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Black polymer framed .45 ACP handgun from Taurus


The Top 6 Best-Selling Taurus Handguns

There are a few reasons why Taurus handguns sell so well, however, the main reason? Affordability! Despite the company’s reputation for poor quality of guns produced over 30 years, current Taurus owners don’t complain. Read on to check out Cheaper Than Dirt!’s best selling Taurus pistols.

Attacker with a knife an man drawing his concealed pistol


Choosing a Handgun

A few decades ago, the FBI did a study and found that a handgun that weighs over 35 ounces becomes a drag on the pants after a few hours. Perhaps concealed carry handgun permit holders should consider 26 ounces as a reasonable top end. Read the full article article for additional .

1911 pistol that is cocked and locked

Concealed Carry

Pistols 101: Pistol Actions and Triggers Versus Performance

The story of handguns and how they work is very interesting but may also be frustrating to the beginner. Some definitions are stretched by the makers. As an example quite a few handguns cloud the definition of double action or double action only operation. Understanding how a pistol operates is an important part of the selection process when choosing a handgun. This article details the action and how the trigger action affects performance and handling.

SIG Sauer P320 pistol right


Throwback Thursday: The SIG P320 Striker Fired 9mm Handgun

SIG modified the basic design of the hammer-fired SIG P250 to create the SIG P320. Advantages of the P320 include a faster lock time, smoother trigger action and greater practical accuracy. For those preferring ease of maintenance, a simple operating mechanism, and SIG reliability in worst-case scenarios the P320 is an excellent choice, but is it right for you? Read the story to find out.


Are You Guilty of Spreading These Five Common Gun-Counter Myths?

Gun ownership doesn’t make you an invincible; the racking of a pump-action shotgun slide isn’t necessarily enough to stop a home invasion and what’s your self-defense gun good for if it isn’t ready to fire? There are old wives’ tales that circulate throughout the gun community that just simply aren’t true. Here are 5 of them… List doozies you’ve heard in the comment section.

Singer Mfg. Model 1911A1 Serial Number 1 Semiautomatic Pistol


5 Handguns You Should Shoot Before You Die

Out of the classic handguns, which five should be high on your priority list to shoot before you die? This particular writer’s picks probably won’t surprise you…or will they? Read on to find out what top five handguns you need to shoot before you die.

Kahr 9mm semiautomatic handgun with black frame and burnt bronze slide.


Packing Some Extra Heat: Top 10 9mm Mid-Sized Carry Guns

When considering a handgun for concealed carry, generally we all think that smaller is better…or easier, rather. But those smaller guns aren’t always pleasant to train with. There are plenty of quality mid-sized choices to choose from. A mid-sized 9mm means you don’t have to sacrifice accuracy over size. Check out our list of the top 10 mid-sized concealed carry guns.

Black 9mm semiautomatic handgun made by FNH.

Range Reports

Throwback Thursday: FN’s Hot 9mm: The FNS 9

It is made in the USA, accurate, reliable, and ambidextrous. In the author’s opinion the FNS 9 just may be the best and most overlooked service grade 9mm in the country- and it is backed by one of the oldest names in gun making. Read this article for the details on why it is the best.