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Picture shows competitive shooter, Lena Miculek shooting a 3-gun match with a shotgun.

Safety and Training

Setting a Good Example

Have you ever called an anti-gunner stupid? Did they call you a lunatic back? Did the argument get anywhere? Probably not. Instead of name-calling, join this call for a new voice of gun ownership. Call it killing them with kindness if you want, but I call it setting an example.

Armatix iP1 smart gun


New Jersey to Repeal Smart Gun Law Only If NRA Will Strike a Deal

New Jersey is close to enacting its 2002 Childproof Handgun Bill requiring licensed firearms dealers to sell only smart guns. Gun control proponent State Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg says she will introduce a bill to repeal the ridiculous law only if the NRA backs down from its opposition to smart guns. Once the Armatix .22 LR smart gun goes for sale anywhere in the U.S., citizens of New Jersey only have three years until they cannot buy any gun but the smart gun.

Gear, Parts and Accessories

Choosing a Gun Safe

Choosing the right gun safe for your collection, and your safety, is essential. A locked gun safe keeps your family and friend safe (especially this ever-curious children) and keeps your guns safe from any thieves that decide they want your collection. They’re also a great place for storing other stuff…from that great gift to your favorite cookies. Read this post for tips on what to look for when you buy yours.

and is much easier to do when you read this post.

Picture shows a woman with her fist raised and a very angry look on her face.

Safety and Training

30 Days of Preparing for Spring Storms and the Stinging Heat of Summer Day 21: Keep Your Cool—When it Heats Up So Does Your Temper

The terms hotheaded and blood boiling may be more literal than you think. Numerous studies have shown that higher temperatures negatively affect our mood. Heat can make us irritable, impatient, physically uncomfortable, aggressive and even violent. In fact, violent assault numbers—intent to do physical harm against another person—rise during the hotter months. The hotter it gets, the more aggressive we feel. As responsible gun owners and carriers, it is imperative we remain cool, calm and collected.

New black Colt pistol with brown grip on top, barrel pointed to the right. 97-year-old pistol with worn grips on the bottom.Both lying on a white shirt.


Do I Really Need to Clean my Handgun? Even if it is a Glock?

Every firearm, from every manufacturer, needs maintained to last a long time and be ready when you need it. There are fewer gunsmiths around to help you do this, so take the time to read about your gun, take it apart (carefully) and keep it cleaned and maintained with the simple instructions included in this post.


Geissele Hi-Speed National Match Trigger for ARs Review

Adding a Geissele Hi-Speed National Match Trigger to a Rock River Arms Operator AR is a big step in building my ultimate AR-15. Designed for NRA High Power Rifle competition with highly modified AR-15-type rifles, the Geissele trigger is an easy upgrade with its clear installation instructions. Read this post to learn how.

Hunter ed course green and orange logo with crosshairs

Hunting and Outdoors

12 Tips for a Safe Holiday Hunt

It is a tradition around my house—when my son returns home every Christmas—we head to the pheasant fields for a bird hunt. He generally hasn’t hunted since the previous Christmas, so the first thing we review is the 12 Rules of Hunter Safety as featured in the online hunters safety course.

Safety and Training

A Safety Reminder About Lead

Due to the lead in the primer and ammunition, the gases expelled from firing a gun contain lead. While at the gun range—whether indoor or outdoor—we inhale these gases. Lead particles and dust also settle on our fingers, hands, arms, hair, clothing, shoes and our face. In fact, the air around your face at the shooting range contains toxic levels of lead. Always wash thoroughly after a range trip.