School Resource Officer Stops Shooting in FL — Where is the Media?

Police officer aiming a pistol.

“If it bleeds, it leads.” When the shooter in Parkland Florida committed his atrocity, news agencies not only covered it for days, lawmakers took part by hastily enacting poorly planned, conceived, and executed legislation. In large part, the shooter-caused carnage was laid at the feet of the school resource officer who sheltered outside instead of engaging the shooter—a fact the media covered to a lesser degree. Then, last week, there was another school shooting in Florida, but this shooting was much different.

Police Responding
When good guys with guns engage the bad guys, the threat can be minimized or neutralized.

This time, when the shooter touched off his first shot, the school resource officer immediately rushed to the direction of the report of the gunshot, engaged, and took the shooter into custody—eliminating further danger. Did the news media cover the shooting? Was this plastered across your TV screen? Are lawmakers changing firearm legislation as a result? Of course not, they do not have a tragedy to capitalize for their own purposes.

The shooting happened Friday morning at Forest High School in Ocala. The suspect was first identified as a student, but later clarification shows that he was not a student at the school.

He brought a shotgun into the school, concealed in a guitar case, and blended in with students. At some point, he fired a shot at the bottom of a door, and some pellets from the shotgun blast struck a student in the ankle. As soon as the resource officer heard the noise, he rushed to the area. The suspect was quickly taken into custody by a school resource officer—Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy James Long.

Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods said, Long heard a loud bang! about 8:39 a.m. and immediately rushed to the source of the sound. Within minutes, at about 8:42 a.m., Long reached the shooting scene and had the shooter in custody, officials said.  “[Long] did not hesitate. He went right in,” Woods said at a news conference.

There is no telling what the gunman had planned or how much damage he was looking to do, but one thing is clear. Had an armed resistance not been there, this kid could have fired more shots and/or made a clean getaway. Thanks to Long, none of those were an option. In the video above, you can see police coming into a room and telling everyone that they are alright. While the students’ hands are up, the police check the room for potential threats.

The shooting happened on April 20, 2018, the same day that a nationwide walkout was planned to protest ‘gun violence’. This particular school had planned to participate, but the event was canceled in light of what had taken place that morning.

The media took note of this thwarted school shooting but unless there’s a lot of death and destruction, they’re rather moot. This type of outcome doesn’t feed ratings, and is why they are overlooked. If the U.S. population actually saw these events like they do the tragic ones, I am certain we would have a lot more people fighting for the idea of armed personnel inside of schools.

Why do you think this story was not covered by the network media? Share your answer in the comment section.

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  1. My step daughter goes to that school. She was there, she knows all the people involved, and told me personally what happened. While the school resource officer did his job properly and is to be commended, he was not the one who stopped the shooting.
    The shooter did. He dropped the shotgun after the first shot and just stood there.
    The first person to confront him was an unarmed teacher, who talked him down and got him to agree to surrender himself to the school resource officer.
    The SRO was second on the scene, not first, and did not have to use violence or the threat of violence to stop the shooter.
    The student who was hit in the foot had plans to join the military after graduation, and now may not have the opportunity. His ankle will require extensive reconstruction.
    Again, I don’t mean to disparage the SRO, I really don’t. He did his job well. I’m just recounting the fact that this story did not happen the way this headline would have you believe. Other sources will verify as much.

  2. Probably the same reason you’re not discussing the waffle house shooter who was thwarted by a good guy without a gun.

    1. Fireguard 1 That’s the same gamble that the coach at Parkland high took and now he’s dead. With disparity of force against the waffle house defender his best possible odds were 50/50, in all reality he was probably sitting at a 40% or less a chance of success. His saving grace was the attacker was incompetent with a rifle.

  3. What are you saying…are you suggesting that there is no coverage disparity between those who want gun control and those who’s actions support the 2nd Amendment? Did Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv get any kind of ‘equal’ coverage? What about the teacher at Parkland that supposedly compared him with Hitler? Clearly the Mainstream Media has a narrative here, and when actions that should be newsworthy do not support it they are either ignored or at best minimized.

  4. It is not in the news because it does not fit into their New World Order, UN plan to totally disarm us. Any good use of a gun will never be reported.

  5. Cops stop stuff all the time, cant cover every story ad nauseam. And it was a resource officer doing their job. Is there someone against resource officers that this news flies in the face of? Is someone fron Parkland against resource officers?

    Besides, a single shot from a shotgun where someone got wounded in the ankle is NOT the same as a maniac with an AR randomly killing or wounding dozens of people. So yes its no more sensational than a million other police interactions and the media exists to make money. Just like gun companies. Its all about money.

    I think the officer should be commended for doing their job but outside of that this is just misplaced outrage. Not everything is a socialist conspiracy to take our guns.

  6. If there is no “tragic” body count, and the action a police officer or private citizen takes to apprehend the perpetrator does not end by killing the perp – then the alphabet news agencies see no “newsworthy” information to report. So many good uses of firearms are passed by because it does not gather interest or increase the agencies “Nielsen ratings”. Also, when the liberal bias that the news reporter has kicks in – they would rather sensationalize “fake news” rather than real news. I condemn these news agencies to the point that I will not watch them at all. They have been “despicable” to me for a long time

  7. The following is the reason this incident created little news coverage:

    What is Yellow Journalism? – Definition, History & Examples

    “Yellow journalism is an exaggerated, exploitative, sensational style of newspaper reporting. It emerged at the end of the nineteenth century when rival newspaper publishers competed for sales in the coverage of events leading up to and during the Spanish-American War in 1898.”

    yellow journalism | Definition of yellow journalism in US …

    ‘Use yellow journalism to scare the public into demanding that legislators pass a law to fix the nonexistent problem.’

  8. The reason the media is not there is because the cops were doing their “job.” People don’t go out and pat the back of the truck druver that brings the food to the grocery store so you can eat. It’s their job, it was a choice. I have been a first responder for 19 years and was part of a SWAT team for 7, I am a veteran, and a gun owner but this line of thinking where we become outraged because the media didn’t cover the police for doing their job, is ridiculous and toxic.

    The truth is that nobody is going to take the guns away. The truth is that there are to many people out there that should not own guns. If you want to be that “good guy with a gun” then subject yourself to a psychological examination like our “Good guys” (law enforcement) does. Forums like this one are nothing but echo chambers and I truly believe that we are better than that.

    1. It’s not about selling papers, it’s about selling the Chosen narratives. Anything running counter to the “Gun Control Now!” narrative is just ignored by the national media – dozens or hundreds of times a day. Stories of the thousands of law abiding citizens who protect themselves using firearms never get past the local level (if they even make it that far).

  9. Attend school the same way we did? I was underage and drove my motorcycle to school. We played on school grounds on weekends. Having a gun was not look down upon and there was no social media to advertise stupid views.

    No they cannot and should not dictate anything. They do not know anything beyond the end of their phone.

  10. Why would there be coverage of a successful armed response. It would further debunk the socialist democratic party’s flawed stats They invent, then quote them as gospel. Anytime a constitutional right is under attack, there are always lies and flawed stats quoted to validate their logic and intent.

    1. Social democrats are against resource officers? I’d love to read whatever source is telling you this. As a gun carrying social democrat, that’s news to me.

  11. Where is pu$$y little David Hogg. You know that 18 yr. Parkland H.S Drama club senior student who’s father is retired FBI millionaire. So happens senior David Hogg was in the freshman building during the shooting.. oh how convenient right. Then he goes on blaming the NRA and gets massive media coverage on fake news liberal media. Of course the parkland shooting happened during emergency drills the school has been participating in that week. Massive cover up on info on YouTube just like sandy hook .

    1. Whats the sandy hook cover up exactly? And dont start with the crisis actor bs, i know people who buried their children as a result of that horrific event.

  12. This is why this didn’t get media coverage. The Parkland students screamed, yelled, and demanded action to STOP all school shootings using their demands in new gun laws. So the Florida government raised the age limit to 21 as one of their demands. A 19 year old managed to get into the school with an illegally possessed shotgun that wasn’t an AR-15 to shoot up the school. It showed that new gun control laws still did not stop a school shooting as the media advertised.

    1. No one died and the officer did their job. Not really front page news. And to follow your logic, wouldnt the “left” want to pounce all over this to show the new gun laws didnt go far enough? It certainly isnt a “oh shucks lets give up trying” moment.

  13. Of coarse there’s no coverage on this one it doesn’t fit Obambam’s and the Demon-Crats narrative. They can’t use it to disarm America and Americans, which is their ultimate goal.

    1. It is a sad thing that it was not all over the news. But leave it the Demoncrat and Holwood is tring to take are disarm us poor Americans that use are gins to hunt and sporting events. The media is a bunch of bull—t. And like Trumps said you can not believe in the media today.

    2. Democrats goal is to disarm America? Really? Lol. And Obamas gone time to retire that boogeyman…

  14. Typical liberal media, unless it can be used to further their anti-American agenda, they ignore it. This is where we – the supporters of the 2nd amendment – need to stand up and make sure this is seen, post it on Facebook, write to your local news paper, email your local news media, do whatever it takes to make this known!

  15. Media coverage over the last 20 – 30 years has been increasingly going after the “shock” factor; the more horrific the event – the more media coverage will occur in order to bolster ratings. They “media opportunists” do no consider the overall effect it is having on molding the minds of the younger generation. Hence, we are seeing more and more individuals who do not value human life as they have been over exposed repeatedly over time (form of brainwashing or conditioning) to accept this behavior as normal reality.

  16. Two reasons this shioting wasn’t covered as widely as Parkland:

    1. The shooter used a shotgun, not an AR, so the gun grabbers couldn’t ‘do anything’ with it, and;
    2. The casualties were DRAMATICALLY reduced because the ARMED Resource Officer responded immediately and we all know the rule of thumb with the media is “If it bleeds, it leads. But again, because an ‘armed response’ stopped the incident, the gun grabbers couldn’t do anything with it. Perhaps the grabbers could have made a play for the simple shotgun next if it had taken some lives!

    What I want to know is – WHO was this shooter if not a student? We already know he was able to get the rifle in using a guitar case, but who the shooter is and what his motives were should be examined…I’m sure they will be with LE, but not with the media!

  17. They don’t have school shootings inside inner-city schools. You know why? They have metal detectors. Do you know what these schools where shootings happen don’t have? Metal detectors. Suburban people rejected that idea because it would be “unsightly”. Well, there ya go..

  18. Why don’t school staff lock the doors while school is in session? Is this so difficult? Do we need to organize a march of thousands of people to just LOCK THE DOORS????

    1. @ Sharky.

      I suspect it has something to do with the Local Fire Department Regulations (i.e. In Cases of Fire) being able to Get Out…

    2. Thank-you for bringing this up! Same thing I have been asking, who left the door unlocked in Parkland?

    3. Come on guys. Dont you remember anything about school doors. They can be locked to outside people and still open from the inside. Thus, no fire code violation.

  19. I saw a news report on abc,cbs and the local news the same day it happened. I also read an artical on CNN and also carried over to Google news. These arrivals were on line for at least two days. There should be a law that prohibitively stop new orgs and people from speaking the names of the cowards that do these acts of domestic terrorism. It would take away the 15 minutes of fame. That’s that’s what a lot of motivation is behind these cowardly acts.

  20. This just shows what works, a real police officer or good guy with a gun using it to stop violence by someone with bad intent.

  21. I’m sort of curious on how the Kid was able to get into the School with a Loaded Shotgun in the First Place! A shotgun isn’t something your likely to take for granted and overlooked or unnoticed by an Alert Resources Officer. Unless said Alert Resources Officer “Wasn’t” at his/hers assigned location…

    1. @ Dave Dolbee.

      You would think with the Heightened Security in the School Systems around the Country because of the Mass Shootings. The Front Doors of the Schools would be like the “TSA” Security Lines at the Airports. Not the Lone Guard at the Local Walmart…

    2. Well… Of course they couldn’t do that!!! Then the kids would be whining about their rights and the school feels like a prison, or some such BS. I guess I’m just tired of the women and children dictating as though they are all suddenly in a position of power. Its all laughable. All of it. The media, the liberals, the black lives matter, the Muslims, the LGBTQ’s, the illegal aliens. All DEMANDING their rights or immediate action. They can all pound salt.
      As always
      Carry on

    3. But should they have to be that way, children should be able to go to school the same way we did. They shouldn’t ever feel like they might get shot that day, I don’t know what the fuck changed, it isn’t the guns, it isn’t the armed officer on campus, and we’ve always had dipshits doin stupid shit but there’s gotta be another way to fix this nonsense without making a child’s school look like the airport, or disarming law abiding citizens.

    4. What happened is that parents quit being parents and let their kids rule the house. It’s getting to the point that children are ruling things instead of grown ups. It says in the Bible that in the end times that it will be as if children rule. There is nothing but chaos everywhere and that is just the way its getting to be. Instead of us moving forward we are going in reverse.what is changing is our world today. God is in control of all things ,but the world is changing ever so slightly everyday. It use to be that parents ruled with an iron fist. You didn’t darn backtalk, curse, or call them names. Nowadays that is all you hear. Things are changing right before our eyes and there’s not one thing you can do to change it.If it were left up to me there would be a gun at every entrance,but with the way things are today if someone really wants to cause harm somewhere they will find a way to do it. Guns don’t KILL people. PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. the gun is just an innocent bystander

    5. @ John.

      Maybe it’s a Synical view of the Present, but my guess is that more and more children are be reared by their Personal Computers (i.e. the Internet) and less Parenting by their Parents. And Internet Access of Facebook and YouTube teaching Children the New Accepable Behavioral Norm is Social Interactions with others. But that’s only a personal guess…

    6. I’ll tell you what has changed kids can’t be corrected anymore. Back when I was in school, you mis behaved you got you a%= whipped. There is no respect in this world today. People don’t care about anyone but their self. People and kids today don’t respect authority or people in authority and the news don’t report peoples good deeds anymore because good news doesn’t sell.

    7. Chris, that’s it in a nutshell. Kids rights my ass. Here’s a quick story that happened to me a couple weeks ago.
      I’m holding the door at the local Get-Go gas station for this little old lady. Some punk kid pushes by and says “move old lady”. I yelled “HEY PUNK” he turns, looks up from his phone and says ” what’re you gonna do old man, I’m 16″
      I believe that about covers it.

    8. What “happened” was “liberal correctness”, the correct term for “political correctness”. Who the hell say’s it’s correct? It’s the root of all evil. It’s forced the masses to comply with a political left wing view of everything. It’s a brilliant tool that has been slowly and methodically inserted into our lives so that you can’t accuse, enforce, propose, or literally hurt someones feelings without fear of litigation or instant incarceration. Today, you can be arrested for hurting someones feelings! +1 for socialism. You can’t have a civil society under those conditions. Stop being a pussy, it’s not “our day” any longer, thank your libs and lawyers for that.

    9. So what’s changed? It’s call social media. Eliminate or restrict it’s use and the problem will be lessen significantly .

    10. What happened??
      50 years ago we took the nations moral code off the walls of the courts, and replaced it with . . . NOTHING! Now we wonder why so many people act like there is no right or wrong.
      Get the courage to teach some absolutes again!!

  22. From CBS News: “Chris Oliver told the Ocala Star-Banner that his 16-year-old son, a Forest student, told him the shooting happened near his classroom. The boy told Oliver the shooter was standing in a hallway and fired at a closed classroom door. The shooter then dropped an unspecified weapon, ran and tried to hide, the boy told his father.”
    No doubt the Sheriffs rushed to the scene but saying they “engaged the shooter” is a bit of a stretch. As noted above, the story was covered by the media.

    1. In other words, there wasn’t any danger, right? Since the perp hid in a closet, the situation was solved. Next, CBS will go after the ‘sherrifs’ and the school resource officer for being overly harsh on the poor young ‘gentleman’ who has told them how sorry he is.

  23. You will never hear about how a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun on any main stream media, it doesn’t fit their agenda.

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