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U.S. Law Shield: National Reciprocity Wanted as Trump’s First Gun-Law

U.S. Law Shield/Texas Law Shield surveyed its members to determine which law or laws topped the list of what its members wanted. Topping the list was National Concealed Carry Reciprocity, Ending Gun-Free Zones On Military Bases, Legalizing Silencers, NICS Background Check Reform, and Allowing Importation of Collectible Historical Firearms.

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Video: Firearms in School Zones, Federal vs. State Law

Many people with firearms think they know the local laws affecting them, but do you know the state law? Did you know you could be arrested for simply driving by a school with a firearm. In this video, U.S. Law Shield breaks breaks down the laws and contrasts them against the laws of Texas, but it is a great start to do your own research for your regardless where you live.

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6 Tips to Pick Your First Concealed-Carry Gun

Do, you have a freshly laminated CCW, CHL—or whatever your state calls it—and trying to decide on your first concealed carry handgun? Even better, perhaps you are looking to buy your first handgun before taking the class for your permit. “Which gun should I buy?” is the most common question, but the answer is not as easy. Heed these tips before making your final decision.

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Training is Serious Business

Training is a hard business. If you are serious concerning personal defense— and God help you if you are not—you must train to the best of your ability, use proper tactics, and seek communion with like-minded shooters. Are you taking your training seriously enough?

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Spread the NSSF’s Message of Gun Safety to Win Prizes!

We all love free guns and gear. We can also all get behind spreading the message of gun safety. The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has brought the two together to give you an extra incentive to promote a positive message. Here is the release and link from the NSSF.

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Evolve USA — A New Approach to Gun Safety?

There is a new gun safety group (Evolve USA) with a unique approach to raising gun safety awareness that is different from what you are probably used to—humor—but they are they helping or hurting the cause? Watch the video and decide for yourself.


Good Judgment Must Accompany a Bedside Gun

If someone were to enter your home with the intent to do harm to you or your family, having a gun by the bedside and reacting just won’t cut it—you need good judgment, too. Clint Smith, president and director of Thunder Ranch Training Center suggests that to stay safe you need a plan and plenty of practice. There are no “do-overs.”


Are You Guilty of Spreading These Five Common Gun-Counter Myths?

Gun ownership doesn’t make you an invincible; the racking of a pump-action shotgun slide isn’t necessarily enough to stop a home invasion and what’s your self-defense gun good for if it isn’t ready to fire? There are old wives’ tales that circulate throughout the gun community that just simply aren’t true. Here are 5 of them… List doozies you’ve heard in the comment section.