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Black, stainless with gold barrel competition pistol

Competitive Shooting

STI’s New “Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas” Pistols

STI’s new DVC Limited and Open pistols are an entirely new design based off the 2011 platform and are built specifically for competitive shooting. The “DVC” acronym for the new series is derived from “Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas.” If your Latin is a little rusty, read the post to find out what that means.

Springfield Armory XD9 Mod2 Subcompact 45ACP


New in 2015—Springfield XD Mod.2 Sub-Compact .45ACP

Like all XDs, the Mod.2 .45ACP Sub-Compact is no exception and comes stacked with features—striker status indicator, loaded chamber indicator, grip-safety, internal firing pin block, and the Ultra Safety Assurance (USA) Action Trigger System. Read this article to learn more.

SIG Sauer MCX with brace


SHOT 2015—SIG Sauer MCX

The SIG MCX line features AR-style pistols, SBRs and carbines in .300 BLK! The SIG MCX is a weapon system built around a battle-proven core: SIG’s gas-operated, short-stroke piston system. Read this article to learn more.

Kahr CW40 at the Range


Kahr’s Affordable CW40

The Kahr CW40, a purpose-designed compact carry handgun, is an appealing package at a fair price. The author ran a good range of loads through the Kahr, without a single failure to feed, chamber, fire or eject. Read this article for specs and detailed firing results.


The Striker Fired Revolution

Makers are trading hammer fired for striker-fired handguns as they hope for success in the marketplace. By what we have seen, the change is beneficial. Check out this feature comparison to see why they’re becoming so popular.


The Kahr CW9

This is Kahr’s value leader, and the CW9 gives pretty expensive performance at a modest price. The CW9 is a reliable handgun with more than a little class. Read this article for what makes it such a powerhouse.

Range Reports

Range Report: Colt’s Combat Elite

Colt’s Best Pistol? It is a 5-inch steel frame Government Model and that says a lot. However, the list of improvements goes on. Check out this article for the details of how it performed and the great features for this reliable, accurate handgun.

.380 ACP semiautomatic pistol with black grip and frame and stainless barrel and slide


The .380 ACP Isn’t Slowing Down—New Gun Announcements

Once a caliber not many people found to be highly useful, the .380 ACP has gained an incredible amount of popularity in the last few years—especially with women. Its ease of use to rack the slide, minimal recoil and small package is desirable for the first time shooter, women shooter, elderly or those with injuries. Many are choosing the smaller .380 ACP pocket pistols for concealed carry. Though there are many sub-compact 9mm to choose from, the .380 ACP is still making its way to the top. These six new 2014 and 2015 firearms from major manufacturers such as Browning, Beretta and Magnum Research prove that the .380 as a preferred self-defense gun isn’t going away any time soon.

Colt M45A1 CQBP in Box

Range Reports

USMC Re-ups with the Colt 1911

The Marines’ new M45 CQBP (Close-Quarters Battle Pistol) is based on Colt’s rail gun and is a “highly enhanced version of an already excellent combat weapon.” We take it on a test drive.