How To Video: Weak-Hand Tactical Shotgun Reloads with Lena Miculek

Cheaper Than Dirt Shooting Team member Lena Miculek details how to execute weak-hand shotgun reloads in multi-gun competitions using a JM-series Pro Mossberg autoloading shotgun: “After I’ve fired my last shot from the gun, I place the stock under my arm for support then reach down for the shells with my left hand. I use my ring finger along the edge of the shell carrier as a guide. “I hold the pinkie finger under the bottom of the shell stack to keep the shells in line. But they don’t have to be perfectly aligned. As I bring the shells up to the loading gate, I angled them in while placing my pointer finger on the end of the shell as a guide. And you want to angle the shells in—don’t try to place them into the loading gate flat.

“You need to have a lot of wrist movement when loading the shells. Don’t shift the shells in your hand.”   Like this article? CLICK HERE to get stories like this and others every other week in your e-mail inbox.

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  1. Well, the nut didn’t fall far from the tree! She is awesome just like her dad. Amazing family! Congrats!

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