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Lee Reloading Kit


Reload Like a Pro

The days of burning through box after box of lead just for fun are gone for many of us, simply because of the rising cost to shoot. What can avid shooters do about this problem? One possible solution is to practice reloading. Check this article for specific recommendations on putting reloading to use for you.


SHOT 2014 — Norma-USA Expands U.S. Caliber Offerings

Norma USA created quite a buzz with the announcement regarding the expansion to its American PH and brass components. In 2012, Norma Precision expanded it high performance offerings to the United States and hunters have taken full advantage of Norma’s double-diameter expansion and deep, terminal penetration.


Getting the Lead Out — of the Entire U.S.?

Doe Run Company’s primary lead smelter based in Herculaneum, Missouri — the last such facility in the United States — is scheduled to close in December. The Herculaneum smelter is currently the only smelter in the United States which can produce lead bullion from raw lead ore that is mined nearby in Missouri’s extensive lead deposits, giving the smelter its “primary” designation, according to NRA-ILA. So, will consumers eventually feel this shutdown at the retail level — for example, reduced supplies of bullet components, higher prices, or more alternative bullet alloys?


The .38 Special Revolver Cartridge

The .38 Special Revolver Cartridge has a long history and is well-balanced, inexpensive and works well for a careful handloader. It has become so popular that every manufacturer has handguns chambered in .38 Special.

Hornady A-Ma Bullets


Loading, Me, and the AR-15

Handloading for America’s service rifle is not that difficult. After all, we have successfully loaded good, accurate ammunition for the Garand and the M14 for generations. But the AR is a bit trickier while remaining the same. We have to carefully consider powder selection, which M1 shooters appreciate, but there is also that sticky problem of bullet twist. However, neither is a problem if we have done our research.


Top 10 Ammo Posts as of May 25, 2013

The biggest fixed expenses when getting into the gun game are usually firearms, then optics, or sometimes the other way around. But over the lifetime of a platform — rifle, shotgun, handgun, doesn’t matter — the biggest expense is almost always ammo. Accordingly, stories focusing on ammunition use, tuning, and suitability are favorites of the Cheaper Than Dirt! Chronicle community. Herewith, then, are the most-read articles we’ve run in the Shooter’s Log that have to do with ammunition choice and performance:

Laser Lyte Reaction Tyme unit


Beat the High Cost of Ammo and Shoot More

Ammunition is in short supply, but high demand these days. As soon as it is delivered at the loading ramp, the line starts forming in anticipation of when it will hit the shelves. The high demand has also caused prices to follow, but that doesn’t mean we can afford to let our hard-earned skills suffer as a result. Recently, I came across a solution that will not only ease my ammunition demand, but it has taken my dry-fire practice to an entirely new level. LaserLyte has developed a new interactive target system with dual modes for reaction and training—the Reaction Tyme Target, TLB-RT.


Powder Attack: The Next Wave of Gun Regulation

Senator Harry Reid has introduced a new bill, S.792, that the majority leader (D-NV) has labeled as “A bill to strengthen the enforcement of background checks with respect to the use of explosive materials.” In short, the measure would require background checks for anyone purchasing “explosive materials” or “powders” commonly used to manufacture ammunition and fireworks, according to The Hill.


Reloading for Archers – An Overview

I doubt anyone ever confused refletching with rocket science, but if they did, it must have been after one crazy night. Fletching your arrows is not only easy, it can be downright simple. Feathers and vanes—otherwise known as fletching—quite simply steer the arrow. However, vanes and feathers do it in different ways and have separate advantages and disadvantages. Plastic vanes steer the arrow, feathers correct flight through drag. As a result, feathers will correct flight faster and will make bow tuning easier. The downside of a feather is that it is more fragile, its effectiveness can be altered by water (when wet it essentially mimics a vane) and it is more expensive than its plastic cousin.