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Growing beans, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers on a small balcony.

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Container Gardening for Urban Preppers: Growing Your Own Food Virtually Anywhere

Being an urban or apartment dwelling prepper presents many challenges. Storage space and privacy is always an issue. If you have always wanted to be self-sufficient, but your location prevents it, you can start by growing your own supplemental food supplies in even the smallest spaces. Called container gardening, herbs, vegetables and some fruits can grow on balconies, patios, front porches, fire escapes, and even windowsills. Some of the best survival foods such as beans, kale, berries, broccoli, potatoes, and spinach will grow in containers. Squash, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, radish, cucumbers, peppers, and herbs also require a small amount of space to thrive. Small-rooted vegetables are best for container gardening.

Stansport Cast Iron Cook Set

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Survival Cooking

I’m not ashamed to admit it. Aside from shooting, hunting and fishing, I have another almost as obsessive of a hobby—I like eating. More accurately, I like cooking and eating. However, you won’t catch me watching Paula Deen while baking butter cookies and listening to Michael Bublé. I eat like a man; therefore, I cook like a man. Few things are more satisfying than frying up some venison that was walking around on four hooves only a week before, or wrapping some dove with juicy bacon and jalapeño just before tossing it on a red-hot grill. In a world where public schools and institutions try to curb manly behaviors and tendencies, I’m proud to say I can still literally bring home the bacon—it’s just usually attached to a wild hog and bleeding all over the bed of my truck.

The Great Central U.S. Shake Out

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The Great Shake Out

In addition to preparing for an earthquake, it may be a good time to take roll on your level of preparedness and see what could improve your chances.

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Is Prepping the New Normal?

Big surprise—the Mayans were wrong. I really don’t know anyone who took the threat of Mayan calendar seriously, but during my time on this earth, I’ve learned never to underestimate human stupidity.