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Woman in camo jacket and hat shooting a bow with a gray fence in the background.


Becoming an Outdoors Woman: Be an Archer

Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) workshops are conducted around the country throughout the year and typically offer a half dozen or so individual classes in a workshop weekend. There are lots of fun things to do and different activities from which to choose at BOW workshops. One of the most popular courses women sign up for is archery. Check out this post to discover the advantages or archery.

Primos Chair for Hunting Blind

Hunting and Outdoors

Five Essential Items for Your Hunting Blind

Hunting from a ground blind offers so many opportunities for hunters to get up close and personal with their quarry and often can hide a hunter in just the right location. And using a ground blind is an excellent way to introduce new and sometimes nervous hunters into the thick of the action simply because a ground blind can help hide the anxious movements of an unseasoned hunter or antsy child. Check out this post for specific items to making your hunting blind suit your needs.

A young brown haired child holds a magnifying glass up to his eye.

Safety and Training

Survival Drills for Kids: I Spy

Summertime means kids are out of school and families are taking road trips. Traveling with kids can be trying, so pack plenty of activities and snacks to keep them occupied and plan to play some games. Read this post to learn how playing a simple childhood game could keep your kids safe in a dangerous situation.

Dark haired man in multi colored shirt and shirts partway up a tree trimming branches for a treestand

Hunting and Outdoors

Off Season Survival Tips, Part 1

For many hunters there are only two seasons during a calendar year, “in season” and “off season.” The long hot dog days of summer are upon us and many avid hunters are already dreaming about spending countless hours high up in a tree in the coming months. Like most of us who hunt, we keep ourselves busy almost year round with scouting, planning and prepping for the season ahead. Read this post for tips on how to safely set up your treestands, in season or off season.

Green package with fire and yellow lettering and a silver image of a magnesium stick

Camping & Survival

Handy, Dandy Fire-Starting Kit

Building a fire could mean the difference between life and death in a survival situation. Knowing how to start one is one thing. Having the material on hand to get the fire starting process going is another. Read this post for the right steps.

Black Dutch oven kettle hanging from a rod iron tripod over a fire with a wood area in the background.

Hunting and Outdoors

Becoming an Outdoors-Woman: Go Dutch!

We often associate the image of a Dutch oven with camping trips or even chuckwagon cattle drives from days gone by, but the truth is many folks still use Dutch ovens. In a nutshell, the Dutch oven is a timeless alternative for cooking delicious, homemade meals without using electricity or propane. In this post, read how Becoming and OUtdoors-Woman (BOW) is teaching women how to use this cooking method.

Man in orange ballcap stands behind a woman with long brown hair, pink ballcap and black ear protection teaching her to shoot at a target

Hunting and Outdoors

Becoming an Outdoors-Woman: Learn to Shoot

Women are the fastest growing group of consumers for firearms. During the last two decades, women’s views about shooting have changed for the better, partially because of successful programs, such as Becoming an Outdoors-Woman, which has made tremendous strides educating women about traditional outdoor sports.

Picture of a bright blue like through 2 trees in the foreground with a kayak tired up at the lake's edge.

Hunting and Outdoors

Beyond BOW

Becoming an Outdoor Woman (BOW) workshop is a great way to learn the basic skills of traditional outdoor activities. To take your skills to the next level takes time and practice, which is so BEYOND BOW is such a great organization. Check out this article to learn more about how it is making a difference in women’s lives.