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Building collapsed due to an earthquake.

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Earthquake Preparedness

Earthquakes happen without warning and can have devastating consequences. After Northern California experienced its worst earthquake in 25 years, it is a good reminder for us to be prepared for anything. In this article, Earthquake Preparedness, I give you all the fundamentals on how to create an earthquake survival kit and how to protect yourself when the violent shakes start to happen.

black and white image showing half a woman's face wearing a gas mask and decontaminate suit

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How to Prep for Ebola

The symptoms and suffering from Ebola is horrific. No wonder people are scared. Even though West Africa is experiencing the worst outbreak of the virus in history, Americans are safe. Experts answer the probability question of whether or not Ebola will come to the United States and what the likelihood of our country experiencing a serious outbreak. Prepping for Ebola is easy—if you are prepper. Just like a flu pandemic, you are probably already prepared. Read “How to Prep for Ebola” to learn all you need to know about the virus, what to stock up and how worried you should be.

Picture shows a green algae bloom on Lake Erie.

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When Filtering Won’t Work: Storing Potable Water

Do you have plans on how you will cope if your town goes through a “water crisis?” The majority of half a million people in Toledo, Ohio were unprepared when they recently told to stop using tap water. They could not even boil it to purify it. If you do not have back-up plans on obtaining potable drinking water during an emergency, now is a good time to stock up on safe, uncontaminated drinking water. “When Filtering Won’t Work: Storing Potable Water” will tell you how to get ready now for an impending water shortage.

Picture shows a black, compact handgun made by SIG Sauer with a threaded barrel for a suppressor, chambered in 9mm.


High Powered Headlines: July 31, 2014

The citizens of Massachusetts have no reason to celebrate. After removing a bill allowing law enforcement sole discretion to deny firearms permits, the House and Senate move to agree to let law enforcement deny permits, but they must move through the courts first. Taurus CEO is fired and the Ebola virus is spreading. Not great news today. In fact, a bit scary. However, a Virginia man will not be charged for defending his home. We have to take the bad with the good in today’s high-powered gun news headlines.


90 Survival Uses for a Plastic Poncho

What is the most important thing during SHTF? Your brain! To pack your bug-out bag light, you need items that serve multi purposes. One such thing is the rain poncho. In this blog, I have detailed 90 different survival uses for a plastic poncho. However, not just any old cheap poncho will do. I put Cheaper Than Dirt’s Swiss military rubberized poncho finished in bright Alpenflage camo to the test and realized for the price tag, this military surplus poncho is an invaluable addition to any survival gear, preps, emergency vehicle kit, or your bug-out bag.

Picture shows a drawing of the San Diego skyline after an apocalyptic event.

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The Only Thing You Need to Survive an EMP

Those aware of the serious consequences of a large EMP attack suspect that literally millions would die in the first week. And our government isn’t doing much to prepare for it. The entire electric grid is at risk to go down. Even very little military communications would work after an EMP. Preppers already know not to depend on anyone else to save them during a disaster. A survivalist mindset is already one of self-reliance. Another group living self reliantly is modern homesteaders. We could all learn lesson from homesteaders, as it will most likely be the only way you and your family will survive the years it will take for our country to recover from an EMP attack. Unfortunately, I do not have a 10-easy-step guide on how to survive an EMP. However, I do have ideas that will help. To learn the only thing you need to know about surviving an EMP read on.

You Might Be A Prepper

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You Might be a Prepper if …

Prepping for some folks can either be an occasional hobby or a full blown attempt to be prepared for anything that comes their way. Whatever category you may fall into, we hope you did not stash your sense of humor in an airtight container in some underground bunker in some undisclosed location.

Picture shows drier lint stuffed inside an empty cardboard toliet paper roll.

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Quick Camping Tip: 5 Free Fire Starters

Knowing how to start a fire is essential outdoor and survival skill. If you carry flint and steel with you at all times, then you are already prepared. However, there is nothing wrong with having back up. Did you know you could make fire starters from plenty of things you can find lying around the house? Here are five free and frugal fire starters you probably didn’t know you already had!