The Fastest .308 Win. on the Market?

Liberty Ammunition Animal Instinct .308 bullets

If you ask Liberty Ammunition, there is a new King of the Hill, and I am not hearing any complaints. People are looking for bigger, better, and faster, which explains the rise in popularity of the AR-10 platform. Liberty Ammunition did not come as a “me too!” Instead it came as a “Me First!” with a production .308 round clocking at 3,500 fps. That is 2,700 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle! Here is the full release from Liberty.

Liberty Ammunition’s Animal Instinct .308 (7.62x51mm) Win. offers hunters and LEO’s increased lethality.

Liberty Ammunition Animal Instinct logo Liberty Ammunition is unveiling the first hunting round, the .308 Winchester, in its new Animal Instinct ammunition line. The Liberty Ammunition .308 Win. is the fastest at 3,500 FPS, and exits a rifle with a muzzle energy of 2,700 FPE. This lead-free copper monolithic, fragmenting hollow-point Liberty Ammunition round is the next generation of one of the most popular hunting and long range rounds in existence.

“Animal Instinct ammunition is optimized to deliver the most extreme energy transfer at impact, while still providing exceptional penetration, giving hunters that ‘ONE & DONE’ capability they seek,” Matt Phillips, VP of Sales and Marketing for Liberty Ammunition explained. “Animal Instinct’s match grade accuracy and noticeable low recoil allows the hunter to be more proficient while making the shooting/hunting experience more enjoyable.”

Liberty Ammunition Animal Instinct .308 bullets
Liberty Ammunition Animal Instinct .308 Win.
The .308 Winchester was introduced in 1952 as a sporting round to fit a standard short-action rifle. The highly-accurate round quickly found favor with big game hunters and shortly thereafter was adopted by the U.S. Military for the M14 rifle. Liberty Ammunition’s Animal Instinct .308 Win. is lighter than its competition at 100 grains. Animal Instinct .308 delivers more lethality in a flat shooting round with match grade accuracy, all in a low recoil, easy to manage package.

Sale ends July 28, 2019

Sale ends July 28, 2019

Hunters, law enforcement officers and military operators alike, will all benefit tremendously from Liberty Ammunition’s Animal Instinct line, providing them pinpoint accuracy, significant increase in lethality, and low recoil for more control.

Liberty Ammunition Animal Instinct
Caliber .308 Winchester
Weight 100 grains
Velocity 3,500 FPS
Kinetic Energy 2700 FPE
Accuracy 1 MOA @ 500 yds.
Terminal Effect 5″ W x 16″ D
Description Copper Monolithic, Fragmenting Hollow Point, Lead Free Hunting Round
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Comments (63)

  1. Liberty Ammunition’s Animal Instinct .308 (7.62x51mm) Win, any more news when this ammo is going on the market?

  2. It surely sounds good, BUT LOW RECOIL? I used to shoot National Match for the U S Army Reserves and I found that the lighter the bullet in front of a large quantity of power severely increased recoil instead of lessening it. That said, it the round is as accurate as Liberty says that it is, perhaps this .308 round will regain its place as an excellent sniper round recently usurped by the .338 Lapua round.

  3. Please test this ammo before depending upon it. I tried Liberty 38 special and 357 magnum in my revolvers (S&W and Ruger) in both cases it “locked up” the guns. No rotation, and then no ejection!

  4. So, when does a bullet become too fast? I just wonder why people mess with a proven performer. The 308/762NATO has served me VERY well for a long time.

    1. Too fast factors. There may be others, these come to mind first.
      1. When the bullet disintegrates as it leaves the barrel.
      2.When accuracy is lost.
      3. When pressures are too high. cratering primer / primer flow into firing pin hole , splitting cases, separation of head, primer blow through and bolt failures are dangerous.
      4. Unreasonable recoil.
      5. Accelerated barrel throat wear.
      6. Copper smearing in lands.

    2. Bill, thanks for the info. As a reloader, I’m aware of what you mentioned. I just wonder what these rounds will do that standard 308/762NATO don’t already do.besides giving you an unleaded bullet.

  5. I have been reading books by Bryan Litz.At 100 yards I can get clover leafs, when shooting at 600 yards my groups are no where near sub MOA. I have experimented with different loads and can not figure out what I am doing wrong. Do you have any recommendations on books to read?


    1. Sounds like you don’t understand the basics of rifle accuracy. If you are shooting cloverleafs at 100 yards, what do you think will happen at 600 yards?

      The answer is that those coverleafs will open up to whatever accuracy you had at 100 yards out of your gun.

      For example, if your cloverleafs measure 2 inches at one hundred yards. They will be 4 inches at 200 yards and six inches at 300 yards.

      Seems to me you would want to find out what optimum accuracy is from your rifle at 100 yards and then see how you are shooting at 600 yards.

      You DO KNOW don’t you that if your rifle and bullet shoot 1 minute of angle at one hundred yards, it will shoot 2 inches at 200 yards and 3 inches at 300 yards–correct? That is this is its OPTIMUM accuracy the rifle and load combination is capable of IF YOU do everything correct.

  6. What extra cost would thre be if they added extra stats such as barrel lengrh and rate of twist that sped and energy came from.
    I see mention of less pressure but how much, as todays gunmen are very knowledgeable they are mostly not wanting to pay top $ for rounds that may not be right for certai. Autos and twist or length of barrels.

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