ALERT! FREE “I Stand with the NRA Foundation Sticker” for YETI Coolers

Pile of NRA Stand and Fight hats

Last week, The Shooter’s Log, covered the reaction from firearm owners and supporters of the Second Amendment to YETI’s decision to no longer support the NRA. Disgruntled patrons expressed their ire in a number of ways including blowing up YETI products with Tannerite, burning them, placing toilet seats and on them (and doing what naturally comes next), and destroying and defiling them in several other creative ways. However, Marion Hammer, USF Executive Director and NRA Past President, wants you to keep and express your opinion in a completely different way. After all, you have already spent the money and YETI and has already reaped the profits.

Here is Ms. Hammer’s message:

Don’t blow up your Yeti cooler. Don’t shoot your Yeti cooler full of holes. Don’t chain your Yeti cooler to the back of your pick-up truck and drag it down the highway. Don’t glue a toilet seat to Yeti cooler. Don’t hang your Yeti cooler in a tree and beat it with a baseball bat.

Put a big “I STAND WITH THE NRA FOUNDATION” sticker on your YETI cooler and keep using it. They cost too much money to destroy to make a statement. Let a sticker make your statement.

GET A FREE NRA FOUNDATION STICKER FOR YOUR YETI COOLER at the NRA Booth in the Convention Hall or the NRA Foundation Wall of Guns Raffle in the Convention Center AT THE NRA ANNUAL MEETING & CONVENTION IN DALLAS, TEXAS – MAY 4th –May 6th.

If you can’t go to the NRA Annual Meeting, Go to your local “Friends of NRA Banquet & Auction” and get your FREE STICKER.

Go online and find the location, date, and time of a Friends of NRA Foundation Banquet and Auction near you.

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  1. If you voted for Trump, you voted for a man who has nothing but contempt for the working class. Bernie Sanders is the only president candidate is 50 years to put workers ahead of management. When did actual workers put who kissed the bosses ass above who actually did the work?

    Never got why people had to serve others to be free!

  2. When the NRA brass are finished using the stickers to promote events, I hope they will offer the stickers free of charge to members upon request.

  3. If I owned a Yeti cooler I would sell it and donate the money to the NRA ! Yeti loses a sale and the NRA gets money they need now more than ever so its a win win except you need to buy a new cooler…

  4. Or, or…… show YETI you’re so disgusted with them you’re willing to shoot their crap AND SPEND ANOTHER $400 on an AMERICAN SUPPORTING BRAND……

  5. I’d love to have stickers to use on my 3 YETI tumblers. Are there any available that would fit that size?

  6. Smile, Yeti knows there market of people who oppose the NRA, or don’t care at all, is vastly bigger than the market made up of fringe extremists who support the NRA, and will boycott anyone who stops giving them a special discount and kisses their ass. Hell, Yeti isn’t even refusing to do business with the NRA, simply not giving them a discount. Every business who does business with the NRA, from the banks they do business with, down to the local restaurants they use to cater events and meetings will soon have to chose whether they do business with an organization that supports domestic terrorism and corrupts politics, or face the wrath of the majority of Patriotic Americans who oppose the NRA more with each mass-murder one of its supporters committed. Where we were willing to discuss reasonable gun safety laws in the past, that ship has sailed. The goal is now the destruction of the NRA, and to use firearms regulations to turn NRA supporters into criminals, and permanently stop them of their voting rights.

    1. Seattle Socialist I hope you enjoy the freedoms that America has provided you with all of our rights. I am wondering, if you are truly a socialist, why do you live in the USA? There are many socialist countries in this world that would gladly take you in. Is it perhaps the fact that you would not have the freedoms & rights you have here? Freedoms & rights that are protected by the 2nd Amendment to our constitution. I have often wonder why the anti-gun socialist insist on biting the had that feeds them. With out the 2nd Amd. we would most probably not have any of our other rights. History has shone that time and again. Besides guns are not the problem, People are. At no time in the history of mankind has a government been able to effectively keep it’s people safe & secure. Why do you think it can happen now? You blame the NRA for what? Because they promote & defend a right that you & all people should have around the world. Besides, if it were possible to take away all the guns history has also shone us that mass murder is not a new event since the advent of firearms. By the way, the #1 murder weapon in the US is a baseball bat. I guess we need to registering them & get an NICS background check to purchase one. Since they are so lethal we can not have our children go around playing baseball with them neither Then again there are all of the household items that can be mixed together to create a bomb. We will have to get rid of those of course, since bombs cause mass murder.
      Apparently you are one of those hell bent on your own self destruction.. It seems those like yourself get intoxicated by the rhetoric the media spews out about how evil the NRA & guns are. I guess we need to just let the Hitlers, Mussolinis & Stalins of this world run rough shod all over the rest of us that want to live in a free society based on the liberties afforded us by our constitution; THERE ARE THANKFULLY TO MANY REAL PATRIOTS AROUND TO LET THAT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!

    2. You Trump loving Fascists really are ignorant. Yes, we on the Far Left hate the NRA because they support Fascist politicians. We have them for their politics. We have the morons like you who support them, because you are ignorant boot lickers. But you are sadly confused when you think we hate guns. Many of us on the Far Left know our guns quite well, and know how to use them. More importantly, Karl Marx was very clear that the proletariat needed weapons, and the knowledge of their proper use, if they were to seize the means of production from our Capitalist oppressors. As for going somewhere else, why should I? Your sort may be the majority in the sparsely populated rural parts of America, also known as Redneckistan, but I’m the prosperous cities of the coasts, Socialism is rapidly growing in popularity, especially among the younger folks.

      BTW – We support gun control not because we want guns banned, but because we know you idiots on the Fascist Right will refuse to license and register your guns when such laws are passed, and then we can disarm you like the common criminals you scum are.

    3. First of all I am not a Trump lover. I am very suspicious of his presidency. Secondly, I am not a fascist & vehemently detest it. Furthermore, I am not a moron. I am an educated redneck, as you very rudely implicated. It doesn’t surprise me that you mention Karl Marx, the creator of the Communist Manifesto. You & those like you are the enemies of freedom loving people like me. I am sure that there is very little of anything that we could find common ground on. I do believe in what I call true socialism as outline in the New Testament in the Bible. I detest the Socialism that has & continues to be practiced in our world today. It is the same old oppressor-oppressed system that Marx wrote about in his manifesto, “Bourgeois and Proletarians”. I am not the typical, media portrayed, redneck type. I am a prosperous small city type raised in a metropolitan area of about 1 million people. I have been a world traveler with my employment. Everywhere I’ve been there are people that wish they could get to the US because of the liberties we have that allow for the opportunity for prosperity. They don’t want to come here to be oppressed by a socialistic system like the one they want to leave. I would also like to say that you do show your true colors by the name calling you resort to. This shows that you have a very low level of education &/or have not been receptive to the teaching of manners. Besides, history has proven that gun registration is the predecessor to confiscation. Apparently guns are only O.K. as long as they are in the hands of people like you. Is this not a Fascist ideology? Isn’t that what the Nazi’s did under the Hitler regime? Yes, I will refuse to register &/or turn in my guns, what few I have to protect my family. The only reason Socialism is growing amongst the younger folks is due to the fact that the Fascist in power in Washington, through the Department of Education, has mandated it so. They teach our children lies in hopes that they will not depart from them as adults, a biblical principal by the way. Finally, isn’t it great they we live in a country that allows the free exercise of expressing our ideas, thoughts, philosophies, etc, in a civilized way. Something the communist, socialist & fascist regimes of this world do not allow unless it is in line with their respective philosophies.

    4. I voted to save our Constitution. Where does this socialist(communist) coming from? I vote for whom I think will save our nation, not someone that wants to destroy our rights. NRA had nothing to do with mass shooting in schools or else where. I have many Democrat friends and they carry and are also NRA members. I just understand the blame game. Maybe it’s there up bringing, the way the were taught or the fact, they want everything for nothing.

  7. I will not be attending any of these . If you send me this i’ll place it on my cooler. and will wear the hat.
    David Blasky
    2723 Cedarville Rd

  8. Will not be attending any of these. If you’ll send me a sticker i’ll place it on my cooler.. Thx David Blasky
    2723 Cedarville Rd.
    Goshen, Oh. 45122

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