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Eddie Eagle from NRA's GunSafe Program with four more cartoon characters

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NRA Relaunches Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program

The NRA introduced a relaunching of its Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program at the Annual Meetings and Exhibits. The new program has a full cast of relatable characters and a new engaging and interactive website to help teach children about what to do when they see a gun.

National Shooting Sports Foundation Project Child Safe logo


Let’s get the Conversation Started—Project ChildSafe Releases New Firearm Safety Video

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) has created a new, first-of-its-kind resource that encourages open conversations between parents and children about firearm safety. If your family has already had the talk or regularly discuss firearm safety, great! This will just be a refresher or a new take on the subject. If you haven’t, the NSSF has the primer you are looking for. Either way, the link is easy enough to forward to a non-shooting or non-gun owning family member or friend.

Practicing at the Range

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Range Dangers: The Ricochet

The angle of incidence and angle of departure are not difficult to understand. Take safety seriously. Check out this article for the specific factors to understand and watch out for.

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Gift Guide—Shooting Safety Glasses and Ear Muffs, the Browning Range Kit

Safety is a shooter’s number one priority and that includes having the right equipment. Shoddy, cheap guns can malfunction and cause injuries. Investing in quality range gear such as your hearing protection and shooting glasses can save you permanent hearing loss. Ralphie may not have shot his eye out, but to avoid accidents—give yourself and your favorite shooter a Browning range kit this Christmas.

Male shooter on stairs with AR-15 and LaserLyte


LaserLyte and AR Training

Add a LaserLyte to your AR-15 and you have the perfect combination for practice and accurate shooting: it reduces costs and increases safety. A definite win-win. Check out the details in this article.