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Front of a card from the game Conflicted: The Survival Card Game

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Survival—Asking the Tough Questions

Would you be able to eat the family pet for survival? Could you choose between letting your brother and sister survive if you could only pick one? These are they type of tough questions preppers have to ponder. To help you and your survival and preppers community work through the hard issues—there’s an app for that. And a game. Conflicted: The Survival Card Game doesn’t just open up a discussion, it helps you find the loose cannons in your tight knit group. Get a taste of the kinds of questions you will find in the game in this post.

Fuel storage in the back of a pickup truck

Camping & Survival

Three Ways for Storing Gasoline

Before, during and especially immediately after a natural disaster, there is always a fuel shortage in the areas affected. People will line up for hours following a hurricane, massive flood or tornado to fill up their cars. After Hurricane Sandy, New York rationed gas to the public. When emergencies happen, you need enough fuel to bug out, cook or power your generator. Here are three ways to safely store gasoline.

Picture shows a little girl walking in front of a destroyed school bus.

Camping & Survival

Throwback Thursday—Preparedness: Anticipation and Planning

When you hear the term prepper or survivalist, do you image someone who has spent his or her life savings building a million dollar underground bunker, while wearing a tin foil hat? Preparedness and survival isn’t just for the paranoid. It is for everyday people. From tornados, to flooding and hurricanes to the accidental house fire, all American should prepare for disaster. In this beginner’s guide, Cheaper Than Dirt helps you learn what to prepare for, how to build a bug out bag and what kinds of things you need to store in case of emergency.

Disaster scenarios

Camping & Survival

The Essential Preppers Guide to The First 24

The first 24 hours of an emergency may be the most critical. If you are stuck without shelter or warmth, you can die of exposure. The first 24 are all about survival. Whether you are lost in the woods, evacuating due to hurricane, floods or a tornado, stuck in severe winter weather or just without power for 24 hours do you have the survival kit to see you and your family through? For the first 24 hours after a disaster, you will need a way to start a fire, find water and construct a shelter. For the ultimate guide in surviving the first 24 hours, check out the Essential Preppers Guide to the First 24.

Building collapsed due to an earthquake.

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Earthquake Preparedness

Earthquakes happen without warning and can have devastating consequences. After Northern California experienced its worst earthquake in 25 years, it is a good reminder for us to be prepared for anything. In this article, Earthquake Preparedness, I give you all the fundamentals on how to create an earthquake survival kit and how to protect yourself when the violent shakes start to happen.

black and white image showing half a woman's face wearing a gas mask and decontaminate suit

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How to Prep for Ebola

The symptoms and suffering from Ebola is horrific. No wonder people are scared. Even though West Africa is experiencing the worst outbreak of the virus in history, Americans are safe. Experts answer the probability question of whether or not Ebola will come to the United States and what the likelihood of our country experiencing a serious outbreak. Prepping for Ebola is easy—if you are prepper. Just like a flu pandemic, you are probably already prepared. Read “How to Prep for Ebola” to learn all you need to know about the virus, what to stock up and how worried you should be.

Picture shows a green algae bloom on Lake Erie.

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When Filtering Won’t Work: Storing Potable Water

Do you have plans on how you will cope if your town goes through a “water crisis?” The majority of half a million people in Toledo, Ohio were unprepared when they recently told to stop using tap water. They could not even boil it to purify it. If you do not have back-up plans on obtaining potable drinking water during an emergency, now is a good time to stock up on safe, uncontaminated drinking water. “When Filtering Won’t Work: Storing Potable Water” will tell you how to get ready now for an impending water shortage.