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SIG Sauer M17 pistol with 9mm+P ammunition


SIG Sauer’s New FMJ Practice Grade Ammunition

SIG has introduced a training line of ammunition to compliment its JHP Elite loads. They are affordable, accurate and cleaning burning. Bob Campbell filled his pockets, grabbed some of his favorite 1911s and a SIG P220 to put the new ammo through its paces.

LaserLyte rear sight laser

Gun Gear

Throwback Thursday—Pistol Lasers

Many new gun owners or first-time buyers make their final decision on a self-defense pistol due to the integrated laser. Guns like the S&W Bodyguard and Ruger LCP are popular. There are quite a few different schools of thought on the usefulness of pistol lasers. In “Pistol Lasers,” the author explores the differences between Crimson Trace, LaserMax and LaserLyte laser aiming systems, as well as discusses the benefits of using a laser for training.