that are mentally ill (most likely due to societally BS that has nothing to do with guns at all) will use other means to do what they want. Take Japan and China for example. Gun ownership is almost nonexistent, yet you see mass killings using knives and machetes. I’m unsure of how Democrats are so ignorant to proven human behavior, but banning weapons that are legally obtained by law abiding citizens certainly will not fix the problem and WE ALL KNOW THAT. How about spend the time and effort fixing the societal issues which causes someone to want to commit mass murder, which seems to only be prevalent in the United States funny enough. Taking guns away won’t stop people from being insane or murder’s, they will just use a different and more gruesome means to do what they want. Here’s a thought, WE DON’T HAVE TO BE LIKE EVERY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. Just because most, if not all, European countries almost make it impossible to own firearms simply because you want to, that does not mean we have to follow suit. It’s hard to believe that Democrats are actually trying to fix the issue, or perhaps they are just trying to make it look like they are doing something to get votes from uneducated and misinformed voters…which is the only way they ever come to power in the first place.

  9. And if this bill becomes the Law of the land, Who is going to go into the slums and remove the guns from the “gangs”, the mob , the biker clubs? You take their guns and only then will I give up mine.


  11. As a Law Enforcement Officer, I have arrested numerous criminals with illegal firearms only to have the charges dropped because District Attorneys, who are politicians by the way, wont prosecute them. There are laws already in place but politicians wont enforce them. We lock up these people just to have them get out maybe on probation if we are lucky and do it again. Laws wont stop criminals unless we enforce them.

  12. There is a Universal Right, held worldwide, which allows a person to protect himself and his family from harm. The 2nd Amendment simply took that Universal Right, and provided us the most practical means of protection against harm. Residents of many other nations can only resort to a knife, bat, shovel, or stick to protect themselves. WE WERE GIVEN THE MOST PRACTICAL TOOL AVAILABLE THEN, and NOW, and the Universal Right to protect oneself and one’s family “shall not be infringed.”

    THAT is what the 2nd Amendment was, and is, about.

  13. I would just like to hear Biden, Harris, Pelosi, or Schumer answer this question: if we aren’t supposed to judge all Muslims (or any other group) by one crazy Muslim ( or any other group), why is it ok to judge all gun owners by one crazy gun owner. They need to check the percentages.

  14. we are all aware of the proposed government takeover of our liberties guaranteed in the constitution. why is no one being charged with treason for breaking theyre oath of office? we must stand against these overreaches, and recall those politicians guilty of breach of office!

  15. The real problem here , are the criminals. If the Dumbocrats take away law abiding citizens guns away, the criminals can still get weapons, because they don’t do it legally. This just really aggravates me that those people can’t see the real problem!!!!!

  16. I saw a news article today titled “Mentally ill man kills 10, Joe Biden calls for stronger gun control law”. What the hell will a stronger gun control law do to stop a psycho from killing people? The shooters family said the guy was showing signs of violence and mental health issues. In fact his sister in law said he “was playing with what looked like a machine gun”, and no one called the Police to intervene? So many of these shooters showed signs of danger and yet their families and friends said nothing. When will Politicians admit this is a mental health issue, not a gun control issue. Because dealing with mentally ill people is expensive, most states closed mental health hospitals that warehoused these dangerous people and let them all out. No matter how many Gun laws are made, these shootings will continue as long as the Mentally Ill are ignored.

  17. Its telling that DNC “gun control” initiatives are always directed at disarming the general population. They could toughen or have zero tolerance laws for violent criminals; catch a proven murderer, violent criminal, etc with a “gun” then cut off their hands or execute them. Impose astronomical taxes on movies, TV, video games, etc that encourage or glorify violent crime. Make those who create these types of AV productions AND the “news” media liable. Of course, “Hollywood” is largely controlled by DNC supporters, so can’t do that.

  18. The Politicians that invoke a gun ban are violating their oath of office that makes them a traitor to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the people of the United States.

    So why aren’t our representatives standing by their oaths to protect the Constitution and Bill of Rights from this unjust Government.

    Do Your Jobs! Protect our rights, the border from being over run, do the things the government was meant to do.

    Not this social media crap.

    Grow a spine!

  19. The Politicians that invoke a gun ban are violating their oath of office that makes them a traitor to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the people of the United States.

    So why aren’t our representatives standing by their oaths to protect the Constitution and Bill of Rights from this unjust Government.

    Do Your Jobs! Protect our rights, the border from being over run, do the things the government was meant to do.

    Not this social media crap.

    Grow a spine!

  20. And i can tell you one thing. If the jews had the right to bear arms in germany before the second world war there never would have been a holocaust! It would have been too costly! But when your enemies are sitting ducks then you can just march them in line to the gas chambers no problem. More people need to learn from history. that event was practically yesterday in world history. Less than a century ago. Our backyard. The most important people in the world to arm is “the people”.

  21. I’m not seeing how the bill will address the 50 million assault weapons already in the hands of the american people. Also the right to bear arms is already not unlimited. We are not allowed to own machineguns easily. We are not allowed to buy hand grenades. We are not allowed to have claymore mines or c4. We are not allowed to have rocket launchers. There are tons of arms we are not allowed to have. I think the way it is now is very reasonable. Don’t need more restrictions.

  22. Fienstein is from San Fran, like Pelosi, she makes no sense .Her big show back then was turning in
    her .38 and keeping her.357 !! All this with ( Chinese spy) driver and security detail. Reagan didn’t
    empty the Institutions, the ACLU did !! Dems don’t want you having any firearms. Big cities (Dem run)
    like Chicago Detroit and Philly have strict gun laws, and the highest MURDER RATES !! So much for gun control. Read John Lott’s books, then pass them on to your legislators. Maybe they could learn
    something, But I really doubt it, they seem to never learn !! They think they KNOW IT ALL, being Swamp Dwellers

  23. It says right in the title “to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited, and for other purposes.” Anything other than unlimited is infringed. The SCOTUS would have to eclare this bill unconstitutional on that statement alone.

    It’s the part that says “and other things” that is more problematic.

  24. “The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such a nature. They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes…. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” – Thomas Jefferson

  25. Like Pelosi, Schumer and Bloomberg, Feinstein is a pit bull allowed to roam offleash. She used her positionfor a self-serving agenda rather than to submit the will of the people. Our Government will be better off once these old guard types used to having it their own way are no longer Senators, Representatives or wealthy people with no life outside ifjnterferring with law abiding citizens pursuit of happiness.

    I read all these perfectly logical arguments against gun control, and they all make perfect sense, but we need to stay focused. These laws are designed to control you, subjugate you, and make you bow to someone else’s will and command. Namely, politicians who want power and control over you, and they can’t get that total control over you if you are still armed. You might resist and they would get shot. So, enough about the illogical nature of the latest gun control laws! They are never, ever about guns. It’s about keeping would-be tyrants safe, from YOU!

  27. To say the word buy back of something you never have owned. Along with taxing them i paid my tax on every gun I bought At the time of purchase. anything beyond this would be double taxation without representation. This is exactly what started the Boston tea party. SA law abiding citizen you were put into office to protect the Constitution the 2nd amendment is very clear and is part of that constitution. The right of the people to keep and bear arms.

  28. Looks like these comments were cut and pasted form the last time there was a mass shooting.
    Or the time before that. What do you do with all that ammo that you’ve hoarded after events like this. Including the virus? By the way we do not live in the 18th century. Spending a lot of time at the range I guess. Are you really defending yourself? Or is this an ego thing? There really isn’t an apocalypse/war coming unless you start it.
    To be clear, I don’t like the idea of banning ARs. Any firearms. There have been sensible gun laws presented but they get no where because the “Right” will not allow it. So we have the fanatics on the left raging! Do you know there are still States that allow criminals to buy guns legally? Bad leadership.
    The world is not about white supremacy any more. And is what we are talking about here. It really hasn’t been for over a century.

  29. I was on my way to commenting that this is the first time I’ve ever read so many comments without disagreeing with any. But alas, there are some things I just can’t agree with. Without naming names (thus making this personal, which is not my intention,) a couple of things stand out. Emptying out the hospitals for the mentally ill is entirely on our beloved Gipper, President Ronald Reagan. It was perhaps his only major blunder as POTUS. The other is “we don’t need new laws… the ones we have are just fine.” No, nom they are not. ANY law or regulation that infringes upon the 2nd Amendment is unconstitutional. I just wanted to be clear on that. Otherwise, Patriots all so far,

  30. According to the FBI, criminal gun violence in America is disproportionately urban, ethnic, gang and drug-related.

  31. I’m waiting to see politicians do anything but fund raise off of mass shootings.

    Republicans should be disgusted they were asking for money so soon after this tragedy to protect gun rights.
    Democrats should be disgusted they were asking for money so soon after this tragedy to try and limit gun access.

    There needs to be legislation and community/private efforts to address root causes of crime, and there are many. There is no “one” solution — the factors are many, and not all affect every shooting/shooter. Mental health (an especially strong stressor during this pandemic), economic stressors (also especially strong due to pandemic) such as poverty and unemployment, disillusionment with/lack of trust in government, weakening of family and community bonds (again, pandemic), de-sensitization to horrific events due to their frequency and level of media coverage, a lack of trust in the media and big corporations — all these things and more are common stressors the government CAN actually address without TOUCHING guns with a 10 foot pole.

    But they’d rather screw around arguing about guns than actually negotiate ANYTHING else. This non-negotiation era of politics is terrible for the country — both citizens and state.

  32. ANONYMOUS is absolutely correct .. as are the rest of you .. when politicians proclaim they want to Fundamentally Change America they are not lying … But what they are doing is declaring They want to change the Constitution NOT uphold it as their Oath states .. Drew James is right “Election integrity, voter ID, term limits & control over our local school boards” is our Only strategy … I fear we are all in the pot of water and the temperature is being turned up and like the frogs in the parable it soon will be Too Late to jump out .. Harris Faulkner says Hope is Not a Strategy and boy is she right !

  33. Bans on guns DO MOT WORK! New Zealand banned just about everything after that terrible mass shooting. Now crimes are up tremendously, including gun crimes because by definition – criminals don’t obey laws. Only good people do, so why hurt good people? Politicians are idiots. If DiFi is so smart how did she allow Chinese spies on her staff for decades????

  34. That bill constitutes a conspiracy to commit civil rights violations.
    It is an attempt to deprive people of their property with our due process.
    It is blaming the innocent for the action of the guilty.
    It is hight time that we change the narrative!

    I read all these very logical arguments against gun control, and they make perfect sense, but we need to stay focused. These laws are designed to control you, subjugate you, and make you bow to someone else’s will and command. Namely, politicians who want power and control over you, and they can’t get that if you are still armed. So, enough about the illogical nature of the latest gun control laws! They are never, ever about guns. It’s about keeping would-be tyrants safe, NOT YOU!

  36. If anyone remembers, back in the day DiFi openly stated that if it were up to her, she would take EVERY firearm from EVERY gun owner. She did not beat around the bush, she said it plain as day in an interview. So nobody should be surprised at her latest attempt. What’s funny (or maybe not so funny) is that many of the guns she seeks to ban have already been deemed firearms in “common use” in the Heller decision.

    Here’s what I don’t understand: when these people are elected they take an oath to uphold the Constitution. Then when they get elected, they immediately oppose it, and nobody does a thing about it. In my eyes, openly opposing the constitution is grounds for immediate removal from office. That goes for ALL politicians, including the President himself.

  37. Wo all know new laws are not needed. The laws we have are just fine. The problem is … they are not enforced!!!!! Laws do not matter if no one enforces them. New laws only hurt law abiding citizens.

  38. Again blame the weapon not the perpetrators. Come on any violent assault on any innocent citizen of our country should be met with swift retribution. I mean any innocent person trying earn a living or getting a vaccine etc. We are all law abiding citizens of our great country.
    Don’t waste our time or money defending these low lifes. Sorry just truly frustrated by any politicians playing political football with this.

  39. Now just wait for a mass shooting to hit the headlines and boom! Fast forward the useless gun controls turning law abiders into illegals.

  40. Why doesn’t the Swamp focus on the root cause of most gun violence. Years ago lunatics were locked up in looney farms. At some point the liberals closed most of the asylums and asked the nuts to take meds. Many didn’t and they are the ones responsible for most of the mass shootings. The solution is to reopen the asylums, lock up the violent nuts along with most politicians.

  41. Never under-estimate your enemies. Keep an eye on the Democrats- if they don’t like the rules they want to change the rules. “While unlikely to pass in the Senate…” Only if the Senate maintains the present filibuster rule. Never under-estimate your enemies.

  42. Written by career politicians who surround themselves with personal security teams paid for by us tax payers. We have a right to defend ourselves and our families such like they do. Thank God I live in Texas. This will never fly here. Once again Feinstein has nothing better to do to actually attempt to do some good for our country. She needs to go.

  43. Election integrity, voter ID, term limits & control over our local school boards. Fight for the return to liberty and common sense. For far too long we have let these screaming voices get their way, feather their nests, and neglect what they were elected to do. Preach freedom from the hilltops before it is too late.

  44. All about control. Guns are a secondary excuse. I’ve read the bill. Would do nothing to curb any violence. Nor would it stop anyone from obtaining a weapon illegally. The whole thing focusses on make, model, and cosmetics. Same with the Mag capacity provision.
    And, when the new laws fail to have the alleged desired results, the gun grabbers will demand even more stringent and restrictive laws. With the ultimate goal of only the very rich, well connected, or government authorities allowed access to firearms of any kind. Which is exactly what the leftists want. Full control with no chance or resistance to their foolishness’.

  45. Once again they want to in act a bill that was already imposed upon us back in 1994. It was the Clinton Assault Gun Ban. It was passed and lasted for Ten long years from 1994~2004 and then it sunseted only to be brought up again to be renewed. Both the Democrat’s & The Republicans said they would not bother with it and reinstating stating that a DOJ REPORT SHOWED that these so call weapons only were used in one of one tent of a 100 % in crimes and had no significant impact on crime itself. Therefore it was stated that the Republicans and Democrats would not waste the time and money to go through the process of reinstating it stating it was a complete waste of time and money on the taxpayers as well as our time. It’s all a scam to try and disarm it by using scare tactics and Rhetoric over and over again.

  46. Our 2nd Amendment rights shall NOT BE INFRINGED!!! What in this Statement don’t they understand?

  47. Wake up America. Career politicians are dangerous to tax payers ,why do we continue to pay them to regulate us more and more.we left England because of this one time.

  48. No thanks to any Gun Control Legislation of any kind. As already have enough Laws on the Books in regards to Firearms. No thanks Demorats or Any Trator Republicans too that try and push any New to old Firearms Bills into New Laws..

  49. An assault weapon needs to be categorized as a liberal. What are they going to want to ban next? Erasers. Funny they seem to use them constantly to erase our rights.

  50. Ha!yeah right! If a group of Americans can get together and pass this bill we are doomed for sure as a country. The supporters should be exiled or take a look at all the peoples rights they are violating. I refuse to lay down my arms and am gladly willing to a be on the front lines of the Civil War over it also. I wouldn’t want to be on the end of the government or the police if Civil War does become of this. They are out numbered dramatically and would be committing suicide. Might as well make a career as a suicide bomber.

  51. You need crime control. Not gun control. My direct experience with later in AU is simple. If they are successful then only criminals will have these weapons as is the case in AU. Whereby you won’t be able to have handguns over 9mm or pump guns and semi automatic of any type. Moreover you if follow the AU example the police will enter you property at any time day or night to check your firearms and ammunition storage. This known as sneer and peek.From I read it sound like they copy cat AU legislation. Respectfully Perry

  52. Feinstein is nothing more than an evil twisted lying hypocrite that owns a handgun for her self defense but prefers us unarmed serfs . She also currently has 20.000 guardsmen protecting Fort Swamp DC as well!

  53. I hope everyone who has ever wanted to own or owns a firearm downloads the bill and actually takes a look at some of the language used. This bill is looking to absolutely to disarm every citizen. The tems and definitions descrube practically every firearm manufactured and in existence today. As far as I could tell, by the broad ranging definitions make all firearms an ‘assault weapon’.

  54. Will this idiot just retire or expire. Practically every year she tries to put this piece of crap through. It’s like she just changes the date on the paper and resubmits it. California, why do you keep re-electing these idiots? They haven’t had an original ideal in decades.

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