NSSF: How a Democratic House Will Affect Gun Rights

Illustration on Democrat threats to Second Amendment rights

Democrats voted overwhelmingly for U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to become Speaker of the House in the new Congress. She promises to make gun control a priority. The National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Larry Keane told the Washington Times what we can expect.

Illustration on Democrat threats to Second Amendment rights
U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) promised to make gun control a priority.

How will a Democrat-controlled House affect your Second Amendment-protected freedom?

Republicans do still hold the Senate by a slim margin and President Donald J. Trump could veto legislation, so gun-control bills passed by the House aren’t likely to become law. Instead, they are more likely to be passed to create political talking points for 2020.

“Expect hearings on taxpayer-funded gun violence research, magazine restrictions, ammunition bans, age-based gun bans, and attempts to outright ban entire classes of firearms,” says Larry Keane, senior vice president and general counsel for the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the trade association for firearms manufacturers.

“Virginia Democratic Congresswoman-elect Jennifer Wexton defeated Rep. Barbara Comstock on a platform that included banning AR-15 modern sporting rifles and standard capacity magazines. She’s just one of several newly elected members of Congress who will be looking to make good on their campaign promises,” says Mr. Keane.

What new gun control measures do you foresee in your state or from the democrat controlled House? Share your answers in the comment section.

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  1. The Democrat House will have no effect on gun rights unless the Republican Senate and Trump go along.

    What we will get is stalemate on many issues, a reduction in defense spending and an increase in domestic spending, all of which will be approved by the Republican Senate and Trump.

  2. More hot air, hysterics, and fund raising for both sides. Then the senate throws it out and we repeat the process.

    Even if it were to pass the senate and pres, the supremes will kill it.

  3. We have a couple of special elections coming up soon in Virginia. One in the House of Delegates and one in the State Senate. Republicans have a one vote margin. With about 65 anti-gun bills lined up for introduction, a governor who has promised to sign all of them, a Lt. Gov. who tows every liberal party line and an outright tyrant as AG who is running for governor, I expect Virginia could very well be South New Jersey next year.

  4. Why are we even giving Seattle tard the time of day this is the same moron who said he wants the government to come in to our homes and kill our families because we are “Right Wing Terrorists” because we like guns. So please just ignore this troll and give him no power. And just remember his name alone shows his intelligence. When has Socialism ever worked and not oppressed it’s people and put them in poverty. Hows Venezuela working out, let’s look at Europe, how about U.S.S.R. how did that work? Dang now I even gave him the time of day!!

    1. Funny how all the countries people point to as failures of Socialism had to deal with the American Empire actively destabilizing them. And yet, Cuba has a better infant mortality rate, a healthcare system that works for everyone, and a healthier population over all than America. No one there lacks an equal chance at college or vocational training. The only reason I wouldn’t want to live there is because our government has trained them to hate Americans.

      Oh, and I have to be honest, and admit one area I have to admit Trump has Obama’s record beat. With his DoJ banning bump-stocks, I have to admit Trump has been more effective at disarming you gun nuts.

    2. Yes Hide behind that mask ! You can’t fix stupid. Cuba !!!! Really. Healthcare that works . Really!! Get your facts straight you ignorant buffoon !

    3. Seattle Socialist if things are so great in Cuba, why are Cuban still trying to get out & come to the US? Why don’t you move there if it is so much better?

    4. One Marine to another; I highly disagree with Seattle Socialist, however I defend his right to speak what ever nonsense that he chooses to spew out. If you love our freedoms, like most of us do, then you should defend them also. That is what our oath to the constitution is all about.

  5. The entire US Constitution is anathema to the left. Their definition of ‘Gun Control’ is to control all guns at all costs. We will be looking at outright and universal confiscation if we continue down this path.

    The purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to give the average citizen the ability to enforce the rest of the US Constitution if government refuses to do so. If our forefathers had not been armed, (they had cannon and other heavy weapons which the British attempted to confiscate), we would still be a colony of England.

    With the goal of completely abolishing the US Constitution, it is imperative that the 2nd Amendment be removed so that they can then safely move on to the rest.

  6. Delusion is a terrible state of being. You need to work on weening yourself away from your addiction to the main stream media’s propaganda parade. Maybe get some actual facts to work with. Just for a change of pace.

  7. In my opinion all the libs do when they start their posturing about infringing on our 2A rights is shake the tree, and cause the squirrels and nuts to fall out. What I’m saying is they take the folks out there that are “on the edge”, and cause them to act on their deranged impulses. Just like more often than not we have “mass shootings” that occur very close together, because the media makes the purp instant famous, and we have to relive the tragedy everyday for two weeks at 7, 4, 5, and 10. Lets face the facts the end goal is to disarm the American populous nothing less will do for the left.

  8. Putin’s Puppet will have little chance of staying in office until the Republican convention, and shrinking odds of being the nominee for 2020, Mike Pence will see to that. By 2024, Trump and his family will either have fled to his master in Moscow, or they will all be in prison. Hell, I would not be surprised to hear that Mueller is only waiting until a Democrat is speaker of the House before he releases a report that will leave the GOP with no choice but to impeach Pence and Trump, making Nancy Pelosi POTUS. You right wing traitors may whine about a “Deep State”, but all you are doing is complaining that the majority of Americans are not traitors who support Don the Con.

  9. Just remember, when you hear the words “universal” background checks, the radical left does not mean background checks, they mean background checks PLUS registration of BOTH the gun and gun owner for gun tracking. The simple goal is to be able to track every gun owner into a single database and track every gun that person owns, from the date of purchase, until that gun goes to another. Part of the problem is that once you are in the database you are there forever. If you have ever owned a particular gun and sell it or have it stolen, or whatever, you are forever linked to that gun, and must be able to prove where it went if it is later involved in a crime. So, just remember, Universal background checks is actually people and gun tracking. Duh? And, if you transfer that gun without a tracking trail and proof, then you could be prosecuted if you lose that proof of transfer. FWIW

  10. Funny, this missed the Democrats number one firearms related goal, the destruction of the NRA for its role in funneling Russian money into GOP campaigns. It’s the one area of attack neither the Senate nor Putin’s Puppet can do anything to stop. They have nearly unlimited power to investigate political corruption, and when they identify the NRA’s role in money laundering, publicly hand their evidence to DoJ to prosecute. We may not be able to pass a federal ban on large capacity magazines, or all weapons that can accept them, yet, but we can destroy the corrupt NRA. That’s a good enough start for me.

    1. You’re either entirely naive or a special kind of ignorant. Dues money (and a very insignificant amount of money, politically speaking) is NOT “corruption” or “election meddling.” That was looked into a long time back when if first was brought up. Guess the Dumbocrats and/or media finally found someone that was willing to take their money to spin a statement and story to fit what they want to trot out at this time. Remember their clown and pony show during the Kavanaugh hearings?

    2. You anti-NRA zealots from the liberal Left are a sorry and misguided lot. Only a fool would want to disarm the populace and leave them defenseless against the tryrannical elites and their cohorts in the Deep State!

    3. “Deep State” – what Fascists call patriotic Americans in civil service who refuse to help a traitor sell America out to Putin. As for disarming people. The only people I want to see disarmed are you right-wing nut jobs. As a Revolutionary Socialist, I want all my comrades to be well armed. After all, we can’t seize the means of production, and slaughter the bourgeois if we are not well armed. Nixon started a war on drugs to target the hippies and black radicals, and so we should use gun control to target our enemies.

    4. Hi Seattle Socialist. Still spreading your Socialized Hate Speech I see, i.e. stupidity. Thank God for the 1st Amendment & the 2nd to protect it. Demoncrats, Repubicans & NRA are the least of our worries. No matter which party is in majority they are going to screw us any way they can get away with.

  11. Guns sales will go up,reloading supplies sales will go up and Ammo sales.
    They will try the most stupid,ridiculous,ignorant thing you can think of.
    When they get all of the gang banger’s disarmed,illegal guns confiscated then maybe we can talk.
    I am like Ice-T,when everyone else gives up there guns? Then I might!

  12. Total gun confiscation. This wont happen until Trump leaves office in 2024. But the DEMORATS will have the impletations in place. Who are they to dismantle our 2nd amendment rights including obama judges who make decisions based on there own feelings and not by the written laws. Why are they still a judge??? They are breaking the laws. They must be removed. THIS IS WHAT GUN OWNERS DESERVE FOR VOTING DEMORAT!!! In Nov. 2018.

    1. Putin’s Puppet will have little chance of staying in office until the Republican convention, and shrinking odds of being the nominee for 2020, Mike Pence will see to that. By 2024, Trump and his family will either have fled to his master in Moscow, or they will all be in prison. Hell, I would not be surprised to hear that Mueller is only waiting until a Democrat is speaker of the House before he releases a report that will leave the GOP with no choice but to impeach Pence and Trump, making Nancy Pelosi POTUS. You right wing traitors may whine about a “Deep State”, but all you are doing is complaining that the majority of Americans are not traitors who support Don the Con.

  13. We had two years of control of both Houses of Congress and a Republican President, and we still failed to get even a reciprocity bill passed. Is there anyone in D.C. who cares about the Constitution?

  14. If Trump would have pushed for a National Carry law instead of fixating on his “wall” we might not be in this predicament. And if he doesn’t get more than his whacko base behind him, we’re going to lose everything come 2020.

  15. If you ask me these politicians should not be able to on their own with an extremely small representation of the people be able to make laws that those who him and lectern them into office did not want. When something like this comes up take it to the people. Don’t do a survey made up of people that do not own a firearm nor never shot or held one. La s like this are unfair to law abiding citizens. All they are doing is limiting what Americans have the right to own and use. They don’t care about mag capacity because they are protected by security details that have magazines that carry at least 15 rounds and have access to black guns that can hold up to 100 rounds of ammunition in their magazine. So they are protected by these security details and other law enforcement. They also have top of the line security measures such as video cameras with infrared night vision capabilities and some of its FLIR forward looking infra red or heat signatures. They also live in gated communities and or have their own wall around their property. Most of these elected officials also are driven around in armored vehicles. Yeah they are not as armored as the presidential beast aka limo but they have bulletproof or bullet resistant glass along with armor added to the door panels and other critical areas of the vehicle so they are in a well protected bubble with high capacity mags for the security in their handguns andnin any secondary weapon they may have hidden within a briefcase and or in the rear of the vehicle. All of which is easily accessible. So I say let the American voters take this to the poll and vote on it. Some of these politicians lie and state during debates and other public speaking that they would never do this. This alone is a flat out lie and voters will vote for them only to find out that the views they shared with the public which got them elected into office are not true and are far off base from what their constituents want. So bring it back to the people and let them vote on these issues instead of having them force fed to us. Back in the early nineties there was a ban on high capacity magazines and after many government and non government studies and statistics we found out banning assault rifles and high capacity magazines did nothing at all to stop the violence. If a non law abiding criminal wants these it me they are trying to ban or limit they will al aye find a way to get them and or make their own. Ontop of this there are millions upon millions of so called high capacity magazines. If you limit it to ten round mags all you have to do is practice and become proficient in reloading and carry more low capacity mags or just find or make your own high capacity mags. If someone was that desperate and have the know how they can make pipe bombs out of common household chemical that when wrapped in bearings or nails or anything else that will turn into schrapnel will do way more damage than a man or a woman with a limited capacity magazine. There are always ways around the system if you are desperate enough to create maximum damage and inflict serious life threatening wounds to the public. So by limiting the capacity and or type of gun will do nothing as we learned during the Clinton ban. Look back and learn from our history. Stop standing on my freedom and rights that were given to me by our founding fathers and stop bending and misconstruding the constitution of the United States to fit your own agenda to take all guns, ammo and magazines away from law abiding citizens. Just stop and find out what we really want and not what a few of your moronic friends want and put it to the people. Maybe one day we will be invaded or at war on our own soil and not every other countries and just maybe WE THE PEOPLE will be called to arms to protect the home front with what weapons we have locked away properly and these so called assault weapons that shoot a million rounds a second with magazines that can hold a billion rounds of ammo a piece may just save our country from being wiped out or occupied by foreign aggressors. So I recommend you get off this ban of high capacity magazines spend some time with our special forces and actually learn something. Knowledge never hurt anybody unless it was used to kill ten, twenty,thirty or more people. Stop being stupid and go out and seek knowledge. It is free. So in my last remarks of this early morning ramble Moan Abe from my cold dead hands. I don’t nor will I ever support a stupid ban like this. I own firearms legally. I purchase everything for them legally. I will never support a ban like this and neither will more than half of the people who reside legally within the great United States of America. God Bless

  16. Thankfully, I now live in Arizona and the gun grabbers have a tough hill to climb to get any headway on passing a gun control bill here. I’m not going to say it won’t happen eventually, but its going to take a lot of lies and cash to make it happen.

  17. I have been doing research on the matter of citizenship. It is my understanding that by becoming a State national the laws that the US congress pass do not pertain to State nationals. Their laws pertain to US citizens, not State citizens, or nationals. It has a lot to do with political status & jurisdiction. It is worth researching. It means they have to observe & protect our rights, including right to carry without a permit/license. It is possible to a State citizen & not be a US citizen.

  18. Legislation I “foresee”? It already happened in AS state midterms. Nightmare. Take a look at Bill 1639. As bad here now as ca. Where was the NRA?

  19. Maybe someone needs to stab (metaphorically) Pelosi and all these other moronic Dems who think gun laws are some sort of panacea. Show them that more and stricter gun laws won’t keep people from killing, if they are intent on doing so.

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