The Top 6 Best-Selling Taurus Handguns

Black polymer framed .45 ACP handgun from Taurus

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Taurus handguns are undeniably popular.

For years, novice shooters and experts alike snatched up the .45 Long Colt/.410 Bore-shooting Judge revolver for either its novelty factor or Taurus’ promise of what the handgun could do for self-defense.

Many desiring to buy a firearm turn toward Taurus because of the affordability. After all, .380 ACP pocket guns sell for less than $200 and you can pick up a Taurus 1911 for less than $500.

Put simply, there aren’t many other reputable firearm manufacturers that can compete with Taurus’ pricing.

Some will argue against Taurus as a “reputable” company, but those opinions are largely based on the company’s first imports to the U.S. made over 30 years ago.

When the Brazilian gun maker moved to the United States in the 1970s and was producing Smith & Wesson revolver clones, its quality was hit or miss.

Unfortunately, even after years of improved CNC machinery and quality control, many of those who labeled Taurus as trash never allowed Taurus back out of the bin.

Have people reported problems with Taurus handguns? Sure, but I know people who have had problematic Springfields and terribly expensive Kimbers returned back to the shop time and time again for serious issues.

Despite the haters, the current team at Taurus is dedicated to building a much better firearm. Ask Taurus owners today what they think about their guns and the majority of them don’t complain.

So, which Taurus handguns are the most popular? Here are our top six best-selling Taurus handguns.

(Note: This isn’t a list of “the best” Taurus handguns… it’s simply which ones are the best-selling).

1. G2C

taurus handguns - G2C
Formerly called the PT111 G2C, the Taurus G2C is available in 9mm and .40 S&W and comes in several finishes. Cheaper Than Dirt!’s top-selling Taurus G2C features a matte stainless steel slide and black polymer frame.

Similar to the Millennium, Millennium Pro and G2 before it, the G2C is an accurate, reliable and durable firearm offered at a lower price point than several pistols from competing brands.

Features and specs:

  • 3.2″ barrel
  • 12-round magazine
  • 3-dot sights
  • Overall length: 6.2″
  • Overall weight: 22 ounces

Taurus G2C owners say:

  • Affordable, smooth, reliable!
  • Great CCW and self-defense gun
  • Great gun… I bought (it) to leave in my truck

2. TX22

taurus handguns - tx22
The Taurus TX22 is a .22 Long Rifle semi-auto pistol available in more than a half-dozen finishes. Accurate and reliable, the TX22 shoots and feels like a custom-tuned competition model but it’s priced at a fraction of the cost.

It includes standard features that are usually only reserved for much more expensive target pistols as costly upgrades.

Features and specs:

  • 4.1″ threaded barrel
  • 16-round magazine
  • adjustable rear sight
  • Overall length: 7.06″
  • Overall weight: 17.3 ounces

Taurus TX22 owners say:

  • I LOVE this pistol
  • Great trigger
  • Holds up well and loads accurately, every time

3. TH40

taurus handguns - th40
The Taurus TH40 is chambered in .40 S&W and comes in several different finishes. The Novak Drift Adjustable front and rear sight will ensure that your shots are on target.

The accessory rail will allow you to mount your favorite light, laser or rail mounted accessory. The double-stacked magazine holds 15 rounds of ammunition and the manual safety will provide you with an additional level of firing security.

Features and specs:

  • 4.25″ barrel length
  • 15-round magazine
  • Novak Drift adjustable front/rear sights
  • Overall length: 7.72″
  • Overall weight: 28.2 ounces

Taurus TH40 owners say:

  • Awesome gun
  • Excellent look and feel
  • Very light. Love the grips.

4. Spectrum

taurus handguns - spectrum
The most affordable Taurus handgun, the Taurus Spectrum is chambered in .380 ACP and comes in a wide variety of different colors and finishes. This diminutive gun is lightweight, easy to operate and even easier to shoot.

The innovative Spectrum design is equipped with soft-touch panels integrated into the slide and ergonomic grip frame. It’s engineered to deliver better responsiveness, comfort and control than any other pistol in its class.

Low profile fixed sights, rounded edges and a DAO striker-fired action ensure quick snag-free deployment in an emergency.

Features and specs:

  • 2.8″ Barrel
  • 6-round flush magazine
  • 7-round extended magazine
  • Low-profile fixed sights
  • Overall length: 3.8″
  • Overall weight: 10 ounces

Taurus Spectrum owners say:

  • Great everyday carry weapon
  • Easily concealed
  • Really easy to shoot… good price

5. Judge

taurus handguns - judge
The Taurus Judge is a .45 Long Colt/.410 Bore revolver that comes in several different barrel lengths and finishes. It’s one of the most popular double-action revolvers on the market today.

With the capability to chamber either a .410 shotshell or a .45 Long Colt cartridge, you have a solution for just about any self-defense scenario.

Additionally, it makes an incredible pest control firearm around the ranch or the farm. Just having the ability to utilize a .410 shotshell in a compact package that you can carry on your hip is a game-changer for most people.

Features and specs:

  • 2.5-6.5″ barrel length options
  • 5-round cylinder capacity
  • Optic front fixed sight
  • Fixed rear sight
  • Overall length: varies
  • Overall weight: varies

Taurus Judge owners say:

  • Not as big and heavy as you would think
  • The price from CTD – unbelievable!!
  • Perfect for the outdoor environment

6. 1911

taurus handguns - 1911
There are a wide variety of popular Taurus handguns in the 1911 style, but one of the best-selling variations is the Full Size 1911 .45 ACP version with a 5″ barrel, 8-round magazine, Novak sights and walnut wood grips with a matte black finish.

What sets the Taurus 1911 apart from the competition is the fact that Taurus uses hammer-forged ordnance grade steel for the frame, slide and barrel.

This consistency in materials makes it easy for the skilled pistol-smiths to hand fit and assembly each of the firearms in the state-of-the-art factory.

Features and specs:

  • 5″ barrel
  • 8-round magazine
  • Novak Drift adjustable front and rear sights
  • Overall length: 8.5″
  • Overall weight: 42 ounces

Taurus 1911 owners say:

  • One of my best shooting weapons
  • I’ve shot about a thousand rounds through it and no problem
  • I love the attention to detail

Do you own a Taurus? Which model do you think should be more popular? Let us know in the comments below.


Editor’s note: this post was originally published in April 2015. It has been completely updated and revamped for clarity and accuracy.

The Mission of Cheaper Than Dirt!'s blog, The Shooter's Log, is to provide information—not opinions—to our customers and the shooting community. We want you, our readers, to be able to make informed decisions. The information provided here does not represent the views of Cheaper Than Dirt!

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  1. I have two Taurus guns that I’ve become very comfortable with.

    My Old faithful pt92 just plain works year after year after year I have shot thousands of rounds through it and the gun is as reliable today as it was many years ago when I first bought it.

    The newest Taurus I bought was the th9c. I wasn’t sure at first I was going to like this gun but it really grew on me quickly. Today it is my everyday concealed carry. Coming from the factory the sights were somewhat ballpark. Since I’ve done some work to that including replacing with high visibility sights, it is extremely accurate and feels fantastic in my hand.

    I don’t usually find commentary on these two guns but I think they are among the most reliable I have earned over the years. These models don’t get enough credit in my humble opinion.

  2. The 709 is the best carry weapon for me in the summer time. It’s a down right best friend to have when it’s needed and hope it never is. Accurate and as reliable as the sun.

  3. I have a G2c and I love it I have short fingers n small hands it fits perfect n I love the grips on it I dont feel like its going to slip out of my hands I just got it and took it to the range and I enjoyed shooting it thanks Taurus

  4. I own a 111 and love it..compact and has never jammed with cheap smmo unlike my wife’s SW 380 Shield which is picky about ammo

  5. Dear Sir

    i have a Taurus PT 917 cs , i would like to no whats the Guns worth

    or is it a good idea to change it it for a later model

    your feed back will be highly appreciated



  6. I have three G2 Millennium Pro
    With more than 500 rounds through it
    With minimal cleanings at each 100 round point
    Never had an issues, and it has the best grip of any
    Gun under $700 I’ve ever held in my hand
    I purchased in 2017 for $210, that included gun, case, 2 clips, and the bonus
    Cleaning kit.

    I own several guns & this has been a great gun

  7. I have a Raging Bull in .454 Casul which I really like. It’s much more fun to shoot than my .460 XVR or DE .50AE. When you fire it it has a sharp but smooth recoil and packs a punch on any target.

  8. Over the years , I have owned many Taurus firearms. I have a model 62 carbine in stainless steel and it is a tack driver in .22lr. I have a PT-22, PT-99, PT-909, PT-111 Pro, PT-709, PT-809, PT-24/7 9mm Pro, PT-24/7 G2 .45ACP, Judge 6.5″ barrel in .45 Colt/.410, Rossi Curcuit Judge in .45 Colt/.410. M64, M85 in .38 Special and lastly, a M617 in .357 Magnum. No problems with any of them. They all go bang when the trigger is pulled. The only problem Iv ‘e experienced was with the PT-22 being a finicky about which ammo it will digest. No .380 or .40 cal. firearms. I’m a happy customer!

  9. I’ve owned a PT1911 since 2008. Bought it very gently used at a gun show in Florida. Right out of the gate it had a problem that I didn’t uncover in my inspection of the gun; the firing pin stuck all the way forward in the channel, causing the firing pin stop to fall out of the back of the gun. At this time I was brand new to 1911s, so I didn’t know what was going on. I sent the gun back to Taurus, and even thought it took 3-4 weeks, they fixed the problem by replacing the whole top end of the gun.

    All that being said, I have since put approximately 30K rounds through the gun with only very occasional malfunctions. These were all caused by either: 1) an extremely dirty gun or; 2) poor quality ammo. Keeping decent quality ammo in the gun and/or cleaning it occasionally keep it running right. I am very pleased with it. The finish isn’t the greatest, but since all I use are Kydex holsters, the wear is to be expected, especially with all the dry practice I do.

    Bottom line is I’m very happy with the gun, especially since I own other 1911s that are more expensive and the Taurus works just as well as those.

  10. I’ve owned a Taurus PT99 for about 15 years now, and have fired thousands of rounds through it during that time. Rarely have I had a FTF or a FTE and have had many of compliments from those who have used it at the range. I and my range buddies, both male and female, have appreciated its balance, grip feel and ease of use of the stock sites. Can’t comment on the cost as it was given to me as a gift, but if I had paid for it I would consider it as money well spent.

  11. My favorite has always been my 454 Taurus Raging Bull. The vented barrel is perfection for a hand cannon. I’ve always rolled my own cartridges and over the years formulated the near perfect round for this awesome machine. If it fits your hand, it is a tack driver. With a red dot sight it shoots as accurately with one hand as with both. The balance and the weight along with the unquestionable reliability of a revolver create what to me is, just right. If you don’t own one you have no idea what you’re missing.

  12. I was surprised to only see 1 comment about the PT 92.
    I have a PT 92 AF came fitted with a skydiving shoulder holster that I found interesting. The weapon has performed for me with various types of 9mm ammo and I can’t remember a single weapon failure. Ammo problems are based on where you buy from usually. I have a threaded barrel and it has performed excellently for over 30 years.

  13. My wife wanted a Taurus M85 Hammerless. We found her a used nickel-plated model for about $250 at our LGS. We took several trips to the range and put about 500 rounds though it collectively. The gun worked fine. However, because of the double-action-only trigger, my wife could never develop any proficiency with it. (I had no difficulty hitting what I was aiming at, but she did.) eventually, we traded it towards a compact semi-auto from another manufacturer.

    I’ve shot a friend’s G2 and my dad’s 3” barrel judge. I didn’t care for the G2’s trigger and the Judge’s ability to fire .410 shotgun shells is a beast. Both guns functioned flawlessly for the dozen or so rounds I put through each.

    I’ve owned hi-point and Jimenez firearms in the past and never had any problems with either. While I respect the first-hand opinions of other avid shooters, I refuse to badmouth anyone’s selection of defensive weaponry. If it works for you, train with it and keep it maintained. What I can’t stand is when someone says “My uncle’s sister’s cousin’s ex-boyfriend had a -insert firearm name- and it blew up in their face. They are nothing but junk.”

  14. I’ve owned many Taurus firearms over the years. One that I wish I still had was a .44 special revolver with a 3″ barrel and adjustable sights. Taurus got out of the .44 special market some time after producing .44 magnums. They are an innovative company and I think produce some of the finest guns for the money.

  15. Well, my opinion of Taurus firearms certainly isn’t based upon an import from thirty years ago. Mine goes back only five. The Taurus PT 24/7 Pro DS I purchased as a home defense weapon was not reliable from Day One, and only got worse as I wasted time trying to break it in. It went from one to two failures to chamber per magazine to multiple instances as it progressed. As for Taurus’s warranty, if I’m spending $50 or more to ship to and from for warranty work for a pistol that was defective coming out of the factory, then that’s hardly standing behind their product in my book. If a company sells me an obviously defective pistol, then that company should cover ALL associated remedy costs.

    When I got the pistol back from Taurus I didn’t even try it out. I put in on consignment and replaced it with an FNX-45, and I haven’t looked back. No Taurus will ever again waste space in my gun safe.

  16. I bought my wife a Taurus 85 Ultra-Lite 2 years ago. She loves it, it fits her hand and I enjoy shooting it as well. The only thing I have done to it was to put white nail polish on the front sight. I have had NO issues with it and I do reload to feed it. My son, who is a State Trooper … bought the 856. He felt he needed and wanted the extra round. Again, NO ISSUES. He uses some store bought but he also uses my reloads. They can handle +P but NON is what is usually fed to each of them.

    I like the Warranty and they both are built well enough for the job they have to do. If you want to pay hundreds more for the “Badge” … have at it. Chevy vs Ford vs Chrysler.. Your choice… Have owned all 3 and some foreign… no real problems… I do own Colt, Beretta, Ruger, Glock, Walther and Sig… throw in some NAA and FEG-SMC even a Hi-Standard. I am not loyal to any brand… they just need to do what I expect from them. I am not a BRAND snob.

  17. I own a .380 Curve with the built in laser and flashlight. As a retired LEO I never relied on anything but iron sights but for a small light pocket gun that fits my pocket easily and doesn’t print much the laser and flashlight combo are great. It’s only a .380 so i don’t expect miracles but close up loaded with Sig hollowpoints I feel good about the carry.
    Oh, and it points and shoots like a dream.

  18. I prefer the PT1911 series of pistols. I had three, an FS, DT and AF. When I decided to thin my heard, one of the regular CCDWs and shooting partners said he wanted a .45 so I offered him a choice between one of the three Taurus’ and a Kimber Custom II 2-Tone for the same price. He took the DT over the Kimber. (I miss the DT, wouldn’t have missed the Kimber.) A lot of people will tell you they are just a cheap 45 until they shoot them. Both of my remaining Taurus’ have eaten several thousand rounds. The alloy frame is a joy to carry at almost 1/2 pound less. Accurate, reliable, inexpensive and rock solid performers. I wish Taurus made a double stack version in either 9mm or 45acp.

  19. I recently purchased a Taurus G2C 9 mm for concealed carry and I love the gun. It has never malfunctioned, has a great feel and I really like the 12+1 double stack magazines (2). Easy to zero. Great gun. Getting some more.

    1. I’m curious about the DAO trigger on these, what’s your opinion and can you estimate the weight of the trigger pull? Thank you in advance I appreciate any info you could provide me with concerning this issue.

  20. i have a similar gun. hammerless Taurus 650 with a 2″ barrel chambered in .357 as well. I’ve shot all sorts of ammo through it over the years and never had a problem. .38+P will not be a problem. especially considering it’s designed to also shoot .357.

  21. I shot the Taurus PT638 PRO SA, it a great pistol and was advertised as the bulldog of Taurus 380 line. I shot about 500 rounds and the only time it jammed when I shot really cheap round through it. My only complaint is with the companys customer service department. They don’t answer or return calls.

  22. Is it safe to use .38Spl.+P ammo for the .357 5 Shot Revolver VP 18060 Made in Brazil? I bought this gun 10 Years ago, never been fired. I purchased this gun because I was told by the shop it would be OK!

    1. i have a similar gun. hammerless Taurus 650 with a 2″ barrel chambered in .357 as well. I’ve shot all sorts of ammo through it over the years and never had a problem. .38+P will not be a problem. especially considering it’s designed to also shoot .357.

  23. Is it safe to use .38Spl.+P ammo for the .357 5 Shot Revolver VP 18060 Made in Brazil? I bought this gun 10 Years ago, never been fired.

  24. I own a PT709 and a PT740. Both are great carry weapons. They fit in the same Fobus OWB Kydex holster. Easy to break down and clean. Both shoot well. I love Taurus.

  25. My first Taurus was from a friend whose uncle carried it as a police officer thru his career. It is a stainless steel Taurus Falcon that I bought 30 years ago and still performs well. I bought my wife a PT709 Slim 8 years ago and have never had an issue. I recently bought a 1911FS 45 ACP and can’t wait to get it on the range. Could not recommend Taurus any more than this – Great Weapons / Great Price / Great Frame Selection / Great Security.

  26. I own 6 taurus handguns and have never had a problem with any of them and also wouldn’t trade them.I own a few different model hand guns so I feel confident in saying that buying aTaurus will not disappoint you..My 990 is a tack driver which my buddy is begging me to sell him and we have put at least 1000 thru it I do recommend Taurus products.

  27. I have a PT709. 9mm So far went through at least 1000 rounds.
    No jams.
    Clean it as soon as you take it out of the box and then about every
    200 rounds.
    Extremely reliable and very accurate.
    Good carry…thin light.

  28. The PT-111 G2 is the best gun I have found to carry every day. Accurate and extremely reliable. Can’t beat it.

  29. I own a Taurus TCP PC738. I have found this little pocket pistol to be very reliable and easy to conceal. I have fired over 200 rounds through it without any misfires or failure to feeds. This is my everyday carry guns and I am very pleased with it. I am considering the purchase of the G2 p111. It is my hope that it is as reliable as my TCP.

    1. I have owned the G2 PT111 for about 2 months and have put about 300 rds through it. Very accurate little gun. You’ll love it!

  30. After searching different Websites for information on the current iteration of Taurus’s PT92 model 9mm pistol, I decided to post my comments in response to some of the negative posts I read about the stated problems many people have with it.
    The first thing I want to make clear is that I am not posting comments to agree or dispute what people say about Taurus firearms. I respect everyone’s opinions and experiences; I am fully aware that Taurus, like all other gun manufacturers, charge money to own their product. Saying this, we all should expect manufacturers’ products to perform at or beyond their advertised standard. And when they don’t, we have every right to express our displeasure.
    I chose to share my comments because I have a lot of confidence in the reliability of the Taurus firearms I own. I have purchased both Taurus and Rossi handguns over the years dating back to 1992 and have extensive experience with them. I can honestly say with pride that all of them still function perfectly and have been totally reliable. Most of all, none of them cost me a lot of money.
    I purchased my PT92 in 1993 from a San Antonio, Texas Kmart while serving in the military. In 1996, I purchased Taurus’s Stainless-Steel, five inch, Model 667 357 Magnum from a Sports Authority store in Virginia while stationed in the Washington, D.C. I also have a Stainless-Steel Rossi Model 462 .357 Magnum. All of them are real shooters and have been trouble free.
    As a matter of fact, the PT92 is my favorite shooter. I have shot thousands, I mean thousands of various types, brands, and weighs of standard pressure ammunition from it without a single misfire, failure-to-feed, magazine problem, etc. Not one single issue since 1992. Also, after finding the right ammunition match for the .357s, they both are awesome tack drivers, too. And I haven’t had a single problem with either one.
    I have properly maintained them over the years and I shoot them quite often; therefore, I have complete confidence that each will be just fine if I do my part. When (not if) something goes wrong, I’ll just contact Taurus and request warranty service—simple as that. In the meantime, I can say that I’ve gotten my money’s worth and believe that I can rely on Taurus’ warranty promise should something happens.
    As far as I’m concerned, every manufacturer’s products on this earth has the potential to experience problems or break. It does not matter what brand it is, who makes it, or how much or less you pay. There is credence to the saying, “You get what you pay for.” However, it is also true that Mercedes Benz, Maserati, Ferrari, and Bentley are quite expensive; but all of them employ people to work in their repair shops. It is the same reason why Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, and Chrysler all have fix-it shops, too.
    Finally, my pocket book is very light and I tend to live within my means. This means that I will continue buying Taurus (and Ruger) firearms because they work. In the right hands, Taurus firearms perform just like a Smith and Wesson, Glock, Sig-Sauer, and other guns. And they break too, just like the others– and for a whole lot less money.

  31. I bought this lite weight .38 Mod. 85 for my wife a few years back. It’s had hundreds of rounds thru it without any problem. Sounds like you might have been using reloads that were rated ABOVE +P pressures. We’ve shot sever boxes of +P factory loads with no issues at all.
    As I don’t know what ammo you were using, I cannot be certain of this. Just my 2 cents worth with my own experience thrown in.

  32. I bought a light weight 38 Taurus some wale back it was pure junk. I hade to send it back 3 times because it wood lock up about every 6 rounds you shot in it you could not even get cylinder open one it because it was so tight and those fools wood send it back and say that there was nothing wrong with the gun. well I got wise and tuck it apart and threw it in the river best thing I ever did do not buy one of these junks that’s all I can say about them.

  33. I have owned at least 10 Taurus pistols. I had a problem with one of them, it was a 357 magnum revolver. I owned it for 8-10 years and ran 1000’s of rounds through it. The barrel needed replacing and I shipped to them. they fixed it and paid for the return shipping. They did this in about 2 weeks. I can’t say anything bad about them. I still own the gun.

  34. I have 3 Taurus revolvers. I bought a .44 some 20 years ago to save some money over a S&W with plans to get one later. Never needed to. Since then I got a K frame 66 and a 605 snubbie as I could not find a reason to get a S&W. I have fired thousands of rounds through each with no issues. Many on the net will say how bad they are but they have never failed me.

  35. I highly want to discourage anyone from buying a taurus. They are not to be unsafe.
    Their lifetime warranty is horrible you wish you’d never had to send anything to them. I have sent a firearm to be reviews from them in Sept of 2015. On June of 2016 their response is and I quote “We don’t have a timeframe” when I ask to get my fire arm back this is their response “Should you accept the firearm back with an unsafe letter; it will be returned in “as is” condition. This unsafe letter is a notification that you know and understand the firearm is unsafe for use with any form of ammunition. This letter should always accompany the firearm along with a user manual whether it stays in your possession or is sold/transferred out of your possession.”


    There is PLENTY budget guns out there S&W, Ruger, Khar, etc. I figured I’d share my experience with you guys

  36. Well, I can only go by my experience. The trigger on my TCP broke after 1000 rds. I sent it to Taurus through my FFL and got it back after 3 weeks. It has worked fine since. I will probably be getting an LCP custom just because I want a 2nd pocket gun in case my TCP breaks again, but I don’t know if the trigger will compare to my TCP.

  37. I have had multiple Taurus guns. The latest has been a TCP 738 that had to go in for warranty. Based on my interaction with them I can not recommend anyone purchase a Taurus hand gun. Their customer service is severely lacking as they do not communicated with their customers.

    Yes the Ruger is a little more expensive, but it’s a better quality gun.


  39. Taurus just settled a class action lawsuit over many of it’s older striker fired pistols. All older Millennium’s and Millennium Pro’s plus all older 24/7 models that are Not G2 models are under recall. Stay away from them. The newer G2 models are not under recall and are worth buying and a great value. None of the 800 series and Slim series are part of the recall. Same with the 1911’s and Beretta clone models and any of the many revolvers Taurus makes.

  40. Hallo friends!
    I have two pistols Taurus PT1911AR 45ACP and Taurus PT1911 9X19.
    I need two extractors for this. My extractors broken now ((
    Could you help me? Thank you so much.

  41. I have a PT140 G2 I love the size ,shoots fantastic, light weight Great punch with NO kick. Everybody shoot this firearm.. Thank You Taurus. I have owned a Taurus 357 Revolver for over 30 years and it s never let me down, And I have NEVER had a problem with it Dave…

  42. It was recommended by a friend who has a 38 Taurus and since I’m finally looking to arm myself, I would like a little advice. I’m 77 yrs old and have never shot a gun. My brother was a huge Ruger fan and had lots of them. My husband had a black powder gun that I bought him as a kit which he put together and shot. When he died I gave it to my brother. who is also now gone. So you can see I know nothing about guns but would like one with minimal kick, easy to handle and not expensive for someone on SS. Can you help explain what would be a good firearm for someone like me. I saw a picture of the pink one which fascinated me. Thank you.

  43. A year or so ago I bought a TCP for CC after shooting my friends side by side with a Ruger LCP. I was wary after reading all the horror stories of Taurus but I figured a $200 gamble wsn’t going to break the bank. The TCP shot better, had less recoil, far superior trigger and the slide locked back on the last shot. The fact it was $100 less was icing on the cake.
    After 500+ rds I’m STILL waiting for the relibility problem I have read so much about. Only thing it doesn’t like is Tula and it won’t even fit in the chamber, like it’s the wrong caliber. Freedommuntions, Hornady XTP, Lehigh, all run with no issues. THinking of a trying the new Remington RM380 but why? 1/8″ fatter, 2 oz heavier, $170.00 more. Sorry haters, but I feel very well equipped with this gun as my primary carry in a wallet holster with Lehigh Extreme penetrator ammo. The rest of you go ahead and carry your Glock 19’s andf 1911’s and wear your shirts and pants a size too big.

  44. I own more modern striker fired Taurus pistols than anyone I know or anyone who has posted reviews on YouTube. 11 total. The 738 .380, 709 and 740, 3 compact 24/7 G2 In 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 CAP. All blue and 3 more full sized in blue in all 3 calibers just like the compact. A few failier to feeds with the .380 early on but zero issues with the rest. 500 to 1500 rounds through each. Just picked up the newer PT 111 and 140 G2’s and only have 150 rounds through each but I’m not expecting any problems. Plan to pick up some hammer fired 800 series sometime in the next year. I love cheap guns that don’t look or feel cheap. I paid over 400 each for the 24/7’s but you can buy them today for under 325. Paid 270 each for the millennium’s and have a 100 buck rebate coming in the mail for the pair. What’s not to like? Ergos could be better on the slims and 738 and they only come with one magazine. Hard to find extra mags at a good price for the single stacks so I havn’t bothered. Prefer the M&P shields to the slims but the 24/7 compares well to any full sized or compact M&P S&W and the equivalent 24/7 is 250 bucks less at today’s prices. You can’t go wrong.

    1. As a follow up, once I have the new Millenium G2’s broke in and my new leather kydex IWB bolster arrives for them, I’ll probably carry this as my primary carry weapon instead of S&W M&P Shield when out in jeans and a shirt. One shield in a IWB bolster and another in my pocket. The slim’s don’t get used since I bought the Shield’s. I work as a limousine driver and when I’m working and in a suit I carry a 24/7 G2 In a sholder holster and a shield as backup in a ankle bolster. Pocket carry is fine with jeans but doesn’t work well with dress slacks. I don’t recommend pocket carry other than for backup to a primary that you can access from a sitting possition easily.

    2. I like the Millennium G2 a little better than the S&W M&P Shield and much better than the Taurus Slim but it is too large to pocket carry with jeans. To clarify, when out in jeans and a shirt I currently have one shield on my waist with the extended mag and the other in a front pocket with the flush mag. 7 of .40 on the waist and 7 of 9mm in my pocket. I could go 8 9mm and 6 .40 and I have a few times. I don’t tend to have extra mags on myself but will have them in my car when out and about. That’s likely going to change to a G2 Millennium on my waist but I’ll still carry a shield as backup in my pocket over the slim. 12 rounds of 9mm is better than 8 with the extended mag in the Shield or 7 with the flush or 7 in the slim. 10 in the mill g2 in .40 vs 7 and 6 in .40 with the single stacks. I definately will have more carry options soon. A pair of 9mm or a pair of .40 or one of each. Nice to have such problems.

    3. Carry ammo by caliber in order of preference. .45 ACP Speer Gold Dot 200g +p. Hornady critical duty 220g +p. Speer Gold Dot 230g.
      .40 S&W Speer Gold Dot 165g. Speer Gold Dot 180g. Hornady critical duty 175g.
      9mm Speer Gold Dot 124g +p. Hornady critical duty 135g +p. Speer Gold Dot 147g. Like Speer lawman for practice fmj but I’ll buy whatever’s on sale. I need to get into reloading as much as I like to shoot.

      People have asked why I buy Taurus’s when I can afford to buy Sigs. Because I like them and I like them over any other polymer pistols I have shot. If they sucked they would be sold and replaced. And I can buy 2 compared to 1 of anything else that’s as good or better. At least as far as the modern stricker fired Taurus’s. No experience with the revolvers, 1911, 92 and the other small berretta clones from Taurus. I did shoot a friends .40cal Taurus model 100 Beretta clone in the early 90’s. Liked .40cal ever since. I’ve owned and sold a few older Millennium Pros but not the 10 round .45 ACP and I wouldn’t mind having one. Same with the older long slide OSS model 24/7’s.

  45. I own a PT 845, and it is a fine weapon. It has a smooth but heavy trigger in the beginning, but after a few boxes of ammo and several hundred dry fires it has worn in to a superior double action pull with a clean break and the single action is one of the best I’ve ever used – as a Vietnam vet I have been shooting my entire adult life, and I really like this pistol. I have seen a lot of bad comments online about this model, but mine has not had one misfire, failure to feed or eject or any other malfunction. Nowdays I am not so concerned about getting into life threatening situations, but if that were to happen, I feel confident the PT 845 would perform as well as any other modern pistol, and better than some. Besides that, I bought it new for just under $400.00 and in my opinion this is the best value in pistols today.

  46. The G2 is the THE pistol to buy in the intermediate price range. Nothing comes close to it for price/value, and reliability.

  47. I keep the Taurus Millennium Pro G2 9mm in the middle console of my car. I like the gun, shoots well, but is just a little too ‘fat’ for me to carry it comfortably, especially sitting in my car. I carry the 9mm Ruger LC9s, a striker gun, although with less rounds than the Taurus (7+1), but equipped with hollow point bullets, I find it to be ‘my’ best concealed carry gun. I’ve put a good number of rounds trough it at the range and never had a jam or any other problem with the Ruger.

  48. Own the PT111 and PT140 Millennium G2, M85 Poly Protector zombie killer and the 24/7 G2 .45, great weapons, no issues and smooth shooters.

  49. Just bought Taurus g2 millennium I love it I have had three fail to feed problems in about 60. Rounds the magazines have a lot of loose play in them could this be causing the problem I also have the TCP had feed issues in the first 30 rounds guess was break in issues run about 300 rounds since no problems

  50. 24/7 OSS 9mm, was a great gun. but…. Taurus made the OSS so good that the cost was too high to sell at a $150 to $200 lower price point than S&W or Glock. I was lucky to get one & I Love it. I ran it through a 500 – 700 round, down & dirty 2 day pistol class. My Taurus 24/7 OSS proved itself worthy to protect my Family and me. I have about 3000 rounds through it total, it eats anything I feed it – hard ball to +p duty rounds.

  51. I have a Taurus G2 9mm and I love the thing…very constant with no FTE’s or FTF’s….I had a Beretta PX4 Storm but it seemed heavy and bulky when I carried it…the G2 is lighter and much more comfortable to carry….somes I forget it is on me…A few years ago Taurus was considered cheap junk but they are building some really good guns now…

    1. Agreed, Jaybo1

      I have a 24/7 compact 9 and it is a great little gun. It’s very accurate, easy to carry for those rare occasions I want to carry a 9mm, and it has been completely reliable.

      As for going off if dropped, mine has the external safety/decocker which when employed, makes it into a DA/SA pistol. Consequently, I am not too worried about the problem, although I’m always careful not to drop any gun.

  52. I currently have a Tarus PT 111 Millennium Pro in a 9mm, a Tarus 409 slim in a 9mm and a 809 double stack in 9mm, and have had no problems with them at all, and they shoot pretty good on the range, but the triggers on all of them are really heavy. I had to send the 409 back to Tarus for some reason, but as I recall, they sent it back fixed in a very short time frame. The question that I had submitted on the Shooters Log was in relation to the article about the defective Tarus’s on the PT 111 Millennium, where if dropped, the pistol might fire even with the safety on. From what I read in the article a person has three choices: one, send it back for a fix job (which will mean that the owner will probably have to pay the postage for sending it to them), or receive from 150.00 to 200 dollars someway?, or take some kind of free training? Do you have any idea what they are talking about with these 3 options? Also, how do I get on this BLOG, or Shooters Log?
    Thanks for your time and effort, Cotton X USMC.

    1. I think 409 is a cleaner…I guess it’s a 709. Taurus was decent at C.S. is getting even better with customer service.

  53. gosh am i the only guy who got 2 mags when i bought my 709 slim? the second mag was in the carry case with some other stuff.

  54. I will NEVER own another Taurus. Period. They claim to have a “lifetime” warranty, unless you try to use it. They try to tell you “The item never made it here”, but after proving it did via an employee’s signature, they treat you like you are trying to rip them off. I got tired of their ill-named “Customer Service Rep” and asked to speak to a Supervisor. I got the EXACT same attitude from him. After informing him I would never buy another, his actual words were “Oh well”. God help you if you ever have a problem with one of their products, because Taurus will not. My advice to those who already own one-Make SURE you get a signature proving receipt of your gun / part, they will deny receiving it.

    1. you probably should’ve let him finish his sentence. He meant to say ” oh well, I guess you never get to shoot a Raging Judge”…If you’re a grown man and you say things like ” I will never buy another Taurus again” to a company as large as Taurus is like little Gomorah hitting Thanos expecting to actually hurt him; all they hear is I’m a dick too and I know it. i know it won’t help the situation but I figured I just tell you”

  55. in regards to charter arms 9mm pitbull revolver I understand there is a recall /// are they repairing or replacing these guns

  56. Never had an ejection problem nor miss fire with my PT140. I shot at the in door range several times a month. Very happy with the gun and the price.

  57. I like my 24/7 compact 9mm, but it doesn’t feed HTP worth a hoot, so I have to load it with FMJ till I find an HP round it likes. It’s not my EDC ( I carry and XD.45) and is one of the guns stashed around the house to ensure we always have something close at hand and I trust it’s reliability. It is also an extremely accurate gun.

  58. Cotton, I carry the Millennium G 2 which isn’t one that has issues, but honestly I don’t know how you carry everyday and have never dripped your gun. That being said, as long as it’s covered I would send it back for the recall. Better safe than sorry.

  59. I have a 409 Tarus 409, a Tarus 809 and THE TARUS PT 111 MILLENNIUM, PRO, which is what the above article is talking about. It is several years old now and I have never dropped it, so I don’t know if it will discharge with the safety being on, but it is my MAIN carry weapon, so SHOULD I CONTACT TARUS AND SEND IT BACK TO THEM JUST IN CASE? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Cotton, Dandridge, Tn, 37725

    1. Malcom, the key is that you have never dropped it.

      I have not dropped many guns, although I did drop test my 24/7 multiple times with a primer only round in the chamber and never had a problem.

      My advice, contact Taurus and see what they say.

      Personally, I’m not going to worry about it. ANY mechanical safety can fail under the right circumstances, so I am just going to keep on keep’in on.

  60. I wrote a letter to customer service, but they claim that they never got it. Basically, I then decided to stop dealing with Taurus and to just tell my story on the net. Te response has been mixed. Many like their Taurus firearms and have not heard of experiences like mine. Others won’t touch a Taurus product. Most of the former defend Taurus and state that offering to ship a replacement revolver to an FFL is sufficient and that my problem is more with the change in the Maryland handgun regulations that Taurus. If my problem is an isolated incident, then they are probably correct. However, my concern is that the defects in my revolver and the way I have been treated by Taurus is an indication of a systemic problem at Taurus.

  61. I have to say I have been very disappointed in the availability of the magazines for the Taurus PT709 Slim. I bought mine over a year ago and immediately searched for an extra magazine. I backordered one from several online retailers. For over 6 months I have been looking and waiting. But finally, MidwayUSA notified me mine had been shipped! Don’t have it yet but it is coming. I like my gun a lot but the delay in availability of spare mags makes one unhappy with Taurus. I hope you others who have been looking for mags will find them now. Could be mine is just one of a very short supply. I hope not.

    1. Ya’ gotta love Midway!

      They have always been the dealer that comes through for me. Availability, reasonable price, and no extravagant shipping costs like CTD or J&G.

      My got to for hard to find items.

    2. I love my PT-709, and was perturbed that it only comes with one magazine.

      I discovered that not only does the 10 round magazine for my Hi-Point 995 Carbine fit the 709, but functions very well in it! And you can get one for around $ 17.00 vs $ 35.00 for the Taurus!
      The mag is 99.9% perfect function; the hold-open might not work and you may have to push the mag release button to seat it.

      But having a 10 round mag gives you a good back-up magazine.

  62. this has been one of the best forums i have seen. some people having super good luck with Taurus, and for others a complete nightmare. Gosh it makes you wonder why, its seems to be the revolvers that Taurus drops the ball on, poor quality, and much more. they putting all there attention on plastic autos that sell or what? If i had problems i would write a letter to Bob Morrison president/CEO. did anybody try that yet? he is the one who needs to see this. alot of good folks telling the truth about there products and warranty. there product is either good or bad, he should know that all who jumped in this are good people because its so black and white. i really enjoy and trust my pt709 9mm slim, but i now would not take a chance on there revolvers and i was planning on getting a judge with the longest barrel possible for use up in northern wi.

    1. I have a Judge with the 3″ chamber and 3″ barrel. When I first got it, it had a bent ‘crane’ frame. I called Taurus and they emailed me a shipping label to send it back. Within 2 weeks, I had a brand new Judge sent back to me direct. Love that type of customer service. My Judge have seen hundreds of rounds of .45 LC and 3″ .410 rounds without a hitch. Very accurate and a great gun for snakes or as a back-up for Elk or Black Bear hunting. Also have 5 Taurus revolvers and have never had any type of malfunction with any of them. My carry gun is a Taurus Millenium II in 9 mm. Another great gun from Taurus. Ya think I might be a little prejudiced towards Taurus? Maybe just a tad. But, I think I have good reason with all the experience I’ve had with them.

  63. In Jan 2013, I purchased the 380 Mini, in part, because of this review. It was the worst firearms purchase of my life! The trigger is horrible. But more than that, the cylinder would jam at least 3-4 times out of every 50 rounds. To free the jam the cylinder had to be rotated manually, as the trigger cannot be depressed once the cylinder jammed. This is a terrible situation for a firearm intended for concealed carry! Since that time I tried cleaning, polishing and working in the revolver. After running several hundred rounds through the revolver, the jamming (and trigger) never improved so this year I sent the revolver back to Taurus for a warranty repair.

    Taurus customer service is horrendous. First, I had to ship the revolver back to them at my expense. Next, while their on-line tracking system acknowledged receipt of the revolver, the status never progressed past under review. So after 3 months, I called Taurus. I was informed that the revolver was unrepairable because the frame had been improperly drilled with some of the holes (including the one for the firing pin) misaligned. Taurus offered to ship a replacement revolver to an FFL but the catch is that I’d be responsible for the FFL fees. This presented a problem for me as the FFL fees for handguns is expensive in my home state of Maryland as a result of legislative changes that went into effect in Oct 2013. Without going into all of the details, it would cost me about $200 to receive the handgun from an FFL because I do not have the Maryland handgun purchasing license. I tried explaining this to Taurus and asked if they could either send the replacement revolver directly to me, which is permitted under Maryland law (I even gave them a link to the state police website), or provide a refund. Taurus refused and referred me to their policy on their website.

    Two points are noteworthy: 1) It is unknown how wide-spread this the problem is. All I know is that my revolver was manufactured incorrectly and Taurus’ quality control did not detect the problem. Taurus is returning my revolver with a letter saying that it is “unsafe”. I do not know how many other “unsafe” Taurus revolvers are out there but Taurus seems to be in no hurry to warn its customers. 2) Taurus is hiding behind its company policy (posted on the website) to explain the fact that their remedy for the unsafe revolver would result in extensive charges to their customer. The fact that Taurus’ sloppy manufacturing and poor quality control resulted in a unsafe firearm being delivered to their customer and the fact that the customer had this unsafe firearm for 2 years does not seem to bother the company.

    As a result, I cannot recommend the 380 mini revolver and advise against having any dealings with Taurus.

  64. last year i bought the 45 new generation 2 semi handgun i was asked by some of my shooting members to meet them at the range that weekend to have our annual shooting competition 37 of us showed up and right off the get go 1 of them was bragging about a glock 40 he had bought a month prior to us going to the shooting range saying it was the best handgun he has ever shot an the accuracy was unbeatable i just stood there taking it all in until it was time for all 37 of us to lock and load we started at 20 yards then 30 then 40 yards we all shot 10 rounds at the various yardages the chief that ran the range was the 1 who determined who was the most accurate and consistent at each yardage i am proud to say at the end of the handgun comp.I was the 1 to win against all these so called best of the best handguns at 20 yards my pattern could be covered with a quarter at 30 yards same pattern and grouping then came the 40 yards could be covered by a 50 cent piece i have owned and shot many hand guns in my time and i believe that my 45 Taurus new generation 2 has less recoil than any other 45 on the market and with stands more shots without any problems then the rest of the name brands as i seen that day many stoved piped,jammed not ejecting all the way i was the talk of the day with my 45 Taurus and i would put it up against any other caliber handgun to this day i am very proud to say that i am an owner of a Taurus and since that day i have purchased another 45 new generation 2 and have the same results so to the people that work hard at the Taurus company thank you for such a flawless hand gun look forward to see whats next on the agenda GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO FOR US

  65. I am a big fan of taurus, I have every millennium style of their automatics. I even have the 380 , which is hard to get. I have always disassemble my guns two or three times when I purchase them. I use 1400 grit sandpaper and smooth out every part. I have never had any type of firing problems with my guns. My daily carry is the PT145.

  66. I have a PT 1911 that I use to shoot Bullseye competitively with. I love it, and it shoots as well as folks using 1911s that cost three and four times as much as I paid for mine.

  67. PT945 – Passed down to me from my dad after he passed. It is an all around great gun that you can use. It is only a single stack, but it shoots great and is dead on the money. My dad took great care of it. RIP Dad in Heaven and thank you for all you have done for me and taught me.

  68. I have preformed a complete take down and clean up and check out as you have mentioned but the 380 has always done the same thing. It acts like the clip is empty after every shot and the ram locks open, the casings do not jam, they eject just fine. I know there has to be a simple reason for this.

    1. I have noticed that many people have troubles with that model .380. Call Traurus and ask them to send you a new spring. they will do that and not charge you.

  69. oh ok, sorry i didnt know you tried fmgs. the last time i was up against a problem like you have (which makes you not trust the gun) i cleaned the barrel, chamber with a gun bore cleaner to make sure i had no build up of junk in the chamber. i then by hand dropped in a bullet and seen that it would fall out of the chamber on its own. then i focused my attention to the ramp and whatnot. next up was the slide spring, and that was it, wasnt strong enough to get rid of the empty cartridge that had been fired. what i noticed in my 709slim, is that they used a double slide spring which is very quick and snappy. i havent done this yet but will someday. it sounds kinda crazy but if you do a close up video of this pistol firing/jamming…then watch it back as slow as your camera, or phone alows it might be very interesting if you could see what is happening and why. i had a 25auto that was a jammer, it can drive a guy or gal nuts, so many things could cause it. please let me know how you make out.

  70. Randy;
    Since your 738 has a lifetime warranty have you sent it off to the to repair it? I have a Diamondback that had a similar issue and sent it for repair, Taurus does their repair work and took care of my issue. I believe that they replaced the barrel since it had a tight chamber.

    That is the problem it won’t shoot consecutive rounds of FMJ and has not right out of the box. At first I just fired SP or HP and they were ok then after a while I went to FMJ and found this problem.

  72. just use full metal jacket rounds only. i have a Ruger pistol i have to do that in. that is providing the gun has no ramp or any other type of damage to it.

  73. Interesting that Chuck Norris, after all of his films and weapon experience, would choose a 9mm Taurus with a custom pearlized handle from TAURUS to use as his sidearm the entire Walker Texas Ranger series lasting about 10 years! Says something about his feelings about the brand! Although to be accurate, all Texas Rangers are issued a .38 and a 12 gauge not a 9mm Lol but the point is still made! I believe Norris knows his firearms!

  74. I purchased a 738 TCP .380 about 5 years ago and it won’t fire consecutive rounds of FMJ’s and only 3 to 5 rounds of HP’s. It came with two clips and does the same thing with both so the wife won’t use it for carry she still uses the Taurus semi 22, I would like to see her with the 380. Does anybody have an idea as to what the problem could be??

  75. I didn’t mention it because in all other respects, the Taurus’s I own have not defects. The only problem is getting an extra mag for the PT709. I have been on backorder lists for as long as 8 months with one retailer. Like you, I hope Taurus is reading this forum… there are quite a few others who can’t get extra mags (mostly for the PT709).

  76. I too have had good luck with my PT709 Slim and my wife loves her PT25. Maybe the small calibers are Taurus’ strong suit.

    1. i believe you could be right. i went back through alot of comments and it seems the bull/judge some people are having the problems with. i hope taurus reads this stuff, no better way of quality control. as far as getting mags real fast and what not, i look at the big picture: what did you pay for the gun?how does it work for you? i have glocks and what not too, i can get anything, even alot of (bling) my taurus came with an extra mag nice little case and it works. i am carrying it everyday, for the money its a good thing.

  77. i feel bad for you guys having broken guns, and bad service. some of us, using the smaller calibers are having a good time. i would write a nice but (please help) kind of letter to the president and CEO Bob Morrison, Taurus USA Porto Alegre, Brazil. they also have an office in Miami Florida. wonder what would happen?

  78. Pt111 gen 2 pro owner…… I love it. Went in to buy the glock 26 for ccw, saw the Taurus on sale for $219 new in the box. Snapped it up and spent the rest on ammo. I’ve put 500 rounds down range without a hiccup. Very accurate. I have smaller hands and getting to the trigger on a glock is always a stretch…. No problems with the Taurus. I really couldn’t be happier.

  79. they design and make the cnc machines to make there guns. you bet i give them a 5 star, affordable and good quality! i was around when we all thought they were just a cheap copy, well we talked smart but didnt even try them. i would recommend (and have) to anybody. there company is a class act. i am glad the Judge helped them get noticed. how many companies make there own machines to build there product the way they feel it should be done? very cool.

    1. Wait till something breaks,I had a Tracker judge 2 months and the ejector star broke on it i opened up the cylinder and out it came my dealer sent the gun in for repair,a months and a half later it shows up with a note they could not find anything wrong with the gun,we explained what was wrong with it on the phone before we sent it in and put a note with it,so we called them back explained what happened sent it back in and two months later my Tracker Judge showed back up as just a judge when all it needed was a ejector star they replaced the entire gun other than the lower section of the gun,Any ideas why anyone? To this day I scratch and shake my head,Do you really want to buy a firearm from these people?

  80. i own a pt709 slim with the s/s slide. i admit i bought the gun in a more hurried fashion than i normally do. i wanted something to carry smaller in size than my glock 22. the price was right so i gave it a chance. i really like it! once i got used to it i was making hits like my bigger glock. then i put it through my own little lets see if i can trust it test. i ran a whole bunch of ammo through it as fast as i could load the mags. after many,many rounds and sore fingers from loading mags it stovepiped. it should have it was smoking hot and dirty because i was using not so great ammo, a quick cleaning and i was back in business. yes i carry it alot, and do trust it to get the job done. quick note: i found by wrapping my none trigger hand around the large trigger guard worked good for me,it stopped the jump loose in my hand problem, and i do not want to put a mag extension on it because that would defeat the easy carry of the gun.

    1. Johnboy: A also carry this CC and I have Pearson mag extenders for better grip of little finger. Also have a C T laser installed.I find your tip of non-trigger hand around trigger guard does help. I can carry this C C in hip holster or in pocket holster with no issues if pocket is deep with mag extenders in place..

    2. Davedee: ya i stayed away from the mag extension because its my everyday cc gun, i keep carrying in a pocket holster and like that, mine is a 9mm. i like how they double up the slide spring right away. the other day i took it out in my shop and laughed because it was in dire need of cleaning..tons of pocket lint and what not! i read where a guy was upset because he got only one mag, mine came with two, i found it to be a pretty darn fun pocket rocket.

  81. I own a PT101 P in .40 S&W. I love the pistol as my backup when I am hunting feral hog here in Texas but I wish there was a threaded barrel and compensator available. It has a good kick but I want to teach my wife and daughter safety and how to shoot it with decent accuracy!

  82. Sorry but I find Taurus To be a 2nd rate Company I have been trying to get two 11 round mag for my new 840c for over a year with no luck they called again last week to say they see none after a year. and no one else makes

  83. I own a Taurus PT111G2, an Pt809C, and a PT709 and a 605 poly protector .357mag. All are great guns! Looking to get a Judge next!

  84. I own 3 Taurus’s. I bought my first PT145 around 2000 when the CCW law passed here. Taurus had been named manufacturer and product of the year for that design. A 10 round compact 45 caliber that has not had a single problem, and shoots like its new. If I’m not mistaken, they led the way for a dozen copycats after that. I also carry a TCP 738 380 with some nice hollow points. Its made in USA, easy to carry in your front pocket, and is pretty much undetectable, and at 30 + feet is right on. Its justan up close aim and shoot, but I stake my life on it. The revolvers Taurus manufactures today are definitely what they pride themselves with. I seen an article that said Taurus makes their own machines, which they make their own parts with, to control every aspect of quality.

  85. I like you guys alot I just got my model 66 357mag 6″ barrel and it shoots good and holds a dam good group next is the 1911 and then 44mag also 454 I will be buy all Taurus keep up the good work and Thanks for the good guns not had any think wrong my 357 mag is on my night stand every night

  86. I own the Tracker 44, PT111 G2, PT840, 24/7 G2 40c, All of them are great firearns. Coast and Warranty are what drew me to Taurus & in the early 70s my father was a police officer. They where Issued the Taurus 357 mag. Maintain your weapons or they are of no use to you. I also own a Para Expert 45, Ruger LCP & A CMMG MK4 custom.

  87. Millennium PT145. Great size for concealed carry and packs a punch. I carry this gun most everyday. This gun has NEVER jammed with any ammo I have put in it.

  88. love all three my my Taurus’s. I have one of the very first PT145 Millennium’s ever made. My favorite and most accurate handgun I own is my 24/7 OSS .45 ACP. More accurate than my Glock 21! My wife has a PT 738 for her EDC and has had less issues with it than my Glock 42. Keep up the good work Taurus!

  89. I have the little brother of the 845 shown above – the 809. Same features only chambered in 9mm. (there is an 840 too). Gun is accurate, reliable and fun to shoot. I’ve shot all kinds of ammo and had no problems with it. Very pleased with the purchase.

  90. Recently purchased millinium g2 pt140. Never owned a Taurus. Love this gun! Could not be happier. Next purchase will definitely be a Taurus. Recoil is light, but gun packs a good punch. Light in weight. I carry it everywhere where permitted. Great gun and amazing to shoot!

  91. That’s true Taurus has been good to me I rely for protection for me and family as well as my Beretta Sig sauer ruger savage and hi point its the products them selves that make an impression for I would trust all my guns for protection

  92. I’ve had my Taurus 1911 for about a year now, and I love it. I’ve compared it side by side to a Colt and a custom Kimber. All 3 shot the same for me and my buddies. Same ammo in all 3. I honestly couldn’t tell the difference, except for the custom work done on the Kimber(ported barrel and slide, lighter trigger, some edges being rounded off more). I see no reason to spend 2x the money on an identical firearm. Plus, it’s got a LIFETIME WARRANTY! How often do you see that from a gun manufacturer?

  93. I bought a 709 before they were officially for sale. I told Taurus I intended to use I for IPSC shooting and would run it hard and wanted to make sure they would honor The warranty. They called me back and said they loved IPSC shooters and would absolutely honor the warranty. All I can say is they have been terrific. I put 1000 rounds through it the first week in practice. Bought 5 extra mags which were easy to get because the gun was just out. I have run it hard it has never stopped working but I have sent it back six times for minor things. They always fixed the problem and returned the gun much better each time. It has been like having a free custom gun smith. I told them how many rounds I had put through it (many thousands) and they replaced m barrel with a polished feed ram. New extractor and sent a proof target fifty feet seven rounds in just one big hole. I love the little gun. It carries beautifully I hardly know it’s there.

    Just an aside recommendation for everyone. I have been shooting heavy caliber pistols since I was twelve. My 1911 had 60k through it in 1984 when I quit counting. I practice a lot and train when ever I can. I am best when I have to move fast and usually hit what I shoot at. I never shoot at anything I don’t think I can hit however. A big concern I have always had was over penetration and or a deflected round. On recommendation of one of my instructors I now carry Sinter fire ammo. It turns to dust against a hard surface yet works well as any bullet against ballistic gel.

  94. I’ve put about 60 rounds through my new Taurus Model 65SS4 revolver and I really like it. I like the way it feels and I like the way it shoots. Someday maybe I’ll get a Smith & Wesson to show off to my friends but for shooting my Taurus seems to work quite well.

  95. I’m a FFL dealer. A few years ago one of my customers purchased a Taurus Judge @ a pawn shop. He brought it to me & asked me to check it out, said it didn’t seem to be functioning properly.
    I found the cylinder would not lock in place with the hammer back. Upon closer inspection I found the lever in the frame that locks the cylinder was worn down. This Judge must have been shot a million times, it was worn out. I boxed it up with a letter to Taurus & told them to call me & I’d give them a CC payment when it was ready. Lo & behold, about a week later I received a package, it was the Judge, completely rebuilt, looked like new, no charge what so ever & I told them in the letter he purchased it at a pawn shop. So no matter what you think about Taurus, they have the best
    warranty in the business. I own several of their revolvers & have had no problems but feel confident if I do they will stand behind their products.

  96. Bought a Raging Judge Magnum and sent it back for shaving bullets and poor engraving, got it back and transfer bar broke and sent it back again. Barrel spun on the frame so i traded it for something more reliable. At 85 bucks in shipping evertime it breaks is expensive and makes the lifetime warranty worthless. 900.00 gun that needs repaired 3 times in 3 years is ridiculous, poor design the 454 is too powerful for a gun so poorly built!!!

  97. I own the pt 609 pro use as a ccw this gun is on and shoots great people give it a bad name Taurus is a good brand just like hi point people trash it give it a chance or shoot it once it might change you’re mind

    1. redeye247: i sure agree with you. hi point was also one of those darn things cant be any good, along with high standard, rossi. i was saying the same thing 30+ years ago. not anymore. long time ago i bought a rossi .22 rifle which is the exact copy of a Winchester model i believe was 62. its a pump gun with a hammer. not only do these guns shoot well i have found fit and finish to be very good, and i am annal about that.

  98. I have multiple Taurus firarms, the only issues I have is the cylinder catches and doesent want to spin on my 992 tracker, and my 24/7 OSS DS 45ACP jams frequently, either in the magazine or on the feed ramp.

  99. My CCW is the Taurus PT609 Millenium Pro. Absolutely love it. Have put 1000-1200 rounds through it with no problems. I completely rely on it daily. I bought my wife the 709 Slim for her CCW. She loves it and it fires great (only complaint, like I have heard already, I cannot find extra magazines!!). I have the 85 revolver with a ported 3″ barrel and the 357 revolver with a 6″ inch Barrell. Wouldn’t trade any of them. They are all of excellent quality and great shooters. I am a loyal Taurus fan and own other makes and models, that I like as well, but we trust ours and our family’s lives with Taurus handguns on a daily basis.

  100. I bought a PT 709 based on very positive reviews. It’s a nice shooting gun but it’s no more than a $250 paperweight.

    Why do I say this?

    The gun came with one magazine. Good luck finding a spare And when you do find one you better be ready for sticker shock.

    This is not just an annoyance but a critical issue for a carry gun. In a crisis situation if your weapon malfunctions and a tap.And rack doesn’t clear it you drop the mag and insert a new one. That’s why you always carry a spare. Also, most reputable training centers require you to have multiple mags for classes.

    I’ve reached out to Taurus via social media and their website and get no response. The dealers I speak with have the same complaint that they can’t get accessories our mags from Taurus.

    I can’t imagine worse customer service from a firearms company.

  101. I have a Taurus PT24/7 PRO DS gen1 chambered in .45ACP that has never faulted in any way. In general I absolutely love the firearm, what I do not love is the fact its impossible to find AFFORDABLE night sights or fiber optic, and no major holster manufacturer makes a holster for them, let alone a holster that allows fora light or laser accessory.

    1. I have changed out all the Taurus sights in favor of the Williams Hi – viz, some time you can find them on ebay . the going price is around 39 bucks. I holsters are no hard to find either. just google them. Sometime the Sportsman guide has the right ones

  102. I have 2 Taurus handguns – one 709 Slim and an 85 in 38 Spec. +P.
    They were both accurate and extremely reliable out of the box. 1000’s of rounds later they are still reliable and accurate. The only pet peeve I have is that there are not any extra mags for the 709. I ordered an extra factory one and it didn’t fit very well (stuck in the mag well). Taurus customer service wasn’t any help so I sent the mag back for a refund. Some day I hope they will have mags available that fit. Would I buy another Taurus – yes no problem, but if it was a semi auto extra mags would be purchased at the same time.

  103. I own all 5 of the 800 series 845, 840, 840c, 809, 809c and had one issue with the loaded chamber indicator on the 809. I called Taurus they emailed me a Fedex label I sent the gun in for repair and it was returned 2 weeks later. I had no problems since. I have run more than 1000 rounds thru all of them with the only indicator issue that was repaired by replacing the extractor. I had a lot of friends that bashed Taurus but they are only repeating what they heard from someone else. After they shot mine and see that I have no issues at the range they are not as bad to bash as much. They still say “well I heard this and heard that” I always say tell me when you actually experience a problem with a Taurus then we can talk.

  104. Recently received a millennium G-2 PT- 140 for Christmas. To date, I have put over 1,000 rounds through the piece and have been impressed with the results. It eats anything I feed it. I have never had a jam, stovepipe, or misfire. It has become my concealed carry weapon of choice. Reliable, accurate, easy recovery of target, and in general a great little gun. My background, in the military, and in Law enforcement, has allowed me to fire a large number of weapons. Import or not, I’ve been impressed. Would recommend it as a great buy for the money.

  105. I have had 2 gunsmiths tell me they don’t work on Tauruses. Was looking into getting a Raging series 44 mag and ordering it through the store at the range where I shoot. They have their own gunsmiths on site and will generally fix any problem that you have with a gun purchased through them. But I was told that they would order that gun for me but they never wanna see it again if I had a problem with it. He assured me that I would have a problem with it. On the other hand he had nothing but high praises for the Judge line of which I had 2. Recently sold 1. Based on this info alone I will never buy another Taurus. Also have heard nothing but bad things about their customer service.

    1. I’ve only had positive interaction with Taurus Customer Service! I had to have work done(my fault) and they had it picked up and delivered to my local fedex location.

  106. G2-Pt145 Millennium W ffiresights.Very accurate. Love my 45 wouldn’t trade it for. And it’s very concealble it’s a bad ass bitch

  107. I have had a Taurus 740 Slim for about two or three years now and cannot find any magazines for sale?!?!?! Very tired of calling Taurus and getting the same answer that they will be available SOON! I do not think that word means what they think it means!!! So…I have one 740 Slim and one magazine and many excuses from Taurus. Considering I own two other Taurus handguns (a .357 Magnum revolver and a Rossi 44 Magnum lever action Ranch Hand), I am not just some Taurus hater/basher.

    However, Taurus should know that bad customer service does NOT sell firearms. No more Taurus firearms will be bought by me until they get their act together. No support=NO EXCUSE!!!

    1. I have the same issue with my PT 709.

      It’s obvious that Taurus could care less about their customers.

  108. AG,

    I have had backorders for spare mags for PT709 Slim for 8 months. I will post if I find them. Hope you will do the same.

  109. There are good brands and there are bad brands, but all brands fall into two groups of owners… either you like them or you don’t. It doesn’t even matter if the individual has ever tried one. It’s no different than cars. Some like Chevys, some MOPAR, and some Ford. I’ve been through many cars, foreign and domestic, and the vast majority have been Fords, and the majority of them have been Mustangs. I’ve owned Colts, Rugers, S&W, etc. I’ve sold them off, replacing them with something new, then, wistfully, wished I had them back. I have what I have today, and will add whatever I may add, but, I will not likely part with what I have today. Just as, in my garage, is my restored 1965 Mustang fastback, along side my 2013 Mustang GT. It’s what I am comfortable with. 🙂

  110. I carry the PT 24/7 PRO. I like the balance and feel and have never had any issue with this pistol. Size is a small issue with CC but I can make it work and I do like to have the firepower it offers for the weight.

  111. I have a Taurus Tracker is 45ACP and love the heck out of the dang thing. The moon clips are a pain, but work well. The gun shoots better than my 1911 without near the kick.

  112. I own 4 taurus guns, 738,740 slim, 845 & 24/7 g2c in.45. I have had zero problems with these guns. they shoot good & are reliable.

  113. very nice size for cc, wish I could buy extra magazines for 709 slim 9mm..
    can you get these for us CTD? have not had a jam yet, I did have to get use to the long trigger pull, after that quite accurate for a 3 inch barrel.

  114. I have the PT-709 and it is my first concealed carry handgun. I enjoy the weapon but because the sights are, for me, are too hard to use accurately and the, the excessive, trigger pull I don’t enjoy. I am up in the years and need better sights, front and rear, for my carry weapon. I now carry an Spfld XDS 45 acp as the sights are quite good and the trigger pull is shorter than the 709 shoot. I shoot well with it. If the two problems could be corrected I would definitely carry the 709 again.

  115. I have the 9mm G2 which I use for daily carry in an Alien Gear Tuck 2.0: IWB and OWB depending on season and destinations. With nearly 2,000 rounds through it it has handled everything I put through it with no issues at all: and I mean that literally, no FTE’s, FTF’s or stove pipes. I trust this weapon implicitly with my and my family’s life everyday.

  116. I own a PT 709, 740 & 941 22 mag revolver (laser on this)
    Only issue is the recoil spring is quite stiff on the 9 & 40

    Have a CT laser on the 9 mm and a custom Wright holster ( I,m LH) great C C all of them. Great guns for the money.

  117. Model 85. We all know what that is. I am a retired Virginia Magistrate and carried it for 15 yrs. Strong, rugged and accurate not to mention
    dependable. The finish is still as beautiful as it was when new. I carry it
    still with a permit to do so.

  118. I have owned a Taurus 24/7 for many years. I have thousands of rounds through it and it has delivered every time. I also own a PT 740 and a Model 66 .357 magnum. I love their guns and they will shoot just as good as the higher priced models.

  119. I have two Taurus the pt 111G2 and I bought my wife the 709slim both in 9mm and I carry everyday and trust my life as my wife life with them and would buy Taurus again hands down. I was wondering what a Taurus 1911 in 9mm sell for cause I live close to Louisburg north Carolina. I would like hear any ideas on it thanks

    1. How does your wife handle the stiffness of the recoil spring? I find mine very stiff and wife cannot rack and / or lock.

  120. I have two concealed carry… Kahr P40 and Taurus PT709 Slim. I like the .40 S&W and my Kahr but the 9MM in my Taurus is okay because of the style or the PT709… the trigger guard, the positive safety, the smaller size, striker fired, and great quality. I thought I would give up one of them but there are too many positives (different as they may be between each one) to give up either. The Taurus PT709 looks and feels good. Kahr does too but it is just a little larger. What a dilemma! Taurus still has the Beretta quality and some of the features I like, like the manual safety..

    1. PS – Wife carries a PT25 which is also outstanding. For such a small pistol, it has a nice comfortable grip. The fit and function is really high end at a reasonable cost. I did not think much about Taurus until we got the PT25 for my wife.

  121. I have five Taurus firearms: PT1911 x2, PT709, PT845, PT111 G2 and love them all. Haters gonna hate.

  122. I have a millennium pro pt145-and I also have a TCP. Both have been 100% reliable. Great products, in my opinion.

  123. I have a Taurus 357 Magnum revolver and it works beautifully with never a problem in almost 10 years use. I have a Taurus PT111 9 MM and use it as a carry gun. I have fired it over 500 times and never a misfire or a jam. Now I would like to buy a Taurus 1911 as well.

  124. I have a 1911 9 mm and have over 200 rounds thru it.
    Works perfectly every time. I really like this firearm.

  125. I have a pt 25, 709 slim, 738, and a poly protector, all have worked fine without single problem. If I had to pick the best of the bunch it would be the 709 slim. The 709 slim has the best trigger of any pistol I own. Glock 23, Beretta 92, cz 82, cz 50, Kel Tec pf9, Walther p1, Rock Island 1911, S&W 38spl combat masterpeace, Kel Tec p40, cz 52, Colt 1903 Hammerless 32acp. The cons would be how hard it is to pick up extra mags and the cost for them.

  126. I have 740 Slim and a TCP 738. Not one problem with either. If I could change one thing about Taurus pistols it would be the long trigger pull on these 2 guns. It is a bit much to say the least. Are you listening Taurus?

  127. “ome will argue against Taurus as a “reputable” company, but those opinions are largely based on the company’s first imports to the U.S. made over 30 years ago”

    On the other hand, some of us base it on their more recent failures. I’ve had two Taurus revolvers in the last 5 years, neither made it to 500 rounds without multiple failures. The first, a .44 Tracker, had the cylinder crane break inside of 100 rounds, fortunately for me the shop I bought it from returned it for me and 4 months later it returned repaired (and scratched to hell and back) and was immediately traded. The last, their 9 shot ultra light .22 revolver, had a failure of the ratchet so cylinder wouldn’t advance. Unfortunately the gun shop would not return it for me, Taurus refused to pay shipping so it was sold, with full disclosure, at half what I paid for it.

    And then there was the cracking Slim model, and now we have the Curve recall.

    Sure, all the reports of Taurus producing garbage is 30 years old.

    And why do I know that typing this is a waste of time because it probably will be deleted.

    1. Sorry you have had a problem with your Taurus guns. Ratchet broke? Big deal. Send it back and they will fix it FREE. Dude, it happens to every manufacturer out there. A friend of mine had the same problem with a couple of his 686 S & W revolvers. Ratchet pawl broke. S & W fixed it and no more problems.
      You say you got your Tracker back ‘all scratched to hell.’ Was the box it was shipped in crushed by any chance? Might have been the shipper that caused it. Taurus takes great pride in what they make and will bend over backwrd to make the customer happy.

    2. Agreed, Dean. I’ve owned a Taurus PT740 since it was first reported on here in CTD, and it’s a fabulous concealed carry gun. Lightweight, narrow – as advertised – and shoots as straight as can be expected for a 3.2 inch barrel. I trust my life with it every time I go out. And also agree with a previous commenter on the trigger being just a tad deep for my taste, but once used to it, I can now shoot the X out of the ring, no problem. I even experienced a slight snafu regarding the teardown, but the customer service person on the other end of the phone was patient and knowledgeable, and had me back on the firing range in no time. The Millennium has a larger capacity, but for me the issue was weight, so this gun serves the purpose beautifully. I recommend it with all the stars they’ll allow!

    3. I sent my BRAND NEW, defective out of the box, TCP to Taurus a month and a half ago. It took them 4 weeks to tell me that the gun was deemed to dangerous to be returned. They told me they would be issuing a replacement. Then they strung me out for two weeks telling me that they don’t have any TCP’s in stock and that they’re on back order. That they have NO IDEA when they will replace it for me. This was a brand new gun that was defective. I sent it in well over a month ago. I was supposed to get a status call from a supervisor yesterday, nothing. You’d think that if they cared a little bit about me, they would’ve ordered a replacement for me from either my LGS or one of their own dealers by now. Instead they’re making me wait for a replacement, with absolutely no idea of a potential delivery date. Every time I speak with them it’s the same answer. We don’t have any in stock, I wish I knew more, is there anything else I can do for you? Thank you have a good day. That’s sounds like bending over backwards to you? I don’t know what Taurus you know, but the Taurus I know wouldn’t bend for anyone.

    4. If it takes 4 months to get a weapon back from repair, I don’t call that bending over backwards.

  128. I have owned a model 85 SS for over twenty years and love it! It has traveled right beside me for at least 750,000 miles and was retired last year for a Canik .9MM that is 17+1. It was not retired for any other reason than I would be heart broken if someone broke into my vehicle and stole it.

    I have given model 85’s to two of my sons and a 24/7 .45 ACP to another.
    I now own a SS Taurus Judge and another Taurus .38.

  129. I have a model 92 stainless and a model 99 in 9mm. The 99 I purchased new over 15 years ago. I shoot it regularly and keep it as a SD gun. The 92 was used; salvaged from a flooded vehicle. A little rough in cosmetics, it stays in my truck and works like it just came out of the box. I also have a Taurus 6 inch model 66 357. It functions flawlessly. I would never hesitate to buy another Taurus!

  130. Came into law enforcement in the mid seventies and do remember the days when a Taurus was considered the piece of junk. Over the years, like many owners of the firearm, I discovered that later efforts of the company proved to raise its value significantly. I currently own the TCP and the Judge, both of which get regular workouts on the range. I don’t find the TCP to have any more problems than my Springfield or the trustee Smith and Wesson 9 millimeter I’ve carried for years. Those that still dislike the brand usually have their reasons, but until you give the gun its chance you really can’t tell for yourself. My advise, dont judge without at least renting one at your local range. For $20 I can rent about any brand around, and what better way to judge a firearm.Lots worse you spend the mony on.

  131. I own my business and I carry a Taurus ,24/7 9mm. I’m a firearm Instructor for the public. Ive trained 100+ in personal protection on the home. The classes lovr the ,9-mm because of the light weight and accuracy on the range. You keep up the great work.

  132. I own several Taurus models. Starting with the discontinues Gaucho (which I wish they would bring back), a pair of Model 85’s, a Judge (3″ barrel and cylnder), and I just picked up a Millenium G2 in 9mm. Never had any problems with any of them. All shoot better than their other manufacture counter parts. Great guns. Been using them for several years and wouldn’t trade them for anything.

  133. I’ve been carring the 709 for 4 years now and I love it. Bought it at first because of the price, but I keep it because of the reliability. Never had a a single problem with it. Pull the trigger and it goes bang every time.Thought about buying a glock or a S&W Shield, but I really don’t see a reason to change.

  134. 24 yrs. in LE, bought a PT-111 Millennium, and really pleased with the finish. had run a couple of hundred rounds thru it, no malfunctions. I carried it in my jeans waist band, very comfortable, and easy to conceal. Mine right out of the box, was smooth and fun to shoot. I like it so much, I am going to buy a G2, and see if it as a solid piece of equipment as the PT-111. Tarus has been around a long time, starting out making copies from other makers. But it appears Tarus has come of age, and making some solid and dependable semi’s. On a budget, or just like a bargain, Tarus has some bang for the buck…

  135. Big mistake buying the 709 Slim. Can’t find mags anywhere. First and last Taurus. Hearing from many sources that they’ve been out of stock for over a year. I wish I would have known this before making the purchase.

  136. I have a 709 Slim, had a problem with a small burr on the extractor, fixed with a couple swipes of a file. Now it is very reliable no matter what I feed it.

  137. I have both the AF92 and M709 So far I have only 4 FTE they stove piped that was in the 92 after 1000 + through it. The 709 has never given me any issues it probably has 500 + through it.. I carry the 709 the most. The only complaint that I have is magazine availability for the 709. I sure would like to get a few more of them.

  138. I have 5 Taurus guns. Several revolvers and my favorite the pt111 millennium g2. my second favorite is the raging bull 44mag 8 3/4 inch. They are great guns and cost way less than a sw. Never have had a problem with any of the. They look great and shoot awesome. My next Taurus will be the raging judge. 454 casull 410/45LC. The thing is massive and looks like a movie prop but man is it fun to shoot.

    Every gun maker has a few lemons that sneak through quality control. But I think Taurus is unfairly treated by a lot of the Smith and Wesson and Glock snobs. They have never tried one because it doesn’t say the right name on it.

    I own Taurus, Beretta, Sig Sauer, Smith and Wesson m&p line, Rossi, high point, master piece arms, and several other brands, but I won’t buy a gun just because it has a certain name on it. I buy guns based on need, function, fit, and because of wow factor. And Taurus has proven to be a great manufacturer who keeps making stuff that seems built just for me and my hands.

  139. I bought a Taurus 1911 as my first 1911 and have been throughly satisfied with it so much that 1911’s will be my only future purchases. I owned a Taurus 9mm 5 shot revolver and a Taurus .40 PT 940, sold both of them within one month of owning them, but their 1911’s can’t be beat..

  140. I bought a Taurus PT 738 TCP, Serial Number 520xxA in 2010, and have sent it back for repairs twice since. I have a whole selection of .380 ammo, bought while trying to trying to consistently fire three rounds in succession before a jam/FTE/FTL.

    Both times I have returned it, Taurus has been very fast with adjustments or repairs, but I haven’t fired it now in several years, since it has been thoroughly vetted and repaired by the people who invented it, and I still had no luck in firing a full magazine without a failure. What is the use of a self-defense pistol that cannot be trusted to fire a second round if needed?

    I regularly carry a 9mm +P or .45 pistolthat I can fire all day without a problem, but I can’t trust a puny .380 to work when I need it!

    Taurus has a great warranty, and I will send the thing back again when I get around to it, but only to see if they can ever fix–or repair–it!

  141. I have the Pt1911, Pt709 Slim and the .45/.410 Circuit Judge. They are taken to the range and shot monthly and are very accurate. The only issue I have ever had was a broken recoil spring on the 709 that Taurus replaced – no questions asked – in less than a week. Awesome guns and great customer service!!

  142. Had a PT745 subcompact .45. Bought it used, put a couple hundred rounds through it and the mag lock broke. Sent it to Miami, got it back after six or seven weeks and put a few hundred more rounds through it with no problem. Can’t complain for the price.

  143. I purchased The Taurus Millennium Pro G2 models PT111 9mm last year and it shoots any kind of manufactured rounds I put into it, with a few of the Russian made 9mm steel casing, I had to use the double strike feature. It is a very accurate pistol and feels very good in the hands and with very good control of the weapon. I would not hesitate to buy another one if necessary. I have fired several hundred rounds through the pistol.

  144. We bought a Taurus 357 revolver because after about 6 months Turner’s Outdoorsman couldn’t deliver a Smith and Wesson. We got the one with a long barrel and we enjoy shooting 38 specials but the 357 isn’t fun in my arthritic hands. A set of Hogue wrap around rubber grips has helped a lot. The single action is flawless but the double leaves a lot to be desired and it has puzzled our gunsmith. We still like it but if you’re looking to buy one I recommend you shoot a few rounds through one first.

  145. Very true. Never give an accounting of what you have. No reason to help them figure out what you have so they can come for everything when they want to?

  146. Had a Taurus PT 99 for over 15 years and never had a problem. Sold it to a novice shooter friend of mine.

  147. Thanks. I have:

    Ruger M77 .22LR cal bolt action rifle
    Ruger American Rifle .308 cal
    Ruger Mini-14 .223 cal
    Bushmaster AR-15 .223/5.56 (NATO)
    CMMG .22LR conversion complete upper for AR-15
    Springfield M1A .308/7.62 (NATO)
    Benjamin bolt action, single shot, .177 pellet
    Marlin 336C 30-30 lever action
    Saginaw M1 carbine .30 cal

    S&W Mod 19-4 .357/.38spl revolver
    Colt Government 1911A1 .45 cal pistol
    Kimber UC II 1911A1 compact .45 cal
    Springfield Range Officer 1911A1 .45cal
    Wilson Combat .22LR conversion for Springfield .45
    Mauser P-08 Luger 9mm parabellum
    Firearms International Mod D .380 cal
    Benjamin single shot, bolt action .177 pellet

    Remington 870HD Express Shotgun 12 GA w/extension tube

    Still considering a couple more firearms as well as conversions. And a Crossbow. 🙂

    1. to dave w becareful when listing or bragging on what you have in your cabnet cause big brother would rhink you don’t need all of those guns its nice to share but everyone doesn’t need to know and have a fine gun range day 🙂

    2. DaveW How do you like the Ruger American? Am look at adding another hunting caliber and would like to know what you like and dislike about that one. Please let me know what you think if you get a chance?

  148. as far as ” gonna be around a while calibers” go, I feel the 9mm is here to stay. my personal cary is a .45 acp ruger model 92dc. the 9 has more capacity, but with plenty of practice the .45acp has more knock down power. unless your in to reloading and have a good supplier of powder, etc I would not recommend the .41mag. I received one as a gift from my wife, and enjoy shooting the gun. but retail ammo if you can find it can be rather pricy. even reloads can be on the higher end! all in all, shoot what fits you best.

  149. I have a number of handguns and rifles, of different brands, and I am happy with each.

    There is one area which I wonder about. With so many different calibers available, which is likely to be discontinued, and which to be long lasting?

    I would hate to invest in any firearm only to find that the ammunition is unavailable at some point in the future. It’s bad enough we are faced with shortages of available calibers due to the political climate.

    1. I would stay with the following calibers.
      .357 magnum 38 special revolver.
      45 ACP auto.
      .40 .380 or .32
      44 mag,
      45 long colt although not great for one shot stopping power.
      All these will be around, and reloadable.
      In rifle Amo I would stick with 30-06, 308, 7.62×39, or 300 magnum rounds.

  150. I remember back quite a few years ago when Taurus guns were looked down on by a lot of people. Not any more. They are good quality and fun to shoot.

  151. i have a PT809 and a PT111 G2. i’m not lying when i say between them i have close to 2,500 rounds down the pipe. I did a quick take down cleaning every 200-400 rounds and that’s all for maintenance. different brands of ammo too, just whatever was cheap to buy that week. Brass, aluminum, lacquer and second reloads it didn’t matter they ate it all and i can honestly say i NEVER had a malfunction of any kind. Not even a stove pipe. I would buy them again without a second thought (next buy might be the PT709 for carry). I cashed them in so i could try something new. I’m now a proud owner of a CZ p09 FDE!

  152. I have a little Taurus PT 24/7 PRO C DS, and it is an amazingly accurate little gun. I can punch the circle out of the silhouette at combat ranges every time. It’s more accurate than a lot of guns costing a great deal more, and with the de-cocker safety I have no concerns when carrying concealed in a belly band..

  153. I have a PT1911 that I really enjoy shooting. I have used it twice for qualification shooting for concealed carry licenses and only dropped 5 points out of a possible 500 total. It shoots as well as my 70 series Colt and an expensive custom .45ACP wad cutter competition pistol.

  154. I previously owned a Taurus PT845. It was a great shooting gun. Easy to carry and I loved the 12 shot mag. I also had a PT840c. Basically a compact version in 40 S&W. I never had a bit of trouble with either one.
    So why don’t I have them now? I traded the 845 as a down payment for a 1911. Just thought I should have a 1911. I don’t need all that many guns and trading one end, helps with the cost factor of buying the new model. The 804c? Basically, I just got tired of 40 S&W caliber.I have the 1911 and several S&W 9mm models for carry. Sold it to a friend and bought a 44 revolver…cuz I could. I tend to limit how many guns I have and when I want a new one, another has to go. But that’s just me.

  155. I own a PT111. Put about 600 rounds in about two months. Love this gun, fits my hands great, smooth trigge and very accurate. This is my carry gun as well .

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