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We’re back at it with more top guns from the latest action movie I’m obsessed with. Today’s film: “The Gray Man” with Ryan Gosling. Hold your judgment, Ken’s got some bad ass blasters in this one. 

As always, there may be some spoilers for those who have not seen the movie, but I have tried to keep out any major plot points. 

Silencerco Maxim 9 in Corner Shot

If ever there’s a way to open an action movie, it’s with an integrally suppressed firearm that can shoot around corners. In the beginning of “The Gray Man,” Sierra Six uses a Silencerco Maxim 9 placed in a Corner Shot as he attempts to take out his target. This is an interesting setup, as the base firearm, the Silencerco Maxim 9, features a built-in modular suppressor that can be configured to different noise reduction levels and lengths. When placed in a Corner Shot, a device designed to allow the gun to bend around a corner as you pull the trigger and operate the firearm from cover, this becomes a setup that’s hard to beat. 

Silencerco Maxim 9 in Corner Shot
Source: IMFDB

Glock 17

Sometimes, a Plain Jane stock Glock fits the bill. Six uses a Glock 17 as his main sidearm throughout the film, and I think it fits his character well. 17+1 rounds of 9mm in one of the most reliable firearms ever produced is hard to beat. This polymer-framed, striker-fired pistol is one of the most popular firearms for a reason. The Glock is beloved by law enforcement, military units, and civilian shooters alike. I don’t think Hollywood would be able to make it through one action movie without including at least one Glock. 

CZ P-09

Whenever a character is overseas, it’s nice to see some relevant firearms. Six uses a CZ P-09 — a polymer framed rendition of the classic CZ 75 design — taken off of an officer during a shootout in Prague. This hammer-fired DA/SA 9mm takes 19-round magazines and features an accessory rail for mounting lights and lasers. The inverted slide rail design aids in accuracy and recoil reduction. I believe the CZ P-09 is one of the most underrated pistols and it’s nice to see it get some well-deserved credit. 


It’s not just Six with the awesome gear, Lloyd (bad guy) uses a B&T APC9 during the assault on the compound.  He has this 9mm subgun outfitted with an EOTech holographic sight for fast, close quarters engagements. He’s got it set up as an SBR with a stock and a light/laser device. The APC9 features recoil-reduced, closed-bolt blowback operation and completely ambidextrous controls. These Swiss-produced firearms are incredibly high-quality and feature a great fit and finish. 

B&T APC9 Pro

Benelli M4

Dani and Six both use Benelli M4s taken off the police at the hospital as they chase down the enemy fleeing on his motorcycle. These 12 gauge semi-auto shotguns feature extended 7-round magazine tubes and Benelli’s highly-regarded A.R.G.O. system. The Auto-Regulating Gas-Operated system is a self-cleaning piston-driven action developed for fast operation and reliable cycling. The M4 is known for being incredibly rugged and reliable, even in adverse conditions. It is used by law enforcement agencies and military units around the world. 


For heavy firepower, “The Gray Man” featured modernized FN MAG machine guns. The FN MAG is a unique one, as it was built upon an upside-down Browning Automatic Rifle action. One of these large machine guns was mounted on a Czech police armored vehicle during a shootout from mercenaries hired to take out Six. Additionally, one mercenary is even seen holding one, firing from the hip. These 7.62×51 NATO belt-fed rifles certainly add a little flair on the big screen. 

Guy Holding Machine Gun
Source: IMFDB

Blaser R93

How about long-range firepower? Near the end of the film, Dani uses a Blaser R93 to cover Six as he infiltrates the enemy’s holdout location. This is a high-end German straight-pull precision rifle. This bolt-action tack driver incorporates a modular design that allows the shooter to break the gun down into four major components: the bolt, barrel, stock, and magazine. All of these components are interchangeable, so the shooter can easily configure the rifle to fire several different calibers. 


All of the CIA operatives can be seen holding SIG MPX submachine guns when meeting Six at the plane for his evacuation. This 9mm runs on a gas piston system that is both clean and reliable. The MPX takes 35-round magazines and features a rail for attaching lights, lasers, and forward grips. The SIG MPX brings all of the benefits of a subgun into an upgraded, modern package that even the most demanding shooter can count on. 


Walther PPK

Would it really be a spy movie without an appearance from the Walther PPK? Six’s old friend Margaret is shown with a classic Walther PPK at her home. The PPK has most notably been chambered in .22 LR, .32 ACP, and .380 ACP, but Walther currently only offers the .380. It is a DA/SA pistol that features incredibly small sights, but is smooth and snag-free for concealed carry. It runs on a direct blowback action, but the all-steel construction helps absorb any recoil. 

What did you think of “The Gray Man” movie? What about the guns? Let us know in the comment section.

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