Mossberg’s MMR Hunter

Mossberg MMR Hunter Rifle

The Mossberg Modern Rifle (MMR™) is a successful line of hunting and tactical AR-15’s for the North Haven-based company. All MMR rifles feature:

  • Traditional direct-impingement gas system for reliable, smooth operation
  • Free-floating, button-rifled, carbon steel barrels with 1:9 twist rates for increased accuracy in this standard military chambering
  • Single stage triggers
  • Black phosphate and anodized metal finishes for enhanced durability

Mossberg includes an over-sized trigger guard to assist in the use of the rifle while wearing gloves. The grips of both the hunter and tactical series are Stark® Ergo Pistol Grips with battery storage compartments. An ambidextrous charging handle, which developers oversized, make charging the weapon easy for left and right-handed shooters. Designers also chose to remove the forward assist.

Mossberg Hunter
Mossberg Hunter

Mossberg designed the MMR Hunter with the varmint and small game hunter in mind. Hunters have a choice between the Mossy Oak® Treestand® and Mossy Oak Brush® coating. A traditional A2 style buttstock gives the rifle a familiar feel. Dual swivel studs grace the forend for the addition of bipod and sling and the stock features a rear stud with attached sling swivel. Designers optimized the 20-inch barrel with a 1:9 twist rate, and a recessed hunting crown. The machined aluminum receiver has an integral Picatinny rail for ease of adding optics with Weaver-style rings. Included is a five-round magazine; however, the MMR Hunter accepts most higher-capacity AR-15 style magazines.

The MMR Tactical is a perfect fit for the competition or tactical shooter. Chambered in 5.56mm NATO (.223 Rem) the Tactical versions come with a durable black phosphate/anodized finish and feature a 16.25 inch free-floating barrel with removable A2-style muzzlebrake; aluminum Picatinny quad-rail forend with vents for maximum cooling; receiver-mounted integral Picatinny rail; and standard dust cover. Options include 6-position adjustable or fixed stock which allows for up to 4 inches of length of pull adjustment; available with or without removable Picatinny-mounted front sight (adjustable for elevation) and rear sight (adjustable for windage and elevation); and choice of 10-round or 30-round magazine. MMR Tactical rifles accept most higher-capacity AR-15 style magazines.

Mossberg delivers dependable, innovative, and value-packed firearms to hunters, recreational shooters, servicemen and women around the world. It is only natural that Mossberg brings the next generation of firearms to the marketplace—the MMR Hunter and MMR Tactical rifles.

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Comments (5)

  1. Initial view and handling of this rifle I was impressed. I purchased this for $750 at Preseleys in Bartonville, Illinois. I had to buy a scope (BSA 6-24×40 Mil Dot), picatinny 1/2″ raised rail for the scope, bipod, and an Aimpoint AR-15 scope mount. Zeroing this rifle without a laser bore sight was easy, but this has to do with my new scope. The action of this rifle, brand new out of the box, was kinda tricky. Being that this rifle new out of the box, the bolt would not fully chamber the 223 rounds. After 4 shots, it was fine. (I also lubed it up before firing) I think this is just cause it needs a couple shots to help force the bolt to make it as smooth as you’d expect from any other AR rifle. I had NO FTF, FTL, FTE’s…nothing. (NOTE: You will need to OIL the heck out of this rifle before you shoot it because it will be dry as heck and with that new gun smell) It feeds and shoots AWESOME! I would HIGHLY recommend this rifle to anyone I know.

    Now for the CON’s, the upper and lowers are NOT mil spec. You can compare them to any other AR-15’s and notice some of the edges are not the same. Mine has a line indention on the right side of the upper, but not the left. The charging handle is slightly different than any other standard charging handles for AR’s (After disassebly, there is metal on metal rubbing going on between the charging handle and upper…harsh rubbing but not effecting the rifles operation). BUT, you can interchange parts from any other AR-15 with this MMR. Bolt, Charging Handle, Even switch out the pistol grip (You will need a trigger guard if you do as the MMR pistol grip is made WITH a molded trigger guard), and rear stock!

    This rifle is not Chrome lined, but it is meant for accuracy. And it SURE IS ACCURATE! I shot out to 300 yards and was hitting the same holes! 300 YARDS! That’s daggone good if you ask me. (I’m an avid shooter and shoot several times a week mainly rifles) I’m sure this will go further up to over 600+ yards EASY.

    I hope this review helps others.

  2. Thanks EJ. I will wait on real-world prices and hopefully find some good reviews in the meantime. If anybody has a link to any reviews on the MMR’s, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  3. What I’ve found for the MSRP on these is $921 for the Hunter (Black) and slightly over $1000 for the Camo, and $885 for the Tactical without sights and $921 with sights.

    I don’t see these being real successful if they don’t have a SIGNIFICANTLY lower real-world-price as compared to the MSRP.

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