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Two cars in the snow after an auto accident.

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Winter Preparedness: Building Your List

There are three layers of preparedness outside of the home: Vehicle, Every Day Carry, and extended. This article touches on all three; however, the distinction between each is important. Vehicles have ample space and carrying capacity, so you can set and forget certain items in the trunk or under a seat. Everyday carry is the exact opposite of that. Each item needs to be judged versus space, weight, likelihood of use, and importance in an emergency.

Snow fall in Stratfor, Connecticut


Survival Saturday: How-to Tips for Surviving a Blizzard

Knowing how to survive a blizzard or other winter tempest is a significant, (however ideally unused) piece of information everybody ought to know. There are numerous sorts of blizzards and each can be a fatal executioner. While it is men who are more likely to die in a winter storm—as can be found in these winter storm stats—the danger can affect everyone. Envision being snowed into your home or being stranded in a vehicle amid a snow storm. Would you know how to survive? Here are some tips that could help save your life.

Two men crossing the street during a blizzard.

Camping & Survival

Winter is Coming Early—Don’t Get Caught Unprepared

Possible record lows and snowfall are predicted this week due to the remnants of Typhoon Nuri. Winter is coming early this year and will catch many people off guard. There is still a chance to prepare for the below average temperatures and the several winter storms hitting the lower 48 states this November. Prepare now for the winter months by reading The Shooter’s Log.

Picture shows a snow-covered train track with a fallen tree in the middle.

Camping & Survival

Winter Storm Preparedness: Everyone Should Have a Little Junk in the Trunk

Cheaper Than Dirt! wants to help drivers prepare themselves and their vehicles for the unexpected … especially considering the next imminent polar vortex. If you have the following list prepared, Bravo! Now is the time to reconfirm your supplies are accessible and in good working order. For those who may be unprepared, assemble what you can from items on hand and order the rest posthaste.

Deer feeding in snow.


Cold Weather Shooting

You are different physiologically in the cold. Your blood flows differently. Your breathing will change. You may shiver or hunch more when shooting in cold weather. Tasks that were extremely simple at 70 degrees, such as taking your time, drawing in a deep breath, and slowly squeezing the trigger are all downright unpleasant at 10 degrees. Read this article to learn how to overcome cold weather shooting obstacles and have a successful hunt.

Picture shows a herd of deer in the snow.

Hunting and Outdoors

30 Days of Preparing for Severe Winter Weather Day 14: What is the Best Way to Stay Warm During Late Season Hunts?

Didn’t hit your tags quite yet? To bag those late season bucks, you might be facing down some long hours in bittery cold weather. In order to take your shot, you need to be warm and comfortable in your stand or blind. Dress in or pack in strategic layers and pay special attention to staying dry to avoid the shivers, shakes and chatters affecting your aim. Following this short list of do’s and don’ts will help you tough it out when temperatures fall.