Whisper Quiet: Top Suppressor-Ready Firearms

Suppressor mounted on the end of a rifle barrel

Did you hear that? Me neither. From purpose-designed pistols to takedown rifles, we’re taking a look at the top suppressor-ready firearms that will make the most of your new can. 

Beretta M9A4

Most people want a standard 9mm pistol that is fun at the range and will work well in traditional defensive roles. The Beretta M9A4 is a good jack-of-all-trades option that’s ready for a can right out of the box. The locking block barrel locking design lends itself to suppressor use, as it does not tilt in the way most standard pistols do to unlock the action. This keeps the barrel in a straight horizontal line throughout the entire firing process. This means that, depending on your suppressor, you may not need to use a Nielsen device to keep it reliable. 

FN FNX-45 Tactical pistol
FN FNX-45 Tactical

FN FNX-45 Tactical

Up next is probably one of the most popular suppressor-ready pistols, the FNX-45 Tactical. Chambered in .45 ACP, the naturally-subsonic cartridge pairs well with suppressor use because the bullet travels slower than the speed of sound. The pistol comes from the factory with a threaded barrel and raised iron sights, so you’re ready to attach a can right out of the box. Additionally, the heavy weight of the chunky double-stack .45 pistol helps with the overall balance with the can attached. The FNX-45 Tactical is designed to be used with a suppressor from the factory, so you can expect complete reliability. 

Ruger 10/22 Takedown

The Ruger 10/22 Takedown with a suppressor attached would make a great portable, small-game hunting setup. You’d need to select the version with the threaded barrel, but the .22 LR is quiet and the takedown system makes for excellent portability. The takedown system allows you to quickly and easily separate the rifle in half for convenient storage and transport. This system paired with a quick-attach suppressor mount would work well. 

Springfield Saint .300 AAC BLK AR Pistol/SBR

For the AR platform, something chambered in .300 AAC BLK with a short barrel configuration is hard to beat. The Springfield Saint is a high-quality opinion with modern features that will not break the bank. The .300 AAC Blackout is a great suppressed round because it is naturally subsonic and gets really quiet with a can. The shorter barrel length of an AR pistol or SBR makes the firearm more maneuverable with the suppressor attached, keeping the overall length reasonable and weight down. 

Springfield SAINT Victor
Springfield SAINT Victor

Ruger MK IV w/ Threaded

One of the most popular suppressor hosts is the Ruger MK IV .22 LR target pistol. The fixed barrel design works well with a can and the Ruger MK IV series is known for its consistent reliability. Additionally, the fixed barrel aids a bit in sound suppression because it prevents more gas from escaping the action. There are  many different variations of this pistol with different barrel lengths, accessories, and construction, just be sure the one you’re looking at has a threaded barrel and you’re good to go.

Remington 700

A good bolt-action rifle is a natural suppressor host. You don’t have to worry about the change in gas pressure causing reliability issues cycling the action as you do with a semi-auto. Additionally, the bolt-action allows the shooter to quietly manually cock the bolt, further reducing overall noise. This setup would be great for hunting use where you may need to make several shots, dampening harsh bang! and noise spread. The Remington 700 is a classic bolt-action rifle that has been in service for decades and .308 Winchester is a great caliber option popular with many shooters. 

Remington 700 Magpul Edition
Remington 700 Magpul Edition

Glock Hush Puppy

Although it may take a lifetime to track one down for yourself, the Glock Hush Puppy is a pistol purpose-built around maximizing the use and effectiveness of a suppressor. With controls to silence all the working parts of the firearm, not just the firing process, the Hush Puppy could possibly be the quietest suppressed centerfire option around. The slide even locks closed when you fire, becoming a single-shot pistol to remove any noise from the action cycling. The Hush Puppy Glock can be found as both the model 19 and 43X. 

Silencerco Maxim 9 

This final firearm may be the best suppressor-ready pistol, because it features an integrated silencer built into the gun. Looking like something out of a sci-fi movie, the modular design of the Silencerco Maxim 9 allows the shooter to choose between different length configurations for different effectiveness levels. The longer you go, the quieter you get; the shorter you go, the more maneuverability you have. The 9mm pistol is completely holsterable and user serviceable. 

Silencerco Maxim 9
Silencerco Maxim 9


So, there you have it. The top suppressor-ready firearms that are ready for your favorite can right out of the box. Whether you go with one of these quiet pistols or select a stealthy rifle, you’re sure to have a high-quality suppressor host that will serve you well for years to come. 

What are your favorite suppressor-ready firearms? What are your top choices in suppressors. Let us know in the comments.

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Comments (3)

  1. B&T station Six either 9mm or 45 are extremely quiet- bolt action pistol. – literally the round hitting down range makes more noise. I have an integrally suppressed 77/44 & when shooting 44 special loads – red Ryder BB gun quiet as is my bolt action 300BO. – all of these are totally Hollywood quiet.

  2. I have three polymer full size pistols all of wiych are made by walther the p99 my favorite is striker fired but one of the few i know or that are double action single action they come or came since they are being discontinued with a red pin that protrudes from the back to show the gun is in battery they have a decocking button on the slide and pulling back just like a press check will put it back in double action i have a ppq 45acp for witch caused me to buy astandard round can i already had a 22lr can for years i ended up getting a rugged obsidian 45 wiych in my research and talking with silencer owners i was shown on many reviews to be the best multi caliber can on the market well constructed with high grade materials user serviceable and it could be shorted by removeing a four inch section installing the end cap and dropping the weight i choose to use it in full lenth wet and sub sonic amunnition i purchased a diffrent thread pitch for 9 mm and i had a threaded ppq barrel in 9mm that worked fine in my p99 just last summer i bought the just released walther pdp not knowing it was getting a tactical upgrade the following year i decided to send for a threaded barrel witch are out of stock in many sights but i found a 5.1 witch will work on my 4.6 barrel and all of my pistols will be ready by the way i tried it on my p99 with sub sonic ammo last week i brought a small spray bottle with a pump on top i went with recomandations off a few videos sprayed five squirts down the messle of the can shook it attached and it was extreamly quiet im happy after a 16 month wait for my tax sramp i finally got a great result thank you for bearing with me

  3. Forgot the HK45c tactical. Awesome gun to shoot suppressed wasn’t a fan of buying another piston for the 18×1 LH threads but worth it. And I just have to say that the Maxim 9 pistol is a great concept but super ugly and I think there has to be a way to make it function reliably and make it look good and less square.

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