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Camping & Survival

Everyone Needs a Bug-Out Bag

Having babies or toddlers usually means being prepared for the unexpected. Toting little ones around typically means packing up everything except the kitchen sink. But do you know what you would need for a baby bug-out bag? Read this post and you will know.

Hunter in a Treestand

Hunting and Outdoors

Quick Hunting Tip: Use Your Head and Your Backpack

Hunting from an elevated stand is a very popular method of hunting and for some hunters it is the only option. Knowing how to properly use a safety harness is vital, hanging your treestand in a secure fashion is critical and knowing how to correctly ascend up into your tree is crucial. But planning for a possible worse case scenario may be the thing that actually saves your life if you should experience a fall from an elevated stand.

Black Dog Jumping into Water

Camping & Survival

How to Survive the Dog Days of Summer—Survival Tips for Your Canine

Despite the fact the months of August and September typically mark the end of summer and beginning of fall, you should not be fooled into thinking Mother Nature will cooperate with cooler days, as that rarely happens. The fact is, the air temperatures and heat indexes during this time of the year can reach dangerous highs and is often referred to as the “dog days” of summer making being outdoor dangerous for man and his four legged friends.

Hunting and Outdoors

Quick Hunting Tip: 3 Tips for Quieter Hunting Gear

Sometimes during the hustle and bustle of trying to get ready for a hunt we overlook some of the tiniest details. It never fails these are the things that will drive you crazy and possibly even wreck your hunt. These quick hunting tips will help you achieve a quieter hunt when stalking your prey.

Lee Reloading Kit


Reload Like a Pro

The days of burning through box after box of lead just for fun are gone for many of us, simply because of the rising cost to shoot. What can avid shooters do about this problem? One possible solution is to practice reloading. Check this article for specific recommendations on putting reloading to use for you.

Notebook on table

Camping & Survival

Quick Prepper Tip: DIY Preparedness Binder

In a worst-case scenario situation, do you know what types of crucial information you might need access to? Contact information, insurance numbers, or medical prescriptions may all be things you find yourself needing to remember in an emergency.

Pair of light blue jeans with a focus on the belt, which can be used in many ways to survive in an emergency.

Camping & Survival

40 Ways to Use Basic Clothing in a Survival Situation

Have you ever heard someone say they escaped with just the clothes on their backs? What does that really mean? Stop and think for a moment what your are wearing right now. Excluding those of you who are reading this while you sit wearing only your tighty whities, check out what you’re wearing and read this post for 40 ways to use basic garments as survival gear.

Large tree with a silver tree ladder leaning against it.

Hunting and Outdoors

Off Season Survival Tips, Part 2

For many hunters there are only two seasons during a calendar year, “in season” and “off season.” The long hot dog days of summer are upon us and many avid hunters are already dreaming about spending countless hours high up in a tree in the coming months. Like most of us who hunt, we keep ourselves busy almost year round with scouting, planning and prepping for the season ahead. Read this post to get great tips for staying safe.

Snake curled up under an outcropping

Camping & Survival

5 Tips to Help You Survive Until Help Arrives

Surviving an unexpected night or two outdoors in decent weather conditions is certainly doable for many. We can forge for berries or bugs or perhaps catch a fish or other small animal to eat. Plus, most folks know how to build a fire or figure out you can strain water through a piece of clothing to eliminate some debris. In a survival situation, it is time to tap into your inner MacGyver and figure out a way to get out alive. Read this post for additional ways to get back home in one piece.