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GunVault NanoVault


The Best Peace of Mind a Few Dollars can Bring — GunVault’s NanoVault

The NanoVault can be employed in many other places and ways. Your imagination is the only limitation. The NanoVault meets TSA airline firearm guidelines making it ideal for transporting your handgun when traveling. The small, discreet size makes it ideal for carrying in a briefcase or bag or mounting under a desk or in a file cabinet.

Three pistols highlighting different grip angles


Grip Angle Doesn’t Matter: Why I Rock a (Nearly) Stock Glock

Have you spent a bunch of money on aftermarket parts and accessories for your concealed carry or home-defense gun? You might want to rethink drastically changing that factory pistol.
Are a pistol’s “enhanced” or “improved” ergonomics all a marketing sham? Do they actually make a difference in how well you shoot? One author says no. Here’s why…

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Handgun Grips: When Slick Just Won’t Do

Not enough gun owners pay attention to the actual grips on their carry guns. Perhaps it’s because gun grips aren’t as sexy as lasers or fiber-optic sights, but the fact is, if you can’t control your gun because you can’t get a good grip on it, then not much else matters. Click to read more…

Black leather case with elastic holster inside

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Five Alternative Concealed Carry Holsters

Experts and common sense tell us, it is best to have our gun on our bodies. However, sometimes it is necessary to carry off-body. These five tested alternative carry holsters secure your firearm when you can’t carry on your waist… Want to win one of these holsters? Read the post and learn how to register to win a free Galco iDefense!

Pump-action rifle that looks like an AR-15


Five New Must-Have Guns and Five New Accessories to Go With Them

Late in 2014, the firearms industry has seen an influx of new firearms and firearm gear, such as weapon sights, rifle stocks and AR-15 accessories. Five new firearms from Cheaper Than Dirt include affordable compact 1911 handguns, a restrictive-state safe pump-action rifle in .223 Remington and a cheap AR-10. Check out this week’s latest and greatest firearms and accessories on The Shooter’s Log.

bolt-action rifle from Weatherby finished in a brown camo

Gear, Parts and Accessories

New Guns and Accessories From Cheaper Than Dirt!

Slide Fire has released the coolest customized rifle I have seen in a long time. The BFR-556 originates as the very popular Colt 6920, but ends up a belt-fed, bump fire AR-15 that you cannot get anywhere else. You have to check it out. This week’s new guns also include Kahr Arms CW9, CW40 and CW45 in Cerakote burnt bronze, seriously long-range hunting bolt-action rifle, the Weatherby Mark V Terramark RC. Plus a few accessories for your revolvers and GLOCK 42.