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SAF Hails Passage Of Suicide Prevention Bill In Olympia

Gun control advocates have blamed firearms for a number of problems—not to address the issues but to vilify firearms while pushing a political agenda. Here is a case of the organizations championing our Second Amendment rights getting a needed victory for a tragedy that happens far too often.


Why Tell the Truth When the Lie Is so Much More Convenient?

Pro gun control politicians are making patently false claims about the Second Amendment, the gun industry and the laws in an effort to sway voters with little to no information about the subject. Read to see how we can counter their effort and defend our Second Amendment rights.

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Congratulations — the SHARE Act Passed!

Recently, The Shooter’s Log joined the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) in urging support for the Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Act. Congress received an overwhelming response and responded with a favorable bipartisan vote. Here’s the official response from the NSSF.

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Is Illinois Going Pro Gun?

It seems there may be a glimmer of light for gun owners in the Land of Lincoln. Surprisingly, the changes are in Cook County! Not so surprising though is the fact that it is against the will of the lawmakers in Cook County.

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Virginia Reciprocity Agreements Have a Shot at a Second Life

VCDL reported that there is a package deal in the works between Governor McAuliffe and the Republicans in the General Assembly dealing with concealed handgun permit (CHP) reciprocity, voluntary background checks at gunshows, and those subject to a permanent domestic violence protection order. Read the full story here.