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YETI Drops NRA — A Knee-Jerk Political Reaction?

Yeti Cooler with #Boycott YETI

If you’ve been in social media “jail,” or on a temporary break from Facebook and the national news, you may not have heard that YETI severed its ties with the National Rifle Association, at the cost of a significant amount of controversy. The issue was brought to light by a letter from NRA director and past president Marion Hammer.

“For years YETI Coolers have been a hot item for sportsmen at the Friends of NRA Foundation Banquet and Auction events around the country.”

YETI boycott banner
Gun owners have resorted to destroying expensive YETI coolers in protest.

These Foundation events raise money to support youth programs and educational programs nationwide. The youth of America who benefit from these programs are the future hunters, hikers, fishermen/women, bikers, campers, wildlife photographers, mountain climbers, sportsmen/women and conservationists who will protect our natural resources and recreational lands.

Suddenly, without prior notice, YETI declined to do business with The NRA Foundation saying it no longer wish to be an NRA vendor and refused to say why. YETI will only say it will no longer sell products to The NRA Foundation. That certainly isn’t sportsmanlike. In fact, YETI should be ashamed.YETI has declined to continue helping America’s young people enjoy outdoor recreational activities. These activities enable them to appreciate America and enjoy our natural resources with wholesome and healthy outdoor recreational and educational programs.

The NRA Foundation is 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization.

In this day and age, information is power. We thought you needed this information.” This caused a social media uprising with noticeable silence from Yeti for a period of several days. Yeti responded Sunday evening/Monday morning with the following:

A few weeks ago, YETI notified the NRA Foundation, as well as a number of other organizations, that we were eliminating a group of outdated discounting programs,” explained YETI in a statement sent to The Inertia. “When we notified the NRA Foundation and the other organizations of this change, YETI explained that we were offering them an alternative customization program broadly available to consumers and organizations, including the NRA Foundation.

These facts directly contradict the inaccurate statement the NRA-ILA distributed on April 20.

Furthermore, the NRA-ILA stated in that same public communication that ‘[YETI has] declined to continue helping America’s young people enjoy outdoor recreational activities.’ Nothing is further from the truth. YETI was founded more than 10 years ago with a passion for the outdoors, and over the course of our history we have actively and enthusiastically supported hunters, anglers, and the broader outdoor community. We have been devoted to and will continue to directly support causes tied to our passion for the outdoors, including by working with many organizations that promote conservation and management of wildlife resources and habitat restoration. From our website to our film footage and from our social media posts to our ambassadors, YETI has always prominently featured hunters pursuing their passions. Moreover, YETI is unwavering in our belief in, and commitment to, the Constitution of the United States and its Second Amendment.

YETI’s competitors were quick to act, with Pelican offering a $10 donation to the NRA and a free 20 oz. tumbler to anyone that purchased its coolers, and YETI Nemesis, RTIC, placed a photo of the Second Amendment on ita profiles across social media.

After much digging and many calls and messages, we recently acquired the following information—an additional quote from Marion Hammer-regarding the YETI/NRA back and forth.

“YETI severed ties with the NRA and is now engaging in damage control after a backlash from many of its customers. In early March, YETI refused to place a previously negotiated order from the NRA-ILA, citing ‘recent events’ as the reason—a clear reference to the tragedy in Parkland, Florida.

YETI then delivered notice to the NRA Foundation that it was terminating a 7-year agreement and demanded that the NRA remove the YETI name and logo from all NRA digital assets, as well as refraining from using any YETI trademarks in future print material. While YETI is trying to spin the story otherwise, those are the facts.

While YETI can choose to run from the NRA, it can’t run from the facts. Whether this is due to the recent cancellation of its IPO from its NYC owners is a question only YETI can answer.” Note: Numerous attempts made to contact YETI, resulting in our being referred to YETI’s PR person, who would only furnish its previously quoted response. Now, there is another, new response circulating the web to YETI from Fletcher’s Outdoors—one that could be a glimpse into what could be devastating financial consequences for one of the outdoor industry’s major brands:

We at Fletchers Outdoors have pressed Yeti for statements and answers since early Monday morning. An email was circulated on Monday, addressed to Yeti managers, NRA Foundation, National Shooting Sports Foundation executives, Fletchers buy group executives and local press Andalusia Star News Michele Cox Gerlach and WAAO Blaine Wilson, written by M Anthony King. Yeti, in damage control mode, called M Anthony King ahead of its released statement Monday afternoon. King told them YETI’s statement did not explain its actions and lacked substance. The NRA has rebuked the YETI statement today.

Fletchers Outdoors has asked its buying group to revoke its vendor agreement with Yeti, an estimated $150 million value in some 500 locations in the U.S. and Canada.

We have frozen all orders with Yeti and will reject any shipments in transit. We will replace them with a firearm-friendly cooler manufacturer. Our current inventory of Yeti products will be flushed through the store, by sales or any other method necessary. Additionally, and for the record, we will continue to sell all legal firearms and ammunition to our customers. We will not destroy any firearms. Furthermore, we will not do business with any company, entity, or person that diminishes the Second Amendment rights of the American people. Best Regards & Merica” AK

One must ask, “Why would companies with such a broad base of hunters and shooters distance themselves from the NRA, the oldest civil rights organization in the U.S.?” Yeti Cooler with #Boycott YETI America’s hunters, shooters and gun owners are extremely loyal to their base and to companies they perceive are “on their side.” In the end, I believe we will chalk this one up as another win for America’s supporters of the Second Amendment.

You make the call. Did YETI pull away from the NRA and Second Amendment for political reasons or was this simply a case of bad timing and optics? Share your answers in the comment section.

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  1. Have written comment earlier. Just noticed, of all companies still selling Yeti coolers, Midway USA still hasn’t gotten the message. Already notified them that they get no more orders from me. Use to spend hundreds, but no more. Their response didn’t even relate to the message I sent concerning Yeti.

  2. Seattle Socialist, the Truth about Socialist in Seattle, has recently been revealed; Seattle Socialist Democrats, are proposing a Head Tax, on companies, $500.00 per employee for business owners. … .

    Wow, what a Gift, after all, the Socialist Democrats/Communist, have proven, Margaret Thatcher’s statement; ” Socialism, is great, that is until you run out of Other Peoples Money. ” The mere fact, Seattle’s a City Government out of Control, truly is amazing. … If this Horrible Legislation Passes, we will all watch as Home Prices Fall, Businesses, Evacuate Seattle and the City Coffers, Collapse under that Bulging Debt , Seattle will most certainly accumulate. … .

    Washington State, a Beautiful Place, will be destroyed under the Weight of the Socialist Democrats, that have Ruled for over 35 years. … .
    Take Note; The likes of Jay Inslee, a true Carpet Bagger, has never met a Tax he wouldn’t implement, as long as he was protected with his own Government Pay Check. … . Bob Ferguson, a Total DNC/SOCIALIST OPERATIVE, this has been witnessed as Fergy has gone after each of the Presidents Protection Orders, Banning the Immigration from some 7 Muslim Nations. Fergy, has himself, violated his Oath of Office, he’s not representing the People of the State of Washington, he’s instead, as an Operative of the DNC, taken on the Socialist Organizations battle to Resist TRUMP, this too will fail, it will show when he seeks the Office of the Governor . … .

    Socialism….? You Tell Me . … . I implore any Citizen of the United States, to illustrate how Socialism has advanced any Country. … ?
    Seattle will be the Litmus Test, as to whether the Outrage will lead to the Demise of a once prosperous and growing community . … .

    1. You clowns are just so F-ing ignorant it is actually painful to read your pathetic rantings. You want to talk about the success of Socialism in America? How about abolishing child labor, the 8 hour day, the weekend, paid vacations and sick-leave, workplace safety laws, workplace non-discrimination laws, and the growth of the middle-class? Not only did Socialism win all of that for the American worker, we often had to resort to violence and criminal activity to do so. We fought and died as Socialists here in Seattle for over 100 years for all these things, and will continue to do so with the Orange Fool pretending to be President.. We reject him, and we have no respect for the hate he pretends are laws, and we will still be protesting in the streets of Seattle when the whole Trump crime family is rotting in jail. We look forward to the day when no one who was ever a member of the NRA is allowed to hold a government job, especially in law enforcement!

      Workers of the World, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains!

    2. Your little tirade sounds familiar. I believe that’s the same rationalization that Stalin used. He caused the death of millions of his own people to cement his power.

  3. Why yes, I am a Marxist. That Fascist POS Trump has been an even better recruitment agent for Socialism than Bernie Sanders was. With the political activation of so many high school and college students in the fight for fun control, where the NRA is public enemy #1, we are looking at a Democratic landslide in November, and Speaker Pelosi starting the impeachment of the Orange Fool in January.

    Now, as a Marxist, I don’t want to see an actual ban on guns, as Marx tells us the Proletariate must be armed if they are to seize the means of production. Still, we totally support the Democrats in their desired to require licenses and registration of all firearms. We know you Fascists will refuse to comply, and we will is that to destroy the NRA, and strip voting rights from you wing-nuts the was the Fascists have used weed and petty crime to take the voting rights away from blacks and hippies.

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    2. Well, I’ve got a pretty sweet gig that lets me scam off my corporate masters without doing much actual work. The joys of working in the corporate data center. No pre-employment drug test to worry about, as you can’t hire any good IT people in Seattle if you test. We’re in a totally separate building from management, as the servers need a more hardened environment than headquarters can provide, so no suits to see that we only work a few minutes out of the hour keeping everything running. So it’s almost as good as a Soros check, as I get to troll you RWNJs, and get paid by my corporate masters while I work to destroy them!

      Smile, Communism will win, and the NRA will be destroyed!

    3. Sounds like you are taking full advantage of the capitalistic system you detest. What happened to a the all for one and one for all socialism you espouse. Keep going, you are firing up all that oppose your type and will continue to resist your movement with renewed vigor.

  4. SOCIALIST: You would make a great comedian. Re-education camps are a Socialist/Communist by product. Trump is great as well the NRA. It is pretty clear that you are pulling the chains of Shooter’s Log. We know you really are a life member of the NRA and voted for Trump. Please come clean and thanks for the laughs.

  5. Hey Seattle Soy thanks for the reminder! I just became a lifetime NRA member! Give me your address and I’ll bring ya an NRA sticker for the back of your Prius.

    1. You silly little boy. Why would I want to ruin a car by putting a sticker on it that would imply I was a Fascist traitor? Besides, I drive an Audi, not a Toyota. Oh, and you really have to be childish to think that saying someone drinks soy is an insult.

    2. Silly little Fascist, you need to learn the difference between trolling, and speaking truth to morons.

      I mean really, you clowns can’t even face the fact that there are a lot of Democrats who hunt, fish, and engage in a number of activities where a good cooler is needed, and Yeti realizes that market will never support a company tied to a Republican political organization like the NRA. Get a clue, we aim to destroy the NRA!

  6. Wow, $150 million in goods, that’s going to leave a mark and a lasting impression. Hopefully the CEOs of other firms will take notice.

  7. Hey, Seattle Socialist, your ignorance, is way more than obvious, it’s blatantly so. … . When you talk of Native Americans, you Trample on who I am, I’m a Chippewa, and you talk of Native Americans, what in the hell do you really know, you Leftist Pig . … .

    Get real, you clown, you talk of Trump, as if he were the enemy, when in fact, the So Called Socialist/Democratic-Communist, are the enemy. … .

    All one has to do, is to take a look at Seattle, it’s a Socialist Mecca, and it’ll be surrounded by Homeless, it will be Destroyed and Rightfully so, under the Socialist Rule. … . The Citizens of Seattle, will crumble, under the Socialist Plague, and hopefully, you too will as well. … . and as for you Seattle Socialist, you have . … .

    Make America Great Again, we need to Rid America of the likes of Seattle Socialist . … .

    Gun Control . … ? 2 A SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED . … . Now, I get that. … . I also get, keeping Crazy People In Hospitals . … .

    1 A Means for all views, even yours . … . Our Campuses, run by Socialist/Democratic Progressives, refusing to allow Conservatives an Opportunity to Speak . … .

    2 A Means, Infringed Not. … . Surely, even the Seattle Socialist can understand, this. … .

    1. Smile, all your silly right-wing nonsense will not stop Nancy Pelosi from becoming Speaker of the House next January, and once she is, expect the NRA to be raked over the coals by one investigative committee after another. Expect to see more and more businesses that want to do business with the majority of Americans who are not NRA members refusing to do business with the NRA. Rant all you want, but it will not stop us from destroying the NRA, and as much of the firearms industry as possible.

    2. You do realize you do not have the power to destroy the NRA or the gun business and neither does the joke, Nacy Pelosi. I am finding your comments quite angry. What are you so mad about? What has the NRA done to you? You seem rather immature and misinformed about reality.

  8. Seattle Socialist: Fascist Right is incorrect for “Consultant In Action”. He does not support an autocratic government. Both of you are over your heads in political terminology and are missing the point of the original article. Please stop your juvenile pissing contest and spare the readers and participants of Shooter’s Log your clueless philosophies.

    1. Anyone who supports Trump or the NRA is a Fascist and a traitor to the working class. I’d have no problem sending you all to re-education camps.

    2. Seattle Socialist has it ever occurred to you that you are in the minority. You do realize you are being laughed at? I can help you find a good job if that would make you a better person.

  9. Socialist, what you fail to realize; the US Government, during POTUS Trump’s tenure, will prevail, and in doing so, will illustrate to all of the True Americans, that believe in the Constitution, Socialism, Communism, Progressive’s are all alike. … .
    Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dhorn, Barack Obama, John Kerry, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, and the majority of Hollywierd’s Elite, they are no better than ISIS, in fact, run at a par to them. … .

    When you talk of Violence, you’re really not much different than ISIS or Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, or the rest of the Despicable Elitist, calling for Violence against Real Americans . … .

    Gun Rights, is assured, under the 2nd Amendment, and Shall Not Be Infringed, Get it. … ? But fear not, we will always, stand for Rights, over some nitwit, like you. … .

    1. First off, even the paleoconservative Scalia wrote in “Heller” that the 2A was not unlimited, and explicitly stated that much proposed gun control is not in conflict with the 2A as long as some arms are available.

      Second, dude, you are so far to the Fascist Right that even moderate Republicans look like a Socialist to you, much less the Wall Street wing of the Democratic party. The disgrace at Benghazzi was not Americans died, but that there were Americans there at all. I don’t consider Bernie Sanders to be radical enough, and Obama and Clinton are further to the right of me, than Trump is to them. They both would have fit in well with the Washington State Republican Party, back when the Republicans were moderate enough to win a governorship here.

      As for Trump, he’s doing a great job of destroying the Republican Party and motivating people to turn out and vote against Republicans in every election they can. We can safely assume that Trump will be facing a Democratic House and Senate looking for an excuse to remove him and Pence for any reason come January. Vetoing a ban on gun control might just be that trigger, so don’t count on a veto from Putin’s puppet.

      Lastly, when you say I support violence against Real Americans, you really need to pull your head out of your ass. Real Americans are Native Americans, and when we ban your ego boosters, I hope the U.S. Army treats you Fascist Fake Patriots move viciously than Sherman treated the Native Americans, which made his treatment of Georgia look like a tea dance!

  10. Yes, the anti-gun lobby can put plenty of “heat” on various industries. We Americans who believe in the Constitution—who have studied history—realize that the anti-gun lobby is ignorant or just plain stupid as to controlling evil human behavior. President Teddy Rosevelt had it right: “speak softly but carry a big stick” is still applicable in todays world. We need to let companies like Yeti feel our anger by not promoting or purchasing their products.

  11. Jon K Emory: I don’t want a civil war, but if the gun grabbers keep trying to destroy the USA and all of our rights, that is what will happen!!!! I saw enough blood shed in ‘NAM to last me 3 life times!!! If you served, which I doubt, you would have taken the same oath that I did, you would understand where I am coming from!!!! I would even go so far as to say that you can’t look a vet in the face and thank him or her!!!!!

  12. Sounds like a shortsighted action based on media pressure, i.e tactical vs. strategic. Time will tell if Yeti will survive alienating so many hunters and pro-responsible gun ownership customers and potential customers.

  13. I sent a short email to Yeti to tell them that I think they made the wrong decision to dump the NRA, as a retired cop, gun collector and NRA member I will NOT be purchasing any more of their products. I encourage others to do the same.
    Here is their web address:

  14. I was saving up to buy a Yeti. Heck I was not even thinking about an NRA discount. I will put my money to other use. I have already called a dozen of my friends and let them know about this companies move. Who do th they think purchase the majority of their coolers? People who hit the park once in a while or people who hit the field for whatever reason quite often? Sorry Yeti. I have not had the chance to be a custome, but it looks like I will never have the chance. Please feel free to contact me.

  15. Lets really save some lives and outlaw using cell phones while driving. I also believe that automobiles that vastly exceed the speed limit need to be governed. What about those killer opioids? My brother died from lung cancer attributed to cigarettes; why are they still available for sale? There are too many over weight people that suffer from a host of health issues. We must outlaw all foods that promote obesity. How about driving under the influence? That should be a crime; 50,000 plus deaths a year and alcohol and drugs are freely available. AND lets stop all the suicides, especially the youngsters. That has got to be the fault of someone or something. Fake news and divisiveness? Poor parenting? A broken education system? Yeti coolers? NRA? Sorry I got off the subject. Oh yeah, battle field weapons are full automatic, not so the AR-15. Lets be truthful here

    1. Truth matters not to the people trying to take our guns. It’s all about the hype and “striking out while the poker is hot!” These people have been mind-controlled for so long they are unable to think for themselves. They are only puppets who have waited in suspended animation until activated by their mentors and controllers.

    2. Terry, well said. Notice how fast the legislation in FL was enacted. That law was written and waiting for the right opportunity to get it passed. I’m sure there are plenty of others just waiting for their chance. This liberal agenda has been brewing for generations now, passed on by our educators to their students and bolstered by the liberal media.

  16. I’ll never use a product or pay for something that has turned there back to the 2A and the NRA.

  17. Yetti is out the door for me! Renewing my NRA memdership today! I am going to order a cooler from someone who really cares about our 2nd Admement rights!

  18. In my opinion Yeti betrayed and committed and act of cowardice to the people who supported their overpriced and overrated products because they used the NRA for self profit. I will not buy Yeti products nor will I support any store or web site that sells their brand.

  19. YETI’S Loss, the Patriotic American’s Gain. … .
    To think, YETI has the Audacity to challenge the AMERICAN People’s Loyalty to the US Constitution’s enough to call for a BOYCOTT of all of YETI’s Products and Now. … .

    This is a push by the Left to Destroy our Rights, to pick at one, then another of the Businesses that not only do business with the NRA and its Millions of supporters, all I can say is; Buy Only from those that Respect the Rights of All Americans and the US Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. … .

    It’s started with our Property Rights, the Left has picking away at them, now they see Light at the end of Their Tunnel, they’re in a Full Court Press to Eliminate Gun Ownership, by average Americans, leaving only the Elite Leftist to own Guns. … . It’s downright Frightening, we all need to take a stand now, Vote for Conservatives, not those claiming to be, but vote for Socialist Candidates, Like Tester in MONTANA, Vote him out. … . He’s a Fraud, claims to be a Conservative Democrat, B.S.,
    he’s a Nancy Pelosi Puppet, owned by the Leftist Radicals in D.C. and George Soros, who’s by the way, going to infuse Hundreds of Thousands to keep him in office. … . Vote the Bum Out. … .

    1. You point out our most powerful weapons, our wallets and our votes. Use them wisely!

  20. Yeti is a mythical non-existent creature. What are the odds that a company would name their company Yeti and end up as a mythical non-existent entity? Thanks for killing the business model of your over-priced coolers. I can’t return mine but it is being used as an ammo storage vessel and is working out quite well. Thanks Yeti for building an excellent, well made ammo storage box and contributing to our 2nd Amendment lifestyle. Please note that there are much cheaper and better ammo storage systems out there so no need to purchase a Yeti. The Yeti business model of liberal anti Constitution support is a real head scratcher.

  21. I will no longer buy any Yeti products. I have to wonder how much money Yeti has made from hunters and other NRA members who have bought their products in the past? This type of action is a response to bullying by anti-gun groups and is cowardly at best. Disgusting!

  22. I bought a yeti cooler about 6 years ago, because of the rules in Wyoming, in storing your food. When I read this BS, I fired up my back hoe and crushed it up. Yeti coolers maybe bear proof, but not back hoe proof!!!!! LOL!!!!! I sent and email to them and told them the same thing. I am a life member of the NRA!!! I have also boycotted every store that have stopped selling any type of weapon!!!! I believe in the 2nd Amendment nd the NRA, and I will protect my rights right down to the last drop of blood of the gun grabbers!!!!!

  23. Good for Yeti. I support the second amendment, too, but it shouldn’t extend to buying any weapon you choose and certainly not battlefield weapons. Rolling back the ability to buy an AR-15 and the like is really just correcting an earlier mistake – it should have never been allowed in the first place.

    1. All you anti gun types always preface their comments with how they support the 2nd amendment when they really don’t. If you really support the 2A, the type of weapon really doesn’t matter. And as for describing the AR-15 as a battlefield weapon displays your ignorance about the subject. It was never issued as a weapon for the armed services.

    2. joefoamingmouth::: You can say anything the you like, because you have the 1st Amendment right to do so. I served and I know what it means to take a oath!!! Most people that have not served, do not understand the meaning of “DEFENDING THE CONSTITUTION AGAINST ALL ENEMIES, BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC!!!”””” After reading your comments, I feel, and this is just my opinion, you are a spit stirrer!!!! When was the last time you “THANKED A VET” for the freedoms that you have??????

    3. Rodney, after re-reading your comment I am confused at your response. I was replying to Tom for supporting Yeti and claiming to be a pro 2A guy not you.

    4. Sorry for doing and saying what I said to you!!!! I lost my cousin over there and I am sorry to here about your brother!!!! As you know your brother took the same oath that I took and knew what it meant!!! Please accept my apologies for my out burst!!!! Some times I engage my mouth before my brain!!!!

    5. Rodney, Apology accepted. I believe we are on the same side. Help keep up the fight to retain our rights.

  24. Yeti not. Don’t see many liberals sporting overpriced yeti coolers. With so many choices on good to very good coolers why buy a name. Maybe George Sorus will support yeti and buy coolers for his minions marching for his socialistic agenda.
    Buy pelican coolers. Boycott yeti.

  25. I am running a customer facing promotion where normally YETI would have bee my first choice. Purchased 9 RTIC 45s instead and will repeat the order in another 2 weeks. Sad thing, in distributing the RTICs to my customers, each one of them thanked me so they didn’t have to have the YETI discussions with their customers. You won’t see me protesting in the streets, but I will move my money to those that support my beliefs. Chick Fil A also gets a lot of my. Haines for the same reason

  26. First off “who in their right mind” would spend the money they want for their product?
    I spend my $300 on Ammo or a new Weapon, not a “glorified” cooler!

  27. This move by Yeti has all of the earmarks of somebody at the company who is upset over the election of Donald Trump and finally, just snapped

  28. Yeti has condemned itself to be connected to all liberal cries to repeal the Second Amendment, part of our Bill of Rights in the Constitution. Now, I can see YETI sustaining a large loss in profits, perhaps bankruptcy. I wonder what its stock holders think when they have no rise in their shares after this huge mistake? In any case, no matter what YETI does, we will not buy from them at all. Financial suicide follows them like a skunk’s spray.

  29. I was at a Friends of NRA Banquet tonight and they were attempting to raffle off one last YETI cooler. Over 200 people booed YETI and they didn’t sell very many tickets. They had to keep sweetening the pot to get people to buy the raffle tickets.

    So long YETI, you can join Colin Kaepernick in the unemployment line!

  30. Political correctness out of control. I’ll buy a different brand that supports the Second Amendment

  31. Was going to buy my offshore fishing buddy a couple of YETI coolers. Not now. I’m buying him a stainless Marlin Marine 12ga pump and renewing his NRAmembership. Shame on this company. You ought to hear all the fishing guides around Steinhatchee, FL; none of us can believe what YETI has done. Maybe they like the idea of being offshore without any real means of self defense but we don’t — and we won’t be.

    1. Just like the attacks with vehicles mowing down our citizens those vehicles are not being boycotted and “sold” to the media as assault weapons and are still being sold on the market! The media is a sellout! We all know that! We just need to stay strong and stay together as one. It’s great to have supporters in the market but one that sells out to the other side is best left on the other side (the wrong side).

  32. I say God Bless the NRA and God bless Fletcher Outdoors. The NRA is the only organization protecting the 2nd amendment, if Yeti wants to do this to the hunters and shooters who made them what they are today, then I say let them go broke. This was stupid on Yeti’s behalf, but I was a member of the NRA long before Yeti ever came along and I will still be a proud NRA member when ever Yeti is bankrupt. Let them go, I can find a new cooler, But No one else will protect the 2nd amendment like the NRA does.

  33. Sorry Yeti, you’ve crossed a line that says to me, “Yeti doesn’t support the US Constitution”, so I say to you, I’ll not buy from someone who doesn’t.
    Hopefully the Navy Exchanges will drop you as a vendor as well.

  34. YETI. Another good reason not to buy one of their overpriced coolers. Just a billboard for people to show that they have more money than sense. Talk about paying for a name? This is the textbook definition.

  35. Maybe the CEO of Yeti should have called the NFL commissioner and asked his opinion about spitting on your customer base.

  36. I agree with YETI, I don’t want anything to do with the NRA. Can I send my YETI products back that were endorsed by the NRA to the company for a complete refund. I can’t stand looking at them.

    1. Ha ha. May you be visited by a burglar in the night and try to beat him and his knife off with the Yeti cooler.

  37. When the news broke, I sent Yeti a note on face book suggesting that they attend the NRA convention in Dallas and see who makes up the NRA, rather that bad mouthing the NRA, They have not bothered to respond to my note.

  38. An overview of Yeti’s Ambassadors demonstrates their target customers may not be hunters but snow sports, rodeo, fisherman and other outdoor enthusiasts. What should be more troubling about a brand/company is the philosophy of its owners. This must have been a calculated decision based on political correctness and sales, causing Yeti’s governing board to choose sides. Yeti, like many other entities failed to realize that it would have been wise not to force consumers who normally choose products based on quality and value, to now choose based on their philosophical convictions. Even if Yeti retracts and apologizes, my friends, family and I will no longer purchase Yeti products as the company’s governing board failed in it’s obligation to remain just a cooler company and to stay out of partisan politics. I feel badly for the Yeti employees who proudly manufacture their “Made in America” product only to have their governing board make such a selfish and UN-American decision.

  39. The NRA is infact a large portion of Americans and America itself. To make a unwarranted business move to Pander to a select group of Americans is economic suicide. People vote with their wallet as strong or stronger than at The Ballot Box and Yeti committed suicide on this one. I for one will never buy another Yeti product and I have every intention of sharing this article and any others that would have a negative impact on Yeti and its partners.

    Shall not be infringed

  40. I’ve always wanted a Yeti cooler and tumbler but were to expensive for me. Now, I don’t even want to hear their name. From research I have done, they are no near half the best cooler. I have a feeling they will be hit hard in the financial side of their business My wife found a tumbler at an on line store that was less than half price of Yeti and as good or probably better comes with 3 stainless straws and 2 cleaners. I’d take these over Yeti any day
    I think Yeti has made a choice that is going to bankrupt them.2.

    1. I am not a real Walmart fan either, but Walmart’s “Ozark Trails” stainless tumblers are at least as good as Yeti, and about 1/3rd the price.

  41. R.T.I.C. makes an equivalent product that has more capacity in most products at about 1/2 the price. The only real downside is that you need to order it from RTIC directly and wait for it to ship. Or just walk in to a store and pay double for YETI. They won’t be loosing me as a customer…I never was one RTIC is just one of many better values available.

  42. I never really grasped the concept of “Screwed the pooch” before. But now I understand. 🙂

  43. I think the reaction to Yeti will go a long way toward making an example to other companies with a liberal belly. As far as Parkland goes, where is the outrage over the FBI and the Broward sheriff? I guess they won’t sell coolers to them. Ya think?

  44. The NRA is going to be losing more and more such commercial partners who want to be able to sell their products to more than just the tiny fringe of the American population who support the NRA. The NRA chose to be a partisan political organization and support the Orange Fool. They chose their path, and we are going to destroy them for it. The rest of us are making sure that all companies that do business with the NRA, even those who sell them office supplies, know they will face public boycotts for doing so. Smile, just imagine what it’s going to be like once the Democrats take over the House and Senate in January, and Speaker Pelosi let’s Trump know that a veto of any fun control legislation will trigger his impeachment. Do you really think he won’t throw you under the bus without any hesitation to save his skin?The

    1. A socialist pig lecturing a civil rights organization, and one that’s growing by leaps and bounds financially?!? You and your fellow Marxist swine have been revealed to millions for the fascist goons that you are, which is by far the best outcome of Trump’s election victory.

    2. Seattle Socialist…NRA is the Tiny Fringe? I guess you and yours that think recreational marijuana is a productive way to spend your time, is also a great influence on reality?
      The Tiny Fringe are a much larger group than you think. Just because people who do not choose to get sucked into an irate screaming match with everyone who disagrees with their point of view, doesn’t mean they do not exist….Check the election results if you doubt this.
      Get a job….the economy is doing well enough now, thanks to the “Orange Fool” that EVEN YOU should be able to find something…

    3. Some People in Seattle should look around and realize that as our rights are deminished we eventually become subjects and seem to loose the title citizen. It’s not whether the Democrats or Republicans are doing this to us, it’s the fact that it’s being done. If we allow ourselves to become uneducated on what’s taking place in America we are all going to lose. When politicians are allowed to make laws for the citizens but leave them exempt, then we have a major problem. Yeti seems to be playing to the crowd that doesn’t have a broad outlook on this country. That is the biggest problem, Not the fact that they don’t want to do business with the NRA. Our second amendment rights are being challenged, and if we can’t see that then we will be just like the other countries who allowed their government to disarm them. This is what this is all about. Get a life outside of wanting the government to support you. If I don’t want to buy a gun then I don’t buy one. If I don’t want to do business with a certain company then I don’t do it. But I know that that is me, and only me. I don’t try and push my policies on everybody else and demand that they adhere to them. The fact that we have choices and can choose our individual paths is what makes America great.

    4. Yep, your are right. We gun owners are evil and deserve to be punished because the liberal socialist view is the only one in your view. If we don’t agree we will be castigated by the tolerant accommodating left. Good luck collecting all 400 million firearms in this country without a lot of bloodshed, but again in your view it is the moral thing to do whatever the cost. Then what? I guess we’ll wait for the next acid attack or knife attack or vehicle attack or whatever the next method of choice chosen by metal deficient or criminals. How will you counter those methods of killing?

    5. What make you think we want to avoid bloodshed when confiscating your ego compensators? We intend to use failure to comply with the early stages of licensing and registration as a way to take away the voting rights of every one of you who refuses to register. Oh, and probable cause for search warrants will be easy, thanks to Facebook saving everything someone has posted, even if they delete it and their entire account. One Moron Lube post, and no records of firearms mentioned on Facebook, and you get a nice no-knock search in the middle of the night. Like I said, the goal is no longer simply a few more gun safety laws. The goal is to destroy the NRA, and to forever silence its surviving members politically.

    6. You REALLY don’t get it… this is not about 5 or 6 million NRA members. It IS about 85 to 100 million gun owners, There aren’t enough cops in the country, or soldiers in the military to take them all.
      You are suggesting a police state take-over, and while gun owners will probably be the first targeted, and the first to respond, huge numbers of people will quick decide this is not to be tolerated. You are basically saying you want the government to start the 2nd American Revolution.

    7. Your delusion is the you think all gun owners agree with you. You also assume that all of those who own guns are right-wing nut-jobs like you. If the majority of gun owners supported the NRA, they would be members. There are quite a few people who hunt, or collect old guns who have no problem with registering guns, and don’t suffer right-wing delusions that registration leads to confiscation. Gun bans may be popular with some Centrists in the Democratic Establishment, but there are a lot of us on the far left who both own guns and enjoy shooting them, and want to destroy the NRA and use gun registration and RWNJ non-compliance to disenfranchise them!

    8. So you’re advocating for violence and bloodshed to limit violence and bloodshed? Maybe you will be getting the no-knock on your door.

    9. Not advocating violence. Simply stating I would have no problem with the government taking out entire families Waco style because they stood with a gun nut, instead of turning him in to the police and leaving. You right-wing scum just don’t get that there are more people in America who see the NRA as a domestic terrorist organization, than belong to said treasonous organization.

    10. Seattle Socialist-“I would have no problem with the government taking out entire families” sounds pretty violent to me. What is especially offensive is the terminology of families. Children are to be sacrificed for your cause as well? You sir are unhinged and have earned yourself a referral to the ATF & the FBI.

    11. Yes, I guess it is unhinged for loyal and Patriotic American Socialists to want to see our government come down like a ton of bricks of right wing traitors and domestic terrorists like the NRA and its members. Do tell the FBI and the ATF that I want them to show you terrorists no mercy.

      See, I’m counting on you RWNJs to break the law when we require you to register your guns, and I expect you cowards to use women and children as shields, the way you Fascists always do

    12. Well, now we know your battle plan…. start a civil war. Seattle Socialist, if you like socilism so much, move to a socialist country. We’ll all help you pack.

    13. Well, that shows just how ignorant you are, and how little you know about Socialists. Unlike you RWNJs, Socialists are not greedy, self-centered jerks. We are community minded people who seek to improve the lives of everyone in our communities. Canada could be the perfect Socialist worker’s paradise, and I would still be here trying to bring about a Socialist paradise here, so that all of my community could be free of wage slavery and Capitalist oppression too. But excuse me, I have a riot in Seattle to plan.

    14. Hey Joe, and all my NRA brothers and sisters!!! If you all want a good laugh, read Seattle Slue’s last post!!!! And said that he didn’t want to start any violence!!!! If starting a riot, isn’t violence, then I don’t know what it is!!!! LOL!!!!

    15. Your post does not really seem credible or in touch with current events. I do not think Yeti did itself any favors. I kind of wanted one before, but thought they were too expensive versus my needs. Now they are off my Christmas Card list….permanently
      Politically it is way too early to tell unless you have blinders on.

    16. Seattle Socialist… Tiny fringe? Where did you get that fact from? And the only reason you would win the election in November/January is because your Liberal Leftist corrupted group continues to BUS IN ILLEGAL voters. And tell me it ain’t true.

    17. Funny, the only voter fraud they have been able to prove has been Republicans using voter suppression, or voting twice because they believed some lunatic conspiracy theory about Soros bussing in undocumented workers to vote.

      So looking forward to seeing the Trump family going to jail for their treason with Putin to rig the election.


    19. According to polls over the last 20 years, polls have steadily shown that firearms ownership has remained about steady, with 40% to 45% of American households owning firearms. Even firearms owners who are not NRA members are smart enough to know when the NRA is attacked, it is actually the right to keep and bear arms that is taking the hit. 40 to 45% is NOT “just a tiny fringe of the American population”. Gun owners are the largest single-interest group, most involved in politics today. We call our representatives, we write to the, we let them KNOW how we feel, and then we vote, en masse, on that interest. It takes a MAJOR faux pax by a candidate to lose when firearms issues are at stake. Think I am wrong? Just ask Hillary.

    20. Wasn’t there just a special election held and at last report it didn’t seem to work out for you democrats at all just like the one in 2016 when the house and Senate went to the Republicans and Donald Trump was elected president. Winners crow, and democrats losers cluck.

  45. There Comes A Time when you have to ask yourself do I really need a $200 cooler .I personally do not need one nor would I ever waste that much money on just a cooler when there’s so many guns out there to buy and ammo. I would never give up my beliefs or my backbone just to own a product .I will not be disarmed or enslaved are the liberals or the media who are only out for their own interest .there is way too much of this going on in this great country .this is just another attempt to make us bow down to their beliefs .I say keep your guns close your ammo even closer and if you own one of their products use it for target practice.

    Y ield
    E enough
    T o
    I ignorance. AND YOU WILL LOSE !!!

  46. Since YETI is headquartered in Austin, Texas (Liberal Capital of Texas) they’re appeasing their neighbors, while dismissing the rest of us. I’ll never buy a YETI product and neither will my friends or relatives!

  47. Yeti, another company that makes choices for others without regard for rights, responsibilities or obligations and would fight to their last collective liar/lawyer if the NRA filed suite for the non-completion of their order. Pretty sure the NRA doesn’t want them to complete now because that would be suicidal in a way. I don’t own any Yeti, won’t for sure now, even if gifted one/some I’d dispose of them now. Although some other person here said boycotts never work, I’d like to see how well that holds up when true Americans, the NRA and NSSF and GOA and others all stand to the standard. Betting Yeti would feel a much heavier blow than they currently do.

  48. The reason this came into play is that NRA was using a Yeti cooler in an NRA ad commercial. The commercisl had to do with the school shootung in Florida and the NRA used a Yeti cooler as a prop. Yeti was upset and outraged about the whole thing. Regardless of what Yeti does with its ties with the NRA shouldn’t affect our personal decisions to buy or not buy Yeti products. This is a beef between the 2 which does not include me. I Have my own thoughts and mind following the beat of my own drum. When will we as people stop following others and start bring leaders of our own minds and make our own decisions without having being influenced by the actions of others. I may support a cause but I’m not going to be influenced by 2 individuals/companies beef.

    1. I beg to differ. I am a paid member of the NRA. When I say, “I am the NRA”, I mean it, and I take it seriously. I don’t always agree with all of the “leadership’s”, or even the board’s positions, but when a company takes a swipe like this at the whole organization, it’s taking a swipe at very single member, and every individual who looks to them. Neither the NRA, any member, or any follower, is guilty of ANYTHING to warrant this.
      You want to buy Yeti? Go for it. Heck, buy stock in the company, but don’t pretend to be outraged when the rest of the left does the same thing. That is just outright hypocritical.

    2. Someone smarter than me said something along time ago that was true then and if we are not careful will be true once again. It was something like “If we fail to hang together now we will almost certainly hang separately later” If companies fail to stand proudly with us while we are being attacked for our beliefs they deserve to be called out publicly and made to feel a financial pain. We need to stick together and grow our numbers we can’t have once trusted allies stab us in the back when the going gets tough.

  49. “What happened in Toronto Monday was a horrible tragedy,” said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb in a press release. “Fatal vehicle attacks have been increasing. The 2016 Nice terror attack killed more than 80 people. Last year a man driving a rental truck killed eight people on a bicycle path in New York City. Also last year, 13 people were killed in Barcelona, eight more died in a car attack in London and four were killed in Stockholm. If a gun had been the weapon instead of a vehicle, all of those would have been mass shootings.

    “How should we define an ‘assault vehicle,’” he wondered. “Is it a van or truck? Does it have a high-powered engine? Does it have an automatic transmission? Can it be fitted with a high capacity fuel tank? Do they all come in solid black, or are other colors available? Can they be equipped with large mufflers to suppress engine noise? Once we define them, should we ban them, require special training to operate them, or just raise the age limit to buy or rent one?

    “Or is the problem the individual driver, rather than the equipment he turns into a weapon,” Gottlieb challenged. “Once you realize how absurd it is to call a car an ‘assault vehicle,’ you see the lunacy of defining, and then banning, so-called ‘assault rifles.’

    1. Steven- well stated, I have been trying to make the same comparisons on other platforms. It’s not the tool, its the person behind it.

  50. Yeti can go down with Dick’s and whoever else turns their back on the NRA. Yeti coolers were way, way over rated and priced anyway. Yeti should be ashamed of themselves and close the doors after what they have done to sportmen. We were the ones that made them..

  51. Shame on YETI. I believe everyone, Yeti included has the right to make their own choices. My Ace hardware store has Yeti products at the front of the store and in the center aisle. I now make the choice to no longer shop at Ace or any other business’ that carry Yeti.

  52. Well it will be interesting to see how many outdoor presonalitites that have Yeti as a sponser drop Yeti? Jim Shockey? Hartland bowhutnter etc.

  53. If I may add that Dick’s sporting goods carries a lot of the Yeti line of tumblers and coolers. If these companies were “good” friends of the NRA and its’ members, they turned out to be “fair” weather friends, pretty sad that liberal dimwits sit on the boards of these two corporations as well as their PR firms as well. Good riddance

    Dave L.

    1. I don’t think it is any accident that Dick’s Sporting goods is running a huge sale on Yeti products. It looks as if they are trying to drag each other into leftist hearts and minds…

  54. I believe Yeti shot themselves in the foot on this one, and we’re now seeing their poor attempts at justification, media volleyball, and obfuscation. Personally, I don’t own any Yeti products, and after witnessing their PR tap dance, I doubt I ever will. If geeting behind the media and gun grabbers false and erroneous agenda was their goal, then they’ve succeeded. Goodbye YETI, glad I didn’t know you.

    1. The only thing with which I disagree in your comment is the location of Yeti’s self-inflicted wound, It’s a little higher and lot more sensitive…

  55. I was just in the process of purchasing a Yeti product. That will not happen now. No organisation or individual does more to promote forearm safety and education than the NRA. As a lifetime member I will not do business with a company who has done what Yeti has done. They can sell their product to their liberal anti gun supporters. I won’t buy one and I will encourage my family not to do business with this company, who obviously values an activist anti gun political position more than it does supporting America’s leader in firearms safety and education. I hope my fellow NRA members will follow suit and go with another product line that does not play these political games.

  56. Yeti just cut off the nose off their face. I’ll purchase Pelican or Coleman for all my needs from now on. This was simply a Liberal Leftest Pressure Agenda Tactics that truly backfired in their faces. I’m glad Wells Fargo didn’t cave in.

  57. It’s always good to know who (whom .. for all those elite Liberals out there) not to do any further business with. It’s obvious that they don’t care about the Second Amendment, but by this action they show their disregard to several other Amendments of our Constitution .. and most importantly they are showing what a bunch of weak-kneed sisters they are. I’m not calling for a boycott, they never work .. I’m just saying I’m not going to purchase any future products they produce .. but, no worries .. I’m sure all those Liberals will be buying them for their protests .. if the out of work Liberals who protest at the drop of their collective hats can afford them, that is.

    1. It’s ok to use proper English. If you think about it, it is actually conservative.
      I have a Yeti beer koozy and tumbler, both of which now have big NRA stickers on them. I will not however be giving them any more of my hard earned money. Coleman makes a great 5 day cooler for 1/5 of the price.

  58. I just emptied Yeti from my Amazon shopping card after reading this. No more Yeti purchases unless they make amends with the NRA and fellow enthusiasts.

  59. I believe a company has a right to change who it advertises with. I also believe we have a right to choose not to do business with that company. The line “YETI refused to place a previously negotiated order from the NRA-ILA” is troubling, but shows how wrong things have gotten in American business when deals/orders have been made and one party backs out. NRA member should notify Yeti when the purchase their next cooler and let them know which brand they purchased. Much like the NRA Visa card, when mine come up for renewal without the NRA logo the account will be switched and Visa will be notified as to why the account is closing. If the NRA partners with a different source before that I will switch sooner.

  60. OH Well, Siberian Coolers offers a line of Ice Chests just as good as Yeti, and at Half the price too. Siberian puts thier Ads in Americas 1st Freedom magazine also which is an NRA publication.

  61. I think yeti jumped the gun. I guess they thought with all the humbug by the liberals they had the majority of the American people on their side. The problem is most knowledgeable Americans don’t rant and rave like their counterparts. In this case once yeti realized this they tried to backpedal. Hopefully it doesn’t work as the American people know exactly where yeti stands. Their product is a very well-made Product-and does a good job, but it is very very expensive. I’ve seen their small to midsize coolers priced at over $250 at a discount store. I think I can go with pelican, Igloo, Coleman or any other Well made and rated product that will do just as good of a job as yeti’s product. My second amendment rights are more important to me as a free American citizen then aproduct who’s Company jumps to appease the first person that puts up their hand. Maybe a little research on their part Would have been appropriate.

    1. We looked at Yeti for a small car-seat cooler, but after checking prices and specs, we bought an RTIC. Half the price and at least as good insulation. Six people used it for two weeks to keep our sandwich ‘stuff’ and drinks cold through some hot desert weather. Keep them on your list of alternatives.

  62. On the surface of it, it seems that Yeti has tried to slide out of an uncomfortable situation in a rather back door an underhanded manner.
    There are other, less expensive and as good or better coolers out there.
    I suspect that this is an attempt by owners of this company to not get caught up in the politics of the issue while answering to their Socialist Liberal Board, and share holders.
    Don’t need them or their expensive products.
    Un American behind closed doors actions for extreme political gain and leverage are not an acceptable or ultimately successful business practices.
    Any Yeti whistle blowers out there who would like to leak any of the internal emailOr correspondence that generated this epic fail of the company you work for? Post them up! Let’s get some clear air here for a change! Time to see where this rooted from.

  63. I wonder how much pressure Yeti got from Dick’s Sporting goods after they quit selling AR’s in their stores, seeing that they are a major distributor of Yeti products. Anyway, I’ve always thought Yeti was overpriced because of their brand name. Go with RTIC, ORCA or anyone else that makes coolers just as good and supports hunting and shooting and most of the all NRA

  64. Hmmm let me see … constitutional rights or a frickin over priced thermal container … i will stick with the NRA thank you very much.

  65. I’ve never owned a Yeti product, and was unlikely to buy one in any case as they are pricy. I do own several Pelican products however, and would look to them if I’m looking for a durable rugged outdoors cooler in the future.

  66. I’m doing to Yeti what they have done to the NRA….turning my back! Maybe enough Liberals will buy their products to keep them in business
    ….or maybe they won’t. America doesn’t need another spineless business that doesn’t support our Constitution. I have always supported businesses that believe in America and what it stands for. Thanks Yeti for showing your true colors.

  67. I have an overpriced yeti cooler. I’m going to simply going to put an NRA stickers over it. Long live the NRA!

  68. Like Dick’s. Just more SJW posturing. Again blaming the NRA for something it had absolutely no responsibility for. Searching for scapegoats for atrocities that a Socialist toxic culture is producing. Both those entities now will see if they can survive selling overpriced goods to Yuppies.

  69. Never had a desire to own a Yeti product, now I never will. I’m not a big “bandwagon” kinda guy. The only real brand loyalty I have is GM. I build my own weapons, motorcycles, house, cabin etc. Oh wait, I do like Rigid tools. Yeti can fall by the wayside, and I won’t care either way. Oh, Gibson guitars too. I dont think they can backpedal fast enough to get out of this unscathed.

  70. I think if Yeti’s actions had been just poor timing they would have tried to “mend the fence”. But as it appears they have no remorse, so it must have been intentional.

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