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man with reloading press loading ammunition


Reloading: Loads for the Bunker

With an ammunition shortage coming and good quality ammunition at a premium now is the time to get the loading press cranked up and rolling. Here is one plan to keep shooting.

Lee Pistol reloading kit in red plastic kit


Survival Reloading: Lee Loader Review for Basic Survival Conditions

The Lee Loader is actually the lowest cost reloading option to start reloading on any tailgate, stump, rock, or worktable. At a paltry $30, everyone should have one in each caliber firearm they own. The Lee Loader does give you some great options in a package no other loader can match. Most importantly, with just the addition of a bullet mold and a Leatherman, the Lee Loader gives me the ability to scavenge nearly any pistol round to create ammunition for my gun, and that is what I call being prepared.

Three Coleman stoves

Camping & Survival

Review: Coleman Sportster Powerhouse Dual Fuel Stoves

The Coleman 502 Sportster made thousands of gallons of coffee and hundreds of meals effortlessly powered by all manner of fuels. That stove still remains in use by me today 30-ish years later serving as the heat source for casting bullets. What impressed me most about those stoves back then was the durability.

Red Army 7.62x25mm Tokarev


Range Report: The 7.62 x 25mm

I have to admit to a number of rather odd stablemates resting in the safe alongside my 1911, SIG, and HK handguns. These firearms may have a historical or mechanical interest, or they may simply be fun to use and fire. The 7.62 x 25mm pistols are among the most interesting. This is as old a design as it gets in handgun ammunition, but the 7.62 x 25mm Tokarev is still a war fighter and a surprisingly good sporting cartridge.

Colt Expanse AR-15 rifle right side


Range Report: Colt Expanse Carbine AR-15

Colt’s cut-down price leader is still a first-class rifle, and while the author believes this rifle will be a force on the market, the question of whether it really lives up to the hype has to be answered. In the past, Colt’s rifles stood at the top of the heap on quality, and the cheaper rifles stood on cheap. Where does the the Expanse rank? Read the full article to find out.

Brass rifle cartridge cases


Reloading 101: The Cartridge Case

In this installment of Reloading 101, it’s good to keep in mind what you’re dealing with, and that is a cartridge case, and what happens to it during firing, which is what we’re setting out to remedy when we reuse it. Read the full article to find out what’s going on with your brass.

Sun Devil Adjustable Carrier Key


Reloading 101: Pressure Curves and Port Pressure

When the bullet is sealing the bore, a longer barrel means more pressure is contained for a longer time. The smaller or larger the gas port size, the slower or faster the gas enters the system. The farther back or forward the port is located, the sooner or later. Bullet weight is a factor also: heavier bullets accelerate more slowly (This is also the reason heavy bullets erode the chamber throat faster than lighter bullets). Read the full story to understand pressure curves and port pressures.

Smith & Wesson M&P10 right


Range Report: Smith & Wesson M&P10 .308 Rifle

The .223/5.56mm platform is a wonderful close-quarters combat system and may be accurate at extended range. However, the punch needed for some chores just isn’t there. When you feel the need for more power, you reach for Smith and Wesson’s M&P .308.