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Modified SIG Fastback, barrel pointed to the left on a white background


SIG’s Racy Fastback

Racy, with exciting performance, the SIG Fastback is a first-class 1911 .45 with much to recommend. Accuracy is excellent, and it is a handgun that provides real protection. We share why it’s such a good option in this article.

Black Remington 870 pump, barrel pointed to the right and 1 closed can of Fiocchi cartridges on the dirt.


Fiocchi Canned Heat

There is more than one way to store ammunition. Fiocchi’s Canned Heat takes much of the work and worry out of storing it. And that is not just considering an apocalyptic nightmare, it may be simply storing the shells in a truck or cabin. Read this post for the details on how to store your ammunition.

Black Walther, barrel pointed to the left, a black combat pen and a black knife.


The .32 ACP is Still Kicking!

Despite the introduction of many compact .380 ACP pistols the .32 ACP is still kicking. Our resident big bore fan has even worked up handloads for the tiny cartridge! There is some appeal in the efficient little .32. Check out this post to get all the details on which one is best and how it performs at the range.

GLOCK G42, CORBON DPX Ammunition and ProChrono


Glock G42: A Remarkable Handgun

The GLOCK G42 is a slim, light and reliable .380 ACP pistol which is comfortable to fire and performs well. Made in America, the pistol features a six-round magazine and is supplied with two magazines to make continuous shooting much easier. Discover all the details about this powerful gun in this post.

Gray-haired man in blue jacket with red ear protection shoots a pistol carbine into the woods.


Pistol-Caliber Carbines for Home Defense

Pistol-caliber carbines are perfect for home defense since they are less expensive, have less muzzle blast, and are easier to handle than a rifle. This post shares details on which are the best options, which ammo gets you the most bang for your buck and how to conserve costs by getting ammo that does double duty. Read the full post to make the best choice for you and your family’s safety.

The SIG P226 Navy Model


Range Report: The Navy Model P226, MK 25

This handgun has been in every hot spot on earth with our sailors and Navy Seals. To many of us this is the bottom line: the operator. While the mechanics of firearms are interesting and well worth anyone’s study, it is the people who use the firearms that are most interesting. As such, the SIG Navy Model P226 MK 25 is a handgun that is approached with reverence. It has been used in many actions, including an operation that was among the most important and successful anti-terrorist operation of all time. Read more about this legendary handgun at The Shooter’s Log at

Colt Commander, circa 1975.


The 1911 Pistol — Reliability and Accuracy

Originally designed to be used from horseback, the 1911 firearm proved successful during the last cavalry charge in 1916 Mexico. You can carry this traditional sidearm cocked and locked, but do you know why? Read this article and range report to learn why.