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Five Essential Items for Your Hunting Blind

Primos Chair for Hunting Blind

Hunting in ground blinds usually equal long hours of sitting and watching the hours tick by as you wait for your quarry to appear, but does not have to be torture. Having a few items in your ground blind—especially a few items specifically geared toward comfort—makes those countless hours pass by a little easier.

If you have ever tried to balance yourself on a cheap three-legged stool while hunkered down in a ground blind to be at the perfect height, you can understand the importance of a back support and a stool designed to make extended periods of sitting more comfortable.

  1. The Primos QS3 Magnum Ground Swat is a perfect option because it is portable, lightweight and designed to allow the range of motion and mobility you need. It also offers a supported back rest and is the perfect height for any ground blind.
  2. Ground blinds are a great way to enjoy hunting with others, so when you need another chair in the blind take a look at the Hunter Specialties Bazaar Camouflage Folding Chair. This chair is not only comfortable, it is also made of high quality material making it a sturdy and a reliable seat. The built-in drink holder is an added bonus and so is the fact that it is lightweight and easy to pack because it comes with its own carrying case.
  3. The hours hunters keep during a hunting season can get a little crazy. Sometimes we need a nap or two during the day to catch up on some sleep, so having a comfortable place to take a snooze in a ground blind is important to staying safe. While most sleeping bags work fine in a blind, it is important you pick one that is quiet and super easy to get in and out of in a hurry. The Stansport Sleeping Bag Scout is a great option and is priced right, plus it is lightweight and quiet enough to use in the ground blind.
  4. Ground blinds can hide you from many things, yet somehow the bugs always manage to find you. One must-have item for any ground blind is a ThermaCell insect repellant unit. Snap a handheld unit inside the blind to one of the support frames or dangle it from the ceiling and watch the bugs disappear. The best feature of the ThermaCell units are that they work.
  5. Hunters love inexpensive solutions to common problems. One such problem bowhunters who use ground blinds often have is knowing how to safely contain their bow until they are ready to use it. The Primos Ground Blind bow holder is an inexpensive way to safely position your bow and arrow until you are ready to shoot in a practical, durable and affordable package.

What is your favorite item to keep in your hunting blind so you’re ready to go? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. Gotta have a mr buddy heater with you! That makes it easier to hunt more comfortable for longer periods of time, I usually set it on a folding chair so it’s off the ground, on a stable platform so it doesn’t get kicked over, and it puts it a good height to warm hands or face.

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