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GLock G29 pistol with Federal ammunition and two combat knives


Review: Glock G29 10mm Pistol — Bad Things Roam at Night

Actually, owning two Desert Eagles, I would argue the Glock 10mm is “the” most reliable high power semi-auto pistol and the G29 is the smallest format available. The 10mm G29 is capable of delivering 600-800 ft./lbs. of energy depending on the ammo you feed it. Not bad considering you have 10+1 rounds on tap—it’s a lot of firepower in a very small concealable package. Best of all, shooters with medium to small hands can establish a comfortable and secure grip. Read the full review to learn the history of the 10mm and how the G29 performs.

Liberty Ammunition Animal Instinct .308 bullets


The Fastest .308 Win. on the Market?

If you ask Liberty Ammunition, there is a new King of the Hill, and I am not hearing any complaints. People are looking for bigger, better, and faster, which explains the rise in popularity of the AR-10 platform. Liberty Ammunition did not come as a “me too!” Instead it came as a “Me First!” with a production .308 round clocking at 3,500 fps. That is 2,700 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle! Here is the full release from Liberty.