Tough on Crime, Not Guns — Not in California

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Politicians often give speeches promising stiffer penalties for criminals in an effort to make the people feel safer. Whether or not they are actually safer is often debatable, however. Enhanced penalties for criminals committing their offense with a firearm is a good example.  These laws keep some of the worst offenders off the streets longer and is generally supported by all citizens—or so I thought. That is why it was such a head scratcher when California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed a bill into law removing mandatory minimum sentences for criminals who use guns in their crimes. Gavel with American flag I have never claimed to understand the motives or reasoning of most politicians—especially those who favor gun control and attempt to trample our Second Amendment rights. However, reducing the sentences of criminals who use a firearm to commit a crime, while touting how “tough” you are on guns has me befuddled. Perhaps someone reading this will be better able to explain it to me. After all, anyone who is pro Second Amendment, likely has never found anything in common with lawmakers touting a new proposal as “common sense gun control,” in the first place, but this goes beyond even that.

The new law, SB 620, coupled with other legislation about to take effect, clearly shows that Jerry Brown wants stiffer regulations for law-abiding citizens, while reducing penalties for criminals using a gun in the commission of a crime! This is evidenced by the fact that Governor Brown’s new law follows California’s new requirements for firearms retailers to add a warning to an already lengthy packaging and literature requirements for firearms and ammunition.

Let’s recap this argument, just in case you are having as much trouble following this as I am. Firearms retailers are required to put bigger warning labels on their products because those who legally buy them might not understand firearms and ammunition could be dangerous if not used properly. However, criminals who purposefully use a gun in the commission of a crime won’t be required to do jail time. Someone please explain this to the rest of us…

Larry Keane of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) weighed in saying, “That’s not logical. It’s ludicrous. Prior to this, the law in California required a criminal be sentenced to an additional 10 years on top of the sentencing for their particular crime.” Few reading this will be surprised at this next part. Governor Brown has a reputation for attracting the idealistic and untraditional. In fact, he earned the sobriquet (nickname) of “Moonbeam” decades ago by a columnist who called California, “The world’s largest outdoor mental asylum.” Proving the nickname to be fitting as fitting today as it was in the 1970s, Moonbeam was not alone in enacting this asinine law; he had the help and consent of the entire California legislature that voted to send it to the governor for his signature! National Shooting Sports Foundation Logo Moreover, what prompted the legislature you might wonder…? SB 620, started with Sen. Steven Bradford (D-Gardena) who introduced the bill after a 17-year-old involved in a drive-by shooting was sentenced to 25 years even though he denied shooting the gun. Minimum mandatory sentences are typically mandated by the legislature to ensure an even application during sentences and guard against judges who are soft on sentencing. Governor Brown wants to give the power back to the judges to pick and choose when a person convicted of a crime deserves the enhancement, which promotes the revolving door style of justice the law was designed to prevent.

As Larry Keane put it, “It’s comforting to know that California’s law-abiding gun owners will continue to be put under a magnifying glass to satisfy a political agenda that demonizes them while not accomplishing any true measure of safety. Meanwhile, criminals who openly victimize the Golden State’s citizens won’t have to worry about carrying that gun to commit their crimes. Gov. Brown says they no longer have to do the added time.

“This shows clearly that Gov. Brown, and the rest of the anti-gun California legislature, is more interested in scoring cheap points with their political base instead of pursuing and enforcing laws that will protect all citizens.”

How do you feel about California’s new law? Can you explain it? If you were the governor, what law would you push for? Share your answers in the comment section.


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  1. This new law (sb-620) like many of the other egregious laws passed in California are a direct result of ill informed and illiterate voters voting for candidates who suppress liberty and freedom, not enforce it. It is no wonder California has the government it does when you consider the poor condition of the educational system in the state. Elections have consequences and the voters don’t seem to realize this. They keep voting for the same party that created the mess and expect different results. The state truly is the biggest outdoor insane asylum and the inmates are in control.

  2. I’m sitting here in Pittsburgh watching American pickers on the history channel. And low and behold a Coors light beer commercial comes on and they feature a yeti cooler in the commercial. I am now wondering, since Coors light on tap is my first choice if I’m in the mood for a beer, What Coors light’s outlook is pertaining to the second amendment and gun owners rights.

  3. Mr. Applegate, The increasing levels of violence in rural areas can in large part be attributed to the influx of criminal elements from urban areas/large cities in addition to the influx of illegal immigration. Unfortunately, the criminal goes where the opportunities are. Small towns often don’t have the police resources and manpower to combat this problem. So while I was a bit premature to claim flatly that small towns exhibit less gun violence than large liberal enclaves and ghettos, much of the blame still rests with the exportation of the criminal element from urban areas.

  4. This topic is personal to most people. Just one final question on the topic. Are we still a free people when the average person cannot defend themselves against the government? Be it local, state or federal. When the system is rigged against the average person based on money. For example the Johnson amendment. Where does the 1st amendment prohibit church’s from free speech? And are you still innocent until proven guilty? Roy Moore for example. How many innocent people are in prison because there poor? Keep in mind the system of taxation provides funding for prisoners. Does the government exercise it’s authority on behalf of the commonwealth or over the commonwealth? If each of us will thoughtfully answer this question for ourselves. I believe it reveals the reasoning behind the laws conceived by government, be it local, state or federal. We must come together in truth or this nation is finished. The question I purpose is are we still one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all?.

  5. I can recall from over 35 years ago a state had the legal right to only make a law more strict than a Federal law, but they never had the power to make it more lenient. I’d be surprised if that isn’t still true. So if I’m correct, someone has buried that information somewhere deep.

  6. Hey Hemmingway, the system is censoring the replies. If Dave is doing it i would be shocked. Some of it must be the system or his superiors. The topics are highly charged. Guns, the constitution and rights provided within the document. Establishment politician’s and there power hungry, greed driven friends and family. It’s all magnified by the times we live in. President Trump has exposed the dangerous government that George Orwell wrote about in his book “1984”. The truth is whatever they say it is. There is a measure of irony in a statement you made. Everybody that’s getting rich currently. Will be S.O.L. when the establishment gets it’s way. From gun owners/rights groups to sporting goods manufacturers to on-line retailers. The 2nd amendment protects capitalism as well.

  7. Gov. Brown has become a JOKE – to put it kindly and WILL be removed from office in the very next election coming next year. Unfortunately SO FAR there is not any better candidate getting a good look for the Governor seat either.

    Poor life long Californian’s we are simply SICK of what has become of our once beautiful state (richest in the nation at one time). Between the politicians who have been in office far too long and the immigrants who in large part elect and keep electing them without a clue as to why – oh maybe its the free stuff, including money – We are unfortunately going down the WRONG road here in CA. with NO RETURN TO NORMALCY in sight.

  8. Quite true for Federal crimes. For State crimes the sentencing is set by the State. The Federal government has done what the Founding Fathers feared most; become so powerful it is grabbing and ursurpping State Powers.

  9. Kevin,
    You are correct. There are plenty of violent deaths in many states, including some red states. Many of those deaths don’t involve the use of a gun. There are actually more violent deaths attributed to beatings than shootings nationally. Also, many red states have pockets of liberal enclaves and ghettos which tend to exhibit more violence.

    1. Not sure why you still attribute violence to “liberal enclaves and ghettos” when the data shows the opposite. Major cities large enough to noticeable change their states crime rates are few and far between. NYC, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, are all located in areas with lower crime rates. I didn’t see any major cities in the states with the highest violent crime rate. So what do you believe is the reason for this?

      While you are correct that violent crime doesn’t always mean firearm involvement, the FBI breaks the types of violent crimes down further to include the subset of when firearms are involved. What was interesting was that the numbers mirrored the overall violent crime numbers from the CDC. What that tells me, among other things, is that the % of violent crimes using firearms vs not is somewhat consistent nationally.

      I truly hope you look over the data provided and have the ability to develop your thoughts based on data not emotion.

  10. HEY Chameleon, my point is . Under the constitution, sentencing from east coast to west should be consistent. The law is unjustly handed out because of political agendas. I’m not qualified to say what’s just an unjust for the whole of america. But I don’t believe that disqualifies me from the reasonable expection of justice with integrity. As a pose to what’s fair or unfair. Children cry out for fairness, adults expect justice!

    1. You didn’t misunderstand what the link to violent crime rates by state. It just shows clear as day that your assumption of major cities being more violent isn’t correct.

      Unless you can find and post reliable data that shows something different I’m not really sure why you assert even stronger that big cities are more violent and “it’s undeniable to honest folks”. I understand that this data is the exact opposite of your beliefs on the subject but when shown the data why not accept it?

      How can your views ever evolve when you simply restate your previous (and incorrect) thoughts? Numbers don’t lie, learn from this and be open to changing if reliable evidence warrants it.

      Hopefully someone reads and replies to this. It would be even better if the reply used data to support a thesis.

  11. i spent a long time writing a reply to someone that replied to me and it disappeared i guess. it seems that others are having the same problem. so while it could be on my end it seems that it is happening a lot. why would i bother to spend all that time explaining why we cannot trust the justice system or obummer and hillawitch666. admittedly i was bad mouthing those folks but they deserve it. it was all about fast and furious. i am to busy to try and redo th8ngs that disappear.?

  12. This just continues to facilitate the inconsistent adjudication and sentencing of a justice system that’s insane with political opinion. With liberty and justice for all, really! How many district judge’s are appointed by the democrats?

  13. Mr. Hemingway, thank you for sharing your family’s experience. I’m sure your aware of Mr. George Soros the Hungarian Jew that betrayed his people. This is the reality of what is happening in plan site of the American people. Mr Soros is the financial strength behind the Open Borders Society. They in turn finance the Southern Poverty law center, ANTIFA, BLM the McCain institute and Lindsey Graham. Mitch McConnell John Kasich and Mit Romney have taken money from him as well. The education system from K-12 thru college and universities. Have become indoctrination centers. This is how it’s happening right before are very eye’s. The Clinton’s and there followers are in lock step with these groups as well. Anyone that values freedom and liberty must stand up now or all will be lost. This is the most important time in American history to strengthen the 2nd amendment. Prepare for the worst and pray for the best. This nation has not faced a danger of this magnitude since Hitler and Tojo. And there are many dark players right here on American soil already.

  14. a lot of lower judges are what i would call almost communist. only 5 of the 9 supreme court judges will stick up for the second amendment. the second seems easy to understand and all are suppose to follow the constitution. yet they do not. they swear to up hold it and then do not. i do not get it.perhaps someone can explain it to me.

  15. i do feel sorry for you sane cal people, i have a business and know what your saying, i do not even want to change my residence because of all that it entails. i just do not understand why someone doesn’t talk sense into the masses and remove those bums. they could not get a job out in the real world except from the likes of soros.

  16. SaigaFun,
    Let me clarify my comments in another way. Most violent crimes and specifically those where guns are used and often result in death, occur in areas with large African America populations and secondarily Latino populations (according to FBI statistics, not mine). While these populations centers are rarely located in red states and cities, they are more frequently found in blue states and cities. As a result, generally speaking, blue areas will have the higher rate of gun crimes and death. Minority populations of the type I mentioned are generally not conservative areas but lean heavily blue and liberal. While gun crimes do occur in every demographic and political persuasion, including red states/cities, it is at a far lesser rate than you would find in blue/minority areas. At the international level of gun crimes, the United States still ranks pretty low (approx. 120) compared to many countries who have implemented strict gun control. Also keep in mind that approx. 66% of gun deaths reported nationally are in fact suicide, not murder. Statistics are indeed fun!

    1. Great data source! I really wish more people would take the time to make sure their statements are indeed correct.

    2. I’m sorry I must have skipped a part. So what I was pointing out is that per capita violent crime is higher in areas with less strict gun control. This means that out of every 1000 people there are x amount of crimes using guns. So while you are correct that the 10 million people of NYC will show thousands of these crimes, a smaller population will have less crime but higher percentage.

      Here is an example with made up numbers: 10 mill people in city X cause 1000 gun related crimes so for every 10000 people there is 1 incident. Now let’s look at town Y: population 10000 creates 10 gun related crimes. Town Y has 10x the crime per capita.

      So just by looking at the FBI crime stats would completely contradict your assertion that population centers are a hot bed. You did state your opinion clearly but without actual data it’s just a misinformed assumption.

      Now for international stats where did you see we are ranked around 120th? Every data source I see has the US in the top 3. That’s raw numbers and per capita.

      66% of deaths being suicide doesn’t change the numbers being discussed. This looks at crimes committed by someone armed.

      Again I stress that just stating what you perceive from where you sit is not actual data. It just bothers me so much to read these comments filled with opinion being presented as facts and to see statistics just made up. Please just look at the crime stats publishes every year.

      I would love for someone to actually look at the data summary instead of just hearing what backs up your own beliefs.

      I challenge everyone to show a legitimate report on crimes involving guns that points to populated areas or other countries seeing higher concentrations.

    3. I was disappointed to see no one has addressed the whole urban vs rural violent crime rate. The article Kevin posted actually shows that Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas ….. have the highest PER CAPITA violent crime rates. Did you see who had the least? Vermont, land of hippies was at the top.

      What is so hard about using data from primary sources (think back to writing papers in school) to support your thesis.

      Also why won’t anyone comment after actual numbers back up the assertion that urban areas have lower violent crime rates? (crime rates are calculated with #of crimes divided by population). Once I’d love to see “wow you’re correct, the crime statistics clearly disprove what I though. Who knew?” Not that hard!


  17. While California Gun laws are all ridiculous, I heard a very interesting point made by a pro gun Senator. If a criminal is committing a crime, why is it worse if a gun is involved? The gun didn’t commit the crime, the criminal did. By making “Gun Crimes” extra, then it isn’t a hard push to make owning a gun a crime… The crime is that they are not legally allowed to own the gun in the first place if they are a prohibited possessor. Thus the additional crime that they should be hit with is the federal gun crimes are attempting to purchase or poses a gun when you are a prohibited possessor.
    Just remember, murder is murder no matter what is used to kill.

    1. First off there are no caveats contained within in the second amendment, meaning every American had the right to keep and bear arms. Where we have gone off the reservation is the leftopaths want the complete disarming of America They are accomplishing this one usurpetive law at a time ALL BEING ILLEGAL. They get by with it by American Apathy and intimidation. Apathy gives tacit approval to what government does is acceptable. All government needs to do is word each usurpetive bill to be for the “safety of the public” and people vote for it. A vote does not change the Constitution or the Bill of Rights but does provide support for government intimidation. The government can afford high priced attorneys because they use OUR money to pay them. Things have been turned upside down and inside out by these leftopaths. They forget THEY WORK FOR US not the other way around.

      The Second Amendment “My Gun Permit”

  18. This has a simple and logical explanation from my point of view. This is my opinion, take it at face value and read nothing more into it.

    The reason they are lenient on criminals is because it plays into their agenda. The more crimes with guns are committed, the more they can push for gun control. Simply stated, they are willing to allow crime to happen and they are willing to let innocent people to get hurt and/or die for the sake of their agenda.

  19. Let’s be straight. This is The Shooter’s Log. I sensor very little, but yes, if you use derogatory or racial slurs, even in a true story, it will get edited or deleted — especially if the story has nothing to with the subject of “The Shooter’s Log,” guns, shooting etc. There is a theme here, it is guns, shooting, prepping etc. If you have a personal story you want to tell that does not include the aforementioned subject matter, it would be best served on an appropriately themed blog. ~Dave Dolbee

    1. dave, it appears you have not allowed my last comment i made. now i felt it was not harmful or prejudice. it stated why we cannot trust judges or politicians to do there job. i spent quite i bit of time which is very valuable to me. i see no reason to do it again. and waste more time. even this is not good. i have other things to do.

      would you please remove me from future emails including adds from cheaper then dirt. i have better things to do and other places to spend my money. thank you, art

    2. I have not removed any emails in weeks. I only took a single sentence from one and replied explaining why, but it was not yours. ~Dave Dolbee

    3. JAMES HEMMINGWAY, Good comment, I do not know if the government is doing things that are causing situations, so it can pass laws that the only outcome is more control of Americans – but it sure makes me wonder – example as to why there still are questions as to just what happened in Las Vagus and who/whom and how many shooters there were. Just like you, I’m just a average American trying to live day to day the best I can.

  20. This isn’t really that difficult to understand unless you conflate sentences given to criminals and the right of judges to sentence criminals to what they believe is fair. Years ago the federal government (who everyone hates, right) decided they knew better than local judges what fair sentencing was. So they passed mandatory minimums, which took discretion away from judges and gave the right to sentence people to the congress. This new legislation is meant to give the discretionary power back to state justices to determine how long to incarcerate criminals, not to the feds. It has nothing to do with being easy on criminals. I live in California and I know that the judicial system here is not easy on criminals.

    1. Legislators have always had the first say in sentencing. When a law defines something as a crime, it specifies whether it is a felony or misdemeanor, and associated fines and sentencing ranges.

      A minimum sentence is no different than specifying 5 to 15 years rather than up to 15 years.

      If judges nationwide, in a single state, or a single judge use their discretion (or political opinions) to undercut enforcing laws, our legal system is in jeopardy. Minimum sentencing is part of the checks and balances in our system. Maximum sentencing is as well, but is brought to the forefront less frequently nowadays.

      We already have government employees using their discretion/politics to not enforce laws…look at sanctuary cities…

  21. Though I vehemently disagree with the Nazi inspired legislation in CA. If judges did their jobs and followed guidelines for sentencing this is a step in the right direction. Mandatory sentences do not fit every circumstance and are not justice. As in a mother of three brandishing an unloaded not working revolver to leave a gas station where she was being threatened by three gang members getting a mandatory 20 year sentence. Stupid but not worth 20 years. If she had had a working revolver and shot one in fear for her life. No charge! I worry that the California judges are not up to the job though which is why mandatory sentences were needed in the first place. Fixing a broken legislative body is almost Alfredian. They make the laws.

  22. Born and raised in California, and I don’t get it AT ALL!! Moonbeam and his Legislators pass whatever laws they want, unbeknownst to it’s citizens. You will go insane trying to make any sense of what they are doing. I have a business here which makes leaving a tad more difficult, but every time I hear about stuff like this, neighboring states look awefully tempting…

  23. California-The state that gave us Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Kevin Deleon, Mr. Moonbeam and a cast of other characters who have escaped the Asylum and entered politics thanks to the unthinking masses who voted for them. Is it any wonder the state is waist high in fecal matter?

  24. What if a situation existed wherein a political maneuver were to be put into play which accomplished a ‘greater goal’ but in doing so hurt citizens along the way? What if the end game was to ban guns completely? Due to opposition, would there need to be a greater justification to ban firearms then just political maneuvering? Under the single most upheld exemption to the constitution and the unilaterally cited ‘just cause’ argument to passing these laws, would a ‘public safety’ situation be what is needed to finally create a gun free state? And if so, wouldn’t it be justified (in the minds of the moon beamers) to temporarily increase gun violence to necessitate a ‘public safety’ greater good situation?

    No, I am not a conspiracy theorist. I left a 20 yr career in law enforcement where I was routinely told not to enforce certain laws. Orders came from the state level in the form of letters from the AG’s office over the course of my career. There is one thing on the minds of these irrationally thinking politicians; dope up, pay off, and disarm America.

    My three favorite (not) quotes of my career.
    “We take the guns. Period. They can fight to get them back in court.”-patrol training
    “Lie to the public. At all costs, they need to believe they are safe and we will take care of them. Never let them know the truth.”-JTTF training
    “Any employee who opposes the department will find out how far we are willing to go. They will lose their retirement, their home, everything.”-risk management training

    Sorry, I just couldn’t fight the fight any longer. I gave my life trying to enforce the rights of ALL citizens. Maybe someone better than me can start fighting this crap in the courts or figure out a better solution. We were sworn to uphold the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Then promptly told not to. And speaking up is career suicide. Proven over and over by so many good men and women with great hearts.

    Shame, America.

    1. 100% correct. As you well know they “the politicians, especially the Democrats” only want the law enforced enforced when it suits their agenda.

  25. i agree most criminals will not change and most of the crime comes from a small minority of people. legalizing all drugs would help reduce crime. the laws certainly do not help stop people from doing the drugs. i am not from cal and i certainly would not spend a dime there because of their gun laws. so, maybe you could answer me this, why does cal keep taking guns away from the honest citizens? and in the same breath not be harsher with those criminals that use the guns to commit their crimes?? so they take the guns away from the citizens that would help them defend themselves from gangs of criminals. it seems like cal babies the criminals and persecutes the honest up standing citizenry. it appears they have enough money to do that and you say they don’t have the space or money to keep the few off the streets that are causing the real problems. does not make sense to me. most guns and crime are not even done by the guns they are trying to get rid of. their goal is total disarmament and we do know the criminals will not give up their guns. please help me understand what this is all about. it seems they are just making another black market in cal…

    1. I think I missed the part where guns were taken away from”honest citizens”. Did it happen or is requiring a warning label on the box your gun comes in the logical prerequisite for that? They can paint the box pink and allow it to fall apart for all I care. Do you keep yours in its box for year or take it out of the box when you get home?

      I just keep seeing the same thing over and over in the comments. Rants about all the things this law does (incorrect information about what it does) and people hiding behind every corner to either harm you or take your guns.

      Instead of flying off the handle be happy that the power to decide what punishment is given has been returned to citizens. This is taking decision making power away from elected officials in the capital and giving it to the community where the crime happened. Who better to decide what/who needs to go?

  26. Perhaps the laws in California need to be changed regarding the governor and legislators. NO firearms should be allowed within a mile of any State elected official. No armed bodyguards or police! No elected official should have a concealed permit or should be allowed to own a firearm. They really need to be shining examples for the citizenry by their abstention of all things firearms.

  27. Sounds like Governor ” Moon Beam ” Brown is already going Senile on the Old Age Charts. You know those real old Codgers do have a hard time telling right from wrong when they get to a certain age, and it sounds like Governor Brownie Boy is getting at that stage in Life. If he gets any worse than he is now, maybe putting him out to Pasture in Old Mexico where he belongs, since he loves those Immigrants so much, would get him out of the True Californians Hair and out of their lives. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, take his Papers away from him BEFORE you send him to Old Mexico, that way he may not be able to get back, because being so OLD, he may not know where he is located..TSgt., USAF Analyst Retired.

  28. Jerry Brown is a globalist and doesn’t even know why!?!?!?!?! Agenda 21 is in full swing, led by a host of irrational politicians who want to make the government into God. Logic, common sense and private ownership, (particularly of your own thoughts) are under siege. The only way to garner approval for these people is to mine society for ‘victims’ who need protection. The thug is perfect for that…mindless, directionless, detached.

  29. If it was not for wanting to visit family living in this bastion of whacky Socialism, out of control elitism and unbelievable Constitutional violation; I would not step foot in this Communist leaning State!

  30. Moonbeam and the rest of the Sacramento krewe running Da Peeples Republik of Commiefornia is just doing what political elites always do: removing the ability of clear-thinking citizens to take control of their government.

    They fear that you and I, having principles and valuing freedom, will become fed up enough to force regime change. But criminals with guns? Naw, the elites don’t much fear them ‘cause the elites are safe in their walled burbs with their hired security forces. And the elites know that criminals don’t organize into rebellious political movements.

    So they’ll come after our guns long before they decide to crack down on criminals. After all, criminals generally prey on us “little people,” so the elites aren’t concerned.

    1. it all makes sense to me. they need the criminals on the streets to do bad things, so they can further their agenda of removing the guns. without those people doing bad things they would not have an excuse to further disarm their citizens. the new world order which is the world being control by a group of elitists, boy that sure sounds like communism doesn’t it? since communism does not work and the citizens will become very upset about their life and want to change it, the only way to control all of those dissatisfied folks is to disarm them. it makes the sheep easier to control. no one should spend a dime in cal. let mexico have it back..

  31. Let there be no mistake about the agenda of the Jerry Browns and Micheal Bloomberg’s. They will do whatever they can to suppress and repeal the Second Amendment to make way for their trans-national, Socialist, elitist politics. They will misuse the Constitution to undermine our liberty. They do not care at all about the people they claim to be protecting, all in the name of whacko environmentalism and left wing social change.

    1. Moonbeam has had a couple of strokes and should be removed from office due to the damage caused by the strokes. He will endorse whatever the sacramento commi legislture puts on his desk. He has the ability of a six year old and can’t remember what events have happened ten minutes prior. The sacto left legislature is taking advantage of this horrible situation. In closing i concur with Allen’s comment.

  32. Brown and the other Democrats like him keep trying to crash the people’s republic of Kalifornia and make it like Venezuela is now. Hold your arms and ammo close.

  33. This isn’t why I can’t wait for the real big earthquake to hit and have California fall off into the ocean. I can only hope that senator Diane Feinstein is in her home state when it hits .

  34. Some people posting on this site don’t believe the state or federal government really want to ban all guns. That may be true to a limited extent. However, there are many, particularly in the “D” party who frequently cite the Australian gun ban as a model for action in the United States. This was a complete ban with no exceptions. In my way of thinking, I see this as a threat toward a complete ban. While the likelihood of this happening may be slim the margin may increase over time so the threat non-the-less exists.

  35. I just finished reading the 3 pages of “Senate Bill No. 620.
    Because I wasn’t able to retain 10% of that “Legalese Mumbo Jumbo”. I came to the conclusion, It was designed to be to be just as confusing as possible so even an average honest citizen could get a royal dry screw if a “left leaning”, prosecutor set his mind to it. Personally, I’m against anything that a dishonest prosecutor could use that way.

    1. You read too much. Everything you need to know is in the first page.

      If you didn’t even decode 10% how can you have come to a conclusion then pull out what it was designed to do.

      This would actually help an average honest citizen if the circumstances lead to a conviction. A judge, especially left leaning, would remove the enhancement that would be added on. You should trust people more. Trust that a judge who decides what sentence a convicted person gets has enough sense to know who won’t be harmful/dangerous to society.

  36. What the Breitbart piece, which is used as the center piece for this article, fails to mention is the fact that Brown did not ‘remove’ the mandatory sentencing to shorten jail time. He put the sentencing back in the hands of the judge and jury where it belongs. Mandatory sentencing has never worked to decrease any crime and it costs tax payers a lot of additional dollars that can be better used.

    1. I would disagree that mandatory sentencing has never worked. Look up initiatives such as Project Exile, which had a dramatic effect on crime with a firearm. ~Dave Dolbee

  37. You say that this asinine law had the approval of the Governor an the entire California Legislature. This is true. But just as true is that by default, it must also have the approval of the majority of California citizen voters, because they are the ones who keep voting these asshat legislators into office, and allow them to retain their office. They deserve the government they vote for.

  38. What would you expect from governor Moonbeam? He and the super majority demoncrat legislature are busy passing laws without the vote of the people, to suit their agenda. The will of the people doesn’t matter to them. Of course, this being California, the majority of the people would probably go along with them. I wish we could split the state along I-5 from the Oregon border to the northern end of the Grapevine then east to the California border with Arizona and Nevada. Then I could live in a red state instead of a state ruled by the coastal elites and Hollywierdos.

  39. SaigaFun,
    What you said about gun violence increasing where there is an increase in guns needs more qualification. While you are partially correct, it must be recognized that where there is an increase in guns in areas with stricter gun control and democratic majorities and demographic minorities the rate of gun violence increases. This is not so in areas with conservative populations with lax gun control.

    1. Guns per capita was sufficient qualification. At the international level it is clear but even at a national level up it holds true. This might surprise you but larger cities have lower per capita ownership and firearm related crime. There are tons of maps and Excel sheets that show a clear picture of this.

      Was your statement about increased gun violence areas being large cities in blue states based off of any national crime data or just something you were born knowing? Law of averages is interesting. So let’s take the Texas church shooting. Conservative area, lax gun laws, assume minimal minorities, no Democrats within 90 miles or so. That single crime knocked out 4% of the population. Per capita it is the most dangerous place in the world. Obviously outliers aren’t used for statistical analysis for this very reason but it illustrates the point why you can’t just assume large cities are the cause of our insanely high gun related crime.

      Facts are fun aren’t they?

  40. Mr. Applegate, if I understand your question correctly. You think my position is in error regarding Soros, the Clinton’s, ect. In addition my statements about the bill are not thought thru. Well Soros finances the open society group which finances BLM, ANTIFA, the Southern Poverty law center and so on. The others I referred to have documented history that I believe are contrary to a true leader. The posted comments from today on this topic are spot on with the only exception being Chris P’s attack on Chris. I truly believe the establishment keeps the commonwealth oppressed in part by reactionary legislation. In addition it is my opinion that law enforcement, the judiciary and government as a whole has been so compromised. That these institutions no longer reflect the basic principles of the constitution. In fact I believe that the founding fathers foresaw the potential for governmental corruption at the level we are now witnessing. And that is the absolute foundation for the 2nd amendment. Law in its purest form should not consider ethnicity, gender, education or income level. When someone harms another. Whatever mechanisms society has in place to help avoid the occurrence of criminal activity has failed. As brilliant as those of higher education believe they’ve become. Intellect will never correct evil that exists in the world. The multi layer of laws we now have, thanks to the genius presumed with each passing generation. Have served to further corrupt and confuse the truth. Were in deep trouble as a nation. The people of California continue to elect leadership that has contempt for the constitution and its basic principles. Choice has consequence. I’m clearly speaking to some who are far more intelligent than I am. So please forgive my ignorance if I’ve offended you. That is not my intent.

    1. It’s not that I think your position is wrong as much as I don’t think you are able to support the statement with facts that would justify your reaction. Supporting left wing groups isn’t criminal so no idea why that guy should be jailed. Still waiting on the reasons for the others on your list.

      This post again is a long rant with opinions expressed without the supporting information to try and understand the logic that got you there. Maybe you see something I don’t but I’m not able to know because there is nothing of substance.

      My point was that plagerising a paper is bad enough but plagerising thoughts and opinions requires some serious introspection.

  41. so while californication makes it harder for their citizens and restricts them from having guns to protect themselves, they also make it easier for the criminals to get lighter sentencing from the courts for criminal use of guns. that is what is happening. it appears they want the crime to continue so they can call for more restrictions on their honest citizens. boy, does that sound logical. WTF!!!

  42. Jeffrey, it still amazes me, that they put pot with the same harsh penalties that heroin has. since i agree freedom is the right to choose, i am all for the legalization of all drugs. speed is one of the worst drugs there is. after a while those folks loose touch with reality. i cannot tell you how it feels to kick the speed habit, because i was born addicted to it. my mother was given speed by the doctors to control her weight, even while she was pregnant. she took it for probably 40 years so i know what it does to a person. she was a wonderful person and would try and help everyone and i love her dearly but when my father threatened the last doctor that was prescribing her Dexedrine when i was a teenager she lost the ability to do things because she had no energy. i know what speed does. even though i know i believe it is a persons right to do what they want. they are the ones that have to live with their mistakes.

    pot will be legalized within a few years. i said it would be legalized within a couple of years back in the early 70’s, but then they put it in the same class as heroin. yes big pharma is a lot of the reason it was stopped as well as the alcohol industry. now the government is not much help either. i read that californication is going to put a 45% tax on pot. if they make it enough, then the black market will continue to supply it. i cannot afford it and i hope they will allow us to grow it for ourselves but that is probably a dream. they want to heavily control it. it certainly makes me sick.

    when i was going through cancer i was offered merinal which is a processed pot, i turned it down because of the cost. the government just does not want to allow freedom of it’s citizens. they want control and want electronic money because they know if they have that they will be able to control everyone then with just a stroke of a key board.

    as i have said the world is headed for the greatest depression it has ever seen due to the fiscal irresponsibility of the federal reserves and their counter parts around the world. this depression will only take that one little snow flake to start the avalanche all the nations are living on credit and soon there will have to be a reset. many even in this country will die of starvation. hope i am wrong, i want to be wrong, and i would gladly be wrong. filling our prisons with drug smugglers is just stupid, we need to legalize all drugs and make sure the government does not tax it so much that the black market in drugs will go away. just as if they succeed in making guns illegal, then the black market will supply them. it is just stupid to create a prohibition on anything. allow freedom, freedom is the answer. of course the black market, the cartels will fight to keep it illegal. they do not want to loose their golden calf…

    this north korea thing could be very ugly. if we start a war with them which i believe will happen in the next few months, china might side with them. they certainly did in the korea war just after world war 2. even if they do not publically go to war against us they can certainly supply men and supplies like they did in the first korean war. this war does worry me very much.

    the black market will supply whatever there is a want for if it is illegal. it is called money. greed is what makes the world go round. it is why capitalism works the best. it is why communism does not work and in the end has to start allowing free enterprise to start in their country. if you cannot get paid by working harder and get paid even when working less, it destroys productivity. capitalism awards hard work and that increases productivity. freedom also allows individuality and that drives the productivity also. figuring out how to do something better happens when all of the people do not think the same. we as a country have headed for socialism/communism for far to long. i can only hope we change course. all of the freedoms we have lost is destroying our productivity.

    china and a lot of the rest of the world are trying to destroy the dollar as the world currency. they have almost done it with SDR”S or special drawing rights through the IMF, the worlds central bank. a lot of countries have started trading without the use of the dollar. i cannot blame them. when the federal reserve devalues the dollar all those countries that have dollars for trading have just lost value in that dollar also. i can understand them being upset over our dollar. when nixon took us off the gold standard, it allowed the central bank, the feds, to be fiscally irresponsible. no one not even the US can live on credit forever. now almost all the countries are doing the same. at some point those that are lending the government money are going to want to be paid. sooner or later they will have to write off all that debt they cannot pay. i do not see this going on more then another year but timing has always been my weak spot. it is going to get ugly.

    communism has to start drifting toward capitalism, because of greed. it is the only way it can stay solvent. the drifting of capitalism toward communism also destroys countries. productivity goes down. as far as monetary means go, the world has to get back to the gold standard if it wants to survive. it stops the feds from being irresponsible. obummer really destroyed our country. quicker then any other pres. not only did the feds double the money supply when it can only increase with productivity increases which there were none to speak of. under his command he also took the US debt from 8 trillion to 20 trillion. a big increase and a big mistake. while i am not against everyone having insurance, you need to be able to pay for it instead of charging it. so the feds with their monetary measures put off a slight correction for obummers legacy to a correction greater then the great depression. worst pres ever and we will pay very dearly so that he was made to look good in histories eyes.

    as far as china needing us to allow them to trade, they can only stop trading with them, but BRICS and other countries have already set up trades between countries with US DOLLARS LEFT OUT OF THE AGREEMENT. it was nice having the world pay for our excesses, but that is ending rather rapidly. i cannot blame the rest of the world for doing it either. the real problem is the IMF is just another bank for the rest of the world’s central banks. the backing of the IMF is no different then the central banks. there is nothing backing their currency except faith. the world needs to go back on the gold standard but the IMF AND THE WORLD’S CENTRAL BANKS WILL NOT GIVE UP THAT POWER, they could not be as irresponsible and keep enough power.

    is it not fun listening to me spout all my paranoia.. hope i am wrong about this greatest depression the world has ever seen.

    sorry for the rant!! did you know the federal reserve is not even a part of or government. it is run by the elites which are only for themselves. we need to bring the federal reserve under the government control. stop our drifting toward communism. reduce the size of the federal government drastically. give back freedom to the people of america and get rid of a lot of regulations stopping free enterprise.

    reduce government and give back freedom. that is the answer to make america great again.

  43. If you start with the premise that political elites are writing & passing legislation with the purpose of protecting the law abiding citizenry from the criminals, then the law makes no sense. If, however, you start with the premise that the political elites have as their aim removing the ability of the law abiding citizenry to defend themselves, then the legislation in question makes perfect sense. If you have more criminals on the street committing more gun-involved crimes, you have more arguments in favor of further and further restricting the right of the individual to “…keep and bear arms…” A defenseless populace has little recourse against an unrestrained government.

  44. california removing mandatory sentencing is a way to reduce prison population, they can not afford to keep people in jail, they are already early releasing prisoners due to budget limits.

  45. I’m not a lawyer, etc. but my opinion is that possession of a firearm should not be relevant in charging a crime or punishing a crime. If I punch somebody for insulting my wife, should it matter if I had a concealed handgun on me at the time? No, it should just be assault. Or if somebody does a strong-arm robbery, should it matter if they had a gun at the time? No, punish the crime, don’t punish the irrelevant gun.

    I would think gun-rights folks would be opposed to special sentencing for possession of a firearm. Firearms aren’t inherently bad, so mere possession of a firearm shouldn’t be considered a crime itself, or somehow make the crime worse. It’s like increasing the punishment because the convicted person has scary muscles or tattoos.

    Besides, just about everything is a crime these days, so don’t get the image that firearms-enhancements are only a tool to put really bad guys away for longer. Everybody’s a felon, and it’s up to the DAs to choose who to charge. And the DAs are elected by Californians in this case — do you want to leave any discretion to folks elected by Californians?

    1. Your are clearly not a Lawyer…..Why would you punch someone for insulting your wife? Is the insult true? Punching someone is not assault, it is battery, educate yourself on the difference……you are clearly a “Moonbeam” disciple by your incoherent rant about firearms…..People committing crimes are criminals and as such, have rap sheets. So yes, having a gun during the commission of a strong-arm robbery or any other egregious crime involving a gun should carry additional time…..Criminals don’t worry about “gun laws”, these “laws” (which we have a multitude of them on the books) are only followed by law abiding citizens…..your Simpleton Utopian view of what reality is and how it translates to the real World is laughable at best and dangerous at worst…..

    2. Personally, I wouldn’t punch someone that insults my wife…. I’d just insult their mother, daughter or sister.
      Of course I’d only be assuming it’d be alright for me to play by the same rules as they just used. 🙂

  46. What point or points are you attempting to bring to light with your offering? The statutory link you provided doesn’t contradict the claims of the article or commenters.

    1. I believe the link was illustrating that the way it was being presented here is not in line with what the bill is doing. Take for example
      “However, criminals who purposefully use a gun in the commission of a crime won’t be required to do jail time”
      This implies there is some way someone can commit a crime while armed, be convicted, then serve no jail time. The punishments haven’t changed and any crime that requires (not the best word but can’t think of a better one) the criminal to be armed is serious enough to already get jail time. Furthermore it gives a judge the option to remove the enhancement if they feel the situation warrants it. There is no reason to assume any judge would by default remove the enhancement.
      “Enhanced penalties for criminals committing their offense with a firearm is a good example. These law’s keep some of the worst offenders off the streets longer.”
      Again I can’t see any judge looking at a clearly dangerous person who should be locked up and deciding to remove the enhancement. The way the article is presenting this implies this option to strike the enhancement will let bangers off easy instead of force a sentence on someone whos actions don’t warrant it.
      “The New law, SB620…… Wants stiffer regulations for law abiding citizens while reducing penalities for criminal’s using a gun in the commission of a crime!”

      So I hope that helps illustrate what the link Charles added was trying to show. It’s just a simple case of using select facts that don’t tell the whole story and adding commentary based off of those conclusions. We really need to say enough is enough with the distortions and opinions based off of them. Both side are doing it more and more. I use to think people were smart enough to smell that BS a mile away and call people out but it seems that now if it’s your side it’s fact, if it’s their side it’s BS.

  47. So I think I can asked some light on the thought process behind this. Basically they aren’t saying if you rob someone at gun point we will go from a 12 year automatic sentence down to 2 years. They are however giving the judge, who has a better view of the entire situation, the option to give a range of enhancements. For one person it might be an extra year or even going from a probation sentence to a prison one. Another person may get the max added to their sentence. One size never fits all. Who can say they didn’t do dumb stuff as a teen, or on the other side that the 12th person you’ve held at gun point at shouldn’t get a lot more time. So as I said this is just a way to allow flexibility both ways depending on the whole picture.

    Now to address some of the other thing. When did any kind of restriction on firearms become “trampling on second amendment rights”? I personally love shooting. I love my mags that all say illegal in CA. When asked why I need 16+1 or a 20rd Saiga12 drum I reply with “it’s really fun to unload quick sometimes”. I also think the NRA has brainwashed a large section of the population with their war on truth. You can love guns while still not wanting everyone to be able to get one in a matter of minutes.

    I also find it distributing that it is assumed that every person who is for any kind of restriction will disagree with everything you believe. This split down the aisle and agreeing 100% with one party and hating everything about the other needs to end. With the massive amount of information available to everyone there is no reason to read an article with nothing more than someone’s interpretation and assume it’s true. I’ve found that it takes under 5 minutes to find and look at the raw data and draw your own conclusion.

    PS: The NRA was the group who pushed for outlawing automatic weapons in the late 1920s/early 1930s. Does that mean they were second amendment tramplers?

  48. Folk, I respect your conversation and opinions, but please get your information straight. Califonia has obviously brought thier sentencing into line with other States, that is all. We have bigger problems in this country than some sentencing guidelines.

  49. This makes me wonder why they even bother to lock their doors. When the governor of any state decides to do this type of idiotic move he is only taking any and all personal protection from the citizens and giving the green light to the criminals. One day when it hurts his family immensely he’ll realize too late what he did!

    1. Did you read all the sections and subsections that relate to SB 620 or just the just what was in the link? Anyone involved in committing the crime is as guilty as the one that pulled the trigger. It’s called the hub cap siddurim, your still a part of the car even though your just along for the ride.

  50. Hey Art, this blog com is kinda kool, but it does require some follow up. My personal opinion on cannabis is as follows. Big pharma is the single biggest problem. The Israelis and Germans are refining and aggressively prescribing delta 9 and CBD’s with stunning success. It has far greater results the opioid’ drugs. Big pharma owns the Congress and Senate power brokers. They effectively influence the government to stall the research on cannabis. I have some programs that I’ve been developing to train combat veteran’s for development in the skilled trades. I’ve personally worked with veteran’s that are taking more than 15 different drugs a day. I know a half dozen that started using medical marijuana and were able to stop nearly all the prescription drugs. I’m of the opinion that there is a great cover up within the VA system. Big pharma is raking in billions of tax payer dollars with assistance from some within the VA. Peddling their drugs to veterans. It probably sounds crazy, but it is what I’ve observed. In addition to replacing opioid drugs. CBD’s are kicking cancer’s butt. With regard to the war on drug’s. Cannabis smuggling would take a nose dive if the Fed’s would change the scheduling and decriminalize domestically produced products. In addition they should build a supermax prison for smugglers. Once there in they can’t get out. They will die there. If they can smuggle drugs they can smuggle chemical weapons. And lastly, a wise person defends the liberty of those he doesn’t agree with to ensure the preservation of his own. True freedom does not require the destruction of those of differing opinions. Oh one final thought. The Chinese will not set by and allow North Korea to destroy the Chinese economy. If President Trump cuts off China from the American markets. The economy in China will be destroyed. In addition the Chinese people have been given a taste of freedom. They won’t give it up without some serious consequences. Capitalism is fun. May God meet you at your point of need. Keep the Faith

  51. Jeffrey, you sound very level headed. while i disagree with all those organization you mentioned, the one thing i have learned is when you take away the freedom of a group of people you disagree with it will come back and bite your behind. now if you catch them doing illegal things, throw the book at them. antifa is nothing more then communists trying to instigate a communist revolution. this country is loosing it’s world dominance. why? because we have slowly but surely headed into socialism for the last couple of decades , which is just right of communism. the government will tell you they are going to take care of you, but in reality it is those that work that make it happen. all of those government agencies push for more power and money at the expense of our freedom. i keep hoping we will stop drifting toward communism and reduce the size of the government. i just do not see it happening. as far as the drugs go, i believe everyone should have the right to make up their own mind not have uncle sam do it for me. i take prescription morphine every day. pot does help with my pain and i would be able to cut down on the morphine. i believe in freedom and this war on drugs has done nothing but cause crime and government expense. it is like nam a war we can never win. it seems that our country wants those wars. i think the elite wants them because they make money off of them. i certainly am tired of losing our young men and trying to police the world. it would be nice not start another war. of course, it is a given we are going to war against north korea. i feel that one is being pushed on us though. things sure are a lot different then when i was young. i am an agnostic, while i grew up in a religious environment i am not sure. what i am sure about is if i am going to be judge, i want god to do it. the world elites have set the world up for the greatest depression it has ever seen. i believe this is to help in their setting up of the new world order which is essentially world communism. of course for it to happen here they need to take the guns away from the people. i will not give them mine, they can come and take them from me. who knows, i guess my paranoia is showing a little. good luck and i hope i am wrong about this depression…

  52. It’s kind of weird how the oh so credible Breitbart site can’t seem to point out the exact bill the article is about.

  53. Sometimes I suspect there might be some inbreeding going on or we’d have fewer problems, but I’m not sure where to point to.:-)

    1. Funny you would say that. I often wonder if I belong on the short bus. I found Art’s comments agreeable. But then I’m perhaps the most hated of the human species. I’m a white christian male. I believe the United States exists because of the devine providential will of God. I believe someone can choose to live an LGBT life style, and I will defend there freedom of choice. I also believe that ANTIFA, the KKK and BLM are terrorist organization’s. I believe personal responsibility is the key to success. And blaming others is the key to failure. And will always place you under the control and limitations of others. I was an alcoholic in my youth. And after 30 years of sobriety, I will defend the right of others to drink. And if you want to smoke grass, fire up a stupid stick. Freedom is the right to choose your course, and assuming full responsibility for the results of your choices. I don’t believe that guns kill people, nor do forks make people fat and my truck did not drive drunk. Oh and I do believe women are deserving of special treatment and respect as the more refined of the species. Open the door for them. We men still have the Y chromosome for a reason. If I’ve failed to offend anyone. Maybe this will make them snap. I’m an imperfect Christian. Having said all this. If the people’s republic of Kalifornastan and the commonwealth thereof. Continues to follow the likes of Governor Moonbeam down the yellow brick road into bankruptcy and anarchy. Maybe we should take all there guns, sharp knives and car keys. Petulant children should not have deadly objects. How about we lock them all up, one big time out for the state. God Bless the greatest nation on the planet.

  54. My pleasure Jeffrey! it took me a while to figure out what i was doing wrong.i do not know about the responsibility of the parents, of course, i have no kids and i am pretty sure at my age i will not have any. if i do, it will be a complete shock. i think you have a point though and maybe we should charge them something for their kids incarceration. i know most people would not have the money to pay for it all, but i sure see a lot of bad parenting. i also know even with good parenting some will take the bad road, i guess they like the bumps. i know the bad things i did when i was young were not my parents fault, but as i got older, i realized why i was taught those things and told not to do things. i was just lucky and never got caught .i was a teen in the 60’s and played with drugs a bit. in fact, i told people that pot would be legal in a couple of years. i guess i should have said decades. my state will be one of the last to legalize pot. i do believe a lot of our problems could be solved by legalizing all drugs. we have only filled the jails with those people. we have created crime, and made some of the worst people in the world filthy rich. we were suppose to learn our lesson with prohibition of alcohol, but some how those in charge changed the name to a war on drugs and expected it not to turn out the same way. i guess we are just to stupid to learn from our mistakes or private interest groups with a lot of money just forced us to do it with bribes to our wholesome political groups. WTF!!! legalize all drugs and put the money in our government, but do not try and tax it to death or we will still have a black market. i think i read some where californication wants to tax pot 45%. WTF!!!if we legalize drugs, we would reduce crime, reduce, government costs, and have more productive citizens then we do now. if someone wants to do heroin making it against the law does not work or why would we have so many people addicted to heroin now. i hope we pull our heads out and smell the shit. or we can, keep the stupid hat on and continue what we are doing. i know it will sound crazy to a lot of people but getting rid of a black market and allowing people to make their mistakes or what i call give people freedom. freedom to choose their own way and of course some will make the wrong choices just as they do now with it illegal. i brought this up because maybe the attitudes will change slowly and maybe in a few decades, we will pull our heads out again. i would like to have my freedom back to make my own decisions, right of wrong. reduce the size of government instead of keep making it bigger and bigger at the cost of my freedom. sorry for the rant…

  55. I’ve been under the impression that jail is a place of concrete authority, for those who were not taught respect for others. In a world of single parent households and absentee father’s. Maybe it’s time to concider holding the parents responsible on some level. Including the absentee parent. Why do we assume the responsibility of stupid people in an attempt to be compassionate. Tough love is still love. Maybe if those who make babies are held responsible for raising them to be productive members of society. The nation might not be experiencing the problems we are in this area. In fact i think we should also concider bringing back the draft to help instill a sense of national citizenship. If a juvenile has legal problems. There service would be extended accordingly. We have to stop being sympathetic to social failures. The nation has reached critical mass relating to social experimentation. We must stop excusing the stupid or there will be no republic of the United States. Young and stupid occur naturally. And if we truly love our neighbor. We are doing them an injustice by accepting there dysfunction.

    1. I like honest post that put a smile on my face. I’m not quite the diplomat you are, but you are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  56. if you click on the little symbol right after the equation if the time limit is up. it will give you another one to solve. if done quickly enough it will let you post. i usually do it when am done so it does not give you the error

  57. Hey Dave, I’m a middle age guy that’s not I.T. savvy. The description that Spencer described was my basis for assuming I was being kicked out. I somehow envision a master computer somewhere that is triggered by Christian words. Paranoid, maybe. Stupid, more likely. The world is afraid of the truth and Christians, or so it seems. Your blog is the only blog I’ve ever commented on. I got involved because most folks on your blog seem grounded and honest. And the ones that aren’t get corrected pretty quick. Please forgive my ignorance. I guess your the sinister master computer I suspected. That’s my attempt at humour. Thank you for your service to this great nation, and God bless you.

    1. God Bless brother! I have been called a lot of things in my day, but “sinister master computer” just went on my personal email as my signature!

      In all seriousness, we have tried very hard, and we feel fortunate to have one of the best group of readers and commenters on the internet. We try to let everyone run with their personal comments, disagree and express their displeasure with the authors and the stories they write when necessary, and even each other as much as we can. (We don’t mind the compliments either, in case you were wondering.) However, the boss has laid down a few rules, but most seem pretty content with that, so very little is ever moderated or deleted.

      Thanks for reading, if y’all will keep reading, we’ll keep pushing the authors for the most engaging content. I am open to articles from one and all. If anyone has an article or idea, feel free to email me at ~Dave Dolbee

  58. There have been at least 3-4 occasions when I’ve tried to post in the past year, that I couldn’t get posted because the Time limit is exhausted. Please reload the CAPTCHA. message kept asking me to solve the simple problem over and over. So I finally gave up, but I don’t think it had anything to do with reply. I’ve also seen a few times when the Time limit is exhausted. Please reload the “CAPTCHA.” wasn’t there for me to solve.
    It just did it again “Error: Time limit is exhausted. Please enter CAPTCHA value again. Click the BACK button on your browser, and try again.”

  59. I’ve tried to post two comments that include my belief in God. This blog does not allow them. Having said that. Art , your comments are right on. And it’s all about the choice. I’m very disappointed in this blog. Maybe it’s more acceptable for the nation to go to hell. I wonder if it’s ok to remind people of the words, “One nation under God with liberty and justice for all ” I know it’s not P.C. but just look at the alternate reality were settling for.

    1. I do not know what you are talking about. I have never moderated a comment or deleted one for someone including something about religion. ~Dave Dolbee

    2. if you click on the little symbol right after the equation if the time limit is up. it will give you another one to solve. if done quickly enough it will let you post. i usually do it when am done so it does not give you the error

    3. Art and Spencer, thank you for helping the village I.T. idiot navigate the blog technology. I’ll will be more cautious about assuming things in this world. Dave was very gracious pointing out my error as well. Thank you again.

  60. A large majority of people serving time in state prisons for the use of a gun in the commission of a crime are black or Latino. I believe the sentencing reductions for these crimes by state Democrats are an attempt to curry favors with these minority groups as they represent an ever increasing segment of the Democratic voting block in the state. The Dems generally can’t win legislative arguments based on substance so they resort to deceptive tactics to sway their followers. They really don’t believe in administering punishment to those directly responsible for crimes if there is a race disparity involved.

  61. Well this is my third attempt to reply. Guess the folks don’t care for my input. So l will just edit my text to the following. If we were a nation of justice for all. President Trump would declare George Soros an enemy of the state. The Clinton’s would be under indictment. Chuck Schumer and Jeff Sessions would be on there way out. And Tom Styer , Mike Bloomberg and the Bush family cartel would be exposed for what they are. The establishment, from township governments to the governors office. Right on thru to K street would be dismantled with each voting cycle. California’s insane. It’s in financial trouble. Illegal aliens are shooting up the place and there s no justice. It’s a national embarrassment. Not much different from New York. And I’m supposed to be concerned. Gov. Moonbeam is just helping his supporters from ANTIFA remain viable campaign staffers.

    1. I find it funny that you’re calling this post “your input”. I say that because I don’t think it came from your mind after an objective observation of facts. Can you explain why you feel that way specifically or is it just regurgitated words. I don’t mean to be rude I am just a why person. The common theme with the comments all over this are lots of generalizations. XXxX are unamerican, only care about minorities/are racists, war against guns bla bla….. I truly believe that if this bill was introduced elsewhere by the other party this would be filled with the same people praising it. Who comes up with an idea shouldn’t determine your reaction, what the idea is should.

      I would still be interested in hearing why you feel the way you do on each one of those statement’s.

  62. i think that they know what they are doing. if you say we need more gun control because of the violence with guns, then you need that violence. therefore we shouldn’t keep those producing the violence in jail very long, so they can ply their can claim that the poor underage kids having their life ruined by spending it in jail. in reality the gangs use the younger kids because they know they will not be sent away as long and get brakes. those seeking communist governments and the new world order communist platform, where the elite few control the world and financial aspects of it. an armed citizenry is dangerous to that system so they remove private ownership of guns. right now america is one of the few that allow it’s citizens to own a gun. they cannot have that and you eat an elephant one bite at a time. they will slowly head toward disarmament while doing so they need the statistics and deaths of their citizens to further their goal.

    so with their agenda they need to make owning firearms illegal by their citizenry while reducing sentences of criminals. slowly but surely they eat the elephant….

    1. So not really sure where that rant came from but do you have any data to support any of those claims? I do know there is plenty of data showing as guns per capita increase so does gun violence.

      As far as the new world order and communist part of the post, those elected who oppose any gun regulations are generally also the financial elite. This can easily be checked.

      This country will never take your guns away en mass because it’s a part of our culture (they are also crazy fun!) regardless of what lobbying groups try and sell. Finally, there was no mention of reducing sentences just leaving it up to the individual judge. The human Involvement in case by case sentencing would help keep the idiot who is still learning to control hormones and the habitual offender away from each other.

      I truly hope you do more than just trusting any information that fits what you believe.

  63. I disagree with the author, for a novel reason- why demonize firearms with stiffer penalties? That is a shining example of poor legislation. Murder is murder, robbery is robbery, assault is assault, all of which are crimes; weather committed with a gun, a knife, a baseball bat, or bare hands. Leave the gun out of the equation.

  64. There is a point when a jail term can help(the individual) and a point where it just cost the state more money. I agree that time should be added to a crime where a gun was used. The problem here is that a kid selling drugs from his bedroom could get (or be threatened into a guilty plea) If there is a gun in the house. Like Chicago, this enhancement has been used to get quick guilty pleas with reduced sentences.
    If a gun is used in the actual commission of a crime, the courts should be barred from allowing a lessor plea. The problem with zero tolerance laws is that the prosacution pushes the envelope to get votes and keep votes. The real bad guys get a short sentence(because they know the ropes) and the guy caught in a sting or the guy who wants his day in court because he feels he is not guilty gets 30 years.
    Any sentence over 5 years(except for capital crimes) is not going to rehabilitate the criminal.
    Giving enhanced sentences to minors is just wrong(they never get a turn at life). They are minors because they are not old enough to sign contracts, why should they be sentenced as adults?
    go ahead and call me a bleeding heart, but Calif prisons are full and the county jails are being forced to house felons(which they were never designed for). Housing the fish with the sharks makes victims and more sharks. This is not what we should be doing. We should partner with the countries where the illegals that make up a large part of the prison population and build private jails in their countries with US management , rules and their countries’ prisoner rights. I think many of the gangs would slow down their crimes if faced with that.

    1. RT66PAUL: GOOD COMMENTS. Yes I think minors involved in crimes should be treated differently then adults. 5 extra years for USING A FIREARM IN A CRIME should be enough I believe as well. Good comments and good thinking.

  65. The MSN will leave out the part of the story where their politicians went soft on criminals and only report the increase in crime, blaming it on the easy availability of firearms. The sheeple will eat it up and keep these same politicians leading them down the primrose path.

    1. Ironically Mike it was the author of this article who left out the key piece of information. It doesn’t lower or remove enhancements, it only gives a judge the ability to decide if the person deserves the enhancement or not.

      Hopefully you will look into stuff a little more before commenting so you don’t end up accusing someone completely unrelated to an article of holding back when it’s actually the articles author.

  66. I concluded years ago that fear is the #1 tool politicians control the masses. Democrats are experts at using strict gun control for honest citizens and allowing those who murder to run rampant. Then these same politicians refuse to enforce the methods for controlling the criminals. Joe Biden was recently shown on TV proclaiming it was too much trouble to do these things.
    However, gun control isn’t the only area where this tool “FEAR” is used.

  67. Well if this new law doesn’t just squeeze your head until your brains come out your ears I don’t know what will. Several things come to mind that could have caused this law: 1. The state budget could not support the additional expenses of the convicts for the additional 10 years, money was needed for Welfare, Education, etc for the POOR OF THE STATE. 2. Governor Brown wanted to APPEASE THE GANGS, ILLEGALS, UTOPIAN LIBERALS, FRINGE ELEMENTS IN THE STATE. 3. A legacy notion of the Governor for the CRIMINALS in the state. 4. To show that MINIMUM SENTENCES ARE JUST A WASTE OF THE STATES TIME and so Judges could have less restricted Judgments for crimes committed against the good people of California. Well the above has just about worn out my brain thinking of reasons for this new law, I’ll let others comment.

  68. Frickin’ PRK (People’s Republic of Kaliforniastan)and Governor Moonbeam–reminds me of why I had to leave my former home state for the freedom of a REAL American state, i.e. Texas.

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