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Seconds Will Get You Seconds

Srengthening your body’s secondary muscle groups, such as your shoulders, calves and hands, makes your shooting more gains seconds for your shooting and hunting activities. These exercises can be done without expensive gym memberships or special equipment, in your own home or back yard.

Camping & Survival

Surviving the Road Less Traveled

Riding an ATV is a fun and freeing way to enjoy the outdoors. Following the tips and answering the questions in this post will help you do so safely and make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into and how to make sure you get to ride and hunt another time.

Camping & Survival

Getting in “Shooting Shape”

No, this is not gunny’s beloved Marine Corps. What we are talking about is your body’s core. Typically, we are talking about the core muscle groups and large muscles of the body that are the base for the majority of motion and movement. Your body is a marvelous machine that tries to perform each activity with the least amount of energy expenditure. These exercises will help you build a better base and allow you to develop a solid shooting and overall performance platform.

Picture shows a molotov cocktail made with a liquor bottle.

Camping & Survival

45 Survival Uses for Alcohol

Liquor has its place in a post apocalyptic world even if you are a teetotaler. Stock up on cheap, high-content alcohol and add it to your long-term food and gear storage. The best liquor for its many different purposes is Everclear. Everclear made by Luxco is pure grain alcohol. You can purchase Everclear in 95 percent alcohol content or 75.5 percent. The higher alcohol content is more popular and more effective for survival use. Here are my 45 suggestions on survival uses of alcohol.

Dutch Oven Cooking Supplies

Camping & Survival

Alternative Cooking Method for Preppers

The image of a Dutch oven is often associated with camping trips or even chuck wagon cattle drives from days gone by, but the truth is Dutch ovens are still being used by many folks today. In a nutshell, the Dutch oven is a timeless alternative for cooking delicious homemade meals without using electricity and is a perfect tool for the home prepper.

The key to Mountain House foods’ high quality longevity is the specialized packaging.

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Mountain House: Comfort Food You Can Count On

As Mountain House/Oregon Freeze-Dry, Inc. celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year, it is safe to say the company has the longest proven shelf life of any modern-day preserved food in the industry. In fact, the company recently pulled out 30-year-old pouches archived in its warehouse for a taste test. Since Mountain House packaging contains such low levels of moisture, oxygen and includes a foil barrier, the food tasted almost as good as the day it was packaged. Mountain House cooks its foods together—always using 100 percent real meat —just as you would make a meal at home and then freeze dries it. Mountain House is the only brand that cooks food in this manner. This means that its food rehydrates faster and tastes better.

Camping & Survival

Prepping Skills 101: Bartering and Trading

Throughout history, people have returned to the barter system when money has become scarce or lost its value. During the Great Depression and a long recession during the 1980s, Americans returned to a system in which people traded goods and services without the exchange of currency. Many Americans are losing faith in the American dollar and believe economic collapse is inevitable. Only time will tell if that will happen, but David A. Stockman, former Republican Congressman and President Ronald Reagan’s budget director has said, “The future is bleak.” If our paper money becomes meaningless do you know how and what to barter?

The 1919 Boston Molasses Disaster

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Why You Should Begin Prepping — Today!

Prepping does not have to be the extreme measures. But you do need to be stockpiling some of the basics just in case something happens, even if it happens on the other side of the country. For me, the term prepping does not conjure up fear; it does not mean I am crazy. In fact, prepping does just the opposite as it gives me a piece of mind knowing I have done my best to prepare for the unexpected.

DIY Fire starter

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Easy to Make and Take Fire Starters

All of the material needed to make these do-it-yourself fire starters can usually be found for FREE. We all like free and easy do-it-yourself projects and this one really comes in handy. Lightweight and easy to carry, long-burning fire starters are perfect for backpacking, camping or home use.